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Nicki Minaj And How To Tell You’re Not Over Your Ex

July 23rd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Nicki Minaj

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Can I tell y’all that I’ve been giving Nicki Minaj both the side eye and full stank face for a couple months now? Mainly because of the way she’s been treating Safaree, her former ride or die boo of 12 years. Her actions have  completely turned my stomach.

When the two were dating, we never really knew whether they were together officially or not. With the exception of a few vacation shots, Nicki never publicly claimed him as her man. But was more than ready to let the world know when they had broken up. And after she shed a few tears on Angie Martinez’s radio show, she went on an on-going campaign to slander his name.

To give you just a few examples:

She offered a Twitter co-sign when comedian Lil Duval said he couldn’t rap.

When she thought Safaree was going to release a sex tape, she went on a Twitter rant, talking about how he took advantage of her, said he was flossing on IG, and called him evil and ungrateful.

The sex tape claims were false.

But in all of his interviews, Safaree has always come off a class act, ducking and dodging opportunities to bash her.

Though she released “Bed of Lies,” talking about how her ex never paid a bill; when Safaree released his breakup song, “Love The Most,” telling his truth, Nicki, once again, pissed on the song saying he didn’t tell the full truth.

People correctly assumed that Nicki was referencing infidelity.

When asked, Safaree said the two cheated on each other.

She even sent him an email, on his birthday, stirring up drama.

Those are just a few examples the back and forth hasn’t stopped.

Now that Nicki and Meek are trying to convince us that they’re happily in love, Meek has joined in on the attempts to shame him, digging up old videos, calling him gay.


Anyone who has ever seen these two together could see that Nicki didn’t always respect Safaree or treat him well. Which is quite a shame considering he was the one who seemed to be riding for her from the beginning.

Every time I think of them as a former couple, I see them vibing out to the reggae set at the BET Awards. That was her boo, for real. They had a connection.

When they first broke up and I saw the tears she shed over that man, I wanted them to get back together. I felt like they could work it out. But as soon as she let herself appear vulnerable, that’s when she started dogging Safaree.

Any man in their right mind would find it difficult to return after she’s consistently challenged his integrity, pissed on his dreams and allowed her new boo clown him.

At first, I interpreted her little outbursts as that of a woman scorned. He was the one who broke up with her after all. But now that they’re continuing, though she claims to be happy, I find it more petty and vindictive.

Closure takes time. But there’s something so vile about disloyalty. And some behaviors you just can’t rationalize away with a bruised ego and raw emotions.

Obviously, we don’t know what went down in their relationship; but when someone’s supported you for so long, the least you can do is talk shit about them in private, with your girlfriends and keep all of that messiness off of Twitter.

And you really won’t let your new man go at him. Why? For what? Who, in a contented relationship, sits around dogging their exes? You’re supposed to be on to better things. Sadly, her own actions, when they were together and certainly now that they’re apart, have shown Meek he should treat Safaree like garbage. And Nicki owes him more than that.

Reaching out on homeboy’s birthday was particularly desperate. She knew the interaction wasn’t going to be pleasant, but she wanted some type of interaction so badly, that she was willing to add salt to a day she knew he was attempting to celebrate.

Come on Nicki, do better!

Pettiness is the clearest indication that she’s just not over him, despite the fact she’s trying to convince the world she’s in love with Meek.

I, for one, am not buying that faux relationship. Everything they do looks like a sham.

And if I were Meek Mill, I would be deeply troubled at the amount of time my girlfriend spent talking about her ex.

Though it’s like watching an absolute train wreck, we can all learn something from Ms. Minaj. Ladies, you can know for certain, without a doubt that you are not, I repeat, are not over your ex, if you still feel the need to bash him and reach out to him privately, for any reason. And as Nicki is inadvertently showing us, it’s better to do your healing behind closed doors.

Future Is A Liar, According To Ciara

July 14th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

I have always admired Ciara for her decision not to bash or speak poorly of her ex-fiancé, Future. However, it appears that the rapper’s recent interview with Huff Post Live, in which he offered a rather suspect explanation for their breakup (among other things), has pushed CiCi to a breaking point. Shortly after her ex’s interview aired, the “I Bet” responded by basically calling him a liar.

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.50.15 AM Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 9.50.26 AM

As you may recall, during his chat with Marc Lamont Hill Future blamed Ciara and continued disagreements regarding wedding plans for their broken engagement.

“I was like ‘I’ll marry you today. You want to get married, let’s get married. But I’m not getting married with all these different people in my wedding. My family have to be there. I’m from the hood, hood people going to be there. It might be people that you don’t like that’s going to be there. But I know they love me, they got my best interest. I don’t want nobody from the industry there, I don’t want the media there. You know how girls have their fairytale weddings, this how they pick it.”

Throughout the discussion, Future spoke about Ciara in a way that would lead most to believe that he never really loved her in the first place, which had to be both hurtful and frustrating for Ci. The good news, however, is that Ciara has moved on and appears to be extremely happy in her new relationship with Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson. As they say, happiness is the best revenge.

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“I Felt Embarrassed For Her” Future Talks The End Of His Relationship With Ciara

July 13th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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"Future and Ciara pf"


Since we first announced that Future and Ciara were breaking up, we’ve heard all types of stories about the ending of their relationship. But few of them have been from either Future or Ciara’s mouths. Well, in a recent interview with Marc Lamont Hill for Huff Post Live, the rapper opened up about what caused their breakup, rumors about him being a deadbeat dad and praying with Ciara…after sex.

How their relationship ended…

Everybody already had their speculations. I see a lot of people say he cheated, he cheated. Because, I feel like, 95 percent of relationships end with cheating. But me and her relationship had nothing to do with cheating. I feel like we were just growing away from each other and we grew apart. And it’s just so much dealing with–when you’re in a relationship and you the man and you want to make certain decisions for yourself and she want to make certain decisions. And I feel like the best route for me is to make more music, to go back to Atlanta, to go back to my roots, for my family. Like when you a man you want to make decisions for your family, sometimes the lady don’t see what you see.

The engagement had been called off. I called it off way before any cheating rumors.

Was it mutual?

I said it wasn’t going to work.

How did she respond?

She didn’t say cool but she wasn’t too mad because I explained it to her how it was. I was like ‘I’ll marry you today. You want to get married, let’s get married. But I’m not getting married with all these different people in my wedding. My family have to be there. I’m from the hood, hood people going to be there. It might be people that you don’t like that’s going to be there. But I know they love me, they got my best interest. I don’t want nobody from the industry there, I don’t want the media there. You know how girls have their fairy tale weddings, this how they pick it.

I was like we can do that and we can do it a year from now and then we can announce it like we’re just getting married. But we been together for a year, to get over that year hump. I didn’t want to get all the negative energy because I’m an artist. So soon as I get married and I go in the strip club, they’re going to be like ‘Ciara’s husband is in the strip club!’ They going always put something on it. They’re going to have a story to tell and I don’t want that headline story. So just to keep the people out our business and keep it personal, let’s just get married now and tell them a year from now. By the time we announce it and get married on tv, we done went past the hard part. We’re on our second year. We done worked on our marriage for a whole year and she probably didn’t understand that at that time.

I Love Her…F*%k Her: Orlando Scandrick Continues Hot And Cold Act With Draya

July 10th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Image Source:

Image Source:

We, the MadameNoire editorial squad, were just talking about Draya Michele, Orlando Scandrick and their on-again, off-again relationship. And while some of us believe that the couple will ultimately end up together, they certainly have a lot of issues to work out before they settle down, particularly if it’s going to be with each other.

In the most recent example of their hot and cold behavior, Orlando reached out to TMZ to apologize for his previous statements about his former fiancé. You may remember he said, “In hindsight, it was a poor decision to propose.” 

After some reflection he reached out to TMZ again, “I want to apologize for my original statement. I let my emotions fly impulsively. Draya is a great mother, works hard and I wish her nothing but the best. I still love her.”

He also wanted to address rumors that she bought the ring for herself and that their engagement fizzled due to infidelity.

“I purchased the ring. I proposed. There was no cheating involved, we just couldn’t make it work.” 

Well, that sounded mature. It’s certainly an appropriate thing to say about the woman with whom you’ve spent years of your life.

But it didn’t last long.

Draya posted this [very true] quote on Instagram and apparently it got under Orlando’s skin. So much so that he posted a not-so-nice response.

He’s since deleted it but not before BallerAlert had a chance to catch it.

Ballerific Comment Creepin —–🌾👀🌾 #draya #orlandoscandrick #commentcreepin

A photo posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

Well, that’s unfortunate.

What do you think about Draya and Orlando? Do you think they’ll find  way to figure it out or is it best that they be done with one another.

RIP Bennifer: The Celeb Relationships We Never Thought We’d Lose In 2015

July 3rd, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner? Chris Rock and Malaak? So far, 2015 is turning out to be a terrible year for celebrity breakups.

Sherri Shepherd And Lamar Sally Reach Temporary Child Support Agreement

July 1st, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Lamar Sally's prenup amendments reportedly included guidelines for sex, fitness and submission.

Source: WENN

It’s been a long, dirty, nasty, messy road, but according to TMZ, Sherri Shepherd and her ex husband Lamar Sally have finally reached a divorce settlement.

The whole thing took so long because Lamar and Sherri were trying to reach an agreement on child support for the baby Lamar and Sherri chose to have through a surrogate.

While Sherri presumably won’t be involved in the rearing of the baby, the comedienne and media maven will pay $4,100 per month in child support. The amount will increase to $4,600 when the child turns 13.

Sherri has maintained that Sally defrauded her into getting a surrogate to carry the baby so he could profit off of her, despite their divorce.

That fraud claim still hasn’t been settled though.

So, this could be far from over.

If the court finds that Sally did indeed defraud Shepherd, the child support obligations will disappear.

Additionally, the couple had embryos in storage and Sherri wants them destroyed, while Lamar is still undecided. According to the settlement currently on the table, if Sally decides to bring the embryos to term, Sherri will not have to pay child support.

It’ll be interesting to see whether or not Sherri will be able to prove Lamar Sally defrauded her or not. Either way, we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

“We’re Good” Ginuwine Speaks Out After Solé Officially Files For Divorce

June 17th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

Late last year
, there were mumerings that Ginuwine and Solé had quietly filed for divorce.

But that wasn’t the full story. In actuality, they were still working on the terms of their split. Though the couple have been living separately since 2013, according to an exclusive from our sister site Bossip, Solé just officially filed on April 20, 2015, less than two months ago.

The 41-year-old former rapper turned vegan yoga instructor, Solé, whose real name is Tonya Lumpkin, submitted a contract that both she and Ginuwine had signed six months ago. In it, the two determined alimony, division of property and child support.

According to the contract, which was obtained by Bossip, Ginuwine will pay Solé $150,000 lump sum in exchange for her giving up their $1 million dollar home in Maryland. Solé will get the couple’s home in Kansas City, Mo. He also agreed to pay her $3,000 a month in child support for the couple’s two children together, Story 14 and Dream 12. Neither asked for alimony.

The contract, which both of them signed, states that Ginuwine will also turn over his 25 percent stake in Spruce, a Missouri-based LLC that teaches life skills to the developmentally disabled.

Bossip reached out to Ginuwine for a comment and he said that despite the upcoming divorce, he and Solé are still a team.

“I really don’t want to get into it, but we’re good. We’re friends and we’re good. We’re going to raise our kids separately and we’re good.”

It’s really nice to see that they’re handling things so amicably.

We Both Cheated: Safaree Samuels Responds To Nicki’s Twitter Exposé

June 15th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Safaree Samuels addresses Twitter feud with Nicki Minaj: "Somebody out there putting some poison out."


When Nicki Minaj first started speaking about her breakup from longtime boyfriend Safaree Samuels, she told Angie Martinez that infidelity was never an issue in their relationship. But as the world kept turning, the story about their demise began to shift.

After Nicki heard that Safaree had released a breakup song, “Love the Most” she wanted to make sure that he didn’t come out looking like an angel. She told him to tell the truth about the reasons why their relationship ended and she brought up the fact that he cheated on her.

Recently, TMZ caught up with the up and coming rapper and asked him to clarify those claims.

“It’s a two way street, you know. I’m not perfect. Nobody’s perfect.”

Then the reporter asks Safaree does he believe Nicki didn’t want to share the limelight or didn’t want him to be as successful as she is.

“No female is going to want it to change outside of the coming, playing the back. Ain’t no female going to comfortable with you trying to go after something else.”

As a female woman, I can say that’s certainly not always the case. But afterward, Safaree explained that he’s moved on.

“I’m happy now. I couldn’t be happier. I didn’t put the song–it’s not a diss song. It’s not trying to air nothing out. It’s just me explaining where I’m coming from. Ain’t trying to beat nobody down or nothing like that.”

Alright…these two are getting on my nerves now. Who really knows what to believe when the stories are so inconsistent?

The best course of action, at this point, would be for them to stop talking about each other, since they both claimed they’ve moved on.

You can watch Safaree’s comments in the video below.

Nicki Minaj Responds To Safaree’s Breakup Track: “Tell People The Truth”

June 11th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Nicki Minaj is not happy about her ex-boyfriend Safaree Samuels‘ new single, “Love the Most”, and she was sure to take to social media to let that be known.

In a series of tweets, the rapper-turned-actress seemingly accused her ex of cheating on her and taking her loyalty for granted. Her tweets read:

Lesson: don’t cheat on a loyal woman. God will punish u. When he does, tell people the truth. The truth may set u free. Love. Always.

Don’t make me do this.

I’m happy today not b/c of Meek. But b/c I know I’m a good person. Don’t hate u. Will always love u. I forgive u. It’s time to move on.

Enough with the pity party. Just live your life.

Took a person with me to fame & fortune. These dudes leave their girl in the hood. Tell people the truth or u will be doomed.

She continues:

Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj


Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj

Listen to the full version of “Love the Most” below.


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It’s Over: Brittney Griner Files For An Annulment

June 5th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Brittney Griner


And just like that, the 28-day marriage between Brittney Griner and her wife Glory Johnson is over.

According to TMZ,  Griner has officially filed papers seeking to annul her marriage with fellow WNBA player Glory Johnson.

You may remember that just this week we reported that the couple announced that Johnson was carrying the couple’s child.

Griner and Johnson married on May 8 in Arizona just weeks after they were both arrested for a domestic violence incident at their home.

Griner was ordered to complete a 26-week domestic violence counseling program while Johnson’s case is still pending. Both women were also sentenced to a 7 game suspension by the WNBA.

There are no words for this.

So, just discuss amongst yourselves.