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Sounds Like She’s Preggo…Beyonce Cancels Concert Due To ‘Exhaustion And Dehydration’

May 14th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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"Beyonce pf"

By now, we know in the world of entertainment terms like “exhaustion” and “dehydration” are simple code words for bigger problems. For most celebs, exhaustion usually means someone went a little too hard on the drinks or drugs, but in Beyonce’s case, it’s likely confirmation of what many have been expecting for the last two weeks or so: she’s pregnant again!

The Associated Press just released details of an email from Bey’s publicist explaining why she’s cancelling her concert in Belgium today. AP Says Beyonce’s doctors have ordered her to rest and that is why she won’t be performing  at the Sportpaleis in Antwerp. Consequently, the show will be rescheduled and tickets can be used at the new show. Wednesday’s show at the same arena may also be in the air, as her publicist’s statement says:

 “She is awaiting word from her doctors before making a decision.”

This news — on top of the fact that we’ve never, in the history of all her gyrating and booty popping, heard of Bey needing to take a break for exhaustion  — only further heightens suspicions that Mrs. Carter is in fact expecting baby number two.  Just yesterday, the NY Post ran a story saying several sources at last Monday’s Met Gala told them Bet is pregnant. Then there’s the issue of those pics of Queen Bey in that skin tight blue body suit with a tiny pudge in the middle that isn’t characteristic of the woman we’ve seen nearly every toned crevice of in H&M ads. And let’s not forget, Bey was just talking about Blue Ivy needing some company in a “Good Morning America” interview last week. Add all of these details together and it sounds quite likely that we’ve got one pregnant mama on our hands.

While the Carters are probably ecstatic about this possibility, I imagine U.S. fans will find the news a little bittersweet as the singer hasn’t even made her way back to the states to start this leg of her Mrs. Carter tour. And if she’s already showing and having medical issues, it doesn’t bit well for the likelihood of her finishing the tour in Brooklyn August 5. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for you and hope the other insiders who told Us Weekly, “don’t be silly,” when they asked if Beyonce is pregnant, are right.

What do you say? Do you think Bey’s expecting again?

Werk! Watch Mrs. Carter Kick Off Her World Tour In Serbia

April 16th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: I am Beyonce

Source: I am Beyonce

If you can’t wait ’til Beyonce makes her rounds back to the U.S. — or Drake drops another unrelated song about her — allow us to give you your first look into the Mrs. Carter tour which kicked off in Belgrade, Serbia last night.

We know most people are only interested in the costumes and the twerking. So far, we haven’t seen too much evidence of the latter yet, but we do have video of Baddie Bey singing a rendition of Whitney Houston’s classic song, “I Will Always Love You” in some sort of “Halo” remix fashion. And as far as the costumes go, you already know Bey’s style: all leotard everything. She shocked everybody with an interesting faux T&A number (scroll through to see it), but there’s a whole lot more sequined goodness where that came from.

Check out the footage of concert numero uno below as well as pics of opening night on the next few pages. Are you attending the Mrs. Carter tour this year?

Gangsta Bey: The Most H-Town Hood Songs From The One They Call King Bey

March 21st, 2013 - By Kelly Franklin
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Beyonce, mega star of the world, has never forgotten her roots…or has she? Is referencing dookie braids in her latest “Bow Down” single hood enough to prove it? Actually, we don’t even have to do that because if you’re a real Bey Stan, you know she’s been a lil hood for a minute — or four albums — now.  Oh you forgot about that? Let us refresh your memory.

Serious Question: Ya’ll Think Beyonce’s Ever Gonna Wear Pants Again?

January 10th, 2013 - By Brande Victorian
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Source: GQ

Source: GQ

Did anyone else notice that Beyonce has skipped past leotard land and gone straight to panty palace in her new GQ photo shoot? You know the running joke is Bey hasn’t worn pants since 2006, which is actually pretty accurate. Once she hit the scene with “Single Ladies” and that all black everything leotard, she was like, “Ain’t no way I’m covering up all this goodness again.” *Does “Love On Top” Skip, tells band bring the beat in.*

Well now that she’s out to prove something about being a hot mama — literally — onesies aren’t even good enough for miss Baddie Bey. Oh no, she’s going straight high-cut bikini drawl on our a**es — and hers. GQ just published the rest of the pics from her February feature and as I clicked, and clicked, and clicked some more I was like damn, she got on panties and a cutoff in every shot — except for the one where she has on no shirt at all. Somebody’s back with a vengeance — and a nice pair of abdominals, hips, and thighs.

I’m trying to figure out if she just woke up one day and was like, “Every now and again you got to go in that dresser drawer and pull put them freakum drawls. Yup, that’s what Ima do. Ima just rock these drawls on my derriere and make it do what it do. Houston Texas Baby!” The problem is, the last time she started that one-piece Lycra trend, everybody from Laquana with the post-pregnancy baby bump to the girls with the butts so fat Tyga wanted a lap dance thought it was cute for them to start wearing Ballerina apparel on a daily too. I’m talking Miami Beach in the middle of the day leotards, to girls standing outside of clubs in the winter with a onesie, some fishnets, and icicles dripping off their platform pumps talking bout “don’t be mad cuz you see that he want it.” No what we’re mad about is that you don’t see that nobody wants any of that in their opticular spectrum.

So, you see, that is why I’m worried about this little panty parade Bey has going on here. Because with all the praise she’s gotten for her envy inspiring curves, ain’t no way she can go back to covering up stomach and hip-bone no mo’. It’s about to be all Banty everything (cuz you know she and her stans have to turn every word into something they can put in the Bictionary.) And that means there’s about to be a host of gifs comin up with girls posing in their boyfriend’s middle school jerseys and some Hanes Her Way talkin’ bout “I’m getting my Baddie Bey on.” *Shudders*

But back to Beyonce, who, by the way, I never ever wanna hear say “why did God give me this gift” again after showing off all that she’s working with. Ya’ll think pants are just too 2005 for her? I mean I’d probably try to walk around unclothed all day if I had it like that too. And yes, I know she always has on some weird, printed pants for her carefully crafted Instagram photo shoots, but when it comes to her next videos and performances (aside from the Inaugural Ball) who bets Baddie Bey hits the stage in a pair of panties like she never knew booty shorts existed?

Say I.

Brande Victorian is the deputy editor for Follow her on twitter @Be_Vic.

She Is HERE: Bey Posts More Photos Of Herself In The Studio But WHAT Is She Working ON?

November 10th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Bey Bey is not sitting idle these days and she wants us to know! Now that her go-hard campaigning efforts for Obama are over,  Beyonce is letting us know that she’s back in the studio, grinding, as evinced in these photos she posted to her Instagram. There have been a lot of photos as of late from the mommy-in-chief, but do you think we can get some info on what she’s actually working on? New album? Superbowl theme song? Bey?

On another note, check out her cute little black and white fashion ensemble. I’m sure those flats are sold out by now. They’re apparently Nicholas Kirkwood Face-print Leather and Velvet Loafers, which are only $925! Get ’em girls.


7 Celebrity Chicks that Love Around The Way Guys

April 23rd, 2012 - By MN Editor
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LL Cool J let it be known that some guys want an “around-the-way girl,” but some ladies also want an ‘around-the-way guy.’  Don’t good girls always seem to love bad boys.  Then again, so do bad girls.  We rounded up seven ladies who are as crazy about their “around-the-way” boos as they are about their designer gear.  Hmmm, we wonder whose fashion sense has rubbed off on whom.  In some cases, it’s crystal clear which partner sets the couple’s style ablaze (and pssst, it isn’t always the woman!).  

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Beyonce’s Colorful Olivia Harris By Joy Gryson Tote And The Spring Collection

April 11th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Baby Blue isn’t the only fab thing Beyonce has been toting around these days.

The superstar has been spotted carrying a bold and beautiful colorful tote while soaking up the sun in St. Barts this week.

The Olivia Harris by Joy Gryson knit lambskin tote is clearly a hit–the “Love On Top” singer has worn it every day of the trip thus far.

And we can’t blame her, the roomy bag is hitting two major spring trends: woven detailing and colorblocking, which includes the hue of the year:Tangerine Tango.

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