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What No One Tells You About Turning 25

February 22nd, 2015 - By Courtney Whitaker
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

While some people look forward to their 25th birthday, I was on the fence. Over the years, I always enjoyed celebrating my birthday with my family and friends. However, for whatever reason this year, I dreaded it. I was turning the big 2-5! A true blessing that many do not get to see. But still, I felt like I wasn’t well prepared for it. 25 is such a weird age. You’re old enough to rent a car, buy a house, and start a family. Yet, you’re still young enough to make major mistakes, be single, travel and completely change your life. While most soon to be 25 year olds know these things. However I still feel like there are a few things no one ever told me. Therefore to help out my follow 20 something’s, here is a list of things I wish people would have told me and some things I was told about turning 25.

1. No one Will Baby You Anymore
Seriously, the days of being told “you’re such a baby”, are long gone. Yes you may be younger than these 30 year olds out here, but you’re not a baby anymore. It’s tie to grow up and start acting like an adult

2. Hanging out with anyone under 23 will be weird
Trust me. I tried it once. I felt extremely odd and old.

3. You Only Have One More Year On your Parent’s Health Insurance
It’s time to start looking at policies, and learning your options.

4. Depending on where you’re from being engaged/not engaged will freak ppl out
This depends on where you’re from. My homegirl in NYC, shunned the idea of being engaged now. Meanwhile, my friend from Texas gave me the side eye for not even thinking about marriage yet.

5. Travel now, seriously Right Now
Okay, we may have been told this when we first turned 21, but how many of you actually travelled? Get a passport right now. No seriously, get out of your bed and get one.

6. Develop your good habits now
A little discipline and routine will help multiple areas of your life. Trust me, I’m developing a morning ritual right now.

7. Don’t feel pressured to do “big things!”
I felt so much pressure to celebrate my birthday in the biggest and baddest way. Please ignore that pressure and save yourself the headache. Oh and that one friend that you have on Instagram that constantly posts her “fabulous life”, it may be time to unfollow.

8. The decisions you Make In the love department can change your life
The person you meet today could be your future husband or wife. Be wise in your decisions.

9. The people you meet now, will change your life
People always told me, the people you meet in college will change your life. No, it’s also the people you meet afterwards. After relocating to two different cities, I’ve made incredible new friends. The people you meet now, will really see your growth and change.

10. Made a mistake? We good!
Hey, we’re still young right?

Christmas D?! A Thanksgiving Tree? Celebrity Holiday Traditions To Shake Up Your Celebration

December 3rd, 2014 - By Meg Butler
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Could Christmas videos be your new thing? And who’s spending their Christmas with a big cut D? These celebrity holiday traditions will give your holiday celebration life in a whole new way.

Image Source: Instagram

Image Source: Instagram

Get Out of Town

Last year Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker unwrapped gifts a few days early at home — and then jetted the whole family off to the Bahamas. A white Christmas is nice, but a beachside holiday sounds even better!

Tia Mowry-Hardrict Talks ‘Instant Mom,’ Family…And Turning 35!

September 28th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Tia Mowry-Hardrict pf"

Judy Eddy/


Tia Mowry-Hardrict goes from party girl to full-time stepmom in one weekend on her new Nick at Nite sitcom Instant Mom. The show follows her character Stephanie as she tries to juggle her older husband (played by actor Michael Boatman), her bossy step kids, and demanding mother (played by Sheryl Lee Ralph). Mowry-Hardrict spoke to about every new mom’s desire to please, getting back on a sitcom, and unleashing her crazy side in the new romantic comedy, Baggage Claim.

On her character Stephanie on Instant Mom:

I think Stephanie, like every mom, is trying to find a balance. This is new to her, so first of all she feels as though she has to impress the kids because she’s not their real mom so she’s trying to win them over by trying to be their friend. But we all know at the end of the day you can’t just be friends with your kids, because you give them an inch they take a mile. So it’s trial and error with her. We’re not perfect. Being a mother and a parent does not come with a handbook.

On Turning 35:

I feel like there’s so much more to accomplish. I have admitted that I’m a workaholic. I love what I do. I love being able to escape from reality and be able to dive into a character and perfect that character and become that character. For some reason it’s all I know so it’s what I live and breathe for but there’s so much more that I want to do. I want to continue to do film.

You can check out the rest of the interview on Tia talks more about Instant Mom, what it’s like to do a comedy again after so many years and how she celebrated her birthday.

He Smiles! A Happier Kanye West Shows Up To Celebrate His Birthday With Jay-Z, Nas & Others!

June 9th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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It’s about time we see this man’s eyes light up just a little bit.

On Saturday night, Kanye West and his friends hit up Miss Lily’s Caribbean restaurant to celebrate the rapper’s 36th birthday. Jay-Z and Beyoncé. whom he considers family, came out to celebrate along with rapper Nas, football player Victor Cruz and others all came out to party.


Bey & Jay Get Kissy at Miss Lily’s (Instagram)

While Kim Kardashian was unable to attend (at this point, she probably can’t fly since she’s so close to birth), her sister Kourtney’s boy Scott and Kim’s friend Jonathon were definitely in attendance. Kim also posted a picture on her Instagram wishing the “love of her life and best friend” a happy birthday.

It was good to see Kanye smile in a couple of pictures because don’t get to see that side of him often.  In fact, he really only does it at this point when Jay-Z is around. Bless his little heart at all that “bestie” love.

Ladies, can we talk about the most important thing: Nas is looking  like a sweet treat waiting to be…nevermind.  I’m keeping it clean today but I’m sure you all know where my thoughts were going with that.  Why does he continue to be so fine? He should talk to me about how he preserves all that, you know, over drinks and dinner.

With a baby and a new album on the way, it looks like Mr. West will be busier than ever this year! Happy belated, Yeezy!

Straight From His Mouth: Is Father’s Day Really Overlooked?

June 2nd, 2013 - By Dr. J
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Source: Shutterstock

Source: Shutterstock

When you think about Mother’s Day and how celebrated the holiday is by all, is anything missing?

Next weekend, we’ll celebrate Father’s Day. We’ll spend a day among family and fathers and thank them for the gift of life and their contributions to our families (Or lack thereof…). We will gather around the dinner table and dad will get the big piece of chicken; the same one that he typically gets every Sunday at dinner. However, this piece of chicken will be “special.”

After dinner, we will go in the living room and let dad have the remote to watch what he would like to watch tonight. The remote that goes to the television that he probably bought, as he sits in the chair he likely bought too. He will open cards and share that moment with his children and maybe his children’s children.

Father’s Day is a point of reflection. While the holiday is much different in the amount of attention given to Mother’s Day, it’s because fathers are celebrated differently. Mothers are celebrated because of their gifts to us that they didn’t have to do. However, the best fathers are those who can make their contributions, those things they ought do, seamless.

There are those fathers who love, care, and provide for their children in a proud way, but many are silent givers. It’s only in reflection that we are able to see their contributions. We hope those reflections don’t happen postmortem; those are the worst. But somehow, we seem to miss those points in each of our perennial celebrations.

Ironically, as we merge the responsibilities of parenthood, due to need or modernization but most likely out of need, mothers are celebrated on Father’s Day. Your timeline will be filled with tweets, Facebook filled with status updates and pictures posted on Instagram of mothers who stood in the place of missing fathers. Let me be clear, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There’s several mothers who did the job of two when there was only one around. And I applaud them.

But that is what’s missing from Mother’s Day — the same celebration that is given for mothers on Father’s Day, isn’t given to those single fathers on Mother’s Day.

While it’s easy to get frustrated at this occurrence and the contrast with Father’s Day, I know why it happens. It happens because when I think back on my dad and all the things that he did — all my dad asked for was that I say thank you and acknowledge him. He doesn’t like gifts; it’s usually bought with money he gave me or I guess now that I’m older that I probably owe him. He doesn’t want a whole lot of attention or affection, just a simple “Thanks dad.”

That doesn’t make Father’s Day a throwaway holiday or any less important, it just makes it different. Sometimes the difference causes us to confuse that with a feeling of less importance. If we’re guilty of forgetting the importance of Father’s Day, those are personal demons we all need to work through. If you’re having problems working through how you’d like to express your gratitude, think of how you’d approach the day if your father was absent. Try starting with an emulation of the way we thank and herald those who fill the role in that absence. That’s a good start.

Debt Parties – A New Reason To Jam!

January 12th, 2013 - By Rich
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There’s a million reasons to throw a party. Maybe it’s New Year’s Eve, you bought you first home, your divorce is final, you just told your boss to go to hell after working the same dead end job for the past ten years OR you finally landed your dream job and will be able to work from home and get paid more than ever before.  These are all common reasons why people design Evites and spend money to celebrate landmark moments in their life.  But what about throwing a party because you paid off a major debt? Yep.

Loan-Payoff Parties are the New Rage; When is yours going to be?

To date, my most prized accomplishment is paying off my car. I felt so responsible when I sent them my final payment. I looked at the car and it was mine, all mine. I can’t imagine paying off debts upwards of $100,000 or more,  but if I had done it, I would probably throw a party as well. So here’s how it works, pick a bill, any bill, and set your sights on how long it will take to actually drop the final payment. After that, reach out to your closest family members and friends and invite them to come and share in the joy of your achievement.

I would imagine the goal here is to celebrate your financial success , while not going overboard and ending up in debt again. Don’t go buying the bar for everyone or partying outside of your means. Another suggestion is to incorporate a charitable aspect to the night and ask that people make a small donation to help give back to the less fortunate. That will keep the concept of saving money/being responsible with money at the forefront of everyone’s mind, including yours!

Words by Sid Powell

Sid Powell is the NAACP-nominated screenplay writer of ‘Somebody’s Child’, a mother of two, and the owner of SIDPo Productions. Read more about how SIDPo Productions is ‘Changing Everything’ at

Death Has A New Attitude: “Best Funeral Ever” Premieres Tonight On TLC

January 6th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Listen, don’t shoot the messenger.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, TLC will be premiering “Best Funeral Ever” tonight with an hour long special. The show will follow Dallas funeral home, Golden Gate Funeral Home, as they come up with some of the most eccentric homegoing celebrations you’ve ever seen. The owner,John Beckwith Jr wants to bring about a certain attitude to the sad situation, looking to give a smile to the mourning friends and family, versus just going with continued sadness. They can pretty much make anything happen; as Beckwith said, “If the deceased wanted to dunk a basketball, we can make it happen.”

Golden Gate, while providing the wishes for the family and possible “too little, too late” dreams by the deceased, they also provide professional funeral mourners. Now, some of you may have seen this type of person at a church service or funeral you’ve attended , but they do it for free. The professional mourners hired by Golden Gate are trained to grieve loudly and excessively at funerals of people they’ve never met so the family will open up.

The show will likely turn into a full reality show if the special does as well as TLC expects with the ratings.

I’m not sure that I’m interested in watching a show about eclectic funeral arrangements but it certainly can’t be any worse than anything else on television.

How Did Your Favorite Celebrities Spend Thanksgiving?!

November 25th, 2012 - By Rich
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If you thought that you did it big for Thanksgiving, check out how some of Hollywood’s A-lister’s rang in the happy holiday! Hit the flip to continue…

TV ALERT: 2012 Black Girls Rock! Awards On Tonight!

November 4th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"SusanTaylor PF"

D. Salters/

It has quickly become one of the most respected awards shows highlighting the successes of African-American women in almost any field but particularly the media and finally, we get to see what is going to unfold during the 2012 Black Girls Rock! awards show.

Hosted by actresses Tracee Ellis-Ross and Regina King, the show will air tonight on BET at 7p/ET. This year’s honorees include: singers Dionne Warwick, Alicia Keys and Janelle Monae, magazine legend Susan L. Taylor, activist Dr. Hawa Abdi and actress Kerry Washington.  There will also be performances by Ciara, Brandy, Keyshia Cole, India Arie and Alicia Keys. Men are allowed in on the act this year with performances from Luke James and Eric Benet.

The awards show is an extension of Black Girls Inc., founded by DJ Beverly Bond. The purpose of BGR is to foster the healthy development of young women and girls.  They aim to build the self-esteem and self-worth of young women of color by changing their outlook on life, broadening their horizons and helping them to empower themselves. It has been quite amazing watching the organization grow over the last few years.

Will you be watching?


Celebrating A Different Kind of New Years: Back To School

August 24th, 2012 - By Kay Hudson
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The majority of the world marks the New Year with the ball dropping on New Years’ Eve, but I have always marked the First Day of School as my New Year. First as a student, buying the newest Trapper Keeper to stay organized unlike the previous year. Then as a teacher, obsessing about my classroom seating arrangements and perhaps changing my hair, taking a class or something to switch things up.

So now, fast forward to the present….now the sounds of Back to School, the slight change in the air signifies something completely different. As a mom, my “New Year” has shifted and rather than resolutions for me, it is about – my kids. Lunch bags, school supplies, uniforms and afternoon activities for my little ones. If you are a soccer mom please stand up!

However, as I get excited about the New School Year, I realize that I still must make resolutions that enrich my life.

So in order to stay balanced and sane here are some tips from my crew of moms:

Give our little ones more responsibility!
I think we often forget to delegate. Chores are essential components to teach responsibility. The 30 minutes you save by letting your kids empty the dishwasher or fold their laundry can be 30 minutes you can use for yourself.

Organization is key!
Creating homework procedures and evening schedules as well as an organized method of selecting school clothes can save time and energy. The evening schedule could also include preparing lunch for the next day.

Join a gym with childcare!
It is not acceptable for me to gain the Freshman 15 every school year (freshman year was many moons ago). So I have made it my priority to pay just a little more each month and join a gym with a trusted child care program.

A little self improvement!
I admit that it could be the educator in me but learning a new skill excites me. Even if it is online college courses or learning the tango, having an escape from the monotony of daily mommy duty can be a necessary tool to regain self awareness.

Recommit to an association or group!
Civic association, your sorority or church group may be the anchor a mom needs not to loose ourselves in the mad dash to June. Committing just a few hours a month to do what you enjoy will pay big dividends in the end.

What tips and tricks do you have to stay sane as the new school year marches ahead?

Words By: Nicole Peltier-Lewis