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#TBT Cuteness: Beyoncé Shows Off A Young Mama Tina; Michelle Obama Gives A Peek Into Her Childhood

February 7th, 2014 - By Rich
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Throwback Thursday on Instagram can be a lot of fun, especially with the celebrities. You get a glimpse at people way, way back in the day, before the notoriety and money, back to their humble and adorable beginnings.

Last night on Instagram, Beyoncé posted not only some very cute images of herself as a toddler and a kid, but her mother as a very young lady too. The similarities in appearance are pretty eerie (but in a good way), as Mama Tina (aka, Celestine), now 60, looks exactly like Beyoncé does now as a kid:



Beyoncé’s pictures of herself were equally adorable:





But Beyoncé wasn’t the only one who posted some images of herself (and her mom) as a kid on the social media site. First lady Michelle Obama did as well (clearly she’s becoming more comfortable with her Instagram account), including this very adorable snap of her and her brother, Craig Robinson, when they were little. She posted it with the caption, “Brother and sister. #TBT #ThrowbackThursday.”



How cute were they!? And she literally looks exactly the same:

Michelle Obama

Source: WENN

Do you have any favorite celebrity throwback pics from “Throwback Thursday”?

The Over-Saturation Of Beyonce: Shouldn’t She Go Sit The Hell Down Somewhere?

January 29th, 2013 - By Charing Ball
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Source: GQ

Source: GQ

Beyonce is killing the game – literally.

I think that there is not a single day that goes by in which Beyonce’s name is not uttered in some capacity. And I know that what I am about to say is the equivalent of sticking my hand into a Beyhive but I can’t take it anymore. I am officially in Beyonce 24/7 overload. You know, I was really hoping that Keri Hilson was being prophetic. But nope, just like that The Way You Love Me video, Hilson was dead wrong. And less than a year after giving birth Beyonce was right back at it; in the studio, in every single magazine, on my television and even at the damn inauguration. I don’t care if the Hive calls me a hater but it is time for Beyonce to have a seat, preferably a window seat and ticket out of town to look around

Yeah I know, some of yall are about ready to offer me the same seat that I’m offering to the Queen, however judging by how pissy many folks got after learning that Beyonce lip-synced…gasp…the National Anthem at the inauguration of President Obama, I have a feeling I am not alone in this thinking. Therefore I feel totally comfortable. Anyway, The inauguration was held outside. In the cold. On a windy day. Most folks with even the most general of audio knowledge could recognize that those kind of conditions are not suitable to singing live into a microphone. Most people with a knowledge of basic history know that Whitney Houston too lip-synced the National Anthem, so really it is not unheard of. However it didn’t matter because the story was about Beyonce not being perfect and that might make good leverage to hopefully shame her into early retirement. And it works for a couple of days and then she tweets out pictures of her Superbowl practice rehearsals. Now you are back in nine over-exposed circles of Beyonce-d out Hell.

Beyonce reminds me of that on relative that always hams it up at the family barb-be-ques; let’s just call him Uncle Benny. Uncle Benny likes to dance and has been dancing non-stop since he was christened co-captain of the Wildstyle Breakers back in 1983. If there is a beat playing, Uncle Benny is dancing. And it just so happens that your little cousin has brought his DJ equipment out. So you stand around the grassy knoll of Big Mamma’s huge backyard, watching Uncle Benny split, spin, back flip and pop around to a mix of Planet Rock, Paid in Full (the Seven Minutes of Madness remix) and The Bubble Bunch. You will admit that Uncle Benny can really move and find him a amusing compliment to your plate of grilled chicken and seafood salad. Four hours later, the food is pretty much gone but Uncle Benny is still splitting, spinning and popping. Now you are no longer amused. Now Uncle Benny’s over-extended moment in the limelight is annoying and distracting. People want to do a Soul Train Line and he is in the way. And then you remember why you never see Uncle Benny outside of the family Barbeques.

And I don’t blame Beyonce – totally. Sure she kind of over saturated the flames by releasing pictures of the back of Blue Ivy’s head on Tumblr every few days. However it is also us folks, who over-shared that same picture of Beyonce in her skivvies on the cover of GQ magazine, which inspires her to take and release more pictures. And the media outlets – news, gossip or otherwise – who do a very good job keeping us up-to-date about everything I did, but more than likely, didn’t want to know, about Queen Bee. I also blame DMX. He was the first one I can recall to successfully drop two albums in the same year. It was such a marketing coup that it ultimately became the blueprint for what the music industry would become. Now today you got the same five singers and rappers dropping an album, a couple of mixtapes and doing about a dozen or so guest-appearances on several other tracks, which are not their own. While it’s a great way to keep their name out there publicly, it is also a brilliant way to for some artists to fake longevity in the game. Artists dropping new material every few weeks makes it hard for the music to marinate in the listeners ear in order to truly gauge if it’s truly a classic or just the hot song of the week before we are forced to go on to the next song. Not saying that Beyonce doesn’t make classics but she also makes lots of stuff that is not-so-classic and just releases it all at one time too.

I know that not everybody is hot forever. Therefore I can respect Beyonce’s drive to make sure she takes advantage of her moment in the light before it fades. However as regular ole’ fan of hers, who can celebrate her victories while acknowledging the ways in which she really gets on my damn nerves, it’s to the point that her overexposure has meant that a Beyonce appearance, performance or even just spin on the radio, can no longer excite me. Unfortunately for Bey, her great talent as a singer and artist is being lost and overshadowed by the over-saturation and commercialization of Beyonce the brand. And quite honestly, she would probably benefit more from taking a real substantial break. You know like the rest of the Divas. Because I am about ready to tune her out completely.

What Chu Say Boo? Caption This Photo Of Beyoncé Doing Her Best Michael Jackson Impression

December 27th, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Beyoncé’s Instagram is both interesting and confusing at the same time. While she’s exposing more and more of herself these days, her Instagram photos are usually limited to taking pics of the clothing she’s wearing that I know my arse can’t afford, or attending laid back events and working. So this recent all-black everything photo, with her grabbing her leather adorned crotch and rocking a hat MJ used to keep as a staple in his wardrobe (oh, and Hasidic Jews rock the hell out of a similar hat too) is definitely the most colorful one we’ve come across. With her long curls (uh oh, is the bun gone?) and a face that we’re thinking is courtesy of Sasha Fierce, homegirl is striking up a pose that would either make Mike proud or make him laugh out loud (in a high giggle of course). So how would you caption this cute pic of Bey Bey?

She Is HERE: Bey Posts More Photos Of Herself In The Studio But WHAT Is She Working ON?

November 10th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Bey Bey is not sitting idle these days and she wants us to know! Now that her go-hard campaigning efforts for Obama are over,  Beyonce is letting us know that she’s back in the studio, grinding, as evinced in these photos she posted to her Instagram. There have been a lot of photos as of late from the mommy-in-chief, but do you think we can get some info on what she’s actually working on? New album? Superbowl theme song? Bey?

On another note, check out her cute little black and white fashion ensemble. I’m sure those flats are sold out by now. They’re apparently Nicholas Kirkwood Face-print Leather and Velvet Loafers, which are only $925! Get ‘em girls.


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