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Porsha Williams On Going Public With Buffalo Bills Safety Duke Williams: “We Held Hands And We Pressed Send”

July 21st, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Shooting range..

A photo posted by Duca Brasi (@27duke_) on

Over the weekend, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Porsha Williams took a big step in her relationship with NFL player Duke Williams when she decided to go public.

Prior to the big reveal, most were unaware that the reality star was seeing someone exclusively. But she and the Buffalo Bills safety apparently felt that this weekend was the right time to let everyone know that they’re together. The pair kicked off a series of photos confirming their relationship with an adorable snapshot captured during one of their dates to a shooting range in Reno, Nevada. Porsha then followed up with a solo photo of Duke, and then another more cozy image of the two of them sharing a moment at one of Duke’s family functions, which leads us to believe that things may be serious.


A photo posted by Porsha Dyanne Williams (@porsha4real) on

At bae family BBQ like…. #KUWTW💓 #TeamWilliams

A photo posted by Porsha Dyanne Williams (@porsha4real) on

Not to worry, Porsha wasn’t the only one gushing on Instagram about the new courtship. Duke also flaunted his new bae on the photo sharing app, deaming her his Woman Crush Everyday.

#WCE ALL DAY🔥 @porsha4real

A photo posted by Duca Brasi (@27duke_) on

Williams Bihhhh 😍😍😍😍 @porsha4real

A photo posted by Duca Brasi (@27duke_) on

Monday, Porsha opened up about her decision to finally invite the world into her relationship with the pro athlete on Dish Nation.

“He’s just my little sweetie,” she shared. “We went to the gun range and we had such a good time so I wanted to post a picture at the gun range. But you know, his last name is Williams and then my last name is Williams. Everybody thought that it meant that we were like family members, and I don’t think he thought that was going to be the reaction. He ended up getting my phone and posting his picture with a heart. I was like, ‘Ahhhh,’ because I had never been public like that.”

Porsha went on to explain that she wasn’t bothered by the photo Duke posted, and that they eventually decided to go all out with their coupledom on the social networking website.

“I was like you know what? Let’s go all out with it. Let’s jump off. So we just held hands and we pressed send at the same time.”

Considering how horribly her marriage to ex-NFL player Kordell Williams ended, it’s nice to see Porsha happy. Hopefully, things work out between these two.

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Is It Weird That Lenny Kravitz And Lisa Bonet Went To The Met Gala Together?

May 5th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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lenny kravitz and lisa bonet

Source: Getty Images

In my mind, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet are still together, like romantically. And while I know that she’s married to fine behind Jason Momoa, Lenny and Lisa, with their alliterating names, funky bohemian style and comparable attractiveness, were a beautiful example of Black [Hollywood] love.

I know I wasn’t the only one who was bummed when it ended. But I took solace in the fact that they seemed to maintain a beautiful friendship.

And while these two have always been a shining example of what co-parenting and romances-turned-friendships can look like, they took it to a whole ‘nother level when they showed up at last night’s Met Gala arm in arm, as each other’s dates.

I still love seeing them together. Lisa is still gorgeous. Lenny is still fine and their offspring Zoe is stunning.

But after I stopped gushing, I thought about the weirdness of it all. I mean, if we take the celebrity aspect out of this and apply it to us mere mortals in the real world, this would be something of a scandal. I told y’all Lisa is married, with children. And Lenny is her ex husband, father of her child and longtime friend.

You know what they say, flames can be rekindled.

And while I’ve read that Lenny and Jason get along famously, I certainly hope Lisa ran this by her man. And I do wonder how that conversation went…

“Hey babe, Lenny, Zoe and I are going to the Met Gala.” 

“Oh, cool. Who’s Zoe’s date?

“She’s going solo.”

“Nice. Who’s Lenny taking?”


Where dey do dat at?

In fairness, since this was a family affair, perhaps the common thread, Zoe, asked her mother and father to attend the event together.

I could understand that…if Zoe weren’t a grown woman.

Either there’s something more to this and we don’t know the full story yet…or Lenny and Lisa really are on some different ish.

What do you make of these two stepping out together as each other’s dates? Do you think their status as celebrities makes this a little bit more understandable?

#Instalove: The Cutest Instagram Moments Of Your Favorite Celebrity Couples

April 27th, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

Everyone likes to show their #instalove, and it’s hard to get cuter than these celebrity couples. Get ready to start your week with an overdose of Instagram love.

Activist Slams Kendrick Lamar Over Light-Skinned Fianceé: “I Will Never Support Him”

April 6th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Getty Images

Getty Images

Last week, we were so happy to report that Kendrick Lamar confirmed his engagement to his high school sweetheart, Whitney Alford. However, it appears that not everyone was pleased with the big news.

Over the weekend, self-proclaimed Dark Skin Activist Rashida Strober took to Facebook to call out the “Complexion” rapper over his wife-to-be’s appearance. According to Strober and many of her supporters, Kendrick is a hypocrite.

“Well, well, well would you looky here,” Strober wrote. “ANOTHER FAKE CONSCIOUS MUTHER F-KER EXPOSED. I will never support him nor his music with one dime of my money and encourage all dark skinned women not to either!”

The post spread quickly, with many cheering Strober on for slamming Kendrick. Others, however, didn’t share her sentiments.

To give you a bit of background information, Strober is founder of the Dark Skin Is Beautiful campaign and creator of “A Dark-Skinned Woman’s Revenge” and “Ice Cream Lady’s Dream” stage plays. According to the Florida native’s biography, she began advocating for people with darker complexions in 1998. She was inspired to do so after enduring years of bullying at the hands of classmates who put her down because of her complexion.

“Her self-esteem was brutally assaulted at every turn by classmates who made her life a living hell. Known as ‘black and ugly,’ ‘monkey mouth’ and ‘African Booty Scratcher,’ she was told by many that she would never make it as an actress,” an excerpt from her biography reads.

We know that Kendrick’s engagement was a hot topic among MN readers last week, so we’re interested in hearing what you ladies think about Strober’s comments. Would you say that she’s reaching or does she have a point?

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Kendrick Lamar Confirms Engagement: “I’m Loyal To The Soil”

April 3rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Getty Images

Getty Images

Last month, rumors that Kendrick Lamar proposed to his girlfriend of 10 years, Whitney Alford, began circulating.

The engagement speculation began after Kendrick and his high school sweetheart were photographed out and about at a meet and greet session with fans in Compton. In one photo, Kendrick can be seen greeting fans as Whitney plays the background with what appears to be a massive rock on her left finger.

Earlier today, the “I” rapper appeared on Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club and of course, he was questioned about his rumored engagement.

“Yeah definitely,” Kendrick replied. “I’m loyal to the soil.”

“At the end of the day, you want to always have real people around you. Period. Everybody that’s been around me has been around me since day one. People that been by your side, you’re supposed to honor that.”

Though Kendrick has been fairly private regarding his relationship, he makes the exception here and there to let the world know just how much Whitney means to him.

“I wouldn’t even call her my girl. That’s my best friend. I don’t even like the term that society has put in the world as far as being a companion – she’s somebody I can tell my fears to,” he told Billboard back in Janaury.

Congrats to these two!

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Ludacris & Eudoxie May Have A Huge Wedding In 5 Years, According To Luda

March 12th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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#TBT with my handsome hubby. #themlips 😍😍

A photo posted by eudoxiee (Eh-dox-ee) (@eudoxiee) on

Ludacris and his new wife Eudoxie allowed very little time to pass between their engagement and nuptials, which limited their ability to plan a lavish wedding ceremony. But the rapper says that he and his new bride may have a huge wedding after all; however, it probably won’t be for another five years.

“Man, I know some people don’t agree with this but I feel these days—and I actually have a conversation with her about this—I’d love to have a ceremony after about five years to celebrate actually being married for a certain amount of time. That’s just me,” the actor said during an appearance on the “Kyle, Kendra & Leon in the Morning” show.

Speaking of his relationship with Eudoxie, Luda went on to express that he’s trying to have his marriage withstand the test of time.

“Everything happened that way that it was supposed to. We’ve been through ups and downs like true relationships do. That’s my best friend at the end of the day. We’re going to try and Keith Sweat this thing, trying to ‘Make It Last Forever.’”

The expectant father also discussed his wife’s pregnancy and their upcoming baby shower. Apparently, he doesn’t intend to be a big part of the shower. Instead, he plans to hang out in the cut.

“I spoke to the wife about this. I don’t understand why we need to be there. Here’s the happy medium: I’m going to be outside smoking cigars with my homeboys.”


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“I’m Better Off Because I’m Married:” T.J. Holmes Pens Essay About Why He Got Married

March 2nd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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To commemorate his fifth wedding anniversary, journalist T.J. Holmes penned a beautiful essay for The Root explaining why he married his wife, Marilee Fiebig. He begins the essay by discussing how great his life was prior to marrying Marilee, but concludes by sharing how much better his life has been because of that decision. An excerpt from his essay reads:

“Not only is my marriage still intact, it’s actually working pretty well, and that made me uncomfortable. You see, I didn’t fully understand why my marriage was flourishing, and I feared that if I didn’t understand what we were doing right, how would we know what to keep doing?

Well, I think I’ve figured it out, and my eureka moment came just this week as I was putting together a business email. I asked my wife to review it, and she thought the tone of the email was too aggressive, confrontational and negative. She was right. Her input stopped me from making the mistake of hitting send. That innocuous example is emblematic of our entire relationship. In all I do, I have a partner looking out for me, advising me, keeping me on track and stopping me from making a mistake, no matter how great or small.

Also, I’m still the same guy at my core, but look at what has changed in my life since I got married: My family and I are closer, my individual net worth has gone up every year since we met, I’ve learned a second language, I’m healthier, I use the n-word less, I listen to Sunday church service more, I’m a better friend, I’m more forgiving than I used to be, I’m more involved in charitable work.

In every way, I’m better off because I’m married. So, for me, a successful marriage has revolved around this principle: I like who I am with her.”

My pastor always reminds me: You should get around people who make you say to yourself, “I gotta do better.” I married the person who makes me say that to myself every day. I want her to be proud of me. Her presence is constant motivation. I don’t always succeed, but I’m always at least trying to do the right thing or improve, and in doing so, I’ve become a better son, friend, journalist, citizen and husband.

I, like many other men, thought that I wanted to reach a certain level of success before marriage. You know, make the right amount of money, get the right job, the right car, the right crib, etc., and perhaps “sow the royal oats.” Now, I firmly believe the success we seek can come a lot quicker with a partner helping along the way. Believe me, my ego is as big as anyone’s, but recognizing my own deficiencies, admitting to myself that I need help and accepting that help have all been critical to our success. We’re only on year No. 4, but I shudder to think of the kind of man I might be if I wasn’t married these past four years.”


You can check out his full essay here.

Why Ludacris Waited So Long To Marry Eudoxie…

February 18th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Why wait? Did the thing before 2015. #mrandmrsrbridges

A photo posted by @ludacris on

Over the holidays, Ludacris proposed to and married his longtime girlfriend Eudoxie within a very brief time span. There was much speculation regarding the ceremony  and why it was so rushed. Some believed that he sprinted to the altar so that the courts would rule in his favor regarding the custody battle for his daughter, Cai. However, the rapper insists that his swift move was about Eudoxie and their relationship.

“In my opinion, it’s so many people out here — and to each his own — when you do this big ceremony and you take all this time, and a lot of times these marriages aren’t even lasting. I just wanted to make it special, you know. I spoke to her about it and we just decided to do it,” the actor told Angie Martinez.

He didn’t really comment on why he chose to be so open about their engagement and wedding when he was so private about everything else, but he did explain—or at least attempt to– why he waited so long to marry Eudoxie.

“I’m almost in the mindset, that you go 5 and 10 years and then go ‘head and have a ceremony and celebrate and invite everybody. Then you’ve accomplished something and that’s what it’s all about. You know me, I’m unorthodox. I hate doing the norm.”

Although the engagement was supposedly a surprise, Luda says he wasn’t too concerned about the risk he took by planning to propose and get married so quickly.

“We talked about it. Like I said, this is something that we both understood. When you think about it, it was the end of the year. I was like, ‘We’re going to go into 2015 and we’re going to make this thing happen. It’s gon’ be all the way live.”

While he has been married for over a month, the rapper insists that not much has changed.

“The good thing is things are still the same. Everybody would always have conversations with me and say, ‘Man, something changes within that one day. The next day it totally changes.’ Everything is still the same. It’s better in the sense that I’m glad that everything is official, but in terms of the attitudes and things of that nature, everything is the same. It’s a good thing…so far.”

One thing the actor did not comment on is whether or not his wife is expecting. Earlier this week, rumors began circulating that she is six months pregnant. I suppose we’ll have to keep an ear out to find out what the word is with that.

Watch Ludacris’ full interview on the next page.

Will Smith Discusses The Death Of His Marriage

February 17th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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When one thinks of couples who have stood the test of time, Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith quickly come to mind. However, Will admits that he and Jada have experienced their share of marital struggles just like everyone else. The Focus actor also confessed that his relationship has “died” several times in the course of their marriage.

”Whatever you have is gonna die and you are gonna have to rebirth something new. You have to be willing to ride the waves,” he recently told The Sun.

The 46-year-old went on to say that marriage has plenty of plenty of ups and downs, but in order to succeed, you have to be willing to take that ride.

“There’s gonna be some flat days and some stormy days, and that has to be OK,” he continued.

His comments seemed to fall in perfect alignment with a statement made by his wife last summer about doing away with certain “rules” in their relationship.

“We used to have all these rules, [but] as you go on in your relationship, you just get into a flow,” the mother of two explained to Net-a-Porter. “Will, to me, encompasses everything. It’s almost as if calling him ‘my husband’ is too small of a word for what he means in my life—and especially how I feel we, as women, identify the idea of a husband.”

Good for them!

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So Keyshia & Daniel May Not Be A Done Deal After All…

February 16th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Although she has previously stated that she is through with her estranged husband, Daniel Gibson, because of infidelity, it seems that Keyshia Cole may have experienced a change of heart. While doing press rounds to promote her new reality show, “Keyshia Cole: All In,” it seemed that the single mom is is rethinking her decision to end their marriage.

“I don’t know if I’ve reached that [breaking] point yet, because I’m still trying to figure that out,” she told Hip Hollywood. “I have a child, so of course, he’s going to come before me.”

When asked if there’s a possibility of reconciliation, Cole replied with a simple “Mhmm.” However, she admits that it’s all pretty scary.

“Very much so. Hell yeah. I got my pistol by my bed,” she joked.

As previously reported, fans will be able to witness the singer work through deciding whether or not she will permanently end her marriage once her new BET series debuts on February 24.

“I can’t come to grips with love,” she confessed. “I just don’t know what it is anymore. I just don’t know what if–what is love? I don’t even know. I’m trying to figure out is it love or is it like agreement? What is it? Because love is so young and innocent and beautiful, but commitment is like…what are we trying to do with commitment?”

Apparently, she’s just as perplexed by the concept of love as she is by the definition of dating.

“What is dating?” she questioned before admitting that there are some potential suitors that she has been communicating with via telephone.

Hopefully, once Keyshia figures out what love is and all of that good stuff, she and Daniel can make amends and move forward.

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