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Basketball Wife Brooke Bailey: “I’m Very Guarded About My Children”

December 18th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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We wouldn’t have known it at first but urban model and Basketball Wives L.A cast member Brooke Bailey has three children that she rarely brings around the cameras. Watch her explain why she she’s so protective of her brood and how she feels about her first season as a BBW.

‘I Keep It Natural’: Brooke Bailey Claims Her Hair And Her Assets Are Authentic

December 12th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Twitter

Whether you like “Basketball Wives LA” rookie Brooke Bailey or not, two things that are difficult to deny after watching her on this season of the show is that she has a banging body and a gorgeous mane. Interesting enough, two of the assets that Brooke is most known for have been the topic of many conversations, as many have speculated that her hair is enhanced by weave and that she’s had work done to her body. In an interview with Vibe Vixen the 35-year-old video model finally addressed those speculations, and frankly, shut them down.

On whether or not she wears weaves

 “My hair has always been naturally long. Currently it touches my back bra strap. On the show, my hairstylist has added pieces for my side ponytail or braided looks, but I keep it natural otherwise.”

On if she has breast implants

“I have had a breast augmentation. That’s it. I was a D cup before my breast augmentation, and after I had my first 2 children, I decided to restore my breasts match my youthful body.”

Im not sure if her statements will silence skeptics as many feel that his photo suggests she’s had more done than she’s letting on, but truthfully a breast augmentation is just a modest way of saying breast implants. To each his own though (or in this case her own), right? It doesn’t seem like Brooke would outright lie about having work done to her body considering she’s always had a pretty “live and let live” attitude about women having work done to their bodies. going under the knife. She told the site: “I’m all for plastic surgery. What’s good for the next girl might not be good for me. I don’t feel like that means that you’re insecure because you want to improve your beauty.”

Whether she’s had major work done to her body or not, Brooke looks pretty amazing for her age. Who knew she was 35?!

What do you think? Is Brooke being modest in her description of the surgeries and enhancements she’s had done to her body?

Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise


Tell Us How You Really Feel: Brooke Says Draya Screwing Chris Brown Doesn’t Make Her A Model

December 11th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

If you’ve been watching the last few episodes of “Basketball Wives LA” or even part one of the reunion show last night, you’ve noticed how Brooke basically went from a neutral party on the show to being all buddy-buddy with the Govan sisters and at odds with just about everyone else. Brooke recently called up Street Disciplez Radio to share how she really felt about her co-stars so there wouldn’t be any confusion and I think she made her stance crystal clear with these cutthroat things she had to say. Check out the highlights:


“She’s delusional. I never had a situation with her, she had one with me, and she never really confronted me about it.”


“I really beat her a**. It got so real to where I blacked out; I remember her kicking me. After that, I don’t remember anything until security was trying to get me up off of her. But you know what, I have to give Jackie props because out of all the girls that I pressed and confronted about little sneaky isht or the shade they was trying to throw, she was the only b***h that stood up and said ‘this is what I’m saying.’ She never backed down from what she was saying, so I kind of respect her for that.”


“I always felt that Draya was a fun girl. She’s never been a model, she’s never my competition in the industry. Whatever she does, that’s her business, and I respect however she gets her money, that’s cool. But what I can’t respect is if you want to pop your collar, that’s cool, but B***h, don’t try to un-pop mine…

“She’s done modeling, but the basis of her career started from her f***ing Chris Brown. When you’re dating a rapper, of course you’re going to be in other people’s videos or their videos because that’s what you’re around. It doesn’t mean that you’re a model, it doesn’t mean that. She’s never had to audition, she’s never had to do the things that I’ve done to build my career. She didn’t have to learn protocol. That’s why when it came to business, she f****d up”


“She’s fake as f**k, and that’s how I feel to this day.”

Check out the full interview on the next page. What do you thin of Brooke’s unkind words for the co-stars that she seemed to be cool with all season?

Confusion On The BBWLA Set: Gloria Knows Why She’s Fired, Brooke Says She’s Not Going Anywhere

November 2nd, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: WENN

Over the weekend, news broke that that “complete makeover” Shaunie alluded to for the “Basketball Wives LA” cast was pretty much a go. Producers were reportedly said to be firing Gloria and Laura Govan, Malaysia Pargo, and Brooke Bailey, keeping the crazy that is Jackie Christie, Draya, and cast newbie Bambi for good measure.

By now, the news, of course, has reached the cast members and two of them seem to have very different reactions to the pink slip rumor. Confirming the report that she was getting fired over her secret summer wedding, Gloria seems to not be shocked at all by this information. Brooke, on the other hand, is crying BS.

TMZ caught up with Gloria to ask how she felt about the news and she said:

“I kind of had a feeling because producers and I weren’t really on the same page from the get-go…

“It was a conscious decision not to put my relationship out there since day one and I guess my real life wasn’t as exciting as it was supposed to be.”

At least she knows she’s boring. As far as VH1 producers being mad they weren’t invited to tape the wedding, Gloria said “There were a lot of people who weren’t invited.” Interestingly, Gloria says the network has been sending out constant emails telling cast members they aren’t actually fired but she figures that’s just a ploy to get the ladies to attend the reunion and cause drama more than 1 million people would be interested in watching. So far she hasn’t decided whether she’s down for that or not.

In video vixen land, Brooke Bailey has a totally different take on this rumor. In an interview with Hip Hollywood she simply said of the news:

“If they weren’t rumors talking about me then I wouldn’t be doing my job right. I mean, it’s a rumor. I’m definitely confident that I’ll be returning for anything that I wanna return to.”

Translation: If I’m fired I’ll be able to spin this and claim I just didn’t want to come back.

Meanwhile, VH1 has finally put out a statement on their blog, saying:

“The time has come to set the record straight. We can officially tell you all that despite the widespread reports, none of them are true. There have been absolutely no casting decisions made regarding the next season of the show.”

Hmmm. Perhaps Gloria should settle down then.

So Basketball Wives LA Is A Ratings Fail

October 12th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Gossip On This

Based on our mentions when we live-tweet through “Basketball Wives LA” on Monday nights we kind of had an inkling no one was really watching the show, but we didn’t realize no one was watching.

Rhymes With Snitch sort of blew the lid off the ratings fail, using data from TV By The Numbers which shows this ranking for BBWLA this past week:

Basketball Wives LA 2VH18:00 PM1.1980.6

FYI, 0.6 is not a good rating. The slip has actually been pretty gradual for season 2 of “Basketball Wives LA” which premiered with 1.81 million views in September, dropped to 1.4 million the next week, and is now hovering somewhere below the 1.2 million mark. Just to be clear it’s these ladies and not VH1, “T.I. and Tiny,” which comes on after BBWLA, is pulling in better rank with 1.34 million views this past Monday, and even “Chrissy and Mr. Jones” beat out both of them with 1.41 million views.

None of these shows is anywhere close to the figures rache’ “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” pulled in, which hovered around 3.7 million viewers during its first season, but if BBWLA’s rank keeps dropping these ladies could soon find themselves unemployed. And since none of the cast members appears to have a plan B (besides being video chicks) I’m thinking they better step up their side hustle game in the next few weeks.

Have you been watching “Basketball Wives LA” at all?

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Hot Mess Preview: Basketball Wives LA Season 2 Supertrailer

August 22nd, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Blog.VH1

You were probably a little worried about what you’d be doing Monday nights since “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta” has come to a close, right? Yes, I know there’s still the highly anticipated reunion, but after that, what’s a girl in need of messy entertainment to do? Watch “Basketball Wives LA,” of course.

Last year’s season premiere got off to a bit of a slow start but once Jackie Christie started to show her crazy, viewers couldn’t help but tune in to see the self-labeled HBIC act a straight fool while trying to run the girls in her crew the same way she runs her husband Doug. In a nutshell, their reaction was “not gone happn.'” There were rumors Jackie might not even come back because of her crazy antics and the other cast member’s refusal to tape with her, but sure enough, back she is, and stirring up more trouble, as expected.

In the trailer we see Jackie trying to put the cast’s two new girls, Brooke Bailey and Bambi, through the ringer like she did Draya the first time around. (Cray Cray on 10). Brooke also explains why she’s on the show, she’s dating (not married to) basketball player Vernon Macklin — and also thinks she can have any man she wants to have. With that declaration, it’s no wonder the other newbie, Adiz Bambi, who’s Malaysia’s friend doesn’t seem to be too fond of her, and that’s where the battle of the video vixens begins. As should come as no surprise, Jackie inserts hersef right in the middle of it all, earning her the label of a “wack, old b***h.”


Check out the supertrailer below. Season 2 debuts September 10 at 8pm. Will you watch?

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There’s Another New Chick On The “Basketball Wives LA” Block

July 25th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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The vacant spots in the “Basketball Wives LA” cast are starting to fill up. Last week, we found out model and former “acquaintance” of NBA baller Rashad Lewis, Brooke Bailey, was joining the crew and now VH1 has confirmed there will be another new face on the second season of the show: Bambi.

By the name alone I’m sure you can figure out her occupation. Adiz Bambi (her full entertainment name, which I think may mean, eh this is Bambi, from the way it’s spelled at times but I’m not sure) is a men’s mag type of model, actress, and now aspiring singer who has a video out for her track “Look at Your Body,” which also features BBWLA cast member Malaysia Pargo who she said in an interview with Secret Language TV is her best friend.

VH1 hasn’t mentioned any affiliation Bambi has with a basketball star, so again the meaning of a “Basketball Wife” is lost on the ladies of the show. Knowing next to nothing about this woman or the other newbie Brooke doesn’t make their addition to the cast too exciting, but knowing crazy Jackie plans to return will surely be enough to make viewers tune in. Season 2 of “Basketball Wives LA” will premiere in September.

What do you think about this newest addition?

Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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Meet Brooke Bailey, The Newest Member of “Basketball Wives LA”

July 17th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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A new face seen hanging with the crew of “Basketball Wives LA” this weekend will be a permanent one on the set of the reality TV show during the second season. We already knew at least one or two ladies would be added to the cast since Metta World Peace’s wife Kimsha went MIA after about two episodes, as did Tanya Williams, and VH1 confirmed that the new person is Brooke Bailey.

Keeping with the trend of not having actual wives on the show, Brooke is not married. I’m not even sure she’s in a relationship, because according to Sister 2 Sister, she sounds more like a former sidepiece.

“[I]t’s her affiliation with NBA baller Rashard Lewis that likely qualifies her to co-star on “Basketball Wives: L.A.,” they wrote.

“Back in 2010, Brooke was accused of coming between Rashard and his girlfriend, who was pregnant with his child at the time.  While Rashard may have been discreet about his dealings with Brooke, she’s said to have been quite overt, sitting on the sidelines at games to root for her man.”

Considering the way the cast came at Draya when they first met her, Brooke likely didn’t receive a warm welcome to the group, although from the looks of photos during her birthday pool party at the Bikini Swim Club in Los Angeles, they appear to all be buddy-buddy at this point. All that’s known about Brooke is she is a video model who previously appeared on E!’s reality show “Candy Girls” back in 2009. She’s also appeared in music videos by 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, Mims, Akon, and Rich Boy. So yeah, Draya 2.0.

One person who’s missing from the photo above is Imani Showalter, and according to VH1’s blog she’s reportedly not returning to the show. Three ladies down and one new replacement? Maybe less girls will mean less drama. What do you think?

Brande Victorian is the news and operations editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

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