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I’m About To Put The Paws On You: Dealing With A Difficult Boss

October 22nd, 2013 - By Tanvier Peart
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They say that patience is a virtue but they probably haven’t tried to work with your boss. Can anyone testify to having to work under the wrath of an unruly person who just seems bent on making the lives of you and your co-workers miserable? Or maybe you are the unique one who gets the “special treatment” — being blamed, yelled at and anything else your boss thinks to do.

While it is a serious pain in the butt, there is a certain way you should go about handling it. Here are some tips on how to deal with a difficult boss.

Can You Please Go Somewhere? How To Handle A Micromanager

October 2nd, 2013 - By Rochelle Burnley
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If there is anything that can absolutely make you hate your job, it’s a micromanaging boss. You know… a boss that checks up on you constantly, tells you how to complete your task, and is a total control freak. I’m sure there are plenty of you who can relate. If you haven’t had one, there’s a possibility that you will at some point in your career. How do you manage such a boss? Do you try to adapt to the situation or do you leave? Here are some pointers to help you better deal with your babysitter… I mean, manager.

It’s Not Business, It’s Personal: Signs Your Boss Has a Personal Beef With You

August 30th, 2012 - By Nicole Akoukou Thompson
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Scenes from Awkward Black Girl come to mind: Nina the ‘fish-smelling’ office manager accosts ‘J’ and perpetually makes her life a living hell for any number of reasons. Sometimes, bosses and managers simply aren’t very friendly–sometimes it’s within their nature to remain withdrawn and to refrain from overly fraternizing with employees. But know this, and know this well: there is a clear and finite difference, however, between a manager being reserved or indifferent, and showing outright disdain towards an employee.

Everyone has been there, some live there and some can’t walk into their places of work without being confronted with an eye roll, insincere smile or a cold shoulder. Your manager can hate you for a number of reasons including, but not limited to, jealousy, arrogance, ignorance or attraction. Here are four major signs/scenarios so that you’ll know if it’s all in your head or if your boss wants you gone.

Smiles At Everyone But You

You arrive to work in a chipper mood, ready to take on the day; and just ahead, you see your manager. They’re moving through the office with a positive demeanor, smiling at every Tom, Rick (since the D-word won’t suffice on WordPress) and Harry, but when you approach them, giving a vibrant, “Good Morning,” all the energy drains from their face and the only response that is mustered up is a lackluster, “Hello” as he/she surveys you with their eyes. Trust, it’s not that you need that person’s approval or Kool-Aid smile, but when it’s clear that you’ve become the less than favorable employee and you don’t know why, nor are you told why, it’s clear that somebody doesn’t care for you.

You Catch Hell For EVERYTHING

You’re at your workplace and it’s a hot summer day. As it’s a business-casual environment, many women are wearing a skirt or dress–including your manager, yet they’ve singled out your attire as being “inappropriate.” He/she insists that they’ve spoken to you several times about your clothing (even though they have NOT), and they make a point of reminding everyone what they shouldn’t wear, just moments after publicly ostracizing you. You might think you look exactly like your colleagues, but to your boss, who can’t stand you, you walked in dressed like Joseline Hernandez, baby.

You Can Do No Right

Following a performance review, you’ve discovered that your manager is dissatisfied with your work. He/she does not share this privately, but instead they share their feelings with you in front of your colleagues. Because you want your manager and your fellow employees to see you as a an exceptional employee, you begin to work harder, struggling to put in extra time and extra effort, but when it comes down town to another evaluation, your manager only slightly acknowledges your “minor” improvements in front of your coworkers, but privately praises you later. Or even worse, you work hard and even go the extra mile, but your boss can only seem to point out what he or she doesn’t like about your work. Unappreciated much?

You’re The Example

There is a staff meeting, and all of the employees on your team are called into the room. The meeting, which is supposed to discuss progress and policies, almost immediately gets directed towards you. Going as far as to say your name, your manager spends more than half of the meeting time discussing you and your faults or talking strictly to you in front of everyone, stating that you routinely abjure rules–mentioning only one brief instance when you may have made a bad call. At the same time, he/she only briefly touches on the fact that some of your fellow co-workers have committed much heavier grievances, including losing very important accounts due to negligence. Things that could have been discussed in private are discussed around your colleagues in an attempt to “set you straight.”

Do you relate to any of these scenarios, and are you suddenly overwhelmed by feelings of resentment or angst?  Well, try not to be. Know that the best defense against a manager who doesn’t like you is to kill them with kindness. While this may seem less desirable than, let’s say, punching your manager in the face, recognize that if you were to give your manager anymore cause for complaint outside of whatever arbitrary feelings he/she has for you, then that person may really strive to get you fired. And if that doesn’t work, if you fail to charm your manager despite all of your efforts, then strive to charm everyone else, including your manager’s superior, by doing great work and just being a bigger and better person. Also, if you find that your manager is also mistreating another co-worker of yours, decide that person is an ally and take notes, or at the very least, you’ll have someone to complain with.


LORD, Take Me Now! Signs You Hate Your Job

February 3rd, 2012 - By IndigoBlack
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We’ve all had to go through some less than glamorous jobs or deal with strenuous work to make it to the next level. Sometimes it helps us figure out what we DON’T want to do, and sometimes we suck it up so that we can get the experience that everyone keeps talking about. But some people don’t put on a happy face. They make it known, whether through conversation or by facial expression, that they HATE their job and every muthalover in the office. These are signs that you thoroughly loathe your job and that’s it’s time to do something about it–quit and find something better or suck it up and quit pouting!

10 Things Bad Bosses Say

September 26th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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(Businessweek) — If you don’t want this job, I’ll find someone who does.  Great leaders understand that the transaction defining the employer-employee relationship—the fact that an employer pays you in cash while you cough up your value in sweat and brainwork—is the least important part of your professional relationship. Good managers realize that to get and keep great people, they have to move past the dollars-and-cents transaction and let people own their jobs. Good leaders give people latitude and let them know that their contributions have value. Lousy managers, on the other hand, love to remind employees that it’s all about the transaction: “You work for me.” They never fail to remind team members that someone else would take the job if you ever got sick of it or let the lousy manager down in some way.

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Is Your Boss Stalking You?

December 9th, 2010 - By Demetria Irwin
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You perfect your cough and sniffle before you call in “sick,” but that little trick doesn’t work on all employers.  Some people have found themselves being trailed by private investigators on their “sick” days.  According to a CNN report, a man in New York found out that his employer placed a GPS device on his family car.  The movements of his wife children had been tracked for a month.  And you thought your boss was a problem!

The saying goes that time is money and if you’re at home playing sick or saying your grandmother has died (for the fifth time), that might be impacting your boss’ bottom line. Do you think it’s okay for employers to make sure their “sick” employees are really sick?

What kind of lies have you told to get a day off from work?

Decoding Your Boss When He Speaks in Tongues (‘Wonder Woman Files’)

July 22nd, 2010 - By Leslie Pitterson
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“Wonder Woman Files” is a weekly career column on Madame Noire. Stay tuned for more topics, comment or write us at if you have suggestions!

In a perfect world, we’d all have bosses who wanted to nurture us from mini to mega moguls a la Queen Winfrey herself.   Our bosses would mentor us and never be too busy to explain themselves.  They’d tell us exactly what their expectations were, we’d meet them, even exceed them and then move our way up the ladder.

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