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The Daily Juice: Nicki Minaj Surprises “Super Bass” YouTube Stars

October 12th, 2011 - By Alexis Garrett Stodghill
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Nicki Minaj Surprises Fan on Ellen


  • Nicki Minaj surprises ‘Super Bass’ YouTube star Sophia Grace Brownlee: Ellen DeGeneres invited the little girls from Essex, England on her show yesterday where they performed Minaj’s hit song for the audience, before being surprised by a very special guest. {The Huffington Post}
  • Smokey Robinson feels sorry for Dr. Conrad Murray: Smokey Robinson admitted he has compassion for Dr. Conrad Murray, who is on trial in the death of Michael Jackson. {Today}
  • Kelly Rowland debuts new video: You never can go wrong with a bunch of half-naked fine men that answers to your every beck and call, right ladies? {Necole Bitchie}
  • Rihanna is so over Chris Brown (for the millionth time): Although Rihanna was had a tough time with former boyfriend Chris Brown, Rihanna recently revealed that she’s moved on with life and happy that Brown has as well. {Deadbolt}
  • The Top Ten Black Boy Bands of All Time: They made little girls scream all over the world, made teenage girls start having their fist dirty thoughts, and had teenage boys embarrassingly repeating the words alone in their room. {Hip Hop Wired}


  • Nigerian pleads guilty to trying to bomb plane: A Nigerian man said Wednesday he tried to bring down an international flight over Detroit with a bomb in his underwear in retaliation for the killing of Muslims worldwide, taking a federal court by surprise as he pleaded guilty on the second day of his trial. {NPR}
  • Did Herman Cain win the GOP debate over Perry?: The instant analysis from the GOP debate doesn’t exactly bode well for Rick Perry, who needed a big night in the eyes of pundits. {Newser}
  • Some churches are paying women to be in the pulpit: What do you think about the idea of churches getting cash for bringing in women candidates for senior pastor? {The Old Black Church}
  • Shocking picture of Michael Jackson’s dead body revealed: Michael Jackson’s heartbroken daughter lashed out at Dr Conrad Murray for failing to save her father’s life, jurors heard today as they again saw a photo of the pop star’s dead body. {The Daily Mail}
  • How Alabama’s immigration law attacks black immigrants: Alabama’s immigration law is reminiscent of that dark period in our nation’s history when African Americans suffered the indignity of a legalized, separate and unequal system that was inherently unjust, inhumane and oppressive. {New America Media}

{Love. Beauty. Fashion}

  • Cute and affordable winter boots: These great boots are doable, even on a budget. {Afrobella}
  • Has Miss RiRi moved on to another hot piece? Let’s hope so: Did Rihanna actually find love filming the “We Found Love” music video? {Too Fab}
  • Be sure you date a man, not a boy: The funniest woman on TV, The Office’s Mindy Kaling, serves up some astonishingly helpful relationship advice in this exclusive excerpt from her new book, “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me”? {}
  • Who is the flyest mommy?: Brandy and her BFF Keisha Epps (from Total) were both spotted at Lara Manoukian’s Sinless Life Web Jewelry launch in L.A. over the weekend. {Bossip}

The Daily Juice: Tracee Ellis Ross Says Fans Must Demand “Girlfriends” Movie

October 11th, 2011 - By Alexis Garrett Stodghill
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Tracee Ellis


  • Tracee Ellis Ross says fans must demand “Girlfriends” movie: “The fact that people fell in love with Joan is a wonderful thing.” {Clutch}
  • WHERE ARE THEY NOW? The Cast Of ‘The Cosby Show': “The Cosby Show” made us all wish our families were better at frequent coordinated group dancing. {Business Insider}
  • Rihanna named the sexiest woman alive: Esquire pulled a “No Shyte Sherlock” move and declared Rihanna the sexiest woman alive for 2011, putting her bare body on the cover. {Bossip}
  • Nicki Minaj confesses suicidal thoughts: Nicki talks about how she was in a very hard place just a few years ago, but things have gotten better now. {Celebitchy}


  • Network launching to rival Bounce TV: The competition has already begun for new African American owned television network Bounce TV which just opened its doors this past Monday. Another network is about to make its debut soon. {EURWeb}
  • Students of color at college level perform better with minority teachers: A group of researchers has found that minority students in community colleges tend to perform better when they’re taught by minority instructors — particularly those of similar race or ethnicity. {The Washington Post}
  • First black American woman made two-star general in army: The U.S. Army promoted Marcia Anderson to a major general at Fort Knox on Thursday. It makes Anderson the highest ranking African-American woman in the Army and also marks the first time the Army has promoted an African-American woman to the rank of two-star general. {}
  • Red tape hinders ministry’s efforts to employ poor blacks: What stands between dozens of unemployed men and the potential road to economic independence? A state regulation requiring food truck owners either to buy a restaurant or rent space in someone else’s commercial kitchen. {}
  • Tips on how to increase your child’s academic success: Academic success impacts our children for the rest of their lives: it influences their self-esteem, college selections, job attainment, financial success, and even their choice of spouses. {Shine on Yahoo!}

{Fashion. Living. Loving}

  • Could you buy only thrifted threads for a year?: If you want to join Thrifty Threads 365, please do! {Looking Fly on a Dime}
  • Get the best bangs for your face shape: Bangs are a smart, easy way to add oomph to your look. {Essence}
  • Monica shares about being a traditional wife: Anyone with eyes can definitely see that newlyweds Monica and Shannon Brown have love all over them. {Necole Bitchie}
  • Do you prioritize your marriage over your job?: How do you turn the focus back on the marriage? {Black and Married With Kids}


The Daily Juice: Beyonce Accused of Stealing Again

October 10th, 2011 - By Alexis Garrett Stodghill
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Beyonce Countdown Video Copycat?


  • Beyonce accused of swagger jacking one more time…: Beyoncé’s “Countdown” video choreography is remarkably similar to dance moves by a Belgian dancer, proving, once again, nothing is new under the sun. Or Bey can’t stop stealing other people’s work. {The Improper}
  • Rihanna beats Madonna for new record: Among all musical acts, Rihanna’s run only falls behind the legendary Beatles as the fastest to reach the milestone. {Hip Hop Wired}
  • T-Boz discusses her brain tumor on CNN: Nearly 5 years ago, T-Boz began experiencing frequent headaches and discovered that she had a non-cancerous brain tumor. {Concrete Loop}
  • $1 million offered for weird portion of Tupac sex video: A million-dollar offer just rolled in for the Tupac sex video — but not for the explicit video … it’s just for the SONG in the background. {TMZ}
  • Malcolm Jamal Warner talks new show: Heed Magazine’s Fall issue features Reed Between The Lines co-star and sitcom veteran Malcolm Jamal Warner. The highly anticipated BET comedy stars the former ‘Huxtable’ and sitcom icon, Tracee Ellis Ross. {Clutch}

WAIT! Check These Out!


  • Al Sharpton to report from Occupy Wall Street: The Rev. Al Sharpton will bring his nationally syndicated radio show to lower Manhattan Monday as the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations enter their 24th day. {CNN}
  • Whites are more pessimistic about the future than blacks: Optimism is plummeting among working-class whites, but it is holding steady for minorities. What does this great divergence in hopefulness mean for the 2012 presidential election? {The Atlantic}
  • Why higher suspensions for black students despite no evidence of greater misbehavior?: A new policy brief from a civil rights research and advocacy group out of UCLA reignites the concern that race influences which students are punished in schools and how they are punished.  {The Atlanta Journal-Constitution}
  • Samuel L. Jackson plays MLK on Broadway: Actor Samuel L. Jackson takes to the Broadway stage to play civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., in “The Mountaintop.” {}
  • Black American basketball player dies after bar attack in Romania: Romanian Basketball Federation chief Carmen Tocala told GSP radio that Hardy died Sunday, suffering two heart attacks following his beating Saturday night. {The Huffington Post}
  • Herman Cain claims that racism doesn’t hold blacks back: “I don’t believe racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way,” said Cain, former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza, during an interview on CNN. {The Huffington Post}
  • Rosie O’Donnell teams up with Oprah for new show on OWN: Her initial plan calls for the one-hour program to begin with a comedy segment, move on to a single celebrity-guest interview — comedian Russell Brand will be her first guest — and wrap up with an audience-participation segment that’s some sort of game. {The Seattle Times}

{Fashion. Living. Love}

  • Chanel Iman works Hot magazine shoot: Chanel Iman continues to prove she can’t take a bad picture. Her spread in the September/October issue of Wonderland magazine is absolutely flawless. {Style Blazer}
  • Think negatively to feel good?: Financial blogger Mr. Money Mustache recently posted on the Greek and Roman philosophy of Stoicism. His view of the core of Stoic philosophy is thus: “to have a good and meaningful life, you need to overcome your insatiability”. One of the techniques stoics use to accomplish this is negative visualization, which helps you want the things you already have by contemplating life without the good things you already possess such as loved ones, good health, or a home. {Life Hacker}
  • Get great morning deals from the Consumerist blog: Clothing and more! {The Consumerist}
  • Would you date a man your family hates?: From the time Kris Humphries first appeared on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Kim’s family has made it abundantly clear that they were not feeling him. {Bossip}


The Daily Juice: Was Rihanna Lightened for Vogue Cover?

October 7th, 2011 - By Alexis Garrett Stodghill
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Rihanna UK Vogue cover November 2011

The hottest stories making the rounds right now:



  • Fantastia lied to musical producers about her pregnancy. {Sandra Rose}
  • Taye Diggs: “My mother always knew I’d marry a white girl” {Hello Beautiful}
  • Alicia Keys promotes new film on “Good Morning America.” {The YBF}


Enjoy your day Madame Noire lovelies!

The Daily Juice: The White House Defends First Lady

October 5th, 2011 - By Alexis Garrett Stodghill
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Michelle Obama

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And in my own life, in my own small way, I’ve tried to give back to this country that has given me so much. That’s why I left a job at a law firm for a career in public service, working to empower young people to volunteer in their communities. Because I believe that each of us – no matter what our age or background or walk of life – each of us has something to contribute to the life of this nation. -Michelle Obama


  • First Lady Michelle Obama is under attack for the cost of her June goodwill trip to Africa — and the White House defends her. {ABC News}
  • Hermain Cain calls himself “black walnut ice cream” on Fox. {Mediaite}
  • Hank Williams, Jr. is “sorry if he offended anyone” by his remarks about President Obama. {USAToday}
  • Obama signs key bill to keep the government functioning. {NPR}
  • The first African-American reverend has been chosen to head the Josephite Catholic order. {The Washington Post}


  • Kimsha Artest explains why she left “Basketball Wives L.A.” {Entertainment Rundown}
  • Nas confirms that an Amy Winehouse song was about him. {Hip Hop Wired}
  • “Playboy Club” starring Naturi Naughton already canceled! {Bossip}


Stay juiced-up today!

The Daily Juice: Sherri Shepherd vs. Barbara Walters!

October 4th, 2011 - By Alexis Garrett Stodghill
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Sherri Shepherd

{Daily Inspiration}

“I’m just so blessed to be able to do what I just love and have loved since I was a teenager, since I first found it, and to be encouraged by others for it.”
-Angela Bassett


  • Sherri Shepherd takes Barbara Walters to task for “Quoting Herman Cain’s Use of N-Word.” {Mediaite}
  • Founder of BET accuses President Obama of “attacking success.” {The Grio}
  • Black female blogger asks: “Are Black Girls Unimportant?” {What About Our Daughters}
  • Is Michael Vick getting no respect on the field? {The Root}
  • Black female pilot releases new book. {The Washington Post}
  • Occupy Wall Street demonstrations spread across America. {Forbes}
  • Cain and Perry are now tied at second place in GOP nomination race. {The Washington Post}



  • Gorgeous black couples that HAVE TO stay together. {Bossip}
  • Build more protection into your hair care routine. {}
  • Tamera Mosley-Housley talks love and marriage. {Clutch}
  • Kanye West goes crazy again cursing out critics of his fashion debut. {The YBF}

Get juiced and jazzed and enjoy your day!

That’s What They Said: 8 Revealing Quotes and Quotables From The Week

September 30th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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In case you missed it, here’s an interesting rundown of the most intriguing quotes in the news circles (of particular interest to Black folks of course).


Herman Cain

“…so this whole notion that all black Americans are necessarily going to stay and vote Democrat and vote for Obama, that’s simply not true. More and more black Americans are thinking for themselves. And that’s a good thing.”

– Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on how brainwashed so many African-Americans are by the Democrats.

Whitney Houston to Be in “Sparkle” Remake? Meet the Rest of the Cast!

September 28th, 2011 - By madamenoire
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I could probably do without it, but whatever works…

Following in the footsteps of Hollywood’s current love affair with remakes, the 1976 film Sparkle, a movie inspired by the story of the Supremes, could be making its way back to theaters (or straight to DVD…). While we first talked about the remake possibly being done in Detroit and who should be cast, we can now say that the film has its cast set. And on top of confirmed new cast members including “American Idol” winner Jordin Sparks, comedian Mike Epps, alleged “it girl” Tika Sumpter, actress Carmen Ejogo and actor Derek Luke, Whitney Houston has also been confirmed to play a big role in the film as well. Sources are saying she will play the mother, Effie in the remake. In addition to all this, “The Game” writer, Mara Brock Akil wrote the film’s script, and her husband, Salim Akil, will direct the feature.

If you didn’t know, Sparkle is supposed to be a period film (late 50s and early ’60s) set in Harlem about a girl group full of sisters (led by Sparkle Williams) who become famous, and then of course, fall apart behind the scenes. And while Curtis Mayfield put together the soundtrack for the film back then, according to reports, R.Kelly will be leading the soundtrack this time around. Interesting. And the girls are already at work bonding. The ladies sent out Twit-pics a couple of days ago of their first rehearsal together in LA, a la, the above photo.

The cast sounds promising for the most part, and I wouldn’t mind looking at Derek Luke for an hour or so, but I’m going to need something else to get me oodles and noodles of excited. Especially since this will be Jordin Sparks’ first acting role, and I haven’t seen Mama Whit Whit do any acting since the TV-movie Cinderella with Brandy. But if the previews look interesting enough, get your duckets together and support your people!

Huffington Post Launches Black Platform

August 9th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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(Huffington Post) — Today the National Association of Black Journalists is meeting for its annual convention in Philadelphia (I’ll be speaking there this morning, after Eric Holder and a taped message from President Obama). In a nice moment of synchronicity, today is also the launch of our newest section, one that I’m particularly excited about: HuffPost BlackVoices.  Surveying the current national and international landscape, I often feel that we are living in a split-screen world. And depending on what part of the screen you are looking at, you will have a very different perception of where things stand — it alters everything you think about the present, and dramatically affects your view of the future.  And nowhere is this split-screen reality more pronounced than in the African-American community.  On one side, it’s a bleak picture: we see the African-American community besieged by crushing unemployment, rampant foreclosures, widening income and wealth disparity, and a disproportionate number of men in jail.

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Black Journalists Discuss New Media’s Impact on the Industry

August 8th, 2011 - By TheEditor
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(Rolling Out) — Despite the fact that minorities’ population percentages continue to improve in America, diversity in the mainstream newsrooms nonetheless continues on its uninterrupted downward spiral.  And with the popularity and convenience of the internet, newsrooms and magazine editorial departments have shrunken to unprecedented lows. That means even less opportunities for minorities and, more specifically, African American journalists and aspiring media personalities.  Here at the National Association of Black Journalism Conference inside the Pennsylvania Convention Center, we approached a multiplicity of media entities and journalists to gauge their perspective of this most volatile and ever-changing industry and how it has impacted their businesses and careers.

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