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Remember Kenan & Kel? Kel Mitchell Says Kenan Thompson Doesn’t Want To Be Bothered With Him?

November 24th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Remember the shows All That and Kenan and Kel, starring friends Kenan Thompson and Kel Williams? Well, don’t expect to see them do any other work together anytime soon because according to Kel, Kenan wants nothing to do with him.

TMZ caught up with Kel when they found out his former partner in comedy is working on a new pilot with NBC.  Since they worked together in the past, TMZ asked Kel if he would be making an appearance on the show.  Kel reportedly told the crew, “The truth is, Kenan does not want to be seen with me in any form of media or even have my name mentioned around him.”  Further, he told TMZ that the guys, who at one point were the epitome of best friends, were supposed to reunite for a magazine interview. However, Kenan pulled out at the last minute.

Kel insists he isn’t upset about it and understands that Kenan is probably trying to distance himself from Kel so he can make a name for himself.  It seems he’s been fairly successful because he’s been part of theSaturday Night Live cast for quite some time.  Kel, on the other hand, has remained very lowkey in Hollywood.

Finally, Kel says he’s not opposed to a reunion of some sort because he knows that many fans are always asking when that will happen.  But he says he doesn’t see it ever happening because of how Kenan really feels.

Interesting.  Usually when there’s bad blood on one or both sides, both parties know why there’s such tension. Kel seems to be a little oblivious as to the true reason Kenan doesn’t want to be bothered. It’s possible that something else happened and Kel doesn’t want to say and Kenan has just moved on.

The (B)Romance Is Over: 50 Cent & Floyd Mayweather Have Severed Ties…And Its Getting Ugly

November 3rd, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Bromance PF"

Mary Ann Owen/WENN

We’ve been hearing the rumors over the last week. 50 Cent said earlier this week he was no longer part of their boxing promoting company, TMT Promotions. Then, early this morning, the other shoe dropped.

Around midnight, 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather started trading shots on Twitter and Instagram, giving us all a look inside this very public break-up.  For his part, 50 started shouting out Yuriorkis Gamboa, a boxer that Floyd has yet to fight and as a result, it has caused much controversy.  He followed it up by tweeting, “I can’t hang out with Floyd no more,I’m tired of running from manny pacquiao.” Ouch.  50 continued his rant by saying that Floyd should stop spending all his money on women (he used another word though) because they don’t love him. Now, I’m not sure if that’s a shot at Floyd’s boo, Ms. Jackson, or if he’s saying that Floyd enjoys spending money on side pieces.

But he wasn’t in the fight alone. Floyd started tweeting and posting pictures on Instagram, one with 50 holding Floyd’s belt with a caption, “A male boxing groupie.. hold my belts because your album sales have declined.”  Yes, I hollered. He’s using pictures that used to show them being so “in love” to make sure they no longer have anything to talk about.

What’s the fight about? Who knows! Is it even real? That’s a better question because both of these men are known “attention whores” and we should not be surprised if one of them eventually says they were both in the same room tweeting while the “argument” was going on.

Meanwhile, the third part of the “Money Team,” Ray-J, was chopping it up with President Obama.

Who says friendships aren’t relationships? Even better, who says men aren’t catty?

Tyrese Slapped With Restraining Order?

March 30th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: Zimbio

It’s one thing to have a woman request a restraining order against you, it’s quite another to have a man file papers against you because the bromance you thought you had going on is all in your head.

Diary of a Hollywood Street King is reporting that “Transformers” Director Michael Bay does not want to be associated with Tyrese, and he’s filed the paper work to prove it. First, Michael reportedly filed a cease and decist order against the singer/actor after he went on a promotional circuit claiming that he and the director are super close. Michael basically said you’re doing too much and you need to keep my name out your mouth, bro.

Unfortunately, Tyrese didn’t get the hint and Michael supposedly upped his legal action to a restraining order and Michael’s cousin, Susan, explained why:

“Michael didn’t like when Tyrese was calling out his name on television, like they were boys. Everywhere Tyrese went, he was calling out Michael’s name. Mike didn’t like that s***.”


As I wiped away my tears of laughter, I checked out where a man named “Nelson” put up a statement claiming this rumor is false.

“Tyrese is a great friend to Michael Bay, and to this web site. Tyrese is one of Michael’s best friends. They’ve gone to Floyd Mayweather fights and last Christmas Tyrese spent Christmas with Bay as a true friend.”

I suppose we have to take “Nelson’s” word for it, but I don’t think anyone would be surprised if the rumor against over the top Tyrese was true. SMH

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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8 Signs Your Man Isn’t Ready to Grow Up

June 27th, 2011 - By L. Nicole Williams
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Every relationship comes to a crossroads when both people have to decide what type of commitment they want, if at all. Some of us have clear rules and don’t waste time playing around any longer than three months; while, others hang on for years. But, there is no need to squander precious time with someone who isn’t ready to step up.

If you’re beyond “buddy” or “boo” status and ready for something steady, it’s time to start weeding out the boys (who may be nice) but just aren’t ready to grow up. Don’t know the signs? Here are a few to get you moving: