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The 11 Biggest Scandals Of 2014

December 29th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Some stars had a stellar year and saw their careers reach new heights in 2014, but others made headlines for all of the wrong reasons. Whether they were facing serious rape allegations, busted making racist comments or having secret children pop out of the woodworks, these were the biggest scandals of the year.

The 11 Biggest Scandals Of 2014


Donald Sterling’s Racist Comments

Donald Sterling bought the Los Angeles Clippers back in 1981 but his reign as owner ended this year in controversy. Sterling was caught on tape making racist and disparaging comments about Blacks during his conversation with gal pal V. Stiviano. His comments set off a firestorm and immediately plenty of people spoke up and called for Sterling’s resignation, but he wouldn’t go away without a fight. After NBA Commissioner Adam Silver banned him for life, Sterling filed a lawsuit against the league. Against his wishes, his wife Shelly Sterling began proceedings to sell the team. Sterling dropped his lawsuit against the NBA and former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer purchased the team for $2 billion.

Cocaine Is A Helluva Drug: Celebs Who Lost It All To Drugs

December 19th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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These celebrities’ love for the “CoCo” was to blame for their erratic behavior and may have even ruined their careers, not to mention their bank accounts.

Columbus Short

For several seasons, Columbus Short played a Gladiator on “Scandal” but his run came to an end when his personal life began to make headlines. Short’s character was killed off last season and the recently unemployed actor sat down with “Access Hollywood” and confessed that his cocaine addiction was the root of the problems. “I’ll be candid: I was struggling with drugs,” Short admitted. “I had a lot on my plate, and you know, I was using unhealthy ways to kind of self-medicate and deal with a lot of heavy duty stuff in my life… I was doing cocaine and drinking a lot, and trying to balance a 16-hour work schedule a day, and a family, and I just lost myself back then.”

Bill Cosby Offers Ticket Holders Refunds On Upcoming Shows, Resigns From Temple U Board

December 1st, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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Guillermo Proano/

Guillermo Proano/

As the Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations keep growing, the comedian is now saying he will offer refunds to ticket holders who don’t want to attend upcoming Tarrytown, New York shows.

According to the Journal News, Cosby’s two December 6 shows at the Tarrytown Music Hall will still be going on as scheduled, but ticket holders received emails from the box office offering refunds.”The email said Cosby’s management would reimburse patrons who don’t want to attend the show,” reports The New York Daily News.

Some of Cosby’s other shows were canceled after various women came forward alleging he sexually assaulted them. However, Cosby still has more than 30 shows left on his calendar through May 2015.

Many of the shows Cosby has already performed have been sold out, such as shows he recently did in Florida. In Melbourne, FL, Cosby was greeted with a standing ovation, reports Reuters. The show was sold out even though there were some empty seats.

Many ticket holders at that particular show said they weren’t concerned about the allegations.

“It’s his personal life, and I don’t really care,” said Melbourne resident Russ McDonald, 62, a retired teacher.

Separately, Temple University has accepted Cosby’s resignation from the school’s board of trustees. The board was just about to convene a meeting to discuss his relationship with the school. In a terse statement, Cosby said:

“I have always been proud of my association with Temple University. I have always wanted to do what would be in the best interests of the University and its students. As a result, I have tendered my resignation from temple University Board of Trustees.”

Additional contribution by Tonya Garcia

Father Knows Best? TV Dads With Messy Personal Lives

November 24th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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On television these actors played caring fathers who doled out sage advice to their children. But behind closed doors, their personal lives were a wee bit messy and they ended up making headlines for scandals, ruined marriages and secrets.



Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby is responsible for bringing the first upper middle class Black family to television and his character Dr. Cliff Huxtable was voted as America’s number one TV dad by “TV Guide.” But his legacy is in serious danger of being overshadowed by numerous rape allegations that have resurfaced along with new accusers stepping forward. In recent weeks eight women have accused Cosby of drugging and raping them, including supermodel Janice Dickinson. The legendary comedian has remained mum throughout the growing scandal but his lawyer has vehemently denied all claims.

I Plead The Fifth: Celebs Who Never Address Their Scandals

November 19th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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In this country we’re afforded the freedom of speech but instead of speaking up, these celebrities have been noticeably silent amid scandals or controversies.



Bill Cosby

Most of us grew up watching Bill Cosby play America’s dad on television but behind closed doors, the comedian was accused of using his fame and power to rape and sexually assault women back in the day. Over time, 13 women have come forward to say that Cosby raped them and one case was even settled out of court. However the allegations of rape resurfaced last month and in response, Cosby cancelled several public appearances including a visit to both “The Late Show with David Letterman” and Queen Latifah’s talk show. His lawyer released a statement saying the 77-year-old comedian wouldn’t be addressing the old allegations.

No Take-Backs: Cringeworthy Tweets We Haven’t Forgotten

June 25th, 2014 - By Meghan Williams
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In the world of social media, celebrities have a tendency to post things, regret them, and subsequently delete them. We’ve seen it happen on Instagram and Facebook quite often, but no social media platform has seen more deleted content than Twitter has. And unfortunately for celebs, although tweets can be deleted, they can’t necessarily be forgotten.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Jaden Smith’s Anti-Education Tweet

We’re not quite sure who made a 15-year old boy the authority on education, but okay…

Somebody Call The Real Olivia Pope: The Biggest Scandals Of 2013

December 26th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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The year would not be complete without a countdown of the messiness that surpassed over the past 12 months. Here are the biggest scandals of 2013.

Paula-Deen1The N-Bomb

When the National Enquirer leaked a video of Paula Dean admitting to using the n-word and dreaming about a wedding catered by slaves, her career came to a screeching halt. Sure she tried to apologize, but there are some things “sorry” just doesn’t cover.

Are We Too Sensitive? 15 Celebrities Under Fire Who Deserve A Break

December 2nd, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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It seems like every time you turn on the news, another celebrity is under fire. Is it really that serious? Or do some of these celebrities under fire deserve a break?

Celebrities Under Fire


The Crime: Moving forward with a Barney’s deal despite Barney’s racism.
Reason for Appeal: Maybe a good way to stop Barney’s from being racist is to make them give a black man some money.

People want Jay-Z to boycott Barney’s for reporting a man to the police for shopping while black. But maybe Jay-Z should move forward with the deal. “Money” is a language that executives speak. Having a black man make them some may help them change their antiquated prejudices.

‘I’m Not Guilty Of No Rape:’ CeeLo Green Cleared Of Sexual Assault Charges

October 21st, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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CeeLo Green

Source: WENN

Last week we told you that the Los Angeles District Attorney was preparing to make a ruling on whether or not there’s enough evidence available to charge The Voice star CeeLo Green with date rape, after a woman accused him of drugging her back in 2012. During a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, CeeLo discussed the allegations.

“This is the second time that I’ll ever address it [the accusation] directly. First of all man, I’m totally innocent. I know that sounds like something that you’re told to say. I’m really advised from people that you shouldn’t speak too much on it because the case is still pending, but it’s like, come on, man. How long do it take? Do it take a year for toxicology reports to come back? Apparently it does. This is my first time experiencing anything of this nature, so it’s very unsettling to me. Unfortunately for me, I have daughters. I have adult daughters now. They’ve gone through it with me. They understand the nature of this industry and it’s not unlawful to print an accusation. It doesn’t have to be a whole truth. That’s an inconvenient reality,” he expressed.

He went on to proclaim his innocence.

“Just to be plain and clear, I’m not guilty of no rape. I would not and could not disrespect a woman in that fashion. I don’t gotta rape nobody.”

Fortunately for the 39-year-old Georgia native, the D.A. has since concluded that there is not enough evidence available to charge him with date rape over the incident, TMZ reports. Sources close to the case say that there were multiple issues with the woman’s story, including the fact that she and CeeLo for months and had already been sexually intimate prior to the incident.

Though CeeLo has been cleared of the sexual assault charges, he still faces felony charges for allegedly furnishing ecstasy. Insiders say that the criminal complaint will not accuse the singer of supplying ecstasy with criminal intent to harm his accuser, and that he will be arraigned on the charges as early as this morning. Since it’s his first offense, reports have implied that he will more than likely walk away with a probation sentence if he is found guilty.

‘Fibbing Is Finished:’ Aisha Tyler Talks Sex Scandals And Why Lying Doesn’t Work In The Age Of Technology

September 19th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Aisha Tyler

Source: WENN

It seems like now more than ever, people are being exposed for their dishonest deeds, and not just celebrities and public figures either. We probably have advanced technology to thank for this, which has made it possible for anyone to find out almost anything.  The Talk host Aisha Tyler recently shared her thoughts on new media and why lying no longer works, especially in relationships.

“I actually feel sorry for Anthony Weiner. Not because he lost his job in Congress after he tweeted photos of his boxer-clad erection to women who were not his wife, and not because he may lose his bid for mayor of New York City after tweeting photos of his boxer-freeerection to other women who were also not his wife. Not because he has an overinflated sense of his sex appeal, an even more overinflated sense of the appeal of his junk, and the world’s worst impulse control. I feel sorry for him because, through all that frantic sexting—all that career-incinerating, marriage-threatening, life-destroying correspondence—he seems to have thought that even in our high-tech, Wi-Fi world, he could actually get away with it. It’s so gullible it’s almost cute,” Aisha wrote in her blog post.

The 43-year-old beauty went on to say that deception is no longer an option.

“Here’s the cold, hard truth, ladies and gentlemen: Our days of deception have officially ended. From mendacious blood doper Lance Armstrong to greedy womanizer Tiger Woods, from street worker-patronizing Eliot Spitzer to private part-parading Anthony Weiner, prominent men—and women (witness the ham-fisted3 cover-up and tumble from grace of one Paula Deen)—are finding it hard to pull a fast one. Lying. Is. Over.”

“No more secret sexts; they live on the servers forever. And no more trysts in dark restaurants, where every diner with an iPhone is a potential filmmaker, ready to make you famous. We are triangulated, photographed, cookied, and pinged at every turn—computers know more about us now than we know about ourselves. It’s no longer a question of if you’ll get caught in a lie—it’s a question of when,” Aisha continued .”It’s time to accept that fibbing is finished. This is a bitter pill to swallow…”

While taking the spotlight off of men by adding that women are also deceitful, she encouraged readers to try being more transparent.

“Now, many of you may be smugly imagining a world free of two-timing boyfriends and dirty-dog spouses. (And yes, that would be awesome.) But while it may feel like guys are doing all the bad stuff, women stray almost as much as men: 19 percent of us cheat on our partners, compared with 23 percent of men. And when it comes to lying in general, the genders are actually tied.”

“Before you fling your Android into traffic, consider the idea that transparency could be good: Lying’s exhausting. Even a tiny fib requires energy—the fabrications avalanche in an attempt to cover the first one8. And often the lie is worse than the crime.”

“While we’re a judgmental culture, we’re also forgiving—America loves a comeback. Apologize and we’re right there with you, ready to move on. (We even forgive liars: Just ask notorious stomp-around Tiger, now dating Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn.) But for those who do persist in cheating, stealing, and manipulating without compunction or regret, your day of reckoning is at hand. (Cue evil laughter.) So here’s my radical suggestion: Tell the truth. All the time. It may be painful at first, even foreign. But with all the evidence out there in the ether, honesty has never been a better policy.”

 Read Aisha’s full blog post here. Would you agree? Is fibbing finished?