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Keep It On The Hush: Super Secretive Celebrity Couples

January 19th, 2015 - By Iva Anthony
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In this day and age when the paparazzi can follow a celebrity to the ends of the earth and stars have a tendency to overshare on social media, these famous couples managed to keep their relationships on the hush — for the most part.

Keisha Knight Pulliam and Big Tigger

Several years ago, there was speculation that Keisha Knight Pulliam was romantically involved with Big Tigger. The rumor circulated online for several months and it was finally confirmed when the former Cosby kid took to twitter to wish the radio personality a happy birthday. “Happy Birthday My Love… My partner in life, love & silliness @bigtiggershow !!!” she tweeted. Soon after, the duo stepped out together as a couple to attend an event and that was pretty much the first and last we heard of them.

In Love With Love? Celebrities With The Most Marriages In Wedded History

January 15th, 2015 - By Julia Austin
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Image Source:

Image Source:

If you like something why stop doing it right? We guess that’s the mindset these stars had when they walked down the aisle, two, three, seven, and even 10 times to marry folks they loved…or lusted. Check these celebrities with the most marriages in wedding history.

So You’re Not Even Gonna Wait 1 Month? The Shortest Celebrity Rebounds On Record

October 27th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Things happen quickly in Hollywood and these stars didn’t let breakups keep them down for long. Just months after horrible breakups and bitter divorces, these stars went on to have some of the shortest celebrity rebounds on record. You won’t believe how quick the record holder is.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Nick Cannon

Mr. Cannon broke of his engagement to Selita Ebanks in October of 2007 and was married to Mariah Carey just six months later.

9 Celebs Who Worked Together After They Broke Up

October 24th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Celebs Who Worked Together After They Broke Up

Source: YouTube

You remember what your mama told you, “Don’t sh*t where you eat.” In case, you never knew what that meant, basically don’t date anyone you work with because you’ll have to come back to that spot and it might stink or be incredibly messy. That saying is so true. But a whole hell of a lot of people meet folks at work. Some of these celebrities met their significant others at work while others didn’t. But all of these people ended up working with people they once dated. See who I’m talking about.

Is This For Real? Celebrity Couples Who May Have Been Hooked Up By Their Managers

September 4th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Is there something fishy about Bey and Jay? Do you believe that Riff Raff and Katy Perry are really in love? Some of these celebrity couples seem off to us. Is this real love? Or a match made in PR heaven?

Beyonce and Jay-Z

Sometimes it feels like these two make too much sense together for their billion dollar brands not to be involved.

And the rumor that their marriage is on the rock is making a lot of fans wonder if this isn’t a manufactured relationship that has reached the end of its shelf life.

Calling It Quits? Tyga and Blac Chyna Reportedly Call Off Their Engagement

August 12th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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The last time we were speaking about Tyga and Blac Chyna, as a couple, we were telling you about the pair welcoming their son King Cairo Stevenson into the world. 

But that was way back in 2012. And though the couple, who’ve been together since 2011,  were engaged in December of 2012, things seem to have shifted.

According to TMZ, a source claims that they’ve called off their wedding. And though the reason is unknown at this point, Tyga is believed to be the one who called it off.

The source told TMZ that Blac Chyna is in denial about their relationship ending and refuses to acknowledge it.

Apparently, Tyga hosted two pool parties at the home they once shared, recently, (including the one where he was instructing an underaged Kylie Jenner to take a shot) and Blac Chyna was not invited to either one of them…Which is quite interesting, if it is indeed true because it’s Blac Chyna who’s friends with the Kardashian family.


And while Blac Chyna hasn’t issued a statement or anything, there is an image of her pumping gas  on her Instagram that she captioned “Somebody got [to] do it.” And the two haven’t been seen together on Blac Chyna’s Instagram since Kim and Kanye’s wedding back in May. It would be a trip if he stayed with her just long enough to get that invite…

That could be pretty telling. Who knows?

I’m sure one or both of them will speak on it sooner or later. If your relationship lives in the public, it must die there as well.

T.I. Addresses Marital Woes On ‘The View:’ “Trouble Is Inevitable”

August 6th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: ABC

Source: ABC

T.I. recently stopped by “The View,” where he discussed his ninth album, “Paperwork,” rumors that his marriage is in trouble and when he intends to bow out of the rap game. Check out some highlights from his interview below.

On his new album, “Paperwork:”

“It’s different for me just as far as the sound from T.I. that people have grown to know and love. It’s been merged with the new level, ahead of the curve sound of Pharrell Williams. He’s executive producing it. So Ijust think it allows me to approach audiences from a different angle.”

On video vixens knowing not to get too close:

“If you notice, there’s just certain parts of the torso that you got to keep [away from]. Yeah. You know, you give a little shoulder and then bring it on back. Just keep it respectful.”

On rumors that his marriage is in trouble:

“What that mean? As long as they say there is trouble in paradise because trouble is inevitable, but it’s okay as long as paradise is still there.”

On learning to cook: 

“You know, I sat around and got hungry one day.”

On when he’ll leave rap to be a full-time actor:

“I have a certain number of albums in my head that I think I may have to still offer the industry and then I’ll pull back and apply my efforts and energy to other areas of entertainment.”

It seems like he and Tiny are going to be okay, which is great news.

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Akon Says Beyoncé And Jay Z’s Marriage Feels Corporate. Should They Share More?

August 5th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Akon Says Beyoncé And Jay Z's Marriage Feels Corporate

When TMZ runs up on you, you never know what type of questions they’ll ask. And when they saw Akon, they decided he would be a good person to speak on all the rumors surrounding Beyoncé and Jay Z’s marriage. Among other things Akon said their relationship feels corporate. And while that may sound like he’s throwing shade, he was actually speaking more toward the zeitgeist right now, where everyone shares everything about every aspect of their lives. See what he had to say in the transcript below.

Their relationship has been more of a business to the outside world than an actual relationship. Now, to them it may be a relationship but it was presented to the world and it feels more corporate. Let me just speak for myself, I’m just saying how it may look from the outside coming in. I think they were trying to keep that relationship out of the public and when you’re a person of interest in the public, it’s almost impossible to do it without speculation. 

So if you don’t open up to the public and let people know what’s really happening within it–because you are a public personality, we signed up for this. It’s a life we can’t run from. It’s like saying you’re not a role model. It’s impossible, right? So, if you become a public figure and you have a relationship, your relationship also becomes public. So if you don’t open up to the public and let people understand what this is, they will naturally speculate. And those speculations are going to be complete opposite or completely wrong of what could really be happening. So now you’ve got to come back to answer or reply to what you shouldn’t have had to in the first place. 

It truly is no one’s business but it becomes a business of the public when you’re a person of public interest. So it’s a matter of them saying how do we go about moving forward, like this. Because this could become detrimental to their relationship if they’re not strong enough to keep it together. 

What they’re going through is going to make great music, it’s going to make better music. Because they have more content to actually speak about. Because they’re not the only ones dealing with it. People are dealing with exactly the same thing, just on a lower scale as far as being financially comfortable. But other than that, the only thing that makes them different from anyone else is that they are famous, they’re well known. So it becomes a matter of, how do we deal with this in the public eye without it affecting us.

Interesting right? I can’t say I necessarily agree with Akon. But I get where he’s going. If you ask me I think Beyoncé and Jay Z’s problem came in that initially their relationship was super private. They never confirmed they were dating, didn’t speak on the fact that they were married for a good minute etc. And then as time progressed, one or both of them got the idea that it would be a good idea to start sharing more. And even that would have been fine. Because we, the public, were so thirsty for information that most of us accepted, without question, what they gave us. It was the only image we had. Until something came along to refute it.

Enter, the elevator video. I guarantee you that if that footage had never been found–and then sold to TMZ, we wouldn’t be having these breakup conversations. The elevator incident was so left of anything they had ever presented to us before. And not just the elevator footage but the response to the footage: Jay Z is directed to another car. Solange looks livid. And Beyoncé flashes the biggest “everything’s alright grin” to the camera…and gets in the car with her sister. I know for me personally, it made me question everything I’d ever seen beforehand. And I’m sorry but the pictures of them all smiling together as a happy family, didn’t help the matter. A couple of Instagram pictures weren’t enough to PR that mess away. I don’t know how they “should have” or what I would have done in a similar situation because it was just a lot. And it really sucks for them because since there was a lack of audio and Beyoncé didn’t seem to want to get involved, we’re all left to wonder what the hell happened and who really was to blame.

And since we’re on the topic, while Beyoncé and Nicki’s “Flawless” remix shut down the internet, Bey’s line about “of course sometimes sh*t go down when it’s a billion dollars on the elevator” doesn’t do much to refute the notion that their relationship is quite corporate. It’s like, oh, so because y’all have money attacks must be waged in close quarters? Naw. I just can’t buy it Bey. There’s something else going on here.

So, should Beyoncé and Jay Z tell us what happened in the elevator? Hell nawl. That really is their business and as much as I yearn to know, it wouldn’t help anything and it certainly wouldn’t squash the rumors. I’d actually argue against Akon and suggest they go back into private mode and wait for something else to come through and dominate the news and gossip cycle. After all, the speculation will never stop (ask Will and Jada) and we’re not buying all the Instagram photo opps anyway.

You can watch Akon’s full interview in the video below.

We Don’t Believe You: Celebrities With Fake Relationships

August 5th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Hollywood is known for its fakeness, whether it be fake boobs, face lifts or booty shots. So it really should be no surprise to find out that these celebrities also had fake relationships.

Celebrities With Fake Relationships


Kenya Moore

After four seasons of “Real Housewives of Atlanta,” producers of the show decided to shake things up by adding Kenya Moore to the cast. Moore brought all of her kookiness to the popular Bravo show including a pretend boyfriend. The former Miss USA claimed she was in a relationship with Walter Jackson but as the show progressed, viewers and the other cast members began to question it. However, things got a little too real for Walter when his girlfriend started to pressure him to propose. After the season wrapped, he ended up spilling the beans about the truth.

Again? Really?! Celebrity Couples We’re Surprised Got Back Together

April 25th, 2014 - By Meghan Williams
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In the world of celebrity romance some make ups are more shocking than the breakups. Here are 10 celebrity couples who left the past behind and got back together, to everyone’s surprise.


"Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov PF"

Source: WENN

Johnny Weir and Victor Voronov

After daily reports of their nasty divorce drama, domestic violence, and custody battles over the dog, these two shocked everyone when just last week they withdrew their divorce papers and re-proclaimed their love – with conditions, of course.