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Did You Know That Garcelle Beauvais Is Almost 50 Years Old?

July 22nd, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Garcelle Beauvais


Just last night, actress Garcelle Beauvais posted a #TBT picture of herself in her first feature film, the classic Coming to America. Before she was Fancy on The Jamie Foxx Show, or Mr. Big’s wife and R. Kelly’s lover in the “Down Low (Nobody Has to Know)” video, she was one of three beautiful flower bearers in Eddie Murphy’s beloved comedy. When she shared the image, people not only remarked on the fact that they remembered her from the movie, but also on how young she still looks nearly 30 years later. Ain’t that the truth!

Beauvais, who is turning 50 this November, is still a stunner. She’s managed to maintain her glow all these years, and you would never guess that she’s a mother of three boys — including a 25-year-old son. To help her stay in fighting shape, the star has shared her fitness regimen with Self and People in the past, which includes quite a few resistance training exercises, as well as Pilates and treadmill work.

And a good balanced diet, which includes a few earned cheat days, also helps a lot.

“I try to eat healthy, but I don’t go crazy or anything,” the star told People in 2014. “I really do believe that it’s a balance. If I’m with my kids and it’s pizza night, I am having a couple of slices of pizza, for sure. And then the next day I’ll have something a little healthier. I really think it’s a balance and also, it comes from within.”

And when all is well on the inside, you can’t help but look this great on the outside. Check out a few more images of the beauty (and her sons) below:

A photo posted by @garcelle on

A photo posted by @garcelle on

A photo posted by @garcelle on

Best 4th of July ever lol #mommylife #jaxandjaid 🇺🇸❤️😎

A photo posted by @garcelle on

A photo posted by @garcelle on

Ain’t A Damn Thing Changed: Vanessa Bell Calloway Wears Princess Imani Costume, Looks Exactly The Same

April 29th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Vanessa Bell Calloway Wears Coming To America Costume And Slays

Source: Paramount

Some people may think we’re joking when we talk about “Black Don’t Crack.” But with more than a few examples, including Elise Neal and Naomi Campbell’s mother, Valerie Morris-Campbell, it’s anything but a game. The melanin is a blessing.

And if you don’t believe me, just check out actress Vanessa Bell Calloway donning her old Princess Imani costume from Coming To America.

This year marks the 28th anniversary of the 1988 film. And as a way to pay homage, Calloway put the costume back on today, at 59-years-old. And from the looks of things, not much has changed in her physical appearance since then.

I think what is so inspiring about Bell-Calloway’s story is that not only has she managed to keep it right and tight over the years, she is also a six year breast cancer survivor.

Handclaps and kudos to Ms. Bell-Calloway. We’re trying to be like her when we grow up.

#BlackDontCrack: Ever Wondered Why Naomi Campbell Is So Flawless? Meet Her Mom, Valerie

March 16th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Just yesterday we were all wondering how Elise Neal didn’t look a day over 35 as she rang in her 50th birthday, and today, we’re celebrating another woman for being yet another shining example of how #BlackDontCrack. Meet Naomi Campbell’s mom, Valerie Morris-Campbell.

The 64-year-old former model and dancer from Jamaica has been featured front and center lately on Naomi’s Instagram page. From showing her off on the way to events to giving her a shoutout on Mothering Sunday (March 6 in the UK), we’ve seen more and more of Valerie. But she’s always been in the background supporting her supermodel daughter.

According to the UK’s Telegraph, Valerie was 19 when Naomi came into the world, and she had to leave her child in the care of her mother while hoping to make a better life for the both of them as a ballerina.

It was something that impacted Naomi, and she somewhat blames her feelings of abandonment during that time for her past temperament. Valerie told Oprah in an interview in 2010 that it’s something she regrets, saying, “I do feel that I abandoned her.” But as Naomi pointed in that interview, she understands and respects the sacrifices her mom had to make for them.

And thankfully, mother, 64, and daughter, 45, are in a much better place, growing even closer after Valerie dealt with a breast cancer diagnosis a few years ago that culminated with her having to have a mastectomy on her right breast. But she’s a survivor, and according to Naomi, a wonderful mother. And she looks fantastic!

Check out more images of Ms. Valerie below and revel in the #BlackDontCrack greatness:

wishing you all a lovely day! lots of love x V #throwbackthursday #photoshoot #germany #fashion #instadaily

A photo posted by Valerie Morris-Campbell (@valeriemorriscampbell) on

Lovely time in Vienna for @lookmagazinwien 💃🏻📸 #fashion #vienna #lookmagazine #austria #photoshoot

A photo posted by Valerie Morris-Campbell (@valeriemorriscampbell) on

Thank you Israel for the lovely welcome and an amazing time in your country! #trip #fashion #israel #instadaily #photooftheday #love

A photo posted by Valerie Morris-Campbell (@valeriemorriscampbell) on

#FitnessGoals: 5 Ways To Look Like Elise Neal When You Turn 50

March 15th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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A photo posted by Elise Neal (@therealneale) on

Actress Elise Neal turned 50 yesterday, and as she prepared to ring in the big 5-0, she shared a recent photo of herself in a bikini at a photo shoot this past weekend. The image has since spread like wildfire around the Internet with everyone saying, “Elise Neal is 50?!” “She’s 50 years old. BRUH” and “She’s 50. 5-0. 50! I am dying.”

#FBF when @ishootamerica wanted to take pics before we got to the location .. #prebdaybehavior #BLACKDONTCRACK

A photo posted by Elise Neal (@therealneale) on


The former “The Hughleys” actress has only gotten better with time. So how does she do it? After scrolling through her Instagram, we pinpointed a few things:

She Doesn’t Play When It Comes To Her Workouts

Exhibit A:

How I started my morning.. 10 lb weight/ all the way down and up.. 250 reps ( tight and more right !)

A video posted by Elise Neal (@therealneale) on


Exhibit B:

#ApplyPressure #ONMYSELF You can and will succeed! ! #Justdoit

A photo posted by Elise Neal (@therealneale) on


She Knows How To Bust A Move

The actress is also a trained dancer and has a dance troupe, which she featured on Hollywood Divas. 

. . DANCE WITH ME … #letthegroovegetin (Video via @JANTZBANKSVIDEO / courtesy of @jafa_james )

A video posted by Elise Neal (@therealneale) on


She Makes An Effort To Eat Healthy

She still has a slice of pizza here and there, but she likes a healthy, organic diet.

Tonight’s healthy dinner , A salad from #NUDA (Organic Raw Fine Foods)

A photo posted by Elise Neal (@therealneale) on


She Takes Vitamins For Her Skin And Hair

That’s how her skin stays glowing! That and the healthy eating.


She Loves Life Enough To Have Fun And Not Take Herself Too Seriously

And that’s why she spent her 50th birthday in this white hot dress, dropping it like it’s hot with friends:


It’s clear that the key to looking this good at 50 is taking good care of yourself inside and out. Whatever has been working for Neal, she should most definitely keep doing it. Happy belated birthday, sis!

#WCW: Monica Manages To Look Younger At 35 Than She Did At 18 In Flashback Photo

March 9th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Splash News

Splash News

If anyone still somehow fails to believe that Black doesn’t crack, just direct them to singer Monica Brown. She’s been in the music industry since 1993, and yet, she doesn’t seem to have aged one bit! For proof of this, just check out a side-by-side photo she shared on her Instagram page this week, pointing out the fact that she was wearing the exact same hairstyle in 2016 that she did back in 1998. But in the midst of showing off the differences between the “smart” 18-year-old Monica and the “wise” 35-year-old Monica, people couldn’t help but notice and point out that she’s managed to age backwards:

Blame it on that ’90s makeup (the heavier, the better back in the day, amirite?).

But if you’re wondering how Mo’ has managed to stay flawless after all these years, she did clue SHAPE in a few years back. She said that the key to living and looking right was watching the salts, learning how to alternate from fried foods to baked ones, carrying around fruits and veggies for snacks, and with the help of her hubby, Shannon Brown, drinking a lot of water:

“I have to press myself to drink a lot of water. My husband has taught me a lot about how important it is … For me it’s hard to get down a gallon a day but I try. I watch him get down two so I always push myself to try to get down one gallon.”

Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it, Monica!

We Know Black Don’t Crack! Allure Survey Finds Black Women Believe They Age The Best

March 20th, 2013 - By madamenoire
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Apega/ "allure" "survey"


From BlackVoices

We’ve all heard and seen shining examples of the age-old adage, “black don’t crack.”

Thanks to good genes, lots of ultraviolet ray-shielding melanin, natural oils and some say the grace of God — many black folk enjoy a youthful appearance way past the age others start to experience winkles, age spots and sagging skin.

Well, that notion was part of Allure’s first-ever anti-aging survey in the April 2013 issue, and the results show that most African Americans do indeed celebrate their age-defying looks.

The monthly publication polled 2,000 women and men on the modern perception of aging attitudes and behaviors. The survey yielded interesting insights about sex (it gets better as you get older), the ideal age (everyone wants to be 31) and going gray (we’re not fans), to name a few. And when it comes to which ethnicity thinks they age the best? African Americans have that in the bag.

Get the exact results and more on

Wait, You’re How Old?! Male Celebs Who Aren’t True to Their Age

January 9th, 2013 - By Ashley Page
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No one ages the same way thanks to genetics, lifestyle choices, stress levels, and so on. However, when you’re part of Hollywood, it’s all about looking your best 24/7, which usually means being able to look young and fresh. Looking at some celebs, you can tell immediately that they’ve aged way too much, while others are still walking around with a baby face even though they’re much older. Here are 14 male celebs who don’t look anywhere near their real age.

Can You Believe Their Age? 15 Female Celebs Who Defy Their Real Number

January 8th, 2013 - By Ashley Page
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Age is really just a number but sometimes that number can be a good reality, or a harsh one. Some celebrities are blessed with amazing genes and don’t look anywhere near their real age. On the other hand, Mother Time isn’t nice to everyone and there are some celebs who look much older than they really are. Here are 15 celebrities who defy their true age, either for the better or the worse.


Lia Toby/

Lia Toby/

Sofia Vergara

Usually when the age of 40 hits, most people, especially women, are left to deal with dreaded wrinkles. However, by looking at Sofia Vergara, you’d never know that she is 40. Her face and body combined just scream youth.

You Already Know Black Don’t Crack:15 Female Celebs Who Are Over 40 But Don’t Look It

September 14th, 2012 - By Ashley Page
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Not everyone ages gracefully and there are some people you can look at and know their age right off the bat. Thankfully, whether it’s good genes or something else, there are celebs who do not show their age at all. Here are 15 black female stars who look much younger than their true age.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry

Mom, actress, and model Halle Berry looks amazing at the age of 46.

Dayummm…They Look Good For Their Age: Celebs Who Prove That Black Don’t Crack

May 22nd, 2012 - By Marissa Ellis
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Even though Black don’t crack, we all know it’s a hyperbole. In fact, even though Black women age WONDERFULLY, there are still certain individuals who age better than others. Could it be their skin regimen or just pure ‘ol genetics? We wonder. But in any case, we’ve included 7 Black women who you may have not known to be so much older than they appear. We tried not to include the obvious ones but we threw in a few for good measure and for your viewing pleasure.