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Seattle Seahawks Player Deshawn Shead Asks For Girlfriend’s Hand In Marriage Following Victory Against Denver Broncos

September 22nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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With all of the negativity surrounding the NFL these days, it’s nice to see some positive news coming from the league. Yesterday, Seattle Seahawks player DeShawn Shead dropped on one knee in the middle of CenturyLink Field and proposed to his girlfriend, Jessica Martinez.

The surprise proposal came after the Seahawks defeated the Denver Broncos and included a jumbotron, which read:

“Will you marry me Jessica?”

Of course, she said yes. Teammates including Richard Sherman, Jeron Johnson and friends quickly gathered around to congratulate the newly engaged couple. While it does not appear that the actual proposal was caught on video, the aftermath was.

The pair later took to Instagram to share the big news.

“She said yes!” he exclaimed.

“Best day of my life,” she gushed.

Jessica, who is a native of Seattle, is pursuing a career in law.


Daniel Gibson Says Media Played A Role In Failed Marriage: ‘I Would’ve Been Willing To Work Through Whatever The Problem Was’

September 22nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Corbis Images

Source: Corbis Images

Though neither of them have filed for divorce as of yet, it’s safe to say that Keyshia Cole and Daniel Gibson’s relationship is a thing of the past. While there are many factors that can contribute to the demise of a relationship (especially those in the public eye), judging by previous comments made by Keyshia, infidelity appears to be the primary reason why these two were unable to stay together. However, according to Daniel, the media also contributed to the falling apart of their union.

“It’s a tough situation. If you’re going to be in a situation like that [a public relationship], you have to be ready and willing to deal with whatever comes with it,” the former Cleveland Cavaliers player recently told Vlad TV. “I feel like…in the media…it’s more publicized and glorified, the bad things that happen in a relationship. If something bad happens in anybody’s relationship and you’re in front of the public eye, it’s going to get blew way out of proportion. So if in your situation, you two are not just tied together like best friends, with the social media and everything these days, your problem can start going too far to the point where you can’t catch it.”

Daniel went on to say that social media gives the everyday person the ability to reach celebrities and public figures, which means you’re constantly subjected to countless individuals weighing in on personal matters.

“You’re going to start hearing what everybody else has to say because now everyone is so accessible due to social media. You never know what’s true and not true and these days, people tend to believe anything they’re told and anything that’s printed.”

An example of this, adds Daniel, is when he was photographed with a popular exotic dancer from Houston. The photograph resulted in rumors that he was in a relationship and cheating on Keyshia with this woman. He, of course, denies the allegations.

“The girl is actually from where I’m from. The strip club is one of the one’s in the hood that people go to comfortably. And yeah, I snapped a flick and everybody is like, ‘Oh, he’s in a relationship with a stripper,’ or ‘He’s spending money with a stripper.’ It becomes the truth no matter what you say or what you do about it because people are so influenced by the media these days that everything sticks. You gotta have tough skin. If you’re in a relationship, like I said, it becomes a war.”

Although the soon-to-be-divorced pro-baller believes that the media did more harm than good to his marriage to Keyshia, Daniel candidly confessed that he’s not sure if their union would’ve survived—even without that element.

“I can’t speak on it and say we would [still] be together because I don’t know if we were meant to be together,” he expressed. “But, what I will say is yeah, if you don’t have so many people pulling on you and telling you this and telling you that, if you do have a problem, you’re able to come to it with each other, talk about it and figure it out. But once all of those outside forces come in, if you ain’t just locked in, that thing will break.”

As for why he refuses to be the one to file for divorce, Daniel had this to say:

“I would’ve been willing to work through whatever the problem was because I’ve always felt like that’s how it was supposed to go. You’re supposed to grow with somebody and go through whatever problems y’all got and come up out of them.”

Before concluding his interview, Daniel expressed that he is working hard to, at the very least, build a friendship with Keyshia to make co-parenting their son, Daniel Jr., as seamless as possible.

Watch Daniel’s full interview on the following page. Were you hoping these two would work it out?

“Basketball Wives LA” Star Brandi Maxiell Responds To Divorce Rumors

September 17th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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There were recently some nasty reports floating around that “Basketball Wives LA” star Brandi Maxiell and her husband, Jason Maxiell, are headed for divorce. It easy to understand how some would believe the rumors, as Brandi’s best friend and co-star Malaysia Pargo is currently in the middle of a divorce; but the ovarian cancer survivor says that this definitely is not the case. Brandi’s publicist recently addressed the reports through an official statement.

“Contrary to published reports, rumors that Jason and I are heading for divorce are false. There’s no public record of us filing for a dissolution of marriage. It doesn’t exist. What do exist are two imperfect people who are committed to making it work through the highs and lows; joys and sorrows; and sickness and health. Jason and I just celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and although our marriage isn’t perfect, we’re working on it,” said Brandi in the statement.

Brandi also took advantage of the opportunity to direct fans’ attention to Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month.

“As a ovarian cancer survivor, instead of talking about my marriage, I would rather spend the time, raising awareness about ovarian cancer,” she continued. “Not all cancer is pink, and September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. I’m happy to share my story to save lives from this ‘silent killer.”

It’s great to hear that Brandi and Jason are still going strong.

LeBron And Savannah Celebrate Wedding Anniversary: A Look Back At 15 Of Their Sweetest Moments

September 15th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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It feels like it was just yesterday that LeBron and Savannah James tied the knot in a swanky San Diego ceremony. But in actuality, the two became one a year ago. In honor of their special day, LeBron took to Instagram with a sweet anniversary message for his lovely wife.

“Man time flies! Seems like it was yesterday when we tied those knots. Been a full day of celebrating our 1 Year Anniversary. Finishing up at dinner. Thank u everyone for all the well wishes and blessing. #LoveThisGirl #JamesGang #StriveForGreatnessInEveryThingIDo,” he wrote.

It’s nice to see that their relationship was able to withstand all of the craziness that being in the NBA can bring. The lovebirds have been together since high school and are currently preparing for the upcoming birth of their first daughter, Zhuri. Currently, they share two sons, LeBron James Jr. and Bryce Maximus James.

Hit the flip for a look back at some of their most adorable moments.

‘A Slice Of Heaven:’ Gabrielle And Dwyane Wade Share Photos From ‘Epic’ Honeymoon

September 12th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last month, Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade tied the knot during their highly anticipated wedding ceremony in Miami. The high-profile couple has since decided to share photos from their “epic” honeymoon with fans and social media followers. During their vacation, the lovebirds ventured to Tanzania and the Maldive Islands.

“When the Indian Ocean is ya swimming pool… You dive in! But first… Play that @beyonce baby,” Gabbby bragged in one post.

“Since I’m on my honeymoon and I’m missing fashion week in NY. I thought i would show you guys how I dress to go on a safari. It’s never a dull moment when @lawfullady is your stylist. #dopeselfie #manimfeelingmyself #imbestdressonthissafari #illmarrymetoo @zmalannewyork,” Dwyane wrote in another.

They look like they had a blast.

Check out more photos from their fabulous post-wedding voyage on the following pages.

Does Malaysia Blame Reality TV For Her Failed Marriage?

September 11th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Back in May, we received the shocking news that Malaysia Pargo filed for divorce from her husband, Jannero Pargo. Although she didn’t offer insight into what tore their marriage apart, there have been whispers of infidelity being a contributing factor. Considering how so many relationships seem to fail after one or both parties in a couple appear on a reality television show, there was also talk that Malaysia’s participation on VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA” placed a strain on the relationship. But the mom of three says that this definitely is not the case.

“You can’t allow outside people to change anything about your relationship or your love for each other. I love him, but I’m just not in love with him, so it had nothing to do with ‘Basketball Wives’ at all,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “It was definitely a decision between us to end it.”

Malaysia went on to reveal what being married to Jannero has taught her.

“When a person shows you who they are, you gotta believe them. It’s basically, if they do it once, they’re kinda going to do it twice. When I see something that I don’t like…I need to walk away from the situation.”

She also adds that effective communication is a must if two people want their relationship to work.

“Communication was one of the most important things that I learned that keeps a marriage together. If I had asked him the necessary questions beforehand, I wouldn’t be in that situation,” she said.

As for how she’s adjusting to being single:

“I’m finding who I am without a man. I’ve been in a relationship since I was a little whippersnapper,” she said. “I haven’t dated in 12 years. That’s totally new to me.”

“It’s different raising three children on my own and working and trying to do entrepreneurship,” she continued. “Those are some things that have me a little apprehensive. I let God guide me…I never speak fear in my life.”

Although she previously stated that she’d much rather be married, judging by her Instagram page, our girl is thoroughly enjoying the single life.

On To The Next: Celebs Who Rebound Quickly

September 9th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Some people believe you need time in between relationships to heal and the longer the relationship, the more time you need for yourself to completely get over things. However, these stars believe that the best way to get over someone is to move on with somebody else.

Celebs Who Rebound Quickly


Big Sean

Big Sean struggled in the underground hip-hop circuit for several years but when he finally made it big, the Detroit rapper was a hit with the ladies. The only problem was he was with his longtime girlfriend since he was 16 years old. He broke up with his high school sweetheart in 2013 and, wasting no time, the “Marvin & Chardonnay” rapper was soon spending his time with “Glee” star Naya Rivera. The two stars met each other on twitter first before taking their romance offline. In no time the couple became engaged but their relationship barely lasted a year before Big Sean released a statement calling things off. Then things were quickly on with Arianna Grande.

Tamar Braxton Tackles Domestic Violence Rumors

September 9th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Corbis Images

Source: Corbis Images

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert’s constant bickering is nothing new to reality TV fans, but apparently, there were some rumors floating around that their fights frequently become physical behind the scenes. During a recent interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, the “Hot Sugar” singer tackled the reports head-on.

“Now, they’re also trying to put out these rumors that you and Vince get into these drag-down fights. And I read that on a couple of different sites. Do you want to address that?” Angela Yee asked.

“Where do they come from?” Tamar asked. “I ain’t that chick. We ain’t getting ready to just guff everyday, like. No, I ain’t got time for that. I’m booked.”

Speaking of domestic violence, the hosts questioned Tamar about her thoughts on the Ray Rice controversy and whether or not she would go back to Vince if he hit her.

“I can’t see it and you know what. The reason why I can’t is because I’ve been an abusive relationship before, like a for real, for real abusive relationship. I am not that girl who you’re just going to hit on. So when people ask me those questions or allegedly say things like that it’s just like, ‘Chile sit down and have several seats because, no.'”

As for the divorce rumors that never seem to go away for long, Tamar had this to say:

“They all do [want my man] honey. They act like they don’t, but they do. It’s the truth.”

“I mean, we argue, yes,” she continued. “It’s a lot to argue about. Number one: we work together. Number two: he’s my husband. Number three: he’s my baby daddy. We have a lot to argue about. But you know, at the end of the day that’s my best friend. I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him, you know, and that’s it.”

The “Real” host went on to say that she doesn’t get too bent out of shape when people gossip about them, adding that what actually bugs her is when “heifers say stuff that don’t know me.”

Watch Tamar’s full interview below.

Are Draya And Orlando Scandrick Back Together?

September 9th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Corbis Images

Source: Corbis Images

Exactly one month ago, “Basketball Wives” star Draya Michele announced her breakup from boyfriend Orlando Scandrick. While she did not give a specific reason for the split, she did express that she is not to blame for their relationship not working out. Days later, it was revealed that the Dallas Cowboys player was suspended after failing a drug test. Bizarrely, reports began circulating that his reality star ex was to blame for it all, but he quickly dispelled those rumors. Now, it appears that the two were somehow able to work through their rough patch.

Orlando recently uploaded an image of Draya to his Instagram page, which led many to believe that the two are back together.

The Shade Room also captured a comment left by Draya beneath the image, which seems to imply that the two have reconciled.

“You’re so annoying. Such a headache. But it’s better to dance with the devil u know than the devil u don’t know. Love u. #1fan.”

Draya also went back to following Orlando on Instagram again.

So far, nothing has been formally confirmed by Draya and Orlando, but it’s probably only a matter of time.

Khloe Already Sick Of French Montana’s Cheating Ways, Says Source

September 5th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Splash News

Source: Splash News

Khloé Kardashian isn’t even officially divorced from her estranged husband, Lamar Odom, yet and it appears that she’s already on the brink of yet another nasty breakup…at least that’s what sources are claiming. According to Life & Style, not much has changed since French’s relationship with his estranged wife, Deen Kharbouch, when it comes to loyalty.

“She’s fed up with his cheating ways,” said one insider.

Snitches went on to say that while Khloé’s rebound romance was fun initially, things have already gone south in their five-month romance.

“She was having a good time,” the insider explains, “but now it’s becoming dramatic, and she wants out.”

So what’s keeping Khloé from walking away, you ask? Reportedly his connection with her family.

“Khloé hates that her family got involved because now it’s harder to sever ties.”

Khloe has yet to comment on the reports, but from the looks of it, she and French are still going strong. Earlier this week, she shared a photo of a bouquet of flowers believed to be from her beau and gushed about what a “lucky girl” she is.

“Oh man, I just LOVE surprises!!! I’m a lucky girl!!! #Smiling,” she wrote.

Only time will tell what’s really going on with these two.