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How to Re-Energize a Boring Sex Life

April 8th, 2011 - By Toya Sharee
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Every long-term relationship reaches a point where real life starts to take over, and soon the only thing getting hot and heavy in the bedroom may be your Yorkie Poo and panda PillowPet.  When you’re no longer locked into passionate lust and infatuation, sex may become scheduled and lack luster and you can find yourself writhing and moaning  “ooohs” “aaahs” and “don’t stop’s” before suddenly realizing that you’re not really enjoying what’s happening, but simply going to through the motions.

The great thing about sex is that it doesn’t take much to turn up the temperature and the following tips should have you and your partner working up a sweat in no time:

Seven Ways to Make His Toes Curl

February 18th, 2011 - By L. Nicole Williams
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Valentine’s Day may have come and gone but that doesn’t mean the hot sex has to go with it. While it’s not the only ingredient to a lasting relationship, great sex can take the place of frivolous arguments. Men are happy when they have everything they need and want at home, including a bad girl. Men are nasty and, when it comes to sex, they want it no-hole-barred trampy. No pun intended.

Inhibitions, who needs them when it’s you and your man? Take control and do him. Make it a personal challenge to get the biggest rise out of him. It’s the little things that count. You will be amazed by how satisfying it is for you, too.

Try these tips for making missionary-style magnificent and, hopefully, get him to screech:

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