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Stay Strong! Robin Roberts Celebrates One-Year Anniversary Since Bone Marrow Transplant

September 20th, 2013 - By Kimberly Gedeon
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Good Morning America Photo By Ida Mae Astute/ABC

Good Morning America Photo By Ida Mae Astute/ABC

Last year, Good Morning America anchor and breast cancer survivor Robin Roberts inspired us all when she emerged with great vitality from a bone-marrow transplant she received from her sister. Today, Roberts is celebrating the gift-of-life — one year since the risky surgery.

“I’m going to beat this,” Roberts said when she first learned about her myelodysplastic syndrome diagnosis, a disease of the blood and bone marrow. She was given a second chance at life, thanks to her sister Sally Ann; Roberts touchingly calls the one-year anniversary since the transplant her “First Birthday”:

“Unlike my first first birthday — which of course I don’t remember — this time around I know I will never forget all the people who have reached out to me over the past year.  Your words of encouragement, smiling faces, and prayers have carried me through the toughest times.  I know that I would not have made it to this milestone without you.”

In a PSA (below), Roberts pushes for more bone marrow donors as a way of increasing the chances of finding a match. According to Be A Match’s official website, 70 percent of “people do not have a donor in their family and depend on our Be The Match Registry to find a match to save their life,” it said. “Be A Match offers people the unique opportunity to help a patient by donating bone marrow or umbilical cord blood. ”

Roberts says she felt so blessed by the renewal of her life that it is her mission to inspire others to give people with life-threatening blood cancers a second-chance as well. “That is my birthday wish… that you all find the strength within yourselves to push forward and have people in your lives who will be there to love you through it,” Roberts said.

Click here for more information about the quick and easy steps in joining Be A Match.

“I Truly Felt I Was Slipping Away”: Robin Roberts Covers PEOPLE, Talks Recovery After Bone Marrow Transplant

February 13th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Robin Roberts

If you’ve been missing Robin Roberts’ beautiful face on Good Morning America, you’re not alone. You’ve probably read about the bone marrow transplant Roberts had to have five months ago for myelodysplastic syndrome, a major battle for Roberts, a cancer survivor. She sat down with People magazine to talk about the hard recovery process and her health now. She covers the magazine looking absolutely gorgeous, smiling with her close-shaven hair cut and looking more and more like the lovable lady we’re used to seeing every morning next to George Stephanopoulos.

But it wasn’t an easy road to get back to the old Robin. She went through so many ups and downs physically and personally over the last few months. On top of having to worry about having the operation, Roberts had to deal with the death of her mother, who passed when Roberts took her medical leave. As her sister gave her the bone marrow necessary for her operation in September, things became more difficult after the fact, and the 52-year-old GMA anchor said for a time she felt like she was dying after slipping in and out of consciousness repeatedly. “I couldn’t eat or drink. I couldn’t even get out of bed. I was in a coma-like state. I truly felt I was slipping away … then I kept hearing my name.”

But luckily, with time and rest, Roberts tells the magazine that she is feeling much better. Hence her decision to come back to GMA to see if she has the energy and ability to do her thing again on February 20. “It’s an amazing feeling, each day feeling stronger.” In reality, she’s not even the old Robin, she’s new and improved, and we can’t wait to see her back next week!

Pick up the newest issue of People to check out her full interview.


“I Can Begin The Process Of Returning To The Anchor Chair” Robin Roberts To Return To GMA Next Month

January 14th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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robin return 2


The whole nation has practically been rooting for Robin Roberts’ recovery. And this morning we saw that she’s looking like she’s well on her way. With glowing skin, a beautiful baldy and her signature smile, Robin announced that it won’t be long before she heads back to the job she loves. In a “Good Morning America” segment this morning, Robin expressed her gratitude for her coworkers, her doctors, her family; including the sister who donated her bone marrow, and all the fans who sent well wishes and words of encouragement while she was out.

Check out the Robin’s update on her health and the good news she had for all of her fans in the video below.

This is excellent news. Robin’s certainly been blessed and we’ll be happy when she’s healthy enough to return. Such a strong woman!

Cutest Spokeswoman Ever: 13-Year-Old YouTube Makeup Blogger And Cancer Patient Is Latest Face Of CoverGirl

October 17th, 2012 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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I’m sure the announcement of Janelle Monae as a new face of CoverGirl probably blew your mind, but this new announcement is sure to give you a nasty (as in good) Kool-Aid smile on top of a blown mind!

YouTube makeup blogger, Talia Joy Castellano, is known for her pretty fierce tutorials online. But on top of that, she’s also known for her story of living as a young lady who has cancer (two forms, MDS and nueroblastoma), which she’s been doing since she was seven. When she was seven, Castellano was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, and now that she is 13, she recently found out that she has pre-leukemia. While most would probably let something like this get them down, Castellano has been extraordinarily positive, sharing her love of makeup with people online to keep her spirits up, which she says helps her feel beautiful on the inside and out. And people love her tutorials just as much as she loves giving them, because her YouTube channel has nearly 250,000 subscribers, and a massive 19 million views and counting. Her growing viewership and inspiring story even got the little lady with the doll-like eyes a spot on “Ellen” in September, where the host, a CoverGirl spokeswoman, crowned Castellano as an honorary CoverGirl. If that wasn’t enough, she also showered her with not only a chic makeup table, but also a whopping $20,000 from the company. And just like that, here we are today with Castellano’s image being released officially by the company (if you saw the episode of “Ellen” it was part of her honorary CoverGirl presents).

Castellano has come a very long way, and even though she has declined the opportunity to get a bone marrow transplant to aid in her pre-leukemia diagnosis and says there aren’t too many other options available for her, she just wants to forgo the pain and live her days on this earth as peaceful and happy as possible. She’s inspired a great deal of people, plus, she’s too cool and cute for school, right? Check out a video of her doing up her eyes and you’ll be surprised how great this little girl is with a brush and a video camera. What can you learn about makeup from a 13-year-old? Watch and learn:


Good News: Robin Roberts Has Returned Home

October 11th, 2012 - By madamenoire
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From Eur Web

Robin Roberts has informed her will-wishers that she is now home from the hospital after receiving a bone-marrow transplant last month.

“There’s no place like home. After 30 days in the hospital I’m home,” the “Good Morning America” anchor wrote this morning on Twitter, according to People. “Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Thank YOU and bless YOU. XO.”


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#TeamRobin: Roberts Undergoes Successful Bone Marrow Transpant–And It Only Lasted 5 Minutes

September 21st, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Source: Eurweb

Everybody’s favorite morning show host finally underwent her bone marrow transplant yesterday, and despite the seriousness of her blood disorder, myelodysplastic syndrome, or MDS, the procedure only lasted five minutes. Her doctors are now monitoring signs of recovery, and she already seems to be in good spirits. She even emailed her doctor to let her know she’s ready to head home! It helps that her colleagues from “Good Morning America” were there during the transplant, including co-anchor George Stephanopoulos, Diane Sawyer, and weatherman, Sam Champion. Of course, it was her sister, Sally-Ann, who came through and donated stem cells, and after the procedure ended, Roberts joked, “Sally, you’re in me,” according to USA Today. According to Champion, everyone that loved her was there: “I don’t think I will ever forget the power and love that was in that room.” And you could see that in the video below.

The whole thing began with everyone praying over the cells (of course, they had masks over their faces for sanitary purposes), and once the procedure took place with the cells being injected into her, they played all her favorite jams during those five minutes, including “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” Before everyone in the room knew it, it was over. Dr. Gail Roboz, Robin’s oncologist, reported on her patient’s status: “Medically speaking, she is doing fantastic,” but noted, “I think she misses her mother.” Robin’s mother, Lucimarian Tolliver Roberts, passed the day after she went on leave from “Good Morning America.”

However, we’re sure that Robin will get through this, and her grief, because she’s managed to have the best attitude about her circumstances since day one. As she said in a video posted yesterday before her procedure, in order to feel better, you have to change your mental state: “This journey is as much about the mind as it is the body. Your thoughts … are so powerful. You’ve got to change the way you think in order to change the way you feel. And let me just say this lastly, I feel the love and I thank you for it. Thank you.” Check out the procedure and all the friends and family that stood by her side:

According to People, if you want to send any love to Robin as she recovers, be sure to send your thoughts using #TeamRobin. Get well soon!

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