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Cam’ron Treasure Hunt: Rapper Hid $100 In Boxes Of Killa Crunch Cereal In NYC

April 13th, 2015 - By Ann Brown
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#KillaCrunch #CerealKilla

A photo posted by @mr_camron on

Rapper Cam’ron is into some wacky business ventures. Who can forget his Ebola masks from last year? (Keep in mind, Ebola, isn’t airborne.) Now some are wondering if the hip-hop star has ventured into the cereal business.

Cam’ron sent people in New York City on a treasure hunt, hiding boxes of what he’s calling Killa Crunch cereal boxes with $100 and a T-shirt (boxes are sans cereal) inside bodegas all around the city. There were only a total of 12 boxes in hiding, reports DNAInfo. The hunt started in Cam’ron’s hometown of Harlem.

He gave hints to the locations on Twitter.  The promotion was done in conjunction with Virgin Mega, reports NME. But no one really knows what Cam’ron is trying to promote–a new cereal? an upcoming CD?

For fans not in NYC, you can buy your Killa Crunch (with a T-shirt and cereal but no cash) via the Virga Mega app, which markets the box as a  Cam Collectible, for $45.

“Protect Yourself From Ebola Just Like Killa Cam”: Cam’Ron Selling Artfully Designed Surgical Masks

October 21st, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Cam'Ron Presents Surgically Masks


With the Ebola epidemic driving up fears around the globe, Harlem rapper, actor and Dipset member Cam’ron is taking the opportunity to create Ebola surgical masks. In an Instagram post, Cam’ron presented the surgical masks designed with his iconic throwback picture of him wearing a pink fur hat and talking on his pink flip phone. He captioned the photo:

Ebola is no joking matter.. So if u have to be safe.. Be fashionable. #CamEbolaMask get’m at @dipsetusa1997 nx week, made by @chinagram”

The product is probably not effective against Ebola since the CDC has not confirmed the virus is airborne, but still consumers can look as fashionable as Cam’ron. (If anyone can really look fashionable while wearing a surgical mask. Jury’s still out on that one.)

His site continues:

“Wrap it up and protect yourself from Ebola just like Killa Cam! PRE-ORDER – Ships 11/7/14. Provides complete protection while remaining light and comfortable. Polypropylene outer facing offers a soft, fluid protection barrier while the cellulose inner facing assures comfort and breathability. A full-width nosepiece guarantees proper fit. Latex-free ear loops.”

So far, over 3,000 people have died from the virus and over 8,000 people have been infected, so it really is no joking matter. But at the same time, it’s hospital workers who are on the front lines of the fight against the disease who are at the greatest risk.  Everyone else needs to take it down a bit.

I Know That Ain’t What I Think It Is…Celebrities Who Share And Show TOO Much On Instagram

October 18th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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I get it. Sex sells. We got it decades ago, but people still keep shoving their goods in our faces to remind us that it does, and to also get some compliments that will boost their self-esteem and get them a whole lot of attention too. And while we applaud them for their banging bodies and “sharing is caring” mentality, we don’t need to see all that so much (and filters do NOT help). But alas, these celebrities haven’t yet realized that. Here are nine famous folks who overshare way too much of themselves on Instagram. And beware, you might just encounter some NSFW and ratchet stuff.

The Hotheads Of Harlem: 9 Uptown Celebrities Who Will Put You In Check

September 26th, 2013 - By IndigoBlack
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Jim jones

After watching the drama unfold between Rihanna and Teyana Taylor on Twitter this week, I learned two things: 1. Rihanna really likes to nitpick at people. 2. Teyana Taylor is extremely trill to be so tiny. While folks like Ciara, Karreuche Tran, and more have all cowered back in the corner when they’ve had to deal with the Bajan bad girl, Taylor held nothing back (though she did get a little too fired up). But I’m not really surprised. TT is from Harlem, and Uptown folks don’t play that. Don’t believe me? Check out these nine other Harlem-ites who are quick to put somebody in their place and maybe snatch a wig or two in the process.

So That’s Who Kelly Was Talking About?! Ex Fiance Reveals Identity Of Abusive Ex

May 15th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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kelly feat

Earlier today, we posted Kelly Rowland’s new song, “Dirty Laundry.” In the lyrics she details the abusive relationship she endured. Naturally, we were wondering who this man is/was. After her engagement to former football player Roy Williams, we didn’t hear about who she was dating. Which is a good thing. But in the digital age, word travels fast.

Because Roy is the only man we know about, folks incorrectly assumed that he was the man she was talking about.

But Williams took to Twitter to clear his name:

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

And then the Twitter gods blessed us with this gem. One of Roy’s followers figured out who the man was.

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

And Roy confirmed it. Cudda or Cudda Love, was Nelly’s manager/body guard back in the day…or maybe still today. (There’s not too much info on him right now.) But we suspect all that to change. This would make the most sense. Kelly mentioned that this relationship took place a decade ago. Which would have been around 2003, when she and Nelly recorded “Dilemma” and was subsequently spending a lot of time around Nelly and his crew.

There are very few pictures of him. But a while ago, Cam’ron posted a picture of Cudda Love on Instagram.

Click on the next page to see him.

Ain’t Nobody’s Business: Why Do Celebs Keep Inviting Us Into Their Bedrooms? (And Why Are We Thirsty To Go In Them?)

April 2nd, 2013 - By Toya Sharee
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When rapper Cam’ron posted pictures of his fiancee having an…let’s just say reaching her sexual peak in a tub, it was then that I realized how exhausted I am with being into invited the bedrooms of complete strangers.  If it’s not Rihanna and Chris subtweeting, talking about he “lays the pipe” and Instagramming pics of them sharing the same sheets, it’s DJ Envy publicly apologizing to his wife for his infidelity while he’s on the air.  I don’t know about you guys, but I am so sick of being invited into celebrities’ bedrooms and personal lives. If I’m more familiar with your favorite position than your latest song lyrics, that’s a problem.

Okay, you’re boning, we get it, but what else do you have going on?  Kim Kardashian didn’t exactly invent the sex tape, but as far as I know, she takes credit for single-handedly building a career on making her private parts public knowledge. Now it seems certain celebrities have followed suit and tried to build, revive, or extend careers solely on their sex lives.  I don’t know whether I’m insulted more by the idea that they believe the public can be entertained by so little or by the fact that some us actually are.  I mean just look at the facts.  When is the last time Cam’ron had a hit single?  But I bet you his Instagram was flooded with comments after posting pictures of him and his fiancee getting freaky in the tub.  Somewhere between trolling Twitter and Instagram accounts, we stopped holding celebrities accountable for not being talented because we were so entertained by who they’re pregnant by, getting it popping with or punching in the mouth.

The worst part about it is when the legitimately positive moves that celebrities make get overshadowed by the foolishness.  I gave up on Love and Hip Hop a long time ago, and yet when I scroll through my Twitter timeline all I see are blogs posting about Yandy Smith’s pregnancy, engagement, and her man Mendecees’ legal troubles.  Little did I know Yandy Smith has a net worth of $15 million dollars (according to Celebrity NetWorth) and her career credits include Executive Assistant at Violator Management, Talent Agent at Monami Entertainment and President and Manager of Everything Girls, a lifestyle brand.  But since I don’t watch the show (and I’m sure these are facts even fans may not be aware of), all I ever knew about the girl was that she worked with Jim Jones and her baby daddy was accused of being a sexual predator.

In the lives of celebrities, any publicity is good publicity, and drama equals dollar signs so I can understand why everyone and their grandma (literally) is coming out with a reality show or selling some story to the blogs, but the more important question is why do we care? I think it’s easier to focus on the faults of the rich and famous than to actually get up and do something about the drama in our own lives. When we see our favorite celebrities having baby daddy troubles, balling completely out of their budget or in unhealthy relationships, it reassures us that money doesn’t buy happiness and it makes us feel like on some level they are just like the rest of us.  In addition to our obsession with everything celebrity, Facebook and Twitter allows your friends to post pics and details of their most intimate moments as well.  Either way, I feel like I know way too much about people’s personal lives these days. And as much as I’d like to say just “unfriend or unfollow,” even I at times find myself reloading my Facebook page or visiting Bossip a few times throughout a boring day just to be entertained by who is making a fool of themselves.

A little foolishness is fine for entertainment, but I think something us regular folks and celebrities alike need to understand is part of the fine art of discretion.  If you notice, some of the couples’ whose relationships have lasted the longest are the ones who aren’t giving us the play-by-play on every major relationship milestone they have.  When you open up your bedroom to the world, your relationship becomes fodder for the insecure and envious.  You can’t post pictures for the world to witness your love then catch an attitude when you don’t get the response you were hoping for.  People will find and pick apart every major flaw and inconsistency like they are getting paid for it, and if your relationship is already fragile it probably won’t withstand the backlash.  Lastly, in a relationship some moments are just meant to be intimate and inviting everyone to witness them instantly turns it from private to p*rno.

Trust and believe, celebs with actual talent will have success that stands the test of time.  It’s why someone like Justin Timberlake can virtually fall off the face of the Earth for years with only a little inkling revealed about his wedding over the years and still only have people caring about The 20/20 Experience.  In the meantime, I urge myself and everyone else to question what we’re entertained by.  As for me, I’m going to start being more about my business and less into everyone else’s.

Do you think celebs share too much information about their personal lives?

Toya Sharee is a community health   educator and parenting education coordinator who has a  passion for helping  young women build their self-esteem and make well-informed choices about their sexual health.  She also advocates for women’s reproductive rights and blogs about  everything from beauty to love and relationships. Follow her on Twitter @TheTrueTSharee or visit her blog, Bullets and Blessings.

Adrienne Bosh Responds To Lil Wayne With Positivity…And Then Cam’ron Exposes Her Past With Old Pic

February 20th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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We told you a few days ago about Lil Wayne’s rant about how he was banned from NBA games and events because of the Miami Heat. This is something an NBA executive told TMZ was not true, and that in fact, he was kicked out of that particular game of the Lakers versus the Heat (Weezy was rooting for the Lakers by the way) because reports say he made a gun gesture with his hand at a fan. Either way, the rapper was none too happy with the Heat and their players because of it, and even took time out from an All-Star Weekend performance to throw shade at Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, and even his wife, Adrienne Bosh, by letting the world know that he allegedly had slept with her.

While Chris Bosh hasn’t responded to such claims as of yet, Adrienne took to her social media (aka, Twitter) to respond, indirectly, by speaking words of positivity and talking about karma, taking more of the high road.

“Truth prevails. Today stand in your truth and ignore the chatter around and about you. #myhighestself #TodayICan #chakrawisdom. Some people create hate for profit, and some people create love for free. Pay no mind to the haters, embrace the love. #TodayICan. #TodayICan ignore those who live in hate for their own ego, and keep my eyes on pure love. They will never bring me down.”

Bosh also posted a picture of a woman with the words, “KARMA: What goes around comes around. Keep your circle POSITIVE. Say good words. Think good thoughts. Do good deeds.”

However, the rumors going around about her past are hard to ignore. Global Grind did a little digging and found out that Adrienne Bosh did date Lil Wayne in the past, before she was with Chris, but before they parted ways, she scammed him out of money by claiming she had cancer and needed help for treatment. Allegedly, Wayne didn’t go looking for her and just took it all as loss and moved on. And if that wasn’t enough, now rapper Cam’ron is coming forth posting pictures of a much younger Adrianne, implying that she used to run around trying to get a check from industry folks and ballers, including a friend of his:


“My man @britishthetitan been had bosh wifey under wing b4 Wayne. Lol she use to be pissy drunk in my club in da Cincinnati”

Well all right. While all of this might sound a bit messy, reports say that Chris Bosh knew about Adrienne’s past when he met her, and as it seems, she’s turned herself around, and comes off as devoted wife and mother. Well, from what we can see on social media of course. I’m not surprised one bit that a majority of the people hobnobbing with celebrities and getting wifed up have cloudy pasts, and if they’ve moved past it and their current partner/homie/lover/friend doesn’t care, then hey, it is what it is. Though, if she did swindle some money out of the rapper, that’s dirty..but that’s between her, Weezy and God.

Serious question though: What’s really up with these rappers publicly talking about who messed with who and trying to bring drama into people’s homes??? Geez. Now THAT’S really messy.

Fox News, Rap, Race-Baiting and Ratings

July 20th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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By Charlotte Young

As Rupert Murdoch, the media mogul and owner of Fox News, faces allegations of corruption and bribery in the UK, it would seem all of Fox’s scathing and unadulterated criticism should turn to point the finger back at itself. But even with its leader in the public hot seat, Fox News still continues its aggravated attack on hip hop.

Colorlines addresses its latest targeted debate with Lube Fiasco and its increasingly mixed messages. Fiasco appeared on the O’Reilly Factor to discuss his newest albums and lyrics to the song “Words I Never Said.” In the song, Fiasco condemns terrorism, Obama and the US. O’Reilly quickly jumps to defend the president as the rapper attempts to explain his lyrics. If Fox News is angry when rappers support and affiliate with Obama as well as when they criticize his politics, it becomes difficult to tell what Fox News really stands for, and what makes them upset.

What does Fox really care about? In a nutshell, ratings. In order to appeal to its strict, conservative fans and keep its haters compelled to watch in disgust, picking a fight with rappers seem to be the easiest way to accomplish its goals.

Fox has been able to feature most of the top hip hop artists in the game from Jay-Z, to Kanye West, Lil Wayne and Lupe Fiasco. But while they are capitalizing on the popularity of these musicians, the musicians are also using them. Jay-Z, Nas and Lupe Fiasco have all picked their own battle with the news network in “traditional style dis records,” that target the big players on Fox. After all, ratings are important to everyone.

According to Colorlines, Fox’s other important concern appears to be “moral virtue and an overwhelming concern for young listeners.” Rap’s popularity has steadily won a place in the hearts of young whites in suburbia, the children of its avid followers. While distaste for black music’s reach to young white listeners is nothing new, the underlying message of Fox’s opinionated personalities doesn’t seem to be all bad. The argument is this: “I am a white person against using the N-Word, and calling women the B-word.” That is a statement most would agree with.

But when Fox begins to attack not only the womanizing, foul-mouthed rap lyrics which make us all occasionally cringe, and attacks the intelligent and well-thought out political opinions of anyone as long as they are classified as a rapper, then we’re faced with an even bigger problem. Fox’s unabated agenda to turn all hip hop culture into the “bad-guy,” seems to point to the belief that what really makes them upset is the entirety of black culture.