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Fantasia Claps Back At People Who Tried To Come In Between Her Marriage

June 17th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Yesterday, we reported that it seemed Fantasia and her husband Kendall Taylor had reconciled. She posted a picture of the two together and called him her best friend. And even though we root for Fantasia, most of us around here think that it’s time she take her relationship off the gram.

But today, she’s  back again with a message for those who tried to come in between her marriage.

Read her message below.



Oh, Fanny.

I’m sure there are some people out there who are rooting for she and her relationship to fail. Just because there are great number of people who want everyone to be miserable like they are. But I’d argue that there are even more people who, after witnessing all that Fantasia has endured and overcome, want her to win in life and love.

Unfortunately, Fantasia is the one getting in the way of all this.

For those who don’t remember, Fantasia was the one who let us into her relationship drama when she took her rings off and said it was done.

And this was just in April.

Fantasia said that no vows were broken but she was the one wrote: “…He done me wrong! She put me out! He cheated! She lied! I can’t eat! I can’t sleep! … We develop an idea of what a relationship should be. If things do not go the way we planned, our hearts are broken.”

She could have very well been speaking about the general human condition but after that ring pictture, it left a lot of room for speculation and theorization.

Essentially, if Fantasia doesn’t want people in her relationship, she could eliminate millions of opinions by keeping updates on her relationship, good and bad, off of social media.

I know I’m not the only one whose noticed that people, celebrity and otherwise, who go out of their way to brag, boast and broadcast their unions are usually the ones who are their least secure in their partnerships.

All of us could take this as a lesson to protect that which and those who we consider sacred in our lives.

Reunited: Fantasia Posts Picture With Her Husband

June 16th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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My Best Friend❤

A photo posted by 🎱 (@tasiasword) on

Fantasia is an open book. When she’s hurting, we know and when she happy she’ll tell us about that too. Months ago, the singer was going through a lot with the death of her grandmother and what looked like the dissolution of her marriage to Kendall Taylor.

You may remember back in April, she wrote:

“It is Done…The Kids and I Will Always Love You <3 I got to stay strong for Granny…He was the best man I knew Kendall you are loved.” 

In addition to those very telling words, she included a picture of her wedding ring set, off her finger.

But Kendall wasn’t just some longtime boyfriend. He was, and still is, Fantasia’s husband. And in these instances it’s usually nice to work it out, if at all possible.

And thankfully, it looks like Fantasia and Kendall have done just that.

She recently posted this picture with another telling caption. And the rings were in full view.

After all she’s been through in her life and most recently, we’re happy to see Fantasia with a smile on her face.

But Wait…Lark Voorhies’ New Husband Wanted By Police

June 12th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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We really wanted to be happy for Lark Voorhies (aka Lisa Turtle from “Saved By The Bell”) in her new marriage. But there may be trouble on the horizon.

TMZ, the same outlet that broke the news about the couple’s recent nuptials did some digging on Mr. Jimmy Green.

And unfortunately, they discovered there was a warrant out for his arrest.

All of this is the result of a 2012 incident. In Tucson, Arizona, Green allegedly attempted to return a cell phone. But the owner of the store refused to take it back. Police report that after that, Green became enraged. He threw the phone at the wall in the story and then said, “I’m going to break the store and kill (you).”

Green was charged with making criminal threats and disorderly conduct. He became a wanted man when he failed to show up for his court hearing.

Crazy how he was able to dodge the police for three years.

Hopefully, these two are able to work this out.

I’se Married Now: Lark Voorhies Ties The Knot In Las Vegas

June 12th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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lark voorhies intro

Lark Voorhies has a way of popping up in the media in the most unexpected ways. Whether we’re questioning her fashion and makeup choices or listening to her deflect rumors that she has bipolar disorder, she is the queen of reemergence.

Today, TMZ reports that the former “Saved By The Bell” star has tied the knot. Voorhies married a man named Jimmy Green in Las Vegas.

Green and Voorhies met on Facebook a year ago. He says that they’ve had two weddings already and there’s another one in the future.

They had a commitment ceremony on April 1, an official Vegas chapel ceremony, with a marriage license on April 30 and they’re planning a big wedding with family and friends next year.

Green says that they’ve have never lived together but finding a new home is their top priority right now.

Well, that’s a start.

Congratulations to Lark and Jimmy!

Got A Man: Meet T-Boz’s New Boo

June 9th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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If you’re a TLC fan and happen to know a thing or two about the group members, you know that Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins has been through some thangs. In addition to all of the group drama that we know a thing or two about, T-Boz has also lived with Sickle Cell anemia and survived an abusive marriage with rapper and father of her child Mack 10.

Having come through all of that, we’re rooting for T-Boz in life and love.

And from the looks of things, love just might have come her way. The lead singer of TLC has been linked to Donta Wade, a St. Louis celebrity personal trainer who works closely with rapper Nelly, among others.

The two met on the New Kids On The Block tour .

Donta seems to be completely smitten, calling T-Boz his soulmate. He recently posted this message on his Facebook page.

“Thanks to this tour, i finally met my soul mate…#happy #Tionne #abouttime”

And he also posted this image of the two chilling together, watching a movie.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

Ok then Mr. Wade. Looks like T-Boz did pretty well for herself. Homeboy is too cute. And that baawwdy…

Good luck to these two.

“Everything Was Completely Natural” White Rapper Machine Gun Kelly Confirms Relationship With Amber Rose

May 20th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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While some of us were still holding out hope that Amber and Wiz Khalifa were going to work things out and get back together; it seems that Amber has moved on, at least temporarily. Rapper Machine Gun Kelly was all up on the radio recently talking about his newfound boo-ship with Amber Rose.

Or more so, the downside being in a public relationship with Muva.

He sat down with Hot 97 and spilled some tea.

How they got together

Everything was completely natural. It wasn’t anything that I had expected or had planned. When the universe throws something your way — I’m one of those people that go with it….

The Challenges

I had no idea what came with that. And it would be a lie if I didn’t say it wasn’t a struggle — I’m one of the most anti spotlight people ever … It’s one of those things where it makes you re-think this whole fame thing again. I’m a very like, roll with no security — I can go anywhere I want. It makes it difficult, with stuff like that, to maintain a lifestyle and when that’s on the line — like what’s happening?

Interesting. He doesn’t like the high-profile relationship but he draws even more attention to it by talking about it on the radio.

Hmm. We’ll have to keep our eye on this dude. Particularly after he made those comments about Black women and oral sex at the BET Awards and then cussed a Black woman out when she walked away from his foolishness. No, I’m not making this up.

Ugh. Not going to lie, I was hoping this wasn’t true.

I really like Amber Rose, so I’m just hoping this dude doesn’t turn out to be yet another jerk.

What do you think of Amber’s new boo?

Not A Fan: Celebs Who Don’t Get Along With Their Friends’ Boos

March 17th, 2015 - By Iva Anthony
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We’ve all heard the saying, “Bros before hoes” and that can apply to female friends as well. A true friendship can withstand just about anything. But what happens when your bestie starts dating someone you don’t like or you just can’t get along with? Or what if the new boo isn’t the right person for your friend? Do you suck it up and stay silent or do you say something? These celebrity friendships were tested when a new relationship was formed. Here are a few celebs who don’t get along with their friends’ boos.

Who Is Drake’s New Boo Thang?

March 3rd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Splash

Source: Splash

I root for Drake. And I’d like to see him happy. A large part of me thinks that Drake would like to be in a nice, committed relationship…eventually, you know when all the dust has settled. Seems like he tried to do that with Rihanna…twice.

But that didn’t work out.

Well, the Champagne Papi has moved on. Not only is he dating someone new, he’s taking her on trips with him overseas.

Drake was in Australia for the Future Music Festival this past weekend. And in addition to taking care of business on stage, he also made time for a little pleasure. The paparazzi snapped a few shots of the rapper and some young lady enjoying themselves by the pool.

Source: Splash

Source: Splash

So who is she?

Meet Bernice Burgos, a 34-year-old Puerto Rican model, bartender and video vixen. If you’ve been studying your music videos, you may have seen Bernice in J. Cole’s “Work Out” video or Rick Ross’ “Diced Pineapple” alongside Wale and Drake.

YOU THINK IM CUTE! YES OR NO? HA HA HA HA HA!!! LMAOOOO Thank you @shafiqua32 for doing my hair last night.

A photo posted by realberniceburgos (@realberniceburgos) on

This is not the first time these two have been spotted together. Back in 2013, when she was tending bar at the Starlets strip club, she posted a picture of herself and Drake together, calling him her homeboy.

But based on these new pictures…things done changed.

Source: Splash

Source: Splash

Then, Drake shouted her out in the 2014 Romeo Santos song “Odio”:

No you- you look like Bernice and Yaris

But both put together, those are some girls that I know from back home

If you saw ’em you’d get it. 

It’ll be interesting to see if this is indeed a full fledged relationship or…you know…just something of a more temporary nature.

Pretty girl.

Good luck to both she and Drake…because his track record hasn’t exactly been free of mess.

Just Friends? Celebs Who Are Super Close With Their Exes

February 27th, 2015 - By Iva Anthony
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Just because the relationship is over, doesn’t mean that the love is gone; but should it? Here are a few celebs who are super close with their exes…probably too close if you let their new loves tell it.

Close With Their Exes


Sean “Diddy” Combs

For a while, it looked as if Sean “Diddy” Combs would eventually settle down with his longtime girlfriend and baby mama Kim Porter. The couple was together for over a decade and their love even survived Diddy’s romance with Jennifer Lopez. But when the Bad Boy Records CEO had a baby with another woman while Porter was pregnant with their twins, she was through. Diddy and Porter finally called it quits for good and even though he’s moved on with Cassie, the two remain friends to co-parent their children together. Diddy, Porter and their brood spend their Christmas vacation on a yacht in St. Barts.

“I’ve Never Had Someone To Fully Accept Me” Erica Mena Opens Up About Love And Sex With Bow Wow

January 30th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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 Erica Mena Opens Up About Love And Sex With Bow Wow

Source: Rolling Out

Honestly, I’m still waiting to see what’s going to happen with this Erica Mena and Bow Wow engagement. There is quite a bit of skepticism surrounding these two. One minute Erica, (Whenever I say Erica Mena’s name, I always hear Cyn’s whiny voice in my ear.), was with Rich Dollaz, then Cyn Santana and then, seemingly overnight, she was not only dating Bow Wow, the two were engaged to be married.

Life comes at you fast, huh?

We never know how the cookie will crumble in Hollywood relationships, so I’m not going to damn them or their love, I’ll just say it’s interesting.

In this day of social media proclamation, Erica and Bow Wow are forever making their love known all over each other’s social media pages. There are photos of the two in bed together, cute videos with sexual innuendos and gushing comments about who and what they are to each other. And in a recent interview with Rolling Out, the “Love and Hip Hop New York” star opened up about her relationship, talking about how Bow Wow tamed her, what real men like in a woman and what she wants her legacy to be as a woman, wife and mother.

Check out the highlights.

How can she be ready to get married when she was just with Cyn?

People have misconceptions about everyone I’ve dated. Last year, it’s like “oh, all of sudden, she’s gay.” No, I’ve been bisexual. In the past, I’ve been very open and affectionate towards females. It’s definitely no secret. At that point, I was dating a woman and brought her on the show.

How she and Bow fell in love

When that whole “106 & Park” kiss happened, we were both seeing other people and that kiss put us in the doghouse. So we were kind of confiding in each other. I realized that he is a man who really knows me and I’ve never had someone to fully accept me for who I am, flaws and all. I think it just happened naturally with us. We were at that point of really wanting to settle down, but the people that we were with at the time just weren’t fitting us. So it just happened and I discovered that this was the person that I was really supposed to be with.

What does she say to people who think this is a publicity stunt?

I think people are trying to put pieces together in other people’s lives so much that they are not living their own life. Cyn and I have been broken up for a while, I just hadn’t publicly come out about it because I’m on reality television. So to keep you tuned in, I had to keep things under wraps. So in this season of “Love & Hip Hop,”  there’s a lot of catching up for the fans to do. And I think they will see how everything transpired and will get a better understanding.

Bow Wow’s sex game

Being with Bow [Wow], he’s so dominating and that just turns me on because I’m usually the dominating one. I’m a Scorpio, so I call the shots. It’s different to have someone that you can finally be submissive to. So dealing with a woman like me, it’s kind of like, ‘can she be tamed?’ It’s all a matter of, are you man enough to tame the woman. And there’s a way to be assertive, but still give that embraceable nature that makes a woman kind of be submissive to you, that’s very powerful. But in order for a man to feel like a man, a woman has to give him the most respect. But in order for the woman to give you that respect, you kind of have to demand it and make her embrace you for what you are doing to her for her to respect you. So it’s a catch-22. I think men are scared of being men these days.

A little Rich Dollaz jab

From my last relationship with ‘B—- Dollaz’ [Rich Dollaz], he was just one of those dudes who would always run home to his mama. You know, it just shows that you’re a punk at that point. And that also goes for respect. You can still be a man and have authority and get your point across without being disrespectful. I think a man should “think like a man.

What do men respect about women?

Men love women who aren’t babies, who don’t nag and you don’t have to stroke their egos. You just kind of have to be sure of yourself. If you feel good, I’m telling you every man in America will know you’re feeling good.

How she wants to be remembered

In my career, I want to be known as the girl who was crazy enough to go for it and brave enough to get it done. In my personal life, I want to be the one who takes care of everybody. And in my marriage, I want to be that wife that my husband can really rely on for everything. I don’t want it to ever get to a point where my husband can’t be honest with me, or that he isn’t sexually into me. As a mom, I want to be that mother that steers her children to be whatever they want to be, but also lets them know that the world will never give them anything. So when they grow up, they can come back and say, “mom, you were right.”

You can read the rest of Erica Mena’s interview here.