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How Does Nas Think He Is in Relationships? “I’m The Best Person To Date!”

November 24th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Well, we don’t know much about Nas’ personal life beyond what we saw when he was with Kelis, but don’t fret because Nas says he’s a great person to date.

This interview was actually done a couple of months ago, around Nas’ 40th birthday but only recently hit the internet. In it, Nas is chatting with a woman named Cat Greenleaf on the show Talk Stoop about music, life, and love. At one point, Greenleaf, mentioned to Nas that she’s rarely seen a photograph of him smiling. When he told her that his “smiling” face was the same as his “angry” face, Greenleaf told him that he must be the hardest person in the world to date.

Nas responded by laughing (and finally getting out a smile) saying, “No no, I’m the best person to date!” Greenleaf asked what his online dating profile would say if he were on one of the dating sites. Here’s how Nas responded and ladies, these are the things some of us would be looking for in a potential suitor:

“Charismatic. I’m calm, poised…insightful.”

We can believe that about him.  Now, with the drama that he and Kelis have publicly gone through (including her saying he cheated on her), I don’t know if she’d disagree with those things he mentioned, but she’d probably have a few more to add to that profile.

Anyway, check out this pretty cool interview. If you’ll notice, Nas is 40 and looks like he’s found that fountain of youth and isn’t sharing the location.  He is truly like a fine win, getting better with time.