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Waaay Up! Steph Curry Reveals New Daughter Ryan

July 14th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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2015 is shaping up to be an incredible year for Stephen Curry and his family. Not only did his team win the NBA championship, his daughter became a household name, and his wife Ayesha Curry, gave birth to the couple’s second child, a healthy, baby girl they named Ryan Carson Curry.

#Blessed for real, for real.

Ayesha revealed on her blog that she delivered this little one in three hours, with no epidural.

And of course, we’re all dying to know what she looks like.

Earlier today, Steph posted the first picture of the couple’s new bundle on his Instagram page, with plenty of thanks to God for her safe arrival.

Check her out, with big sister Riley in the mix, in the image below.

Tamera Mowry-Housley Welcomes A Daughter: Ariah

July 2nd, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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Congrats are in order for the actress The Real co-host and husband Adam Housley as they welcomed a daughter yesterday, July 1.

Ariah Talea Housley (her first name is pronounced like Mariah) — born at 2:54 p.m, weighing 10 lbs., 2 oz and measuring 20.5 inches — joins big brother Aden John Tanner, 2½.

10 lbs.!

“We are beyond overjoyed and blessed with our beautiful baby girl. Aden already made a welcome video for her,” the proud new parents tell

Once Mowry-Housley knew she was adding a baby girl to her brood, she couldn’t contain her excitement. “I love fashion and makeup, and now I get to have a little fun,” she said in February.

tamera mowry

Also there for the birth of baby girl Ariah was Tamera’s co-host Loni Love, her bestie Andrea, and her brother “Baby Daddy star Taj Mowry.

Raising Royalty: No Spanking Or Spoiling for Chris Brown’s Baby

April 2nd, 2015 - By Rich
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Getting thrust into the thick of parenting can be extremely stressful for anyone, and Chris Brown surely already has his hands full. But now that the R&B superstar is an instant Dad, he’s got to make some decisions quick fast in a hurry. One of those decisions is apparently to never spank his daughter. This according to a source at

Last month, the world learned that 25-year old Chris Brown was the father of baby Royalty, a now 10-month old little girl whose mother Nia Guzman had a fling with CB. Brown quickly acknowledged his paternity, and Karreuche quickly left him. She recently did an interview with Iyanla Vanzant on OWN, where she admitted that she still loved CB. Still, right now, Karrueche doesn’t seem to think the couple will be getting back together. So Chris’ focus seems to be on raising Royalty, without spanking, of course.

“Chris and Nia agree on one simple disciplinary rule: absolutely no spanking. They both don’t believe in that form of discipline and will use their words, time-outs or loss of privileges to correct her behavior,” says the insider to If true, Chris joins other new millennium parents who’d rather put their kid in a “time-out” than spank. According to the source, both Chris and Nia don’t believe in spanking, but also don’t want Royalty growing up spoiled or feeling entitled.



It’s also been rumored that Chris Brown wants Nia and the baby to move to Los Angeles to be closer to him. Nia and the baby currently live in Houston, Texas, but if they relocate to Chris’s fancy Hollywood Hills neighborhood, the singer will continue to pay child support plus housing. He may not be the best boyfriend, but Chris Brown seems committed to being a good dad.’s insider also said, “Chris doesn’t want to use the same tactics his parents used on him when he was a kid. He wants to be a different example for his daughter. He’s very aware kids learn most everything from their parents and all he wants to be is the best dad on the planet.” Chris is also rumored to be planning a big princess party for Royalty’s first birthday.

In a recent Instagram post, Chris seemed to hint that he missed his baby…Karrueche, that is. He posted an image with his feet up and a caption that read “Some people love it, but I will never find this comforting. Being alone in a room alone with no one to hold.”

When speaking about her relationship with Brown, Karrueche admitted that Chris loved her despite everything she went through. “He did give me love. Maybe it wasn’t the right love or the same level but he’s a product of his environment growing up,” she said.

Chris Brown’s relationships with women haven’t exactly been healthy. From his 2009 domestic violence incident with Rihanna to his on-again, off-again status with Karrueche to his shotgun baby, CB’s image has been a bit of a struggle. Chris Brown’s baby could be just what he needs to help clean it up. So, with regards to his parenting, there are no room for mistakes. When it comes to 10-month old Royalty at least, the decision to not put hands on her is a probably a good one.

Kelly Rowland Reveals How She Lost 70 lbs In 4 Months

March 28th, 2015 - By Rich
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Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful gifts but your changing body and getting back in shape can be challenging for some. Kelly Rowland is a new mommy to her adorable son Titan. On November 4, 2014, Rowland and her husband Tim Witherspoon gave birth to their son named Titan Jewell Witherspoon. And just four months after birth she has already dropped 70 lbs and she looks amazing. Kelly Rowland shared how she did it, plus the joys of mommyhood with AJ from Extra:

On motherhood…

“I think the best part of being a mom, actually it’s being Titan’s mom, Titan is a pretty incredible kid.”

On naming her son…

“I told him if I have to do the rest of the work he has to name him and give him a fly name.”

On spin class…

“Jeanette Jenkins is the secret, SoulCycle is the secret,” she told the show. “When I go in there and it’s the wee hours of the morning, she is a great secret — so motivational. Jeanette comes in with so much energy and this huge smile on her face, and you can’t help but to get excited about working out.”

On eating healthy…

“The 80/20 rule is all the way real, 80 percent of the time you eat those foods giving you nourishment, you’re eating clean, and 20 percent of the time, have guacamole, a ton of it like I do, and a margarita and maybe queso too!” she said.

On a Destiny’s Child reunion…

“The last reunion happened the other day when we all sat down and were just talking and enjoying each other’s company, it was awesome, not every time you see Destiny’s Child together may be in front of the camera, we still have our bond amongst each other, that’s the most beautiful gift Destiny’s Child has given me.”

Kelly Rowland Talks Balancing Marriage And Motherhood: “My Priority Is My Husband First”

March 17th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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2014 was a year filled with high highs and low lows for Kelly Rowland. She married her longtime love Tim Weatherspoon, welcomed her first child Titan Jewell Weatherspoon and unfortunately, lost her mother Doris Rowland Garrison. In the April 2015 issue of Essence, the new wife and mom opens up about all of the above. Check out some highlights from her interview below.

On refusing to let her marriage take a backseat to motherhood:

“The baby doesn’t change who we are as people. We still like to go have dinner. We do the activities that we do every day. I don’t think that should stop.”

“My priority is my husband first. That’s how the baby got there.”

On her fondest memory of her late mother:

“I was doing something with the baby in the house after we came home from the hospital and she was there with me and she just looked at me and she said, ‘I’m so proud of you!’ I listen to that every day in my head. It makes me happy.”

On how her life has inspired her upcoming album:

“You have no choice but to tap into emotions when you’re in the studio. The same way we’re experiencing those emotions, whether it’s having a child or losing a parent or whatever it might be, everybody is experiencing the same pain or happiness that you’re experiencing as well.”

On getting married, having a baby and losing her mom in one year:

“My road to my happiness hasn’t been an easy one. It hasn’t been peachy all the time, but I am so, so happy.”

Check out Kelly’s full interview in the April 2015 issue of Essence, which hits stands March 20.

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Peek-A-Boo? Celebrity Babies We Still Haven’t Seen

February 10th, 2015 - By Iva Anthony
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Welcoming a child into the world can be one of life’s greatest moments, and while most new parents can’t wait to share the occasion with the world these celebrities have purposely hidden their precious bundles of joy from the fans and the snooping eyes of the media.

A photo posted by kellyrowland (@kellyrowland) on

Titan Jewell Weatherspoon

2014 was a big year personally for Kelly Rowland. The former Destiny’s Child member wed her longtime manager Tim Weatherspoon and became a mother six months later. Rowland has been taking cues from Beyonce because she’s kept her son Titan Jewell under wraps. The only photo the “Motivation” singer shared of her son was a picture of her hubby Tim holding him with the seven-week-old baby’s back to the camera.

Isn’t She Lovely? Yandy & Mendeecees Share Adorable Family Photos With Their Newest Addition

February 9th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Watching tv with my baby! 😍

A photo posted by @mendeecees on

While we were busy watching the Grammys last night, “Love & Hip Hop” stars Yandy Smith and Mendeecees Harris decided to show off their newborn baby girl on Instagram—and we’re sooooo glad they did.

She has the face of an angel, but at the same time, is a spitting image of her daddy and big brother, Omere. In one photo, she appears to be extremely comfortable as she is nestled in the arms of her proud papa, which Yandy has already revealed is “her favorite place.”

Home sweet Home.. 😍

A photo posted by @mendeecees on

In another, she rocks an adorable tee, which reads: “I get my drama from my mama.” There’s also a photo, which happens to be our favorite, captured during an adorable moment shared between the family’s latest addition and two of her big brothers, Mendeecees Jr. and Omere.

Family Bonding Time… 🙌🙏 #Grateful #Bless PhotoCred: @rashadhassan

A photo posted by @mendeecees on

As previously reported, the couple welcomed their second child together on January 26 and from what we gather, “Love & Hip Hop” cameras were rolling.

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Evan Ross And Ashlee Simpson Reveal Baby’s Sex!

February 6th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

Just before the holidays, we learned that newlyweds Ashlee Simpson and Evan Ross are expecting their first child together. Now, the proud parents-to-be have revealed that they’re having a baby girl!

“We’re having a girl!” a glowing Simpson told People.

The 30-year-old singer revealed that she was in a major hurry to learn the sex of the baby because she likes to plan ahead.

“I like to know — I want to do the nursery,” she confessed.

Simpson is already the proud mom of 6-year-old Bronx Wentz, who she says is already aware that he’s expecting a little sister. He’s already big brother to his dad Pete Wentz’s other son, 5-month-old Saint Laszlo.

“I told [Bronx] pretty early on,” she expressed. “And he wanted to have a sister, so he’s really excited. He’s got a little brother. Now he’s going to have a little sister.”

“I’m just excited for the new addition,” she concluded.

The pair got engaged during the 2013 holiday season. They formally tied the knot this past Labor Day weekend during a bohemian-style ceremony held at Diana Ross’ home.

Congrats again to Evan and Ashlee!

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Seattle Seahawk Richard Sherman And Ashley Moss Welcome Baby Boy!

February 5th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Days before the Super Bowl, Seattle Seahawks fans were in a tizzy over the possibility of cornerback Richard Sherman missing the game for the birth of his son.

“He’s not supposed to come on Sunday,” Sherman said before Sunday’s game. “Obviously that would change some things, but I think he’s going to be a disciplined young man and stay in there until after the game. He’s going to do his father his first favor and stay in there for another week or two.”

“I’ve thought about the possibility of him coming during the game or before the game, and we have things in place in case that happens. We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”

Thankfully, the 26-year-old wasn’t forced to choose between gracing the football field and being present for the birth of his first child. Early Thursday morning, Sherman’s longtime girlfriend Ashley Moss delivered a healthy baby boy.

“My son sure does know how to make an entrance,” he tweeted. “”2/5/15 … Is it a coincidence or is he just that clever?! Either way I’m ecstatic.”

“Haven’t felt anything better than this! Thank you God such a blessing!”

Unfortunately, the Seahawks lost Sunday’s game, but Sherman still has plenty to celebrate. According to Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, they named the little guy Rayden.

We’re wishing Sherm and Ashley all the best!

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Star Kids: 15 Odd Celebrity Baby Names

January 20th, 2015 - By Rich
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While we love a bit of creativity when it comes to naming our little ones, these baby names can get a bit out there. Get ready to giggle at these super wacky celebrity baby names.

Sources: Babble, Cracked, Ranker. All images courtesy of WENN

15 Odd Celebrity Baby Names