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Bridal #SquadGoals To Achieve When You Get Hitched

October 25th, 2016 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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We LOVE those window shots! #OurBlackIsBeautiful 😍 Awesome 📷 by @socialshotsphotos

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Bridal parties are known to make or break the Bride and Groom’s wedding day pictures. Some friends don’t like to wear makeup while others could care less about grooming their hair.

But the bridal parties featured here are the perfect blueprint for what every bride and her bridesmaids should aspire to.

Whether it’s representing their cultures, showing off their cute casual wedding attire or feeling godly in all white, these bridal parties stopped the show on the wedding day and broke the internet.

Take a look at these beauties, below.

20 Must-Have Wedding Shoes That’ll Leave Your Guests Gasping For Air

October 18th, 2016 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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While some wedding guests are fawning over the bride’s dress, I usually find myself peeking to see what shoes she’s wearing—did she get creative and add a pop of color to her wedding outfit or take the boring route by wearing plain flats because her dress is long?

No matter what you decide to wear on your feet, wedding shoes should be comfortable and represent your sense of style. And you don’t have to go broke to purchase show-stopping shoes either!

From TopShop to Badgley Mischka, we picked shoes that every bride-to-be will love. From bright colors, funky patterns to traditional styles, check out these fly wedding shoes that you can wear even after you say, “I Do!”

Embellished to Perfection:

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It’s All In The Details: The Boldest Looks From Fall 2017 Bridal Fashion Week

October 13th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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It was the most wonderful time of the year!

No, I’m not talking about Christmas. I’m talking about Bridal Fashion Week!

Okay, on a serious note, I’m sure you probably didn’t even know all this was going on. Still, New York International Bridal Fashion Week is a pretty big deal, and it just took place from October 8-10. It’s the time of year when the masses get to see all the chic looks designers have planned for 2017 brides. Every unique design you can think of was featured on the runways. There were massive hats, a flurry of fringe, embroidery to the nines, sheer panels, and more unique looks that reminded us that when it comes to bridal fashion, it’s all in the details. But I must say, modern takes on bridal attire ruled the catwalk, including jumpsuits and gowns in bold colors. With that being said, check out the looks from all the big bridal designers and get some inspiration for your own big day — or just stare in awe at the beauty of it all just because.


Here Comes The Traditional Bride: Traditional Wedding Ceremonies From Around The Globe

October 7th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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It’s technically still wedding season (we just passed September, which is a peak wedding season month), and all kinds of celebrations are taking place, including traditional weddings. While the traditional Western white weddings are what most of us are used to, traditional cultural weddings that take place ahead of white weddings are a sight to see.

Take these Ghanaian traditional wedding ceremonies for example. The colors! The kente cloth! The love! It’s all a beautiful thing that many people don’t get to see or experience. As someone planning to have a traditional wedding leading up to my white wedding in a couple of weeks (yay!), it’s something my family has been preparing for and are still preparing for as I type this. But because I’m so excited, I thought it would be nice to see and share the traditional wedding experiences of brides from all around the world. Here are just a few that are sure to leave you in awe.

Would You Ditch These Wedding Traditions?

August 15th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

As wedding season draws to a close, we’ve noticed a big trend in the celebrations we’ve been to: a lot of brides have been breaking with tradition. Once upon a time, you knew exactly what to expect from every wedding, even if it all came with were the bride and groom’s unique twists.

Today’s brides have been filling weddings (and post-wedding events) with so many surprises, it pays to double-check the dress code before you show up. From super casual ceremonies to weddings without cakes and cocktails before the vows, weddings and ceremonies are getting more and more creative.

Would you try these new wedding trends? Or is a more traditional ceremony the only way to go for you?

15 Things A Bride Wants You To Know On Her Wedding Day

February 22nd, 2016 - By Julia Austin
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If you’re going to a good friend’s wedding, you’ll be tempted to treat the day like business as usual. You’ll want to hug her and talk to her the way you normally would over mimosas at your regular Sunday brunch. But it is not business as usual. She is the star today and you are an audience member; act accordingly.

Okay, maybe your friend doesn’t have a mentality quite that diva, but there are some things that you need to know to make her day easier (or to at least not make it worse). You may have had your own struggles to be at this wedding, but nobody—and I mean nobody—has gone through what the bride has gone through to make this wedding happen. Being a bride is like being the producer and the main actor in a movie. Stressful! Here are 15 things a bride wants you to know on her wedding day.

Making Every Bride Feel Special: Meet The Entrepreneurial Sisters From TLC’s ‘Curvy Brides’

June 3rd, 2015 - By Ann Brown
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(Photo courtesy TLC)

Sisters Yukia (left) and Yuneisia (right). (Photo courtesy TLC)

The average American girl is a size 16, which seems to be a fact that most bridal companies have not yet heard. It is extremely hard for average and plus-size women to find fabulous gowns to walk down the aisle in. This is where sisters Yukia Walker and Yuneisia Harris step in.

They are owners of a Columbia, MD-based bridal salon that helps curvy brides find the dress of their dreams. Curvaceous Couture is a unique bridal salon in that it carries gowns from sizes 12 to 44. Yukia and Yuneisia recently shared their story and expertise on TLC’s Curvy Brides, which aired for six weeks from May to June.

Their journey to help curvy brides started when in 2008 when Yukia, 36, was looking for a bridal gown. She searched high and low for beautiful plus-size dresses, but her shopping adventure turned into a nightmare. She couldn’t fit in any sample gowns and she was treated badly nearly everywhere she went.

This prompted the idea for Curvaceous Couture, a bridal salon for full-figured women that she and Yuneisia, 33, started in their parents’ basement. Just a few months later they opened a store. The business became so successful, the two women left their high-paying corporate jobs. Yuneisia was in pharmaceutical sales and Yukia had been in government contracting.

MadameNoire: People have ideas all the time, but what made you go ahead and start Curvaceous Couture?
Yukia: We always wanted to start a business together but it was really my horrible experience in trying to find my own dress that made me realize there was a major need for someone to offer plus-size wedding gowns.

Yuneisia: Seeing how terrible my sister was treated when she was trying to find a wedding dress it made me want to help other women. My sister was literally laughed out of the last bridal boutique we went to. And this was just ridiculous to me because the average woman is a size 16, not a 2 or 4 like the sample sizes. Later, my sister did a ton a research and found there was really no bridal salon that specialized in curvy women, so we  put a business plan together.

MN: How did you fund the startup?
Yukia: We used some of our retirement funds and my mother and father also helped us out.

MN: What were some of the challenges you had as a startup?
Yuneisia: We went into a business that was very high fashion and the sizes are like size two and that was really shocking to us. It was hard to find gown samples in the sizes we wanted. But now since we have been in business for seven years we have designers sending us dresses.

Yukia: The biggest thing I think was that we thought we could open shop and just go to the bridal market and purchase some dresses in larger sizes and they would work for our customers. But every style does not work for every woman, so we had to understand how the dresses were made in order to find and have dresses created for our clients.

MN: How did the TLC show, Curvy Brides, come about?
Yukia: For years we were getting contacted by producers saying let us pitch a show featuring you. But I was dealing with health issues [she has dealt with diabetes, hyperthyroidism and other medical issues that she discusses here], had gotten married and was raising kids. It wasn’t a good time and we never really thought about being on reality TV. But when TLC came calling, we already knew about their show Brides By Design and we thought this would be the right opportunity for us. And we knew we could use the show as a platform to help other plus-size brides.

MN: How do you plan to use the show to further your brand?
Yuneisia: At the end of the day women should know there is a place where they can go to find the perfect dress. We are a mom-and-pop business and to be given a national soundboard, that is invaluable.  Plus, we get to invite people into our home and our family.

MN: What has been the most surprising thing about being on the show?
Yukia: I don’t think we expected such overwhelming support. I have received so many encouraging emails about my health issues which I discussed on the show, the show, our business. It has been incredible. This support has empowered us to keep on growing our business and message.

MN: What were the challenges of the show?
Yukia: I don’t think we realized how hard of work it would be. I think we knew it would be an added stress on the business but we had to do a good job tweaking our filming hours so it would not affect our business.

Yuneisia: It was not easy being around cameras all the time, but we had a really great production team around us who made it easy.

MN: So what is next for you and your brand?
Yuneisia:  We have some things with in the works. We are looking into other areas where we can expand our brand into other cities and help women. Honestly, we really started the business to help other women. My sister and I are both intelligent women, so of course we wanted to have a successful business. But at the core of it all is empowering women. If you could see my sister’s face when she was shopping for what was supposed to be her special day, you would never want anyone to feel that way.

Yukia: We’re in this for the long term. We’re not going back to the cubical life.

Study Says More Than Half Of Brides Want To Rewrite Their Engagement Stories

March 20th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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More Than Half Of Brides Want To Rewrite Their Engagement Story

Source: Shutterstock

After sharing news of your recent engagement, one of the first things people are inclined to ask is “How did it happen?” However, according to a recent study conducted by David’s Bridal, many  brides would change their engagement stories if they could.

The study, which surveyed approximately 500 brides, revealed that 53 percent of them said that if given the opportunity, they would definitely change something about the moment their future life partner’s. The figures regarding specifically what they would have tweaked, however, varied. 22 percent of women said that they would change the location where their future mate proposed, while 20 percent said that they would’ve changed their partner’s actual proposal speech.

Of course, the ring is generally a major part of any engagement; 14 percent of brides said that they would change something about their rings. 14 percent of women participating in the survey also expressed that they would make adjustments regarding some of the people who were present at the time of the proposal. Surprisingly, 10 percent of women said that they would also change the date of their proposal.

Is there anything that you would change about your partners marriage proposal?

Indian Bridal Jewelry: 15 Inspirational Looks

February 18th, 2014 - By Rich
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Indian bridal jewelry is absolutely stunning, though it can be a bit overwhelming for those who are not familiar with the culture. However, when used delicately it can really create a memorable moment on your special day. Take a slow look at these beautiful headdresses, bracelets, rings, veils and necklaces and get inspired. Swoon alert!

All images courtesy of Pinterest

Indian Bridal Jewelry: 15 Inspirational Looks

Bride & Bridesmaids Photo Inspiration: From Classy to Sassy

October 9th, 2013 - By Rich
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Sometimes in order to be picture perfect, wedding photos forsake personality,  well not these often hilarious and yes tear -jerking bride and bridemaids photos. Check ’em out!