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Do You Want To Hear An Adele And Beyoncé Collaboration? Because I Don’t.

November 18th, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Grammy Awards 2013! #bey #adele #truelove

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With the addition of Rihanna and Taylor Swift (based on sales and influence), I would say that the most powerful women in music are Beyoncé and Adele.

Their fans cover all age groups. Their fans are also very diverse. And whenever these ladies drop new music, as Beyoncé said, “world stop…”

And both women have expressed their admiration of one another publicly. When speaking of Adele’s voice, Beyoncé reportedly compared it to “listening to God.” And Adele has talked about how thinking of Beyoncé’s famous alter ego helped her get through performance anxiety: “What would Sasha Fierce do?‘”

So you could probably understand why some were puzzled by rumors that spread earlier this month that the British singer turned down the opportunity to sing alongside ‘Yonce on a track.

According to an interview with Beats 1’s Zane Lowe, Adele was also puzzled by that report.

“There’s a rumor going round that I turned Beyoncé down. I’d never disrespect her like that.”

She continued, “I’m such a fan, oh my god [sic]. Obviously, like, Queen Bey to the day I die.”

And while you won’t hear a collaboration with Mrs. Carter on Adele’s 25, which drops on Friday, it sounds like a joint effort could be on the way soon enough.

Can’t say I want to hear it, though. And I say that as a fan of both women.

Honestly, I just don’t know if it’s necessary. More than anything, I just think their voices and music are completely different, and those same voices may not complement one another very well on a track. Adele is a powerhouse all about her sweeping ballads and Beyoncé, while also vocally gifted, is about everything else: The swag, the sex, the party anthems and joints that start a movement (i.e., how “Flawless” had everyone saying, “I woke up like this”). What exactly would they put together? “Who Run The World (Girls) Pt. II”?

And while I am a Beyoncé fan, I often wonder if she collaborates with certain people these days not because she really wants to, but because they are the individuals everyone is talking about–and who happen to be soaking up a lot of the spotlight that she’s used to. Like the two times she collaborated with Lady Gaga when Gaga’s career was on fire (that “Video Phone” remix was all over the place). Or her recent collaborations with Nicki Minaj on “Feeling Myself” and the “Flawless” remix. Considering that Adele is the darling of mainstream music (“Hello” set records in no time, and is the fastest song to hit No.1 on the radio since Mariah Carey’s “Dreamlover” in ’93), it would make sense to team up with the singer. There is a lot of power behind her name, and she also happens to be well-liked by damn near everybody. Working with people who are hot, keeps you cooking too.

But more than anything, I don’t think everyone needs to collaborate on everything. Case in point: Eddie Murphy getting Michael Jackson to sing on “Whatzupwithu.” DMX collaborating with Marilyn Manson on “The Omen.” That random time the Jonas Brothers sang alongside Common for “Don’t Charge Me For The Crime.” Or the uncomfortable time Beyoncé sang “Irreplaceable” with Sugarland at the American Music Awards. All of these were efforts that left you asking “Why?”

Some musicians do their best work on their own, especially those known for their voice. Like a Sade. Or an Amy Winehouse. And yes, an Adele. Once they start working with other people (as in performing on a track together, not production), it’s a trap. One collabo turns into one of many. Artists end up attempting to keep up with the other individual’s mannerisms and sounds. And in the end, the song ends up leaning toward one artist more than another. And I’m sorry, but I don’t want to hear Adele trying to keep up and sound like Bey, and I don’t want to hear Beyoncé trying to sound like or keep up with Adele. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So while I love the support they offer one another and that both of these powerful women have no problem expressing their fandom for the other, that’s enough for me.

Beyoncé’s Makeup Artist Reveals Foundation-Matching Technique For Darker Skin Tones

November 14th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Source: Salters/


The sole proprietor of “I woke up like this” a.k.a. Beyoncé is known for keeping a beat face at all times, whether she’s hitting the stage for a sold-out performance or sitting court side with her hubby, she’s always flawless.

In addition to having a radiant and blemish-free complexion, her makeup artist Sir John keeps her looking amazing at all times. Recently, John sat with InStyle for an interview where he spilled the tea on a few of his trusted techniques that he not only uses on Beyoncé but other clients of his like Gabirelle Union Joan Smalls and more.

Most interestingly, he spoke on foundation-matching for women with darker skin tones in particular. You know, with the lack of cosmetic lines catering to women of color, makeup shopping is tough. You either end up looking too orange or there’s a pasty white veil covering you — not cute. However, for those suffering from the aforementioned, John has some great tips to end your worries.

“The first step is to know your undertones. Do you have a peach, orange or olive undertone? They’re all completely different dynamics,” he says.

And once you find that undertone, it’s all about applying your foundation around your headline first ladies. “The sun naturally makes the skin warmer and deeper around the hairline,” he explains. “If you have a good match around your hairline and it blends seamlessly into that area, it’s going to give you a really smooth veil of color for your complexion everywhere else.”

Well, there you have it ladies, straight from Beyoncé’s makeup artists. Give Sir John’s tips a try and let us know how your foundation-matching went.

Beyonce, Blue And Jay Z Channel Coming To America For Halloween

November 2nd, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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The Carter’s do not play when it comes to their family costumes for Halloween. While the trio were artists last year (Beyonce was Frida Kahlo, Blue dressed up as Picasso Baby and Jay donned his best Jean-Michel Basquiat gear), this year they spent Halloween as characters from Eddie Murphy’s 1988 classic, Coming to America.

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

No need to hit Netflix for who they were, the exact costumes are as follows: Jay Z is Prince Akeem of Zamunda, Beyoncé is Queen Aoleon of Zamunda, and Blue Ivy is Imani Izzi, the woman who will never become Princess of Zamunda, no matter how long she jumps on one foot and barks like a dog. But please, go check out this classic flick and you’ll see how perfectly they nailed the regal characters.

Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures

Beyonce’s colourful costume was a gorgeous two-piece from a brand called Demestiks from New York City. Selected by stylist Ty Hunter, it was complimented by a headwrap and ornate beaded necklace. She paired the look with a skunk-printed fur, chunky earrings and black and white fringed sandals and carried a large golden goblet filled with rose petals (just like the one in the movie). She later removed her fur and larger head wrap, revealing a smaller, yellow leopard-printed one.

Meanwhile, her hip-hop mogul hubby’s costume was also on point in a tuxedo complete with a leopard-skin stole. He even nailed Akeem’s long braid, bedazzled wedge cap, and we hear he used Akeem’s accent while joking with photographers.

But the star of their movie tribute was definitely Blue Ivy. As seen in a family pic Bey posted on Instagram on Sunday, their daughter wore a gold patterned dress and high ponytail, resembling Imani Izzi, Akeem’s submissive bride and “queen-to-be,” played by Vanessa Bell Calloway.

Coming to America🎃

A photo posted by Beyoncé (@beyonce) on

After watching the Halloween parade as a family, word is that the couple went out for some adult time at a party at the 1 OAK nightclub.

Last weekend, Bey also dressed up for a party, wearing an X-Men outfit to fellow R&B star Ciara’s costume-themed birthday bash.

Beyspiracies: 15 Wild Conspiracy Theories About Beyoncé

October 27th, 2015 - By Desiree Bowie
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Photo: AP Photo/Ed Burke for

Photo: AP Photo/Ed Burke for

Since the early days of Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé has always been the subject of gossip, rumors, and conspiracy theories. As her popularity has grown, the speculation has become more comical and ridiculous in scope. A new unauthorized biography, Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story, has sent the rumor mill into overdrive. From falsified birth certificates to alleged fake pregnancies, let’s look at some of the most popular and ludicrous Beyoncé rumors.

Beyonce Halloween Costume Inspiration For Moms: ‘Why Don’t You Love Me?’

October 26th, 2015 - By Kweli Wright
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public domain

public domain

Moms, when else can you rock a boufant, tear-stained makeup, and a martini? Ok, besides the PTA meeting…

We’re loving this Beyonce Halloween costume inspiration from the folks at Refinery29 with this makeup tutorial. (But we honestly wished they would have used a Black woman, you know, for keeping it real!)

But who hasn’t watched Beyoncé as B.B. Homemaker in “Why Don’t You Love Me?” , and said: “That’s so me!”

The steps are easy. Get some moms together to help put the look together, and since her sister wrote the song, maybe a friend can go as Solange. Grab the kids as Blue Ivy and Solo’s son Julez, and you’ve got a Halloween theme for the whole crew.

Step 1: Apply foundation all over your face in a warm bronze tone. Then, using an angled brush, cover your entire eye lids with a stay-proof black shadow. Be sure to brush outward to create a dramatic cat-eye.

makeup tutorial 3


Step 2:Use the same angled brush and fluid liner to shade in brows, apply it in short strokes to shade a solid eyebrow shape.

makeup tutorial 2


Step 3: Take a dark charcoal shadow and blend it on your upper eyelid, smudging the base of your original line. Then, take the shadow to smudge under your lower lashline, too.

makeup tutorial 1


Ta-da! Arm yourself with a phone receiver and a martini, and you’re ready for a glam, spooky night out, Beyoncé style!

Check out the full tutorial at



Rihanna’s Former Publicist Apologizes For Spreading Jay Z Affair Rumors

October 23rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Everett Collection / Shutterstock

Everett Collection / Shutterstock

For years, there have been whispers about an affair between Rihanna and Jay Z. But it seems that we can now lay those rumors to rest. According to the New York Daily News, Rihanna’s former publicist Jonathan Hay recently came clean about fanning the rumors to promote the singer’s debut single, “Pon de Replay.”

“I apologized to her … this whole thing is very awkward,” Hay told the publication via email.

Hay, who says that he previously apologized to Jay Z for the stunt, issued a public apology to Beyoncé on “Inside Edition” Friday.

“The PR stunt that I did was out of desperation to help break ‘Pon de Replay,’” he wrote. “It was reckless, and I didn’t think it was going to work. I was just throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick.”

Hay recently received a copy of J. Randy Taraborelli’s forthcoming Beyoncé biography, Becoming Beyoncé: The Untold Story, which touches on the rumors and is apparently what pushed Hay to come clean.

“I was blindsided by the news of ‘Becoming Beyoncé’ coming out and it couldn’t come at a worse time for me,” Hay said in a statement. “I’m currently releasing projects with my label Urban Hitchcock through Tidal, a company that is owned by Jay Z and Beyoncé … Hopefully, this news hasn’t ruined that relationship for me.”

Hay never spoke with Taraborelli directly, but he says that he did speak to the author’s researcher.

“I didn’t think it would be this big story,” Hay wrote. “But now, seeing Beyoncé on the cover of this book and knowing that people are profiting from speculations and opinions about her really turns my stomach.”

“I’m ashamed that I’m even talking about this. I just want to put this rumor to rest once and for all,” he concluded.

As previously reported, Taraborelli’s book hits stands October 27.

Beyonce’s Snaps At Her Assistant, And More Struggles From The Red Carpet

October 22nd, 2015 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

On the red carpet, the stars look flawless. But these hilariously busy assistants and concerned loved ones prove that a lot goes into getting the perfect red-carpet photo. Even if it means sort of being in the way!

I’m Still Waiting For Jay Z And ‘Nem To Prove I Need Tidal

October 21st, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

When I heard the news that Tidal was hosting a concert featuring Prince, Beyoncé, Jay Z, Usher and more I immediately hopped on G Chat to let my sister and friends know that it was probably the place we needed to be on October 20.

My sister, the ticket purchaser extraordinaire, volunteered to stare at her screen until 12 pm when the tickets were available. None of us are Tidal subscribers so we had to wait until they became available to the general public. Well, they never really did.

Thankfully, there’s StubHub. But if you’ve ever used the service you know people can be a bit outrageous with their asking prices. So we waited for the date to near and the ticket prices to come down some. In the meantime, I bought a cheap flight to Puerto Rico and Victoria (our Senior Editor) remembered she was saving for a wedding and that money could probably be put to good use elsewhere. So we dropped out.

But my sister and her friend were still down and they purchased tickets for $150 each.

They ended up being somewhere in the nosebleed section but they were going to see quite a few of their faves under one roof. Surely, it would be worth it.

Not quite.

When my sister came home last night, after the concert, she didn’t come in humming a tune. Her voice wasn’t hoarse from screaming and singing at the top of her lungs. She came in silently. I had to ask her how it went.

“It was terrible.”


She said that when she and her friend got there they noticed that Prince’s name was no longer on the flier. They thought it was weird but would eventually learn that he had pulled out of the performance all together.

Then artists like Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, and even Usher only sang 1-2 songs.

And Beyoncé, the greatest entertainer of our time? She didn’t even get a set to herself. She only appeared on stage to slay with Nicki Minaj during “Feelin’ Myself” and alongside her husband for “Holy Grail.”

No wonder the homie Prince had to back out. Which two Prince songs would you want to hear in concert? That’s an impossible question to answer. I want to hear 20 Prince songs…at least.

While I was thankful that I didn’t spend my own money on what would have been an epic let down, I was also disappointed for my sister and for Tidal at large.

At the end of the day, I would love for Tidal to win; but up until now, they really haven’t shown me anything that proves they deserve to.

For centuries, artists, particularly Black artists have been screwed out of their fair share. The record companies never let them see it. Their managers and lawyers take it. And now, in this digital age, fans can listen to the music, virtually any time they want, and the artist is not compensated for it.

As a fellow creative, I know, fundamentally, that’s not right.

And while I would love for Jay Z, a Black businessman to be the one to change the game and bring power back to the people who create the music and culture we love, he seems to keep missing opportunities to do just that.

At the press conference when the service was first announced, all of the celebrities trotted out and stood in a line, smiling before signing a paper. Alicia Keys made a speech about changing the game but I still didn’t understand exactly what I was supposed to be buying into. And I just can’t afford to pay $20 for a service of which I haven’t been convinced.

Instead of using the press conference as a time to tell the people what it’s like to feel used and abused as an artist, the world’s most financially successful musicians smiled and asked for even more of our money.

That’s ballsy particularly when there are services that will do it for free. See Spotify, Pandora etc.

I can’t help but get the impression that Jay Z and his executive board felt like their mere presence and star power would be enough for the people. And when it comes to $20 a month, after we already support these artists’ albums, tours and art, it’s a bit much. At the very least, it will take some convincing.

This is the same thing that happened last night at the Barclays Center. The most successful names in music stood out, gave us a sampling of their talent and then dipped. Thankfully, the money went to “nonprofit organizations dedicated to advancing positive community relations and effecting systemic change for the development and sustainability of just societies,” but once again, the consumer was left uninformed and slighted.

It’s been a rough start for the brand. Hopefully they’ll be able to find a way to both market the product better and actually appeal to the customer’s needs and wants rather than just relying on celebrity.

Mommynoire Exclusive With Mathew Knowles: Does Your Child Have What It Takes To Be Beyonce?

October 19th, 2015 - By Kim Osorio
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matthew knowles book

Admit it. Youve always thought your daughter was special. Whether youve internally blushed when youve seen that child pretend performing in front of the mirror, or caught a glimpse of them in your rearview looking cute while hitting that Ariana Grande high note in the backseat of your car, inside, you believe your little girl could be the next.Beyonce. Yes, I said it. The new standard for performance and entertainment excellence. Beyonces talent, work ethic, image and success would be the goal if you got up off your lazy, overworked behind and decided to do something about your childs future career in Entertainment.

So where do you start? Well, you could go in a lot of different directions, but one thats explorable would be reading Mathew Knowlesrecently released book, “The DNA Of Achievers.” True, personally you might not be a fan of what youve read on the gossip blogs about this mans personal life. Still, professionally there is no denying that the secret to Beyonces success liesat least somewhatin the mind of her father.

At a neighborhood spot in Harlem, Mathew Knowles sits down for dinner and an interview to talk about his first book. He is punctual, prepared and professionally dressed. There are things he wont discuss, as per his publicist, who sits a few tables away with Knowlescurrent wife. Throughout the interview, the idea of asking him those question crosses your mind. Its tempting, but everyones going to do that.

Unless youve been under a rock for the last week, youve seen Knowles making his interview rounds in the press to promote this book. But while you may have tuned in to the radio shows or clicked on the link because you are just too nosey and must find out what his relationship with Blue Ivy is like, or whether he accidentally slips up and reveals details of his daughters marriage, the truth is that the business philosophy he employed is the one that created one of the biggest superstars of our generation. Luck was not a factor. Mathew Knowles Frankensteined Beyonce. And those of us who have children we believe have what it takes to be a superstar want to know how he did it in this exclusive with Mathew Knowles he tells us his background and how to make it in the entertainment business.

So do you need a specific DNA to be successful in this business?

Again, its not literal. Its not a molecular DNA [that Im talking about in the book title], its a professional DNA. You arent necessarily born with [it].

As a father, how do you bring those traits, and that specific DNA out in your children?

Kids watch their parents, right? And when kids are three, four, five-years-old, thats when theyre like a sponge, and who they are is really developed by the time they are seven. At that time [in my life], I was the number-one sales rep in the medical division of Xerox. Tina and I had a number-one, top hair salon, that we were making $1 million plus a year. So they witnessed that. They saw that. They heard us talk about the success and failures, so they actually grew up in that environment. But you know, one of the things that I hope that somebody does before I die, is actually do an interview just about me. I dont surround myself around my kids, never have. [I dont] live vicariously through them. I have my own life. I was extremely successful before they were even born. So how about you give me the first interview that doesnt talk about Beyonce, that doesnt talk about Solange.

Well, from a parenting perspective, there’s a secret there and people want to know what that is. I talk to moms and to parents who are trying to get their kids to do things, whether it’s in entertainment, whether it’s in business, whether they want them to excel in education. There is that ‘how do I?’ question that you have as a parent. For you in entertainment, you have been a part of building the most successful female artist in the game right now. So the question is really a natural one, and it really is about you. What is it that you feel like hasn’t been addressed?

People dont know my background. I talk about my real small town, Gladstone, Alabama, background. My mothers last name, maiden name is Hogue. She is Cherokee and African. My grandfather, Dave Hogue, owned 300 acres of land in Marion, Alabama. He was an entrepreneur and someone I looked up to as a kid a lot. My dad was just a hardworking, uneducated man, but he made $25 a week. My mom made $3 a day as a maid. They both found a way to be entrepreneurs. I lived on a dirt road. We didnt have an outside bathroom until I was like 15. I went to white schools all my life and were talking in the 50s and 60s, being the only Black. It was challenging, really challenging, but it gave me another perspective. So think about this, Im 63-years-old. I grew up in Gladstone, Alabama, on a dirt road, with an outside bathroom. I didnt go to a Black school until my junior year in college. I have a different perspective on how I approach things.

What are the traits in yourself that you think have made you successful? 

I love learning. I only do things that Im passionate about. My passion has always grown. When I look at those traits, being a risk taker, learning from failure, I consider myself a strategic planner … all the traits that I talk about in the book, but it starts with passion.

What is your passion?

My passion is educating and motivating. Entrepreneurship and entertainment. I teach entrepreneurship, and thats what this book is. Its a motivational, self-help, entrepreneurship, and music business [book]. The idea hit me on a plane. You start talking to people and they ask you what do you do. I started noticing the similarities in successful people, and then I started thinking about my friends and I thought about them and where they were. Theyve had these traits of successful people.

Now you’ve got the book and you’ve got the seminars. What else do you see yourself accomplishing in the future?

More books. More seminars. I have a seminar for parents of talented and gifted kids. The one Im doing today is the ‘Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In.’ In January, Im presenting a whole online foundation, a platform for online education to compliment these seminars and books. Ive taught for 10 years. Thats a long time. I teach three courses, thats almost full-time. I went back and got my MBA. I have a degree in Economics, an MBA in Strategic Planning and Organizational Structure.

I love what I do. Being in sales and marketing, basically what you do is educate and motivate. You educate a person on your product and how its gonna solve their need. You educate them and then you motivate them to buy it. And when you think about it, when youre a manager, and you deal mainly with young talent, you’re educating them on the industry. Youre educating them on artist development, all the tools on that, and then you are motivating the audience to buy it. Those two basic things are what Ive done all my life, just what I was educating and motivating changed. It went from clothes, to hair, to diagnostic imaging, to talent, but at the end of the day, its educating and motivating. That has never changed for me.

One of the points you made earlier was that your grandfather owned property and was an entrepreneur, so this entrepreneurial spirit seems to have existed in your bloodline for a few generations. But what about someone who isn’t born into that mentality? How do they acquire it?

Thats why they are buying the book, for that reason specifically. Thats where reading and taking seminars become critical. Successful people do that. They read a lot. They take seminars, they learn from others. They get mentors. They dont try to do it all by themselves. They dont see it as weakness, they see it as a strength. So thats what I did. I surrounded myself and my kids with that.

When your children were younger, what type of things did you do to nurture their talent and help develop it into what it is today?

Well, my philosophy when the kids were young… Their mother, we co-owned a successful hair salon, and what is it that women do on Saturdays? Theyre in their hair salon. So on Saturdays, I played the role that most mothers would play. I would take the kids to dance lessons. I would take them to vocal lessons. I would take them to a party, to a theater, go skating so I spent a lot of time with my girls, more time than most fathers. My philosophy has always been as a parent, you surround your kids with all the tools to start seeing what it is that they enjoy, and hopefully buying into something they are passionate about.

That doesnt always happen the first go round. Those formative years, those years from five to 10, thats what we did. Our kids loved the arts, so I got on the school board at the elementary school and we formed an arts division. But I let them decide and they chose the arts. I used to always say that had my kids said they wanted to be a doctor, I would have bought a hospital. But think about that. Heres a dad saying, you decide what you wanna do, but you never gonna work for anybody. So my kids always grew up with, “Youre never gonna work for anybody.That was that entrepreneurial spirit. Youre never gonna work for anybody.

Pop Mom Daily: Are We Unfairly Knocking Mathew Knowles’ Hustle?

October 12th, 2015 - By Erickka Sy Savane
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Mathew Knowles

Source: WENN

“The Entertainment Industry: How Do I Get In?”

Good question. And it’s one that record exec and father to the world’s biggest pop star, Mathew Knowles, aka Beyonce’s dad, seeks to answer in a boot camp of the same name geared towards entertainment industry hopefuls on October 24 at the Hobby Center in Houston, Texas. Once the mastermind behind powerhouse R&B group Destiny’s Child who sold an estimated 60 million records worldwide, making them one of the most successful singing groups of all time, he would seem the perfect person to answer this question.

Let’s face it, he started grooming lil’ B into the Queen we know today from the time she was a kid. Even sister Solange has built a notable career as a singer and fashionista in her own right. But some are saying it’s just his latest attempt to further mooch off of his daughter’s fame. Really? Can you mooch off of something that you created?

Is Mr. Knowles being unfairly judged?

First, let’s look at his fall from grace. Word is he cheated on Beyonce’s mom Tina while they were still married and fathered a baby with his side chick. There are also rumors that he was stealing money.

Stealing money? When it comes to parents and their kid’s money is it really stealing? I dip into my kid’s piggy bank all the time when I’m low on funds. Sometimes I give it back. Sometimes I don’t. The way I see it, what’s mine is theirs and what’s theirs is mine. Now these lines could get a little blurrier when millions of dollars are at stake, but surely something could be worked out. If that was indeed the case.

Now back to his cheating, not to condone what he did, but do we really know what the relationship was like between him and Tina all those years? Most of us have no idea what entertainment industry parenting does to a couple. Maybe he and Tina both got caught up and lost the spark that brought them together in the first place. Maybe they drifted apart. What we do know is this mother and father both worked their asses off for their kids to enjoy the level of success they do today. It took planning, hard work and vision.

Obviously, Mr. Knowles isn’t perfect. As a shrewd businessman who will cut a weak link out of Destiny’s Child quicker than an axe murderer, he probably isn’t Mr. Cuddly half the time. Beyonce even said as much to Oprah a few years ago during her exclusive interview: “When you’re trying to have an everyday conversation with your family you have to talk about scheduling and you have to talk about your album and performing and touring. It’s just too stressful and it really affects your relationship…. I wanted my dad.”

Hey, we get it. Child stars move on from their parent’s management all the time. Janet Jackson and Usher did it. There comes a time when you know you got this. But Joe Jackson will always be Joe Jackson, father and mastermind behind all of the Jacksons, and Mathew Knowles deserves some respect too. He should be able to talk about Beyonce, his greatest accomplishment in the entertainment business, and make his money, without all the flack. Personal family issues aside, he earned it.

Are you knocking Mathew Knowles’ hustle?

Erickka Sy Savané is a freelance writer and creator of THE BREW, a social commentary blog. Before that she was a model/actress/MTV VJ. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram.