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Greedy Gus: Lamar Sally Rejects Sherri Shepherd’s $100k Divorce Settlement

September 3rd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Sherri Shepherd surrogate gives birth to baby boy.

Source: WENN

I can’t help but regard Lamar Sally as one low down dude. I wasn’t in his and Sherri Shepherd’s marriage but his actions since their split seem to show that his main motivation is– and perhaps has always been– “the dollar dollar bills y’all.”

His recent antics have kept him in the media. Remember the divorce diet? And now he’s made another money-hungry move.

According to Radar Online, Sally recently rejected a divorce settlement offer of $100,000. In addition, Shepherd was offering to pay $3,000 in monthly child support for the son a surrogate gave birth to recently. The child is not biologically related to Shepherd.

Shepherd offered the lump sum so she can move on with her life but Sally is not having it and is contesting the couple’s prenup. Under the terms of their prenup, Sally waived any rights to collect spousal support from his estranged wife.

And while she and Sally eventually agreed to have a baby using a surrogate, a source claims that Sally misled Shepherd about the terms of their surrogacy. Apparently, she believes it was alway his intent to sue her for child support.

It very well could have been because Sally rejected the offer, saying he wanted not $3,000 but $10,000 in child support.

A source told Radar that Shepherd thinks this is absolutely ridiculous and refuses to pay it.

At this point, it’s looking like the case will have to be settled in court.

15 Celebrities Who’ve Had Their Hearts Broken For All The World To See

September 2nd, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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There are some people who say that reality TV isn’t real. But tell that to these celebrities who’ve had their hearts broken on reality TV and in some instances in front of the entire world.

Hearts Broken On National TV

Image Source:

Mimi Faust

Before her sex tape scandal, Mimi Faust was famous for getting her heart dragged over several episodes of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. Not only did Stevie J run off with his jump off/protege Joseline, but Joseline added insult to injury by dubbing MiMi Molly the Maid while she was stealing her man. And then three seasons in Nikko turned around and revealed he was actually married during their “relationship.”

“She’s Very Embarrassed”: Ciara Reportedly Keeping To Herself, Away From Friends And Family, Since Split From Future

August 27th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Ever since news spread about Ciara and Future’s split earlier this month, she’s been very quiet about everything, aside from checking Us Weekly about a report they did claiming she talked to the magazine about life after leaving the rapper:

“@UsWeekly I did not do this interview with you! This is a lie, and tasteless! Must you be that thirsty to create a story?! Unbelievable”

“Be CLEAR @usweekly. I interviewed with your Beauty Editor about Degree & Mtv HOS. U manipulated my words & took the interview for sensation.”

“As I Said, Thirsty!!”

But according to a new report from E! News, a source close to the singer says she has been keeping to herself and focusing on her son, Future, since their engagement ended.

The source told the mag, “she’s very embarrassed and keeping to herself right now.”

“She’s usually so outgoing but most of her friends haven’t heard from her since the news broke.”

The source says that the singer also isn’t talking about the split and doesn’t plan to.

“It’s a hard time for her. She’s humiliated and angry.”

When CiCi covered Brides, she said that she had a wedding date set with Future, who she called “my best friend in the world, my partner.”

According to the singer’s Instagram account, aside from going to the studio to work on new music, she’s been making business moves and rolling solo. She recently (as in yesterday) posted a picture of herself in the gym, holding baby Future, the little guy she’s focused on amid all the drama.



“Nothing Like Lifting THIS Weight, After Gym:) He Motivates Me To Go Harder.”

Celebrity Couple Splits We Saw Coming

August 22nd, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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When it’s true love, you know it – and when it’s not, you know it too. When it comes to these celebrity couple splits, we all knew it was a matter of time before ish hit the fan.

Tyga and Blac Chyna

Despite the perception, it’s hard to find true love at the strip club. Rapper Tyga met his future baby mama during a trip to the infamous King of Diamonds in Miami. He recruited Blac Chyna’s services to be his leading lady for his “Rack City” video and soon she was the leading lady in his life. The couple welcomed their son in 2012 and the Cali rapper bought a mansion for his new family. But before their son King Cairo was out of the terrible twos, the couple called it quits.

What ‘Chu Say Boo? Caption This Picture Of Rihanna Running Into Chris Brown

August 22nd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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When you’re famous and your ex is too, it’s inevitable that you’d run into each other on occasion. And that certainly seems to be the case with Chris Brown and Rihanna. Not only were the two in the same vicinity during his welcome home party a few months ago; yesterday, at Roc Nation’s charity basketball game Chris volunteered his time on the court while Rihanna sat in the front row.

So naturally, they were in close contact with one another.

And the images are priceless, Rih Rih is looking through Chris like he was made of glass.

What do you think was going through Rihanna’s mind in this photo?

#DontSayNothing: Mariah Carey Reportedly Silences Nick Cannon With Pre-Divorce Gag Order

August 22nd, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Yesterday, we told you that Nick Cannon confirmed what we were all hoping was just a terrible rumor: he and Mariah Carey have separated.

“There is trouble in paradise. We have been living in separate houses for a few months,” he shared. “My main focus is my kids.”

It’s unclear whether or not this is just a trial separation or if the estranged couple has plans to formally end their marriage, but several sources are claiming that a divorce is definitely in the works. In fact, one insider is claiming that things are so real, Nick and Mariah have already worked out a confidentiality agreement. According to TMZ, the agreement is supposedly super one-sided and prohibits Nick from saying anything about the breakup. If he does not comply with the agreement, sources claim that he will face “severe financial penalties.”

The agreement also supposedly gives Mariah the right to announce the breakup on her terms. Nick was allowed to say that they are living apart, but ultimately, the formal breakup announcement will come from Mimi, the source claims. Out of everything that has been reported regarding Nick and Mariah’s split thus far, I find this to be the most believable. Mimi works overtime to keep her dirty laundry out of these streets and Nick clearly has issues when it comes to determining what is appropriate to share and what isn’t.

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“I Been Thinkin’ Bout You” Chilli Posts TBT Picture Of Herself And Usher

August 14th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Does Chilli want that old thing back? As you Instagram users know, today is Throwback Thursday, TBT, where users post pictures from the past.

Today, Chilli decided to show us a picture of Usher hugging her from behind while she smiles blissfully, in the other direction, eyes closed.

The picture is cute and led many of us to ask two questions.

1.) Was there an ulterior motive in her posting it?

2.) Why did she break up with Usher in the first place?

The world is dying to know.

Initially, we all thought that it was because Usher cheated on her. Because you know, that’s what Chilli wanted us to believe when she called Atlanta’s Q100 in 2004, saying “Usher did the ultimate no-no to me. I will never be with him again, and that is that. He portrayed himself to be this honest and great guy, and he really wasn’t. I will never take him back. It is a done deal.” For years we believed that’s what Confessions was about. But now it seems that it may have been a way for her promote Confessions. 

Because last year, Chilli said that Usher never cheated. Instead, she said, “We broke up because I guess it was that time or whatever, he was that real love for me.”

She almost mad it seem like she wanted dude back or something. Which makes this TBT picture all the more interesting.

Usher is very much attached right now. Do you think Chilli’s picture is in bad taste, is she passively trying to reach out? What’s going on?

Dunzo: Ciara And Future Call Off Their Engagement

August 13th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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"Future and Ciara pf"


It’s over. Just a few days ago, we speculated, based on a noticeable absence on Ciara’s Instagram account, that she and rapper/producer Future, real name Nayvadius Cash, had ended their whirlwind romance. 

According to Us Weekly, multiple sources have revealed that Ciara, 28 and Future, 30 have called off their engagement, just three months after welcoming their son Future Zahir Wilburn into the world.

A source said simply, “He cheated on her. Game over.” And another source claimed “She’s devastated. Ciara’s focus now is the baby.”

Ciara and Future’s relationship seemed to be moving very fast. The couple started dating around January of 2013. In October, the couple got engaged and then seven months later they welcomed their son Future, Ciara’s first and Future’s fourth.

And just two months ago, Brides Magazine released Ciara’s interview where she spoke and even cried about Future and the love she had for him. It was conducted several months prior.

I had an inkling from the very beginning of their relationship that this wasn’t going to end well. And so did another one of Future’s baby momma’s, Brittini Mealy, who predicted that he would leave once she gave birth, saying “Something about adding a kid to the equation changes things for him.”

She called it. And while many of us could see the writing on the wall, it’s still sad to see anyone breakup, especially now that there’s a child involved.

That Sucks: Couples Forced To Work Together Post Breakup

August 12th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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Couples Forced To Work Together

For these “co-workers” who had romantic trysts, having to work together post-breakup didn’t just mean seeing one another in the break room: it meant traveling together, working long hours together, and even pretending to love each other!



Draya Michele And Orlando Scandrick Part Ways

August 8th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Another celebrity couple has thrown in the towel. Draya Michele and Orlando Scandrick are no longer an item. Last night, the “Basketball Wives LA” star took to Instagram with a message that appears to confirm her singleness.

“I’d rather focus on my career and family than a relationship at the time,” she wrote in a photo message. “I did my best to make things work. I’m not the one who failed.”

It’s unclear why the two have chosen to sever ties, but rumors of Orlando’s infidelity have been swirling since the start of their relationship. The cryptic caption that accompanied her photo message also seems to point to infidelity as the cause of the couple’s demise

“People are going to be who they are whether u make a complete change in front of the world or not. I did my part and have no regrets.”

Orlando doesn’t seem too phased by the split though. He also took to Instagram with an interesting message.

“This could be us,” read an image with a black background. “Exactly, nothing.” the post continued.

Unlike Draya, Orlando later deleted the message. I’m always sad to see couples breakup, but maybe this is for the best; especially if the rumors are true and Orlando was unwilling to be faithful to Draya. The saddest part of it all is that Draya appears to have formed a bond with Orlando’s daughters and vice versa. Orlando also seems to have forged a relationship with her son.

Are you surprised Draya and Orlando didn’t make it?

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