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‘I Came With A Full Career:’ LaLa Anthony Talks To JET About Maintaining Her Independence

April 17th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Alani “LaLa” Anthony may be married to one of the most popular players in the NBA, but “basketball wife” doesn’t even begin to describe who she is or what she does. The mother and media personality recently opened up to JET magazine about maintaining her independence and what drives her hustle.

“I have an independent, hustler’s spirit,” the “Love Playbook” author tells JET. “That drives me to this day. I never want to ask anyone for anything. And that simple thing has kept me motivated because there is something about having your 26 own.”

While it may seem like she has it all together on the outside, the “LaLa’s Full Court Life” star admits that being a devoted wife, mommy and mogul isn’t always easy. However, keeping these tips at the forefront of her mind helps her to keep things in perspective.

“1. Never Stop Doing You – “The difference with me is that when I first got to know my husband I was already hosting MTV’s Total Request Live, so I came with a full career,” she says.

2. Accept That Having It All Will Require Blood, Sweat and Stilettos – When asked about balancing a family, career and friendships, Anthony responded saying, “It’s tough. I always say that people who think it isn’t aren’t being honest.”

3. Sex May Sell, But Love Keeps You Off the Market – “If you don’t try to spice it up and keep it sexy, anyone can get bored but the key is really taking time with each other,” advises Anthony.”

Reality TV star LaLa Anthony talks to JET about maintaining her independence and what drives her hustle.

Source: JET

Read LaLa’s full interview in the latest issue of JET, which is schedule to hit stands Monday, Apr. 21.


5 Tips To Avoid Career Burnout

March 11th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From Essence 

Dear Lovely Dream Chaser,

Congratulations on your ferocity! If it were up to the world, you would be too paralyzed with fear to push into the unknown and too reliant on the comforts of routine to compromise your professional stability. But here you are—launching a business, pursuing a promotion, carving an entirely new position where there’s never been one before—fully immersed in the vision that takes up too much space in your heart to be ignored.

Mornings find you excited about advancements, however small, that entice you forward. Nights aren’t really nights at all, but a blur of working hours strung together with intense focus on the goal. You’re getting better every day and in the process, you’re getting closer. It’s happening as we speak.

When a woman is a go-getter in her professional life, she’s a go-getter all the way. Rare is she who can straddle the line of kinda sorta being passionate about her career. She either is or she isn’t. And when she is, she has where she wants to go clearly mapped out in her mind while she works an alternate plan in the meantime or she’s actively doing the thing, inching, stepping, maybe even rocketing toward the end game, but making some kind of movement ahead.

As exhilarating as chasing the dream is, it doesn’t come without potentially damaging sacrifices to your holistic health. Much attention is being paid to the benefits of physical care and that is inarguably essential. But your mind and your spirit, the core of who you are, also need to be preserved, even bolstered, as a gauntlet of unforeseen issues and problems challenge your internal peace. There’s no way you can weather the highs and lows of certain uncertainty and enjoy increasing levels of achievement when you’re offering your mental and spiritual health as a living sacrifice to the very objectives you need them intact to carry out.

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Signs Your Partner Puts Work Before You Too Much

March 5th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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Partner Puts Work Before You


There’s nothing wrong with a career-oriented man: he’s less likely to financially depend on you and he has a passion for something, which is always attractive. But, some men never fully appreciate how a romantic relationship not only doesn’t detract from their career but can enhance it. Those men leave their partners feeling under-prioritized. Here are 7 signs your guy puts his career before you too much.

Does Love Have To Be ‘Postponed’ Until You’ve Reached Your Maximum Career Potential?

February 25th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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“That’s precisely why I have decided not to get involved with anyone romantically. You just never know where you’ll wind up and I don’t want that baggage,” a former classmate told me over a cup of coffee.

I confided in her that I’d just returned from interviewing for my dream job. The only problem is that the position was in another state. Under normal circumstances, I probably would’ve been waiting by the phone, checking my messages and email waiting to hear back from my potential new employer. Instead, I was avoiding my phone like the plague. I had to admit that while this was my dream position, somewhere deep down inside, I was silently praying that they didn’t pick me. I didn’t want to relocate anymore. Somewhere during the oddly long process of finding the job posting, building up the courage to apply and actually getting a callback for an interview, I’d somehow fallen in love. I felt as if I were a part of some God-orchestrated prank where I was given the two things I wanted the most and then forced to choose between the two.

“I need the flexibility and the freedom to do what I need to do to climb the career ladder,” my friend continued.

I stared back at her, uncomfortably. There was something that I wanted to say, I just couldn’t muster up the courage to admit it—at least not aloud. There we were, well-educated, 20-something women of color with multiple degrees and bright futures ahead. So how could I tell her that having a family slightly outweighed my desire to climb the corporate ladder? How could I tell her that as hard as it is out here for women like us, that I wasn’t 100% certain that I would want to accept my dream job in another city because I was in a relationship, that like all relationships, had no guarantees of happily ever after. I wasn’t ready to make that admission out loud, so I didn’t.

On the train ride home, I played her words in my mind over and over. It had me wondering whether being “open” to love at such a young age could be crippling to one’s career success. Would my undying faith in true love and dreams of raising a family in a cozy suburban home with a white picket fence and a couple of dogs eventually stifle my professional aspirations? Was my friend right? Should love be postponed until a person has reached their maximum career potential? Is it impossible to thrive in both areas simultaneously?

Career vs. love is a decision that professional women have been faced with for quite some time now. But I have to admit that for a long time, I was ashamed to admit that if ever faced with such a heart-gripping decision, I’d probably choose the latter. Thinking about the way that women had to (and continue to) fight for certain rights and liberties, in addition to the fact that our country’s alarming marriage failure rate means that I could very well end up divorced and possibly regretting my decision, is always enough to make me reconsider where my priorities lie. Yet somehow, some way, I always arrive back to the conclusion that love and family simply mean more to me.

Thankfully, I wasn’t forced to make the decision that weighed so heavily on me. The company went with a candidate who didn’t have to relocate to take the job and I can’t say that I was too distraught about their decision.

So, what do you think? Is it possible to have love and a thriving career or will one eventually trump the other?

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Ready To Be Your Own Boss? Here Are The Most Popular Freelance Careers

February 20th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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Gone are the days when a person had to clock in and out of a traditional nine-to-five job in order to earn a living. These days there are tons of opportunities available both inside the office and within the comforts of your own home thanks to telecommuting. Jobs themselves have even evolved with more companies looking to hire on a contract or freelance basis. And while you might not get standard benefits like health care and a retirement plan, there are great opportunities to pull in some dough. If you’re thinking of going freelance, here are some of the most popular freelance careers to consider.

Read Scoring the Next Deal: How to Land a Freelance Job

New Study Claims Career Women Are Increasingly “Marrying Down”

February 17th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From EurWeb

According to an L.A. Times article that references results from a Pew Research Center study, a record number of American women are “marrying down.”

Yes, apparently women in America are hooking up with and saying “I Do” to men who are less educated than they are.

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Who Would You Be If Fear And Disapointment Did Not Exist?

February 14th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From YourTango

There is something universally inspiring about the Olympics: It brings us together as a country to cheer for our team, and as a world community to celebrate our best athletes. We celebrate those who step onto the podium and our hearts break with those who don’t.

Our own lives mimic the events played out in Sochi. Whether it’s pulling together at work, celebrating when we achieve our goal or feeling the agony of a lost love, we are living the Olympic experience every day. All too often, though, we focus on what went wrong and we forget what went right. All too often, we beat ourselves up for “just” receiving a bronze medal — when that’s really something to cheer about.

When was the last time you celebrated feeling good when you crawled out of bed in the morning?  Have you given thanks for having a job or finishing a task you’d been dreading? We view these everyday activities as part of life and not worthy of our time or attention; instead we wait around for the big promotion, the grand love or the acquisition of the big symbol as proof of our value. In the meantime we feel less than our best and happiness seems to elude us.

As I’ve watched the Olympics this week I gained monumental inspiration from watching the athletes … not in their performances (which are, of course, amazing) but in their attitude about their performance. It is through these role models we can learn to raise our spirits right now regardless of our results.

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He Wants To Date My Career Instead Of Me

February 14th, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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From Single Black Male

I had to learn the hard way that every date is not a date. How so, you may ask. If it looks like a date, talks like a date, and the man pays like it’s a date…then one would likely look to call it a date. Right?

I met him at an industry event and immediately thought that he was great eye candy. This girl is not good at being the aggressor so when I found myself standing next to my instant crush and he began to engage me in small talk, I was pleasantly surprised. Offering a little flirtatious vibe, I felt that my job was done. I had sealed the deal. However, he didn’t ask for my number, nor my email address, and forget the most generic of them all, my business card. Nothing.

I wasn’t disappointed though. I simply took the exchange for what it was: two people chatting at a great event. No harm in that. By the time I got to my apartment and kicked my heels off of my throbbing feet, he was a distant memory. To my knowledge we didn’t have any mutual friends so I thought that I would never see him again.


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Career Questions You Should Never Be Afraid To Ask

February 10th, 2014 - By Blair Bedford
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Employees are sometimes leery of asking too many questions in regards to important details such as a promotion or a review of their performance. Instead, they continue to work and sit on questions they’d like to ask their supervisor or employer in fear of looking incompetent, rejection or losing their job on the spot. A few of those questions may be justified. Here are just a few questions you should never be afraid to ask to enhance your chances at a better career and work environment.

Ways Your Body Language Can Hurt Your Career

February 5th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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“Stinky face”

Oh goodness, how this is a classic face that can get many of us in trouble. While it’s not expected of you to agree with everything that comes your way, please be sure you aren’t giving the stinky face. For one thing it can be taken as a sign of disrespect and even immaturity.

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