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‘I Was Never A Couple With Trina:’ French Montana Denies Cheating On Trina With Khloe Kardashian [Watch]

October 31st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Wendy Show

Wendy Show

When Khloe Kardashian and French Montana first went public with their relationship, there were many reports circulating that the “Don’t Panic” rapper ditched his ex-boo, Trina, when he met the reality star. While Trina has alluded that French was not upfront or honest with her when he began his fling with Khloe, she did make it clear that she was never actually his girlfriend. In other words, he was technically free to see whomever he pleased. French addressed his tryst with Trina during a recent appearance on the Wendy Show and according to his version of events, he was fresh out of his relationship with now ex-wife, Deen, and was just having a little fun with Trina. Check out some highlights from his interview below.

On the current status of his relationship with Khloe:

“I feel like in every relationship, you break up and you make up. Right now we on real good terms. We’re in a real special zone right now. She gon’ be my baby forever.”

“I’m divorced. She [Khloe] is still married.”

On people believing he dated Khloe for publicity reasons:

“I don’t think that love comes like that. Publicity, that’s just something people want to roll with. I think that when you meet somebody you really like, you don’t really worry about all of that stuff.”

On Trina saying she introduced him to the Kardashians:

“No [that's not true] at all. I’m going to keep it all the way 100. Kanye invited me to the Barclays Center to come to the show. It just so happened Kris and Kim was there. It so happened that Trina knew Kim. She said, ‘Hi, this is French.’ That’s what it was.”

On rumors that he cheated on Trina with Khloe:

“Honestly, I was never a couple with Trina. I was going through my divorce so it was kind of like I was just having fun with life. I wasn’t in no mental space to [be in a relationship]. I can’t claim nobody after I’m just going through a divorce.”

On reports that his ex-wife was awarded $1.2 million in their divorce settlement:

“Something like that. I don’t even want to talk about it. I’m going to start sweating.”

Watch French’s interview below. Thoughts?

Gloria Govan Speaks On Her Split From Matt Barnes: “We’re Still Friends”

October 30th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Corbis Images

Corbis Images

TMZ recently caught up with former “Basketball Wives LA” star Gloria Govan, who is finally speaking out about her separation from hubby Matt Barnes. According to the mother of two, she and Matt are on good terms.

“We’re definitely amicable. We have kids so we keep it…we’re friends.”

Glo went on to say that they still operate like a family even though they’re no longer a couple.

“Matt came over for dinner. We’re still cool. We are still doing Halloween together. Matt has a game on Halloween.”

As for their twin sons, according to their mama they’re doing just fine.

“They’re dope. You know they’re six. They don’t really understand it yet but we work really hard to make sure that they’re good. That’s what it’s about, but we’re good. I talk to him all the time.”

Unlike most breakups, Gloria says that she and Matt have been handling their situation in a friendly manner.

“We’re still friends. We’re friends first and foremost. We’re adults. We’re good.”

Of course, this wouldn’t be the first time the two have broken up, so it’s not surprising that Glo says she’s open to reconciliation.

“Listen, I’m not opposed to anything. I’m not a fortune teller so I’m not going to talk about the future because I don’t know what’s going to happen. You know, I’m just living in the present. We’re good right now.”

Some people have been claiming that things are not nearly as sweet as Gloria would like for everyone to believe, but we’re hoping that those rumors are false.

The-Dream Shares Photos From His Wedding Day: “The Fight For True Is Hard”

October 30th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last summer we learned that The-Dream tied the knot again with girlfriend LaLaonne Martinez. One would think that the hit-maker would be over the idea of marriage considering how many times he has been both engaged and married, but he still seems to very much believe in love. He recently shared never-before-seen photos from the day he exchanged vows with Lalaonne and they appear extremely happy.

“The End. The Beginning,” he captioned one photo. “The fight for true is hard , in order to even fight for what’s right for you,you must fight yourself and your own short comings and know exactly who you are and Love yourself fully and wholly.

You must tear down your own fears and address your own weaknesses before you can provide strength and love for you and another! You must find freedom and believe what’s great about you is a blessing and what’s not so great is needed to have an idea of humble.

Find passion for another as you seek what you don’t have, only to notice that what you don’t have in you can be found in another and Then you can be perfect, perfect for another and allow someone to be perfect for you. If I Practice loving I will eventually become Love itself.

It’s hard and it’s elusive but so is life, and when you stop loving you literally have stopped living! 4L #findyourlove This world is to crazy to live and Dir without giving life a chance to be good to you!”




This is The-Dream’s third marriage. In 2004 he married singer Nivea and tied the knot with Christina Milian in 2008. Hopefully this marriage lasts.

Timbaland And Wife, Monique, Call Off Their Divorce

October 29th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Last October, it looked like Timbaland and his wife, Monique Mosley, were headed for divorce court. Though she didn’t cite what the issue was, Monique filed for divorce from the hitmaker and requested money for child support, private school tuition, life insurance and alimony.

By March of this year, it appeared that Timb and Monique were rekindling their relationship and now it appears that their then-pending divorce is nothing but a distant memory. According to TMZ,the pair quietly dismissed their divorce case last week. The two have also been showing each other nothing but love on social media.

Girl that booty n that dress!!!!!

A photo posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on

A photo posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on

A photo posted by Timbo the King (@timbaland) on

We’re really happy that they were able to work things out.

LeBron And Savannah James Welcome A Baby Girl

October 28th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

The wait is officially over. Cleveland Cavaliers star LeBron James, 29,  and his wife, Savannah James, 28, are now the proud parents of a healthy baby girl. According to Page Six, Savannah gave birth to the little bundle on Wednesday, October 22 in Akron, Ohio.

It was first confirmed that the pair were expecting their third child and first daughter by Miami Heat President Pat Riley last summer.

“Savannah now is going to have a little baby girl to join her in the fight against the two boys and LeBron, which she needs,” Pat told reporters during a post-game interview.

The lovebirds also the parents of LeBron James Jr., 10, and Bryce Maximus James, 7. LeBron and Savannah, who were high school sweethearts, tied the knot in front of approximately 200 guests including relatives and celebrity friends last fall during a swanky San Diego ceremony at the Grand Del Mar. The pair also recently celebrated their one year wedding anniversary.


A photo posted by @mrs_savannahrj on

A photo posted by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

A photo posted by LeBron James (@kingjames) on

Laura Govan Confirms Sister Gloria Govan’s Split From Matt Barnes

October 27th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Earlier this month, it was reported that Gloria Govan and Matt Barnes separated after just a couple of years of marriage. Gloria’s sister, Laura Govan, has since confirmed the breakup.

“I’ve known Matt since we were in the 9th grade. Matt is a good friend of mine, my sister is my sister, but it’s a relationship. I believe they’ll get back together,” the mother of four told Hip Hollywood. “I just think they need some time, a little time to grow. If they don’t they don’t, if they do, they do. In life I’ve learned that you just have years to live so you might as well live em.’”

Neither Matt or Gloria have spoken publicly about the breakup, but Matt did  sort of confirm that he moved out of their marital home and into an apartment.

“Wanted to thank @livingspaces for there help with furnishing my new condo.. Just need to add a few things here & there, but I really appreciate it!!” he captioned the photo collage of his new place that he later deleted.

As previously reported, sources are claiming that “trust issues” are ultimately what hindered Matt and Gloria’s relationship this time around. It eventually came out that the former “Basketball Wives LA” star is being sued by Lou Rawls’ widow, Nina Rawls. According to the lawsuit, Gloria took out a $150,000 loan with Nina under her and Matt’s production company for a new reality show. Nina claimed that the entire loan was supposed to be paid back within two months; however, this did not happen. Nina also claims that Gloria confessed to forging Matt’s signature on the loan documents. Nina is requesting the initial $150,000 plus damages. It’s unclear if this issue contributed to Matt and Gloria’s split.

Hopefully Matt and Gloria can work through this split amicably for the sake of their 5-year-old twin boys.


So You’re Not Even Gonna Wait 1 Month? The Shortest Celebrity Rebounds On Record

October 27th, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Things happen quickly in Hollywood and these stars didn’t let breakups keep them down for long. Just months after horrible breakups and bitter divorces, these stars went on to have some of the shortest celebrity rebounds on record. You won’t believe how quick the record holder is.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Nick Cannon

Mr. Cannon broke of his engagement to Selita Ebanks in October of 2007 and was married to Mariah Carey just six months later.

Nick Cannon Will Still Spend The Holidays With Mariah And Their Kids

October 24th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Though Nick and Mariah are separated and appear to be well on the path to divorce, Nick says that their children have not noticed much of a change since the split.

“They’re just happy. They love mommy. They love daddy. Being the fact our situation, we have always been people who have been on the go coming and going, their life hasn’t changed one bit,” he said during an interview with Meredith Viero, which is scheduled to air today.

The actor and producer went on to say that they still operate as a family would, including spending holidays together.

“We spend holidays together, we do everything that we are supposed to do together as a family,” he continued.

Nick also addressed some of the outrageous rumors, which have been floating around since the split.

“The media, they can say whatever they want to say and obviously, because you are not giving them anything, so they kind of create all these stories and make it way worse than it actually is.”

“They just make up all of these things. It’s truly just staying focused on family and what’s right and getting through these times and doing what’s right for the kids, so that’s just where we are.”

As for getting his Mariah tattoo covered up, the “Wild N’ Out” host had this to say:

“It’s like a whole work of art, my entire back and my arm and everything. I was leaving the gym going into the studio just having had that work done and they [the paparazzi] got me. It’s going to be a big reveal, but it’s not finished, it’s half-way done. It’s a lot of pain.”

Check out a clip from Nick’s upcoming interview below.

New Flame: Are Tyrese And Sanaa Dating?

October 24th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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tyrese and sanaa dating feat

Here is something we wouldn’t have expected. TMZ is reporting that R&B singer turned actor Tyrese and actress Sanaa Lathan are romantically involved. TMZ’s cameraman caught Tyrese leaving the Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday night. And he asked Tyrese if the two were indeed an item. Tyrese seemed annoyed walking to his car and in response to the videographer’s questions kept saying “C’mon man.”

But sure enough, as he pulled out of the parking lot, we see that Sanaa was riding shotgun.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time they’d been out. Sources told TMZ that the two went out to dinner in Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood on Monday and then again on Wednesday.

Interestingly, Sanaa uploaded a picture of herself later on Instagram, showcasing her new jeans, and more sources claim it was taken inside of Tyrese’s house.


Can’t say I ever…evah thought she and Tyrese would be a thang. But stranger things have happened.

Watch the video of the two leaving The Cheesecake Factory below and the picture of Sanaa allegedly in his house.

tyrese and sanaa lathan dating

Source: Instagram

What do you think about the speculation? Are these two an item?

Watching The Real Thing: Celebrities Who Are Couples On And Off Screen

October 22nd, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Ever wonder what celebrities are like when they’re in love? These celebrities who are couples on and off screen show what it’s like to watch the real thing.

Image Source:

Image Source:

Alexis Bledel And Vincent Kartheiser

Remember the lonely housewife Pete Campbell romanced and went crazy over on Mad Men? Not all of the steam in that romance was faked. Co-stars Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser subsequently hooked up in real life and announced their engagement in March 2013.

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