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“Sometimes People Don’t Live Up To Their Potential” Did Erica Mena Explain Why She Broke Up With Bow Wow?

October 16th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Bow Wow


Call me psychic or whatever but I never thought the relationship between Bow Wow and Erica Mena was going to result in a marriage. Honestly, I initially thought the whole thing was a publicity stunt. But at this point, with the deletion of him from her page, it seems that all signs point to a breakup. Still, it doesn’t really matter.

While I didn’t think they would last, nothing could have prepared me for the way Bow Wow ultimately dogged his fiancée out in the public eye, saying she used her miscarriage to get attention. This is particularly interesting when Bow Wow has repeatedly been found guilty of sticking his nose in places it didn’t belong for shine. It is not only hypocritical, it’s just cruel. I thought dude was corny and self centered, I didn’t realize he was so mean spirited.

But apparently, Erica Mena saw something in him that led her to believe he could be and do better.

Yesterday, she seemed to offer an explanation of the ending of their relationship with a meme and a caption.

As problematic as the images Erica Mena has put forth over the years, this is some mature reasoning. And we’ve all been there. Potential doesn’t mean ambitious or has good work ethic or even a sense of decency.

It’s good that Erica Mena learned this before she walked down the aisle; but it’s really unfortunate that she let Bow Wow’s potential take her away from her reality show, her biggest source of revenue, and move her across the country to L.A. Erica Mena knows how to keep people talking, so I suspect that she’ll bounce back but once again, lesson learned.

Bow Wow Thinks Erica Mena’s Reveal Of Her Miscarriage Was “Attention Seeking”

September 20th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Couples People Don't Take Seriously


Seemingly, it’s trouble in paradise for newly engaged Bow Wow and Erica Mena.

On Thursday (Sept. 17), the former Love & Hip Hop New York star aired out some of business on social media. Mena took to Instagram to reveal to her 2 million followers that she suffered a miscarriage earlier this year. Of course, it was her and her fiance Bow Wow’s child.

#EricaMena shares a heartfelt message about losing her child

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoominc) on

Mena posted a photo that was captioned with a poem where she poured out her emotions regarding her loss. She also tweeted about not being ashamed of speaking her mind. “I’m open about it. I’m not the only one,” she wrote. “Speaking my mind has always helped me deal & heal. So I’m NEVER ashamed. Can you say the same?”

However, Bow Wow disagrees with Mena’s sentiments.

After her big social media reveal, Bow Wow posted a video speaking about his opine on the matter. In the 44-second video, he says that his fiancee was “attention seeking.” Why would he say such a thing? Well, according to him, Mena’s miscarriage occurred five months ago, explaining that the situation was in the past and didn’t need to be brought up.

“First and foremost, I feel like telling your personal business on social media, I feel like that’s one of the lamest things you possibly can do,” Bow Wow said. “I feel like it’s attention seeking, especially when it’s news that happened five months ago. It’s not recent, it’s five months ago.”

Erica’s initial Instagram post has since then been deleted, but watch Bow Wow’s reaction for yourself below.


An Erica Mena-Inspired List Of What NOT To Do After You Get Engaged

July 2nd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Bow Wow



You know, I wanted to like Erica Mena. For a second there, I thought she could be a misunderstood woman trying to make her way and feed her family through reality TV. However, it’s her shenanigans off-camera lately that are a bit unsettling. Ever since Shad Moss, aka, Bow Wow popped the question, she has really been feeling herself. And while there’s nothing wrong with being happy about a new chapter and winning romantically, she hasn’t been a gracious winner. In fact, she’s been a bit mean: to her exes, to her former castmates, and as I found out this week, to the mother of Bow Wow’s daughter, Shai. I tried to hold my tongue, but after watching her tell another woman that she’s “just a BM,” I can’t deal. Hey, sometimes finding love can go to your head (check out our comical video on the subject). But the following behaviors are not a good look. Ladies, here are 10 things you shouldn’t do once your man puts a ring on it, as inspired by Erica Mena.

Bow Wow Talks Settling Down With Erica Mena: “I Could Have Easily Been The Black Hugh Hefner”

June 19th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Most were shocked to learn of Bow Wow and Erica Mena‘s engagement last fall. Their relationship seemed to come completely out of left field, but the celebrity couple’s situation lasted longer than many people expected and according to the duo, they still plan on tying the knot.

The rapper is only 28, but he reasons that because he has been in entertainment for so long, he is actually “40 years old” in industry years. For this reason, he says that he’s sure he is ready to settle down.

He tells Rolling Out:

“I could have easily been the Black Hugh Hefner. Erica would be the first to tell you that “Bow is Bow.” I still uphold that young, flashy, on-the-scene lifestyle. That’s never going to leave. But for me, I just follow life and life just hit me differently this time. With me starting at 5, I might be 28, but really I’m 40 years old in entertainment years. So when people are asking why I’m slowing down, the truth is, I’ve had everything. There isn’t a woman that has ever been on camera, ever been interviewed, or ever been on the red carpet that I haven’t been in contact with. So, I’m done with all of that. They say you’re supposed to get it out and live your life. At this point in my life, all of that is boring, and that was when I knew it was time … it just felt right for me and Erica to take that step.”

The CSI: Cyber actor when on to say that his 4-year-old daughter, Shai, also influenced his decision.

“Also, I wanted to focus on being the best father that I could be, because my father definitely wasn’t a good father. I want to have time for [my daughter] whenever she needs me. So all of this works together to allow me to have some stability in my life so I can focus on what I need to do.”

He also shared that having daughter has made him “more respectful” towards women.

“I’m more respectful now. Looking at my little girl, I really have tunnel vision. How could I ever let her down? She’s my best friend, and I’ve been waiting for her to finally get to this age [4 years old]. Now, she can come to work with me and just be chilling. I love it.”


Bow Wow Offers James Harden A Lesson On Sleeping With Groupies: “My Security Takes Phones”

June 4th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Bow Wow

WENN, Instagram

Earlier this week, a photo of James Harden sleeping next to a woman, who is reportedly known in industry circles as a groupie, was posted on Instagram. Of course, it’s expected that many young athletes will engage in sexual activity with a groupie at some point or another, but it’s reported that the shooting guard is supposed to be in a committed relationship, which makes the photo all the more scandalous.

In response to the photo, which quickly circulated on social media, Bow Wow aka Commentator of All Things Random, dedicated an entire Facebook post to the 25-year-old about how a man should conduct himself when dealing with a groupie.

First of all, the 28-year-old insists that women must hand over their cellphones to his security guards before a rendezvous. He adds that they are also required to sign paperwork. Above all else, the actor suggests that no evidence be left behind. His post reads:

Yo i see yall boys still young rich and DUMB. Now james is my boy but let me say this now. This is how i USE to do it it’s called “leaving no evidence” if you was chilling w me my security takes phones and you signing papers. The rule is when she leaves she gets her phone back.

Secondly if u forgot to take phone make sure she sleep then find her phone (usually by side of bed) i would take it put it under the bed so i KNOW im good and could sleep peacefully. Yall be too comfy w/ brauds yall dont know! I give credit to the ladies because most of us are just that rich and STUPID so yall know how to get us.

I been caught up too before not knowing being a rookie but next time.. Leave no evidence. Sometimes i would sleep somewhere else leave them all by themselves but id be watching them from my security cam. Fellas be smart we know the p***** is the most powerful thing but dont let it hypnotize you.

Ladies when yall do stuff like this, it ruins it for you because we NEVER calling you again. Why mess it up over a proof pic that you twapping a rich dude. Was it worth it? YOOOOOO JAMES WAAAKE UP BRO! zzzzzz…. #feartheblonde ps. This game aint for everybody! I took being a ladies man serious. You got to go all out PROTECT your brand your image.

Interesting. Very interesting.

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Don’t You Just Want To See Ciara Prevail When It Comes To This Love Thing?

May 6th, 2015 - By Alexandra Olivier
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AP Images

Celebrity relationships operate a lot like trends–in one day and so far out the next. (Just ask Big Sean and Ariana Grande.) In fact, it’s rare for the public to take a particular interest in any relationship for more than 15 minutes if it isn’t Jay and Bey or Kimye.

But one new relationship that has people talking is Ciara’s current romance with Russell Wilson. Fans of her music or not, some women are interested in seeing how that courtship will play out. It isn’t because the pair are especially cute together or because their union – singer falls for athlete – is unique. Nope. Interests lie in whether or not this new relationship of sorts will last. You can blame this newfound concern on CiCi’s track record with dreamboat boos who, unsurprisingly, turned out to be nightmares in front of the world.

Yes, Ciara has fallen for a few princes who ultimately turned back into frogs. There was Shad Moss, then known as Lil Bow Wow, a relationship that could be placed in the puppy love department. Following Moss was 50 Cent, who comes with a laundry list of eccentric antics that can often be too much for even his Instagram followers to handle. Then there was NBA star Amar’e Stoudemire, who eventually went back to his ex, whom he went on to marry. Rounding out the bunch is Future, who allegedly cheated on the star. Despite Future now being a part of her past, she shares a beautiful baby boy with him.

It is perhaps all of these train wrecks that keep us watching Ciara’s love life play out with baited breath, hoping it will all work out. Not only is Ciara a sweet and positive person who deserves good luck in love, but who can’t relate to her story of falling for Mr. Wrong? There is no rulebook for dating, falling in love, or keeping a happy home, so we do the best we can and learn lessons along the way. Instead of dwelling on previous love mishaps, the “I Bet” singer seemingly mends her broken heart and moves on – quicker than many may expect.

Breakups can leave a girl feeling stuck and wanting to take a break from men. But one thing we could learn from the CiCi is that it’s ok to keep trying. You don’t have to put love on the back burner because it’s been an uphill battle.

Will Russell Wilson be Ciara’s knight in shining armor, the man to deliver unconditional love (and stay faithful)? Well, it’s way too early to tell. Their appearance at the White House dinner and even his good luck tweet to the singer, as she prepared for her tour, aren’t enough information to provide the answer. But still, his actions so far show that he’s not afraid to let people know how he feels about her. (And that he’s sprung.) Considering that CiCi has always been the one doing the gushing about the guys in her life, it’s safe to say that they’re off to a great start.

Bow Wow Explains Why He And Erica Mena Live With His Mom

April 15th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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While most young adults like myself are plotting to get out of their parents’ home, it looks like Shad “Bow Wow” Moss intends to stay under his mama’s roof for a long time. In an interesting interview with People, the “CSI: Cyber” actor revealed that he recently moved his fiancée Erica Mena into the Atlanta mansion he shares with mom Teresa Caldwell.

“It just makes sense,” Moss said. “First of all the house is too big, but I want to make sure my mom is comfortable forever.”

The 28-year-old went on to say that this way of living is something he learned from former mentor Jermaine Dupri.

“I remember when I first moved to Atlanta and Jermaine Dupree had the same situation,” Moss explained. “He took part of the house and his mom had the whole rest of it. I said then that I wanted to have the same set up.”

Currently, the soon-to-be married couple is living in the newly remodeled basement of the 8-bedroom mansion.

“It’s like I have a condo downstairs,” he explained. “I’ve had 100 people there and my mom has been asleep and has never heard the music, screaming, laughter, or drinking. I mean full blown house parties downstairs while she is in the bed asleep. So I’m staying right here.”

It also seems that overstepped boundaries won’t be an issue for the trio because there’s so much space.

“There’s times where I’ll be down there for three days and we don’t see each other so it’s like I’m out of town even when I’m here.”

“I don’t have to get in the car and drive anywhere to see her,” he continued. “I just come up the stairs and say, ‘What up, Mom.’”

What are your thoughts on Shad revealing his current living arrangement?

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Make It Official: Looks Like Bow Wow And Erica Mena Tied The Knot Already

March 24th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Bow Wow And Erica Mena Tied The Knot Already

Derrick Salters/

When I first learned that Bow Wow and Erica Mena were engaged, I was shocked but also immediately assumed it was a publicity stunt. And if I’m being completely honest, I’m still not sure their love is real. But perhaps they’ve taken that next step anyway. Earlier today, on his Facebook page, the rapper and former host of “106 & Park,” posted an extensive message to his fiancé, that seemed to suggest that the couple are already husband and wife.

See what he had to say below.

Bow Wow is known for playing games on social media, so only time will tell if this is true or not. But if it is, congratulations to this couple.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to settle a debt I owe.

Bow Wow & Erica Mena Looked Amazing For Their ‘People’ Engagement Shoot

February 17th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Bow Wow and Erica Mena’s relationship generally attracts all types of skepticism and hate, but we honestly can’t see how anyone can hate on these beautiful engagement photos that they shot for People magazine. For the shoot, Erica wore a gorgeous lace gown while Bow Wow wore black slacks, white shirt and a bow-tie.

“I let her spearhead the engagement pictures,” the “CSI: Cyber” actor told the magazine. “They say it’s best to just say ‘yea’ to everything!”

Though they initially had plans to get hitched in April, they have since decided to push the ceremony back to June.

“I’ve got images in my head of how it will be,” he said. “I’m excited … What we have is real genuine.”

The former “106 and Park” host went on to say that he’s not only looking forward to being a great husband, but also a good father to both his daughter, Shai, and Erica’s son, King.

“I wanted to be a better man than my father was,” the actor revealed. “This relationship has definitely changed me as a person.”

As for why he decided to settle down, apparently, he just felt like it was the right time.

“The player life is cool, but I don’t want it to define me,” he said. “I’ve done it all, but being on the road, the groupies, you get burnt out.”

“I’ve known Erica for a long, long time,” he continued, “We noticed we had a lot in common and just took it day by day. You know how it goes, you text one day, then start texting every day.”

Considering that it looks like they’re actually going to follow through with getting married, we’re wishing them the best.

Check out more photos from their lovely engagement shoot here.

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“I’ve Never Had Someone To Fully Accept Me” Erica Mena Opens Up About Love And Sex With Bow Wow

January 30th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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 Erica Mena Opens Up About Love And Sex With Bow Wow

Source: Rolling Out

Honestly, I’m still waiting to see what’s going to happen with this Erica Mena and Bow Wow engagement. There is quite a bit of skepticism surrounding these two. One minute Erica, (Whenever I say Erica Mena’s name, I always hear Cyn’s whiny voice in my ear.), was with Rich Dollaz, then Cyn Santana and then, seemingly overnight, she was not only dating Bow Wow, the two were engaged to be married.

Life comes at you fast, huh?

We never know how the cookie will crumble in Hollywood relationships, so I’m not going to damn them or their love, I’ll just say it’s interesting.

In this day of social media proclamation, Erica and Bow Wow are forever making their love known all over each other’s social media pages. There are photos of the two in bed together, cute videos with sexual innuendos and gushing comments about who and what they are to each other. And in a recent interview with Rolling Out, the “Love and Hip Hop New York” star opened up about her relationship, talking about how Bow Wow tamed her, what real men like in a woman and what she wants her legacy to be as a woman, wife and mother.

Check out the highlights.

How can she be ready to get married when she was just with Cyn?

People have misconceptions about everyone I’ve dated. Last year, it’s like “oh, all of sudden, she’s gay.” No, I’ve been bisexual. In the past, I’ve been very open and affectionate towards females. It’s definitely no secret. At that point, I was dating a woman and brought her on the show.

How she and Bow fell in love

When that whole “106 & Park” kiss happened, we were both seeing other people and that kiss put us in the doghouse. So we were kind of confiding in each other. I realized that he is a man who really knows me and I’ve never had someone to fully accept me for who I am, flaws and all. I think it just happened naturally with us. We were at that point of really wanting to settle down, but the people that we were with at the time just weren’t fitting us. So it just happened and I discovered that this was the person that I was really supposed to be with.

What does she say to people who think this is a publicity stunt?

I think people are trying to put pieces together in other people’s lives so much that they are not living their own life. Cyn and I have been broken up for a while, I just hadn’t publicly come out about it because I’m on reality television. So to keep you tuned in, I had to keep things under wraps. So in this season of “Love & Hip Hop,”  there’s a lot of catching up for the fans to do. And I think they will see how everything transpired and will get a better understanding.

Bow Wow’s sex game

Being with Bow [Wow], he’s so dominating and that just turns me on because I’m usually the dominating one. I’m a Scorpio, so I call the shots. It’s different to have someone that you can finally be submissive to. So dealing with a woman like me, it’s kind of like, ‘can she be tamed?’ It’s all a matter of, are you man enough to tame the woman. And there’s a way to be assertive, but still give that embraceable nature that makes a woman kind of be submissive to you, that’s very powerful. But in order for a man to feel like a man, a woman has to give him the most respect. But in order for the woman to give you that respect, you kind of have to demand it and make her embrace you for what you are doing to her for her to respect you. So it’s a catch-22. I think men are scared of being men these days.

A little Rich Dollaz jab

From my last relationship with ‘B—- Dollaz’ [Rich Dollaz], he was just one of those dudes who would always run home to his mama. You know, it just shows that you’re a punk at that point. And that also goes for respect. You can still be a man and have authority and get your point across without being disrespectful. I think a man should “think like a man.

What do men respect about women?

Men love women who aren’t babies, who don’t nag and you don’t have to stroke their egos. You just kind of have to be sure of yourself. If you feel good, I’m telling you every man in America will know you’re feeling good.

How she wants to be remembered

In my career, I want to be known as the girl who was crazy enough to go for it and brave enough to get it done. In my personal life, I want to be the one who takes care of everybody. And in my marriage, I want to be that wife that my husband can really rely on for everything. I don’t want it to ever get to a point where my husband can’t be honest with me, or that he isn’t sexually into me. As a mom, I want to be that mother that steers her children to be whatever they want to be, but also lets them know that the world will never give them anything. So when they grow up, they can come back and say, “mom, you were right.”

You can read the rest of Erica Mena’s interview here.