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Is That Your Ex Girl Or Your Next Girl? 14 Celebs Who Dated an Ex-Look-Alike

January 16th, 2013 - By Ashley Page
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Breaking up is hard to do, and while we’re all supposed to love and care about someone on the inside, we all know that the outside counts too. After a breakup, most people like to move on and forget that their ex ever existed, However, for some celebrities, losing their ex was too much for them to handle, so they rebounded with a new partner who was a mirror image of their ex! Who are 14 celebs who dated an ex-look-alike.

Are They Related? 10 Sets of Celebrities Who Look Way Too Much Alike

August 8th, 2012 - By Marissa Ellis
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Isn’t weird when two people from the same immediate family look nothing alike..only to discover they have a lookalike out there in the world? Nowhere is this more apparent than with the public faces we know as celebrities. We revealed some Black celeb look-alikes in our first story with eerie resemblances, and we managed to uncover a few more – 10 couples to be exact!

Source: Taletela


Seriously, can you tell who is who here? Kinda freaky but Chaka Khan must be Nicki Minaj’s long lost aunt or something because how else can you explain the striking resemblance? (Chaka Khan is on the right).

Were Keyshia Cole and K.Michelle Separated at Birth?

June 29th, 2012 - By Marissa Ellis
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"keyshia cole" "k. michelle" "twins" "separated at birth"

Keyshia Cole has been on my mind lately, but not for any actions she’s taken on her part. Instead, it’s the very existence of her fellow colleague (if you will) and Atlanta neighbor K. Michelle that has Ms. Cole on my mind.

K. Michelle has been making news with her already volatile presence on the latest ratchet reality show “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.” Every time I glance at K.Michelle, I confuse her for a split second with Keyshia Cole. These two definitely favor each other and we wouldn’t be surprised if Frankie discovers her to be one of her children. If only we would’ve noticed the similarities earlier, we would’ve included these two on our list of Black Celebrity Look-Alikes. and

What do you guys think? Don’t they favor each other or am I reaching here?

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