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What Happens When You Leave Your Sugar Daddy?

December 14th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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sugar daddy

Source: AP Images

So in case you haven’t heard, Diddy and Cassie are no more. You never know with these two. By the time I finish this post, they might be back together again. But according to their social media activity, over the past few days, and a couple of sources, they’re finished.

First, Cassie quickly posted and deleted this meme.


Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

According to Love B Scott, Cassie broke up with Diddy because of his involvement with another woman. Reportedly he even brought this woman to his Revolt Music festival in October. Even before this woman, people have been speculating about a rocky relationship saying that Cassie was largely absent from Diddy’s birthday celebrations.

I don’t know whether this source is accurate or not. But considering the fact that Diddy openly admitted that he’s still out here, on national radio, is enough to support those claims. In case, you missed it, he told “The Breakfast Club” about his love contract.

“I don’t want to promise on nothing I can’t deliver. What I can deliver, out of a pie, is I can promise you that, if I’m in a relationship with you, that 25% of your time, you’re going to just feel like ‘I hate being here. I hate this guy. He cheated on me, he lied on me.” But then there’s 75% I’m going to make you the happiest woman in the whole wide world. I’m going to be there to support your dreams, I’ma be there to hold you, listen to you. I’ma be there to be your best friend. And I promise you’ll smile the most. You know who I am, you know what it is.”

Yes, he said that…publicly.

Then, shortly after Cassie posted the meme, Diddy and the mother of his children, Kim Porter, were seen leaving the same sex toy/lingerie shop in LA.

Y’all know what’s up. Kim is always ready and willing. So there’s that.

But I’m wondering, now that Cassie has realized that she no longer wants to tolerate Diddy’s philandering, where does she go from here?

First, before we get to her, can we talk about the fact that Diddy let the whole world know that his relationship with Cassie wasn’t monogamous in the first place?

Let’s be real. No one thought Diddy was faithful. I’m sure Cassie even knew the deal. But there is a difference between you and your loved one knowing and understanding the agreement you’ve made. But it’s another thing when the whole world knows you’re actively and consistently cheating on your significant other. It’s tacky. And it would have been nice if Diddy could at least present a symbol of cohesiveness and loyalty toward Cassie by keeping his private love contract out of the public eye. It was almost like he was marketing himself to new women. “Come one, come all! I can offer you a piece of this fourth I’m not giving my main chick.”

But back to Cassie.

For those who aren’t too familiar with her story, she left producer and artist Ryan Leslie to be with Diddy. It was a bit of a grimy situation. But homegirl, for whatever reason, saw an opportunity and she took it.

We all saw the lavish life she lived while on the Bad Boy’s arm. She went on trips, all the parties, slept in his house and there was that one birthday where he blessed her with a stack of money. And during that time, Cassie might have released a couple of singles, modeled for Ciroc and Carol’s Daughter, but, from all appearances, she was mostly employed as his arm candy.

So now that the two have allegedly parted ways, after she has become accustomed to living a certain type of lifestyle, where does she go from here? Does she go back to dating regular dudes, with regular cash flow? I would imagine that it would be intimidating and difficult for another man in the music industry to step to her knowing how influential Diddy can be… and how much he likes to fight.

Furthermore, does she go back to work…whatever that might be? Before she didn’t really have to work with any type of consistency. What happens now?

We were discussing this in the office and said a woman like Cassie had to know that Diddy had no intentions of marrying her. I don’t know if Cassie wanted that for her life. But even if she didn’t, surely she knew this relationship likely wouldn’t last forever.

Did she save enough of that money to be good without him?

Since Diddy knew he was “out here” during a quarter of their relationship–if not more– is there any incentive on his part to take care of her once they are no longer together? Just as a good will gesture for knowingly putting up with his foolishness. Probably not, though the mothers of his children are well taken care of.

Obviously, I have no answers. I was raised not to depend on a man financially. And even if I just so happen to unite my finances with a man, in marriage, I should still have my own on the side just in case. So I’m asking out of sincere curiosity. What does Cassie and kept women like her do in this situation? Either way, she’s still pretty young. She’s got time.

Have you ever had a sugar daddy? If the relationship ended, was it a struggle to adjust to regular life again.


Lark Voorhies Goes In On Estranged Husband, Says His Penis Smells Like Corn Chips

November 30th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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For some reason, I thought Lark Voorhies and her ex husband Jimmy Green were going to handle their divorce privately and quietly. But that doesn’t seem to be the case. Things have taken an ugly turn. And yesterday, when Green posted a picture on Instagram, completely unrelated to his relationship with Lark, she responded with a comment about his smaller than average penis.

Fameolous caught the exchange on Instagram before Jimmy deleted Lark’s comment.

But apparently Lark wasn’t done.

Earlier today, she issued a full statement regarding her six month marriage to Jimmy and why she doesn’t have time for the “bugaboos.”

See what she had to say in one of the most coherent statements we’ve heard from Voorhies in a long time.

Well, well, well.

Tell it all Lark!

Hours after this overshare, Voorhies posted another picture on Instagram saying that her account had been compromised.


Interestingly enough, she didn’t delete the original, offending post.

In the past, listening to Lark Voorhies speak has been an interesting endeavor. It seemed she just plucked words out of the sky and strung them together in confusing sentences. But this letter seemed to be written pretty coherently. Perhaps, now that she’s away from Jimmy, she’s in the care of her mother and she’s getting the help she needs.

It was very clear from the start that Green was attempting to take advantage of Voorhies. And now with him referencing sex tapes, it’s clear that that was indeed the case. Maybe they’re both battling something.

Either way, I hope I don’t see Green do anything to further abuse or take advantage of Voorhies. And if he does, I hope she’s ready for him.

“I Tried To Break Up With Him So Many Times” Erykah Badu Talks Relationship With Common

November 25th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: YouTube/The Breakfast Club

Source: YouTube/The Breakfast Club

It’s not every day that Erykah Badu sits down for an interview. So we were happy to learn that she recently spoke with “The Breakfast Club” crew. And we all know celebrities often end up keeping it very real with those three. Plus, Badu is not really known for being fraudulent. Anyway, during her sit down she spoke about everything from her son Seven to her clash with Azealia Banks. But what I found most interesting was that she cleared the record and told her side of the story when it came to her breakup with rapper Common. Check out a few highlights from the interview below and watch the full video on the next page.

Clash with Azealia Banks

I think sometimes, if we’re not careful, we can let people instigate us into some kind of weird situation. It’s the people around who are repeating it, retweeting and retweeting. I didn’t even know she was going to read it…That’s the way it is. I was just saying some sh*t really. Now I got some hardcore a$$ b*tch after me. I’m peeping around corners everywhere I go.

On her son Seven 

Yeah, he turned 18 on November 18th.

Yee: How protective are you because he worked on your album and he worked with Gwen Stefani but are you really protective of him as your son in this industry?

Not really, no. He’s not really into that kind of thing. He’s a nerd. He’s into studies and computers and things. He’s talented by default and he has exquisite taste.

Envy: But look who his mommy and daddy is. He had to be talented.

He’s an improvement on a design though. He’s next level.


Envy: Was that a true, ‘I’m just going to try this one night, we taping’ or was it a studio… 

In rehearsal, a lot of times, we just play around and do stuff. But I didn’t know it was going to turn into “Tyrone.” So the background vocals were prepared because they kind of know the joke. But it just kind of turned into a song. It was totally freestyle.

Yee: You ruined everybody named Tyrone after that.

Erykah: *Chuckles* I know.

Breakup with Common 

Yee: He said you called him and said, ‘I don’t want to be with you anymore.’

That’s not true. You know I never got a chance to say anything. I tried to breakup with him so many times. That was the last time.

Envy: It’s hard to break up with a light skinned person, man.

It’s hard. They don’t get it. They don’t understand. They keep coming.

Yee: That is true. You try to break up with some guys and they act like it never happened.

That’s right. He didn’t believe it.

Charlemagne: How many times did you try to break up with him?

Ok, I’m exaggerating a little bit. It was just kind of like, we were growing apart. We hadn’t seen each other in a little while. I told him that I needed space.

Yee: So you tried to do the fade out?

I tried to do the fade out. But I ended up putting myself in a trick bag. But you know, me and Common are still very close too. He’s really sweet. He’s the most compassionate human being I’ve ever met, I think. Very kind…hearted. But it’s all about chemistry, you gotta have chemistry.

Charlemagne: How do you know when it’s up, when the chemistry’s done?

If the chemistry was never there, it was just never there. But you know there’s a process that you take to get to know people. You know, you date people. There’s certain things that are awesome and certain things that really don’t mesh with you. In Common’s case, he’s just awesome all the way around, just the chemistry’s a little different.

Charlemagne: Did he ever be like, ‘What am I supposed to do with all these clothes I bought?’

*Laughs* Horrible.

Hollywood Divorce: Halle Berry And Olivier Martinez Call It Quits After Two Years Of Marriage

October 27th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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After two years and one beautiful son together, Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez have decided to end their marriage.

The couple released a joint statement to People earlier today.

“It is with a heavy heart that we have come to the decision to divorce. We move forward with love and respect for one another and the shared focus of what is best for our son. We wish each other nothing but happiness in life and we hope that you respect our and, most importantly, our children’s privacy as we go through this difficult period.”

A source told People that the relationship had simply “run its course” and added that Halle and Oliver are “keeping it amicable now. She is okay.”

The couple met in 2010, on the set of Dark Tide. They married three years later when Halle was pregnant with their son Maceo-Robert.

In addition to undergoing the divorce proceedings for this marriage, Berry is still fighting with ex boyfriend and father to her seven-year-old daughter Nahla.

Good luck to Halle and Olivier both.

“Sometimes People Don’t Live Up To Their Potential” Did Erica Mena Explain Why She Broke Up With Bow Wow?

October 16th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Bow Wow


Call me psychic or whatever but I never thought the relationship between Bow Wow and Erica Mena was going to result in a marriage. Honestly, I initially thought the whole thing was a publicity stunt. But at this point, with the deletion of him from her page, it seems that all signs point to a breakup. Still, it doesn’t really matter.

While I didn’t think they would last, nothing could have prepared me for the way Bow Wow ultimately dogged his fiancée out in the public eye, saying she used her miscarriage to get attention. This is particularly interesting when Bow Wow has repeatedly been found guilty of sticking his nose in places it didn’t belong for shine. It is not only hypocritical, it’s just cruel. I thought dude was corny and self centered, I didn’t realize he was so mean spirited.

But apparently, Erica Mena saw something in him that led her to believe he could be and do better.

Yesterday, she seemed to offer an explanation of the ending of their relationship with a meme and a caption.

As problematic as the images Erica Mena has put forth over the years, this is some mature reasoning. And we’ve all been there. Potential doesn’t mean ambitious or has good work ethic or even a sense of decency.

It’s good that Erica Mena learned this before she walked down the aisle; but it’s really unfortunate that she let Bow Wow’s potential take her away from her reality show, her biggest source of revenue, and move her across the country to L.A. Erica Mena knows how to keep people talking, so I suspect that she’ll bounce back but once again, lesson learned.

Sevyn Streeter, B.O.B. And Doing Too Much For An Unworthy Man

October 13th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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doing too much for an unworthy man

Image Source: WENN

I read somewhere, I think on, a long time ago that the one thing a woman fears most in a relationship is being made to look like a fool. I don’t know if that’s true for everyone else, but those words struck a chord with me. Probably because I’m an intensely prideful person. Complexes and insecurities aside though, there is something so soul crushing about giving your time, companionship, love and devotion to someone who doesn’t respect, appreciate and return it.

Truth be told, most of us have been there.

At the end of the day though, I believe that most of the good things any of us do in the name of love should not be held against us. Love requires vulnerability.

The difference between us, non-famous folks and celebrities is that if they choose to be open about their relationship, the potential blunders and bad decisions are on display for the world to see. And so now, not only do you, your family and friends know you made a mistake or invested in the wrong person, the world–or as many people who care about your celebrity in the world- do too. We’ve seen it time and time again.

It’s happened so much now that you can almost see it coming. I noticed it with Ciara and Future, with Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo (when he had her in that “Marry Me” video without a single proposal) and most recently with Sevyn Streeter and B.O.B.

Like most celebrity couples, I thought they were adorable initially. I liked that she was determined to just live her life and share her love with the world.

But things took a left turn when she started talking about their sex life.

It was during an interview with “The Breakfast Club” that Sevyn Streeter proudly proclaimed that she believes that whenever your man wants sex, it’s your duty to give it to him. And the same rules apply to men.

Specifically, she said:

“I think that when you commit to somebody and you take them off the market, right? I think that it is your job as a woman or as a man to– I don’t think you should ever say no. Anal sex I’m not into, but I mean, if you’re tried–‘Oh, I’m tired, I don’t feel like it.’ No. Because at the end of the day, you took that person off the market. They can’t go and be with somebody else because they’re with you. So, don’t you ever say no.”

And as soon as the words sprang from her mouth, I started singing lines from UGK’s  “Int’l Players Anthem (I Choose You.)” 

“Too soon, don’t do it. Reconsider. Read some literature on the subject.” 

I said as much in the original piece I wrote, specifically mentioning the fact that this was quite a privilege to bestow on a boyfriend you’d only been dating for a few months. If you’re always ready and willing, to put it crassly,” to bust it open,” what does he get as the level of commitment grows?

We learned over the weekend that Sevyn and B.O.B. are no more, not because they released a statement or a source spilled the tea; but because B.O.B., channeling his inner Petty Wap, jumped on Instagram to alert the world to his new single status.


A video posted by B.o.B (@bob) on

A class act.

But it didn’t stop there. When people inquired about the reason for the break up, speculating that it was infidelity on his part, he took to Twitter to defend himself.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter


I don’t know their situation or the agreements they made. But if Sevyn was breaking him off every time he asked and said that he had the right to cheat if she wasn’t able to have sex with him, why would she be cool with him sleeping with other women? She was already giving so much, arguably too much.

But that’s not even the biggest issue here. When we go through breakups, we assume that the person is going to move on to someone else eventually. We just hope and maybe even assume that perhaps they’ll do it with some tact as to not hurt our feelings any further. Bobby Ray is just not doing that. And that’s disappointing.

As much as Sevyn admitted doing for him, publicly, he couldn’t even spare her feelings by keeping his elation at being single and his recent sexual conquests off of the internet.

I don’t know if homeboy was wearing a mask, but this is the type of man who never deserved those privileges in the first place. And it hurts me to know that Sevyn Streeter, who seems like a lovely and compassionate woman, got involved with such a troll.

I’m not writing this to tell women what they should and shouldn’t do with their bodies. At the end of the day, it’s not really about the sex. It’s about bending over backwards, doing too much for people who aren’t worthy. I’ve done that time and time again and sex wasn’t even on the table. The outcome is the same, you end up feeling used and foolish.

There are far too many men who are so quick to present women with a list of demands. They want a woman who cooks, who gives good head, who will support his dreams, who doesn’t nag, who enjoys sports, but won’t talk during the game etc etc. But these same men are often the ones who have a hard time telling you what they have to offer in return, aside from a little bit of money, if they have even that.

Again, I’m not giving any woman any advice because life and love don’t follow any particular rules; but these celebrity relationships teach quite a few lessons about privileges, character and public proclamations. All the ladies in the place (with style and grace) should be paying close attention.

Secret Split: Terrence Howard’s Third And Most Recent Wife Divorces Him

August 18th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Terrence Howard

Nicky Nelson/WENN

When it comes to love, Terrence Howard doesn’t have the best luck. Judging by the headlines, it seems that his relationships are often marred by dysfunction. And while we thought he was making it work with his third wife and mother of his youngest child, Mira (also known as Miranda) Pak, it turns out, they’ve been divorced for close to a month now.

According to the New York Daily News, Howard and Pak’s marriage officially ended on July 27.

Pak, 38, filed for divorce back in March when she was still pregnant with the couple’s child. She cited irreconcilable differences and claimed she and Howard have been separated since August 2014.

The news was revealed during divorce proceedings between Howard and his second wife Michelle Ghent. You may remember Howard is battling Ghent to overturn a 2012 settlement due to claims that she extorted him by threatening to release recordings of him dancing naked and engaging and in phone sex with other women.

When Howard testified on Monday, a lawyer for Ghent referred to Pak as Terrence’s ex wife. The news came as a surprise for many in attendance, particularly since Pak was seen with Howard in court last week.

The couple married in October 2013, after dating for a month and welcomed their son Qirin in May.

During court proceedings Howard was asked about an incriminating phone call where he was recorded saying that he still loved Ghent, despite being married to Pak.

The same month he married Pak he told Ghent, “I will never love someone like I loved you. You are my dream of all time.”

When Ghent asked him why he married Pak he said the union was comforting but not as fulfilling as their relationship.

“I’ve got a chance to be okay and to just settle,” Howard said.

And then later, “I have the most brilliant mind in the fucking world. ”

So modest.

Before that conversation, Ghent took out a restraining order against Howard after she claimed he punched and choked her during what was supposed to be a reconciliation trip back in Costa Rica back in July 2013.

When asked why he told Ghent he loved her when he was married to Pak, Howard said, “I loved her, and I was afraid of her also.”

Oh, the drama.

You can read the official divorce documents, filed on March 5 in Chicago Illinois over at the Daily News.

No Female Is Badder Than Her: Mr. Papers Apologizes To Lil Kim

August 12th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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mr. papers


Lil Kim and the father of her child, fellow rapper Mr. Papers, have been through some things. From allegations of abuse to him posting a petty picture of her rival, Nicki Minaj, to a nasty custody battle, their love story has had a few bumps along the way.

But it seems the two are on another uphill swing. Just an hour ago, Mr. Papers took to Instagram to apologize to Lil Kim about the way he’s treated her in the past, particularly about posting that picture of Nicki Minaj. He also expressed his appreciation and gratitude for being reunited with his family.

See what he had to say in the post below.

Do you think they’ll make it work for good this time?

“I Don’t Usually Respond To Foolishness…” Will Smith Shuts Down Divorce Rumors

August 3rd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Will Smith


All day long, media outlets have been claiming that Will and Jada are ending their 17 year marriage. The story gained such traction that it was one of the top trending topics on Facebook. It was everywhere.

But if you fell for the trap and clicked on the story, you probably noticed that there were no receipts to speak of. There was an unnamed source and there were no official documents.

This has happened far too many times for us to take this seriously. But it kept growing and growing.

And just as people were starting to doubt the authenticity of Will and Jada’s love, our boy released a statement through his own Facebook page.

See what he said.

Source: Facebook

Source: Facebook

And then Jada came through with a co-sign.


Well, there you have it.

Nicki Minaj And How To Tell You’re Not Over Your Ex

July 23rd, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Nicki Minaj

Getty Images

Can I tell y’all that I’ve been giving Nicki Minaj both the side eye and full stank face for a couple months now? Mainly because of the way she’s been treating Safaree, her former ride or die boo of 12 years. Her actions have  completely turned my stomach.

When the two were dating, we never really knew whether they were together officially or not. With the exception of a few vacation shots, Nicki never publicly claimed him as her man. But was more than ready to let the world know when they had broken up. And after she shed a few tears on Angie Martinez’s radio show, she went on an on-going campaign to slander his name.

To give you just a few examples:

She offered a Twitter co-sign when comedian Lil Duval said he couldn’t rap.

When she thought Safaree was going to release a sex tape, she went on a Twitter rant, talking about how he took advantage of her, said he was flossing on IG, and called him evil and ungrateful.

The sex tape claims were false.

But in all of his interviews, Safaree has always come off a class act, ducking and dodging opportunities to bash her.

Though she released “Bed of Lies,” talking about how her ex never paid a bill; when Safaree released his breakup song, “Love The Most,” telling his truth, Nicki, once again, pissed on the song saying he didn’t tell the full truth.

People correctly assumed that Nicki was referencing infidelity.

When asked, Safaree said the two cheated on each other.

She even sent him an email, on his birthday, stirring up drama.

Those are just a few examples the back and forth hasn’t stopped.

Now that Nicki and Meek are trying to convince us that they’re happily in love, Meek has joined in on the attempts to shame him, digging up old videos, calling him gay.


Anyone who has ever seen these two together could see that Nicki didn’t always respect Safaree or treat him well. Which is quite a shame considering he was the one who seemed to be riding for her from the beginning.

Every time I think of them as a former couple, I see them vibing out to the reggae set at the BET Awards. That was her boo, for real. They had a connection.

When they first broke up and I saw the tears she shed over that man, I wanted them to get back together. I felt like they could work it out. But as soon as she let herself appear vulnerable, that’s when she started dogging Safaree.

Any man in their right mind would find it difficult to return after she’s consistently challenged his integrity, pissed on his dreams and allowed her new boo clown him.

At first, I interpreted her little outbursts as that of a woman scorned. He was the one who broke up with her after all. But now that they’re continuing, though she claims to be happy, I find it more petty and vindictive.

Closure takes time. But there’s something so vile about disloyalty. And some behaviors you just can’t rationalize away with a bruised ego and raw emotions.

Obviously, we don’t know what went down in their relationship; but when someone’s supported you for so long, the least you can do is talk shit about them in private, with your girlfriends and keep all of that messiness off of Twitter.

And you really won’t let your new man go at him. Why? For what? Who, in a contented relationship, sits around dogging their exes? You’re supposed to be on to better things. Sadly, her own actions, when they were together and certainly now that they’re apart, have shown Meek he should treat Safaree like garbage. And Nicki owes him more than that.

Reaching out on homeboy’s birthday was particularly desperate. She knew the interaction wasn’t going to be pleasant, but she wanted some type of interaction so badly, that she was willing to add salt to a day she knew he was attempting to celebrate.

Come on Nicki, do better!

Pettiness is the clearest indication that she’s just not over him, despite the fact she’s trying to convince the world she’s in love with Meek.

I, for one, am not buying that faux relationship. Everything they do looks like a sham.

And if I were Meek Mill, I would be deeply troubled at the amount of time my girlfriend spent talking about her ex.

Though it’s like watching an absolute train wreck, we can all learn something from Ms. Minaj. Ladies, you can know for certain, without a doubt that you are not, I repeat, are not over your ex, if you still feel the need to bash him and reach out to him privately, for any reason. And as Nicki is inadvertently showing us, it’s better to do your healing behind closed doors.