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Cute Kid Alert: Kevin McCall Reveals First Pic Of Marley & Bow Wow Takes Daughter To Disney

February 26th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Awww! Look at this cutie. Proud dad Kevin McCall recently revealed a picture of his youngest daughter with Eva Marcille, Marley. Marley, who was born on January 31, will be a month old soon. And today Kevin decided to show her off. He posted this picture with the caption:

My little china doll… #marleyXO

You know newborns change daily but right now I’d say she’s looking like Daddy more than Eva. So cute!

And then in other precious baby news, Bow Wow and the mother of his daughter, Shai, took a trip to Disneyland. And though he rarely shares pictures of his daughter, he wrote about what the experience meant for him and shared a couple of shots.

Check out Bow Wow’s pictures on the next page.

The “Wave Masterz”: Bow Wow & Michael Vick Launch New Hair Care Line

February 19th, 2014 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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wave masterzBET’s 106 & Park host Bow Wow and NFL quarterback Michael Vick are on a mission to help men master the art of the perfect wave! Calling their new line “Wave Masterz,” the entertainer and football player plan to sell pomades, doo rags, skullcaps, and brushes for men’s hair care, reports.

“The best thing since Air Jordan’s,” Wave Masterz’ Instagram boasts.”Ingeniously brought to you by entrepreneurs @BowWow [...] & @Michael7Vick.” As of now, the business venture is still in its infancy, but the page has already garnered 3,200 IG followers — and all they’ve posted is their logo (above).

The business duo have also been hinting at a celebrity launch tour to boost Wave Masterz’s visibility.

As Michael Vick,  a former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback, is set to enter free agency, “Wave Masterz” might be a back-up plan in case his NFL career crumbles. But many are questioning the odd business union. “Bow Wow should watch his back since Vick doesn’t seem have a great track record when it comes to investments (or playing nice with dogs),” added.

Back in 2008, Vick filed for bankruptcy after he discovered he was between $10 million and $50 million in debt — and this his despite his million dollar contracts with the Atlanta Falcons and Philadelphia Eagles. “Poor management, bad investments and lawsuits drained Vick’s finances,” The Inquisitr notes.

He was also jailed for 21 months after he plead guilty to participating in an illegal dog fighting ring. “Sorry, but is it really in Michael Vick’s best interest to partner up on a hair product line with a guy named Bow Wow?” one critic tweeted.

Paying no mind to the aspersions, Bow Wow and Vick promises that “Wave Masterz” will “set ya city on fire!” as their website, which is currently under construction, touts.

Where Is Cyn? Erica Mena Co-Hosts 106 & Park And Locks Lips With Bow Wow In The Process

February 14th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Erica Mena Bow Wow

At this point, I think most people can see that Erica Mena is not all that serious about her relationship with Cyn Santana (and Cyn probably knows this too, but why complain when getting played on TV has made you somewhat infamous?). When she’s not sitting on Rich Dollaz’s lap and letting him toy with her heartstrings, she’s co-hosting 106 & Park with Bow Wow and kissing all on him in front of everyone. That’s exactly what happened when she hosted the show with the rapper last night.

While hosting, Bow Wow brought up the fact that Mena was originally supposed to play one of his love interests in the comedy, Lottery Ticket. But sense that fell through, they missed out on an on-screen kiss. The audience could tell what was about to happen and one girl literally looked like she wanted to cut Mena, but that didn’t stop the two from sharing a very interesting kiss. This isn’t the first time that Bow Wow has been able to share a kiss with a well-known beauty (and make us a little uncomfortable in the process). Just last year he smooched with Tyra Banks of all people when she stopped by the show. While I’m sure he’s feeling like the man right now (we’ve already figured out that Bow Weezy can be quite vain from time to time), I’m sure Cyn and Rich (who did admit that he’s in love with Mena during the reunion show) are somewhere feeling some type of way.

Love Connection?! Mychal Kendricks Declares Rihanna His #WCW

January 30th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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mychal kendricks declares rihanna his #wcw

Source: BET

The other day, we told you about Rihannas #MCM (Man Crush Monday), Mychal Kendricks. We have to give it to ole Rih Rih, if nothing else, the woman has great taste in men. Just like all of her other love interests, Mychal, of the Philadelphia Eagles, is a fione as hell.

And it looks like, based on his appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” yesterday that the feeling might just be mutual…maybe. When he appeared on the show Bow Wow and his co-host, Keshia Chanté, asked Kendricks who was his #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) and he said he had to go with Rihanna. In fact he said it like this: “Cat Daddy. You already know Rih Rih.”

It wasn’t long before Bow and Keshia pounced, asking what was the status of their “relationship.”

“We haven’t even been in contact. I got a couple of followers.” (i.e. After she called him her #MCM, the ladies and gay dudes flocked to his page.)

So they asked if they were going to try to make anything happen. He said:

“I’m in New York. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, is she here?” 

So they asked him to send a little shout out to Rihanna just in case she happened to be watching. The 23 year old seemed a little nervous as he stepped up to the camera and said:

“Hi Rih. New York.” 

Bahhaaa. I guess that was an invite for her to get at him first?! Perhaps this is how these young boys do it these days.

Then Bow Wow stepped in, “Look Rih, the homie here all weekend. It’s Super Bowl weekend, if you see him out, make sure ya’ll mingle. Say something, exchange information. There it is, I just went ahead and put you on dog.”

Do you think Mychal was a bit nervous or does he just want to exchange a few #mcms and #wcws and call it a wrap?

You can check out the video of the interview below.

UPDATE: Bow Wow Pens Personal Message To Chris Brown; Singer’s Charges Dropped To Misdemeanor

October 28th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I’m sure you’ve already heard about the messy situation that Chris Brown has currently found himself engulfed in due to a scuffle over the weekend. As we told you, Brown was arrested for felony assault after a party he hosted at Howard University in an effort to take part in their homecoming festivities (but this was not an official party the University was behind). He was arrested early Sunday morning outside of the W Hotel after he took a picture with some female fans, and two men allegedly decided to jump in the photo (who weren’t fans). Brown had some words for them and it turned into a physical altercation with one of the men, who is planning on pressing charges after reportedly having his nose broken. Brown was arrested and charged with felony assault. And while many folks are rolling their eyes at yet another Breezy incident, his fans and his famous friends are speaking out and standing by him. Even Bow Wow wrote a personal message on his Instagram (picture and all) for his embattled friend:

Bow Wow Chris

Been homies since day 1. Im talking bout got money together so much like bros if you aint have it on you my ni**a it was nothing i got you! Same on both ends! Keep yo head up stay focused you got a gift that your fans appreciate. Dont give these people no more reason to talk. Deliver them hits and focus on what YOU gotta do! Love my G #Freemyhomie! Hood & @wackstar yall scream at me let me know the 411! Hit me on the hip! Yall stay up too!”

And he’s not the only one showing love. Trey Songz even showed up in D.C. today to support Brown at his arraignment. Of course, Brown has been held in jail since he was arrested because he had to see a magistrate first. But his arraignment was delayed for a while because of an over-packed courtroom, and information on it (if it’s finally started and the end result) still hasn’t been made public yet.

Trey Songz

An overflow room for fans wanting to listen in has been made in the court basement, and some of Brown’s family had to be put in a separate room because of the courtroom presence. Even outside, as Trey Songz entered, it seemed more like the red carpet of an awards show as fans who stood outside for hours with signs saying “Leave Chris Brown Alone” screamed “OH MY GOD, IT’S TREY SONGZ!!!” It’s all a bit too much for a courtroom appearance for a serious charge that could come with serious time (four years). We will keep you posted on what comes of his arraignment, but I know he must be appreciating the support right now…because he definitely could use it.

According to the Washington Post, district prosecutors lowered Brown’s felony assault charge to a misdemeanor. As court papers stated, Brown says that he didn’t strike the man who says he broke his nose at all. There was initially confusion as to who threw the first punch, because Brown’s security guard was also arrested and charged (and his charges were lowered too), so that could be why Brown caught a break. Where are security cameras when you need them? Anyway, according to TMZ, Brown was released without bail and was told to stay 100 yards away from the victim.


Whose Adorable Daughter Is This?

October 25th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Whoever this little girl is, she’s already on her duck lips steez. And as cute as she is, we’re certainly not mad at her. Nails painted, lips pursed, and Audrey Hepburn as a guide, she’s on the way to becoming a little lady. Can you guess whose daughter she is? A few clues, her father lives and works full time in New York City, he was the object of many little girls’ affections back in the day, and recently someone tired to impersonate him to establish an online relationship.

I think I’ve spelled it out pretty well. But just in case you’re still in the dark, there’s another clue in the caption this celebrity posted on his Instagram.

OMG what have i created.. Im blaming her momma @missjoie & my momma @teresabwmom hahaha

The Two Bows Meet: Dee Pimpin And Keyonnah From “Catfish” Hit “106 & Park”

October 18th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: BET

Source: BET

Last week’s episode of Catfish had the internets going nuts. If you recall, Keyonnah thought she was in a relationship with rapper Bow Wow. After the episode aired on MTV, Bow Wow issued a very arrogant, unsympathetic response. In the midst of fawning over himself, he did manage to invite Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin, the woman who was pretending to be Bow Wow, to “106 & Park.”

They had that meeting yesterday on the show. And it was quite entertaining.

From the moment she hit the stage, Bow Wow presented her with flowers and a hug that Keyonnah let linger. After being embarrassed on national television, she was not shy.

“We flew you in, we did the hair up. We got your makeup right. That’s how a real fella is supposed to treat a lady.”

Keyonnah explained why she’s been such a Bow Wow fan since she was 9 years old. It was almost too hard to watch as she listed all the things that contribute to Bow Wow’s appeal. His eyes, his hair when he had. She said she likes that he is “out here and ’bout it.” And Bow soaked up every last bit of it.

“You really thought that was your boy?”

She said she was skeptical at first but then when Dee Pimpin started sending money, she assumed he was the one.

And then… Dee Pimpin’ came out boppin’ like she was accepting an award that day. After Bow Wow told her not to scam any women in New York, he asked Dee why she decided to imitate him.

Bow Wow: “It was so many celebrities that you could have been. It’s a lot of other guys in the game who have strong, female fan bases as well. You could have been Trey, you could have been Drizzy Drake, you could have been Chris Brown. But you picked Bow Weezy.

Dee: Bow Wizzle!

Bow Wow: What made you say that I’m gon’ be Bow Wow?

Dee: A lot of kids they called me you, when I was younger. Cuz I had the afro and I was doing music at a younger age. So I kinda fell into your path and tried to walk your steps.

Then they played this cute little trivia game where Dee Pimpin’ answered questions about Bow. Check out the videos on the next page and then the video of Dee and Keyonnah answered questions from Instagram followers.

Bow Wow Reacts To Catfish Episode, Proves He’s Still 14

October 9th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: YouTube

Source: YouTube

If you’re a fan of MTV’s hit show, “Catfish,” then you know that last night’s episode was a doozy. The short of it is that a woman, Keyonnah, believed she was in an online relationship with rapper Bow Wow. Now, before we start wondering about homegirl’s intelligence level, there were a few signs that could lead a naive and desperate person to believe that Bow Wow really was talking to her. For instance, “Bow Wow” messaged her after she left a note on his Facebook fan page and throughout the course of their relationship sent her $10k. Perhaps if Keyonnah followed the news, she would have known that Bow Wow could barely afford to make his child support payments. So there was no way he should have been sending a random fan, a stranger $10k.

So by the end of the episode, Keyonnah meets the person who’s been masquerading as Bow Wow. And lo and behold it’s a woman, a lesbian, named “Dee Pimpin.” Crazy, right? (If you haven’t seen the episode, you MUST watch.) The craziest thing about the meeting was that Dee believed she and Keyonnah would still have a chance. I mean, sure she wasn’t a man and had lied to her but she had a really life-like, lambskin dildo that she was gon’ use to turn Keyonnah out. LOL you can not make this stuff up.

Needless to say, Keyonnah is devastated. Not only did Dee lie about the nature of their relationship, she had her male cousin, Larry speak to her on the phone so she could be listening to a male voice. She was embarrassed, betrayed and disgusted by the whole situation. And even though we, the viewing audience, all knew that Bow Wow was not going to be on the other side of the door, I still felt for her. I mean dude was her childhood crush, c’mon.

So after the episode airs, Bow Wow and BET, in a move to rightly capitalize off of the episode release a video reaction to the episode centered all around him. I’m including the video, but let me just pull out a few highlights.

“The new thing is this “Catfish” situation. Let’s talk about how somebody is actually impersonating me. Now, first of all that’s a hard thing to do. Just look at me, you can’t impersonate this. These eyes, these ain’t contacts. You can’t buy these and put these in your eyes to think that you’re Bow Wow. These tattoos on my body, these is permanent. You can’t draw these on. It’s only one. It can only be one, not two but one. And that’s me. So how do I feel about being “Catfished?” Well, I feel honored. It’s dope and it’s flattering when someone wants to be you. And not only do they want to be you. In their mind, they are you. That’s crazy. But I like it. It’s free promo for myself, for BET, for ’106 & Park’.”

Then he invites Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin to come to “106 & Park” and meet him and discuss the whole thing.

“But we gon’ do it on my time though, on our network though and on our show. I mean ya’ll did take all our pictures from our show and used them. You want to holla at Bow Weezy, come to 106. “Catfish,” it is what it is.”

*Exasperated sigh.*

I’m sorry, was I the only one expecting a little compassion from Bow Wow instead of him taking this comical, yet sad situation to further promote himself? Did he not realize that he was not the one being catfished? Where was the message to the girl who actually believed she was meeting him, who had been a fan of his since childhood? Did he have any sympathy for her? Did he feel sorry that someone would use his image and images of his daughter to take advantage of another person? I guess not. Instead, he spent far too many seconds talking about his eyes and tattoos.

Baby, bye!

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve seen Bow Wow up close and homeboy, though severely short (like 5’2), is very easy on the eyes. But listening to this video nearly turns my stomach. He sounds like he never matured past the days when girls were throwing their training bras on stage during those Scream tours. And I get it, you got a lot of play back in the day; and maybe still to this day, but where is the humility? You need it.

And on another note, can we talk about this grown man’s lack of knowledge about the company he actually works for? He seems to have taken issue with the fact that MTV used images from “106 & Park.” That’s right, they did. But Bow, I need you to do some research. Both MTV and BET are owned by Viacom. They didn’t steal anything. They just moved those images over from one server to the next. Stop it.

Bow Wow’s only saving grace is that perhaps he didn’t see the full episode and therefore couldn’t comprehend the devastation and embarrassment Keyonnah felt when she realized her online love was not the man she envisioned, she wasn’t even a man. Perhaps after he’s seen the episode, if he hasn’t seen it, he’ll have something more to actually say to her and not continue talking about himself.

Check out the video on the next page. 

“This Person Thinks It’s Cool To Talk About People All Day”: Ciara Claps Back At Bullying Internet Troll

September 17th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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"Ciara pf"


If you’ve been living under a rock, you probably weren’t aware of the fact that people love to put down Ciara for some reason. Because she’s not selling records like some of the other big women in the game, people tell her she should sit down and stop making music. People have put together a petition in the past to force her to stop singing. And if that’s not enough, famous folks in the public eye have even tried to diss her, including one Good Girl Gone Bad who won’t be named. Yet and still, Ciara has taken all of these slights in stride. But yesterday, when one cyber troll got a little too comfortable, the singer had to put her in check.

The Twitter troll had quite a lot to say, hitting up Ciara’s page with questions and statements like:


Kiba 1

Kiba 2

She also ranted about Ciara messing with Bow Wow back in the day, and tried to make comments about her body. This was clearly someone looking for attention and looking to get Ciara to respond. And she did, going for the woman’s hair on social media (which we’re pretty sure wasn’t really her):

Ciara 3

Ciara 2


The troll tried to respond, but luckily, Ciara passed on trading further barbs and instead decided to let her followers know how frustrated she gets sometimes when people constantly disrespect her, and told them that cyber bullying? Not a good look.


Ciara 1

I’m sure it definitely gets frustrating when folks are constantly trying to dog you just because you’re in the spotlight, and Ciara seems like a genuinely nice person–but we all have to stand up and say something at some point.  What do you think of her and her cyber troll?

Fantasia And Missy Elliott Slay The “106 & Park” Stage While Performing “Without Me”

August 15th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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YAAAAAASSSS to this! That baby can “sang!”

Fantasia enlisted the help of her girl Missy to perform the popular single “Without Me” on 106 & Park last night. As my “YAAAAAASSSS” implies, the two women definitely killed it when they opened the show with the hit. Fanny’s vocals were on point, as were her background singers’ voices as they took over Kelly Rowland’s verse since she wasn’t available. And what can you say about Missy? Energy is always on 10.

Dressed in black leather with her background singers, and showing off her edgy haircut (the half-shaven haircut that can’t seem to bow out gracefully), Fantasia growled and danced and just had a gool ‘ol time on the main stage. When talking about the song’s inspiration later while being interviewed by Bow Wow and Angela Simmons, she said she was “feeling some type of way” about a certain somebody when she made it:

“When I recorded ‘Without Me,’ I was feeling some type of way that day. I got a little phone call and I remember going back into the studio like, ‘Yo, I need a record that’s gonna give me some club feel. I want to go a little hood, I want to get a little ratchet.’ You know what I’m talking about.”

She definitely had more fun on this track than any of the songs I’ve heard her put out recently, and it has been a huge club banger. Check out Fanny and Missy’s performance above and let us know if you were grooving as much as we were around these parts!