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Wait, You’re How Old?! Male Celebs Who Aren’t True to Their Age

January 9th, 2013 - By Ashley Page
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No one ages the same way thanks to genetics, lifestyle choices, stress levels, and so on. However, when you’re part of Hollywood, it’s all about looking your best 24/7, which usually means being able to look young and fresh. Looking at some celebs, you can tell immediately that they’ve aged way too much, while others are still walking around with a baby face even though they’re much older. Here are 14 male celebs who don’t look anywhere near their real age.

They’re How Old? Celebrity Gals Who Look Much Older Than Their “Real Age”

November 3rd, 2011 - By MN Editor
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For many celebrities, ageing is something that can be slowed down easily with the help of a good plastic surgeon. But for a few others, genes and drug abuse definitely make them appear much older than they really are. Although, in this case, we’ll have to assume that over half of Hollywood stars and starlets lie about their age in the first place. So what is it, do they just look their real age or do they just look much older than their age? We may not know the exact truth but we do know that these following celebs are fighting a major battle with the hands of time.



"Blake Lively"

Blake Lively

Real Age: 24

What She Looks Like Age: 30

Lively is a Hollywood “It” girl but her time may run out faster than her age peers as she already looks years ahead of her 24 years of age.