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Lena Waithe’s Show “Twenties” Is Coming To BET

July 2nd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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"twenties" is coming to bet

Source: YouTube

Last year around this time, we told you about the show “Twenties” a show pitched by Lena Waithe, the writer behind the hilarious YouTube video “Sh!t Black Girls Say” and the upcoming movie “Dear White People.” Tagged as something like HBO’s “Girls” but for black women, “Twenties” is  about “three black girls in their twenties who are trying to get their sh!t together.” As a black woman in my twenties trying to get my ish all the way right, I was ready for it. And when I watched the teaser or pilot presentation, I found myself saying yaasss and chuckling with familiarity. I love it.

So it is with great delight that I provide a follow up to that story.

According to Shadow and Act, Waithe has inked a deal with BET to write a pilot script for “Twenties.”

This is great news considering Waithe stated that while she posted a pilot presentation on YouTube last year, she didn’t want her show to have a home on the web but rather a network television station. But  when she went to speak to network executives, Waithe found that this was no easy feat. She said many networks loved the show but felt there wasn’t an audience for it or they thought a similar show already existed. Waithe knew that neither ones of those claims was accurate. And she shot the pilot presentation to prove it.

And after some time, it seems that Waithe’s work has captured someone’s eye over at BET. If you haven’t noticed BET is in the middle of a transition, moving more toward adult-centered programming with original scripted dramas, series and feature film showings.

Luckily, they feel “Twenties” will fit right in there. And personally, I can’t wait to see it.

What do you think about “Twenties”? If you missed the pilot presentation last year, take a look at it on the next page and let us know if this seems like something you’d like to see.

Tank Responds To Young Money Winning The BET Award For “Best Group”

June 30th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

If you watched the BET Awards with us last night, you probably scratched your head in confusion when you saw that not only was Young Money nominated for the Best Group award, they won that thang. For those of you who are out of the loop, Young Money is not a group. They’re a record label. They do not rehearse, perform and travel together consistently like groups traditionally do. It would be the equivalent of calling Motown a group. No, they are a collection of artists.

Also nominated for the best group award were A$AP Mob, Daft Punk, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and  TGT, Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank.

It was odd. And apparently, we weren’t the only ones who noticed. Today, Tank tweeted about losing to the non-group today on Twitter. See what he had to say.

Now, was Tank a little petty saying he didn’t want the award? Sure. Of course he wanted the award or he wouldn’t have attended. But everything else is true. It was a bit of a joke. What do you think about Tank’s tweets? Was he keeping it trill or was he in his feelings and should have kept these things to himself. 

From The Writer & Director Of “Love And Basketball”, New Film “Beyond The Lights”

June 27th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Suzanne Tenner

Source: Suzanne Tenner

Get excited ladies and gentlemen. It’s no secret that there is a constant struggle to get quality films starring black actors to the big screen. But there’s good news. Writer and director Gina Prince-Bythewood, known for Love and Basketball, Disappearing Acts and Secret Life of Bees, is bringing you a new project called Beyond the Lights.

The film, originally titled Blackbird, will star a few of our favorites including Nate Parker and the rising star Gugu Mbatha-Raw.

Here’s the synopsis:

[Beyond the Lights] is the story of Noni Jean, a hot new artist who has just won a Grammy and is primed for stardom. But the pressures of success compel her to nearly end her life until she is saved by a young police officer. They fall hard for each other, despite the protests of their parents who want each to focus on their own career ambitions. But he might be the missing piece to unlock her artistic potential. 

The film also stars Danny Glover and Minnie Driver as Gugu’s mother.

The film backed by Relativity Media and BET is scheduled to be released November 14, 2014. Afterward, it’ll have an exclusive television premiere in the U.S. and South Africa on BET.

According to an interview with Entertainment Weekly, the inspiration for the film came when Prince-Bythewood was listening to Alicia Keys perform “Diary” in 2007. She spent years developing the film, fighting with the studio to cast the right leading actress.

She told EW, “The studios wanted a big star, and I wanted the right person for the role.”

Prince-Bythewood ended up hiring her own casting agent to do the job properly.

“There is an innate vulnerability in Gugu. And you can sense her star power. That’s what we needed to believe–that she could be Rihanna or Beyoncé.”

Still Sony wasn’t convinced and Prince-Bythewood took matters into her own hands once again. She produced an eight minute sneak peek of the film with Mbatha-Raw in the role and found financiers at BET and Relativity Media.

“It was so nice to sit in a room and not hear that the lead is a black woman and she’s not going to sell.’ Rather they said, ‘We think she’s a star, who do you want for your male lead?’” Prince-Bythewood said.

Yes! I don’t know about you all but I’m ready for this one. I had the privilege of seeing a screening of Belle, starring Mbatha-Raw, and it was amazing as was she in the role. Plus it’s always nice to see black folk teaming up and using their forces for good. #Ready.

Take a look at the trailer below and some pictures from the upcoming film on the next page.


“Meet The Manns”: David And Tamela Mann To Take New Reality Show To BET

June 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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David and Tamela Mann


“Truth is I’m tiiiiiiired”–of reality TV that is. However, we might get to see something more positive but still entertaining with the reality TV show that gospel singers and acting couple, David and Tamela Mann, have planned for BET.

The couple, both known for their work on Tyler Perry’s Meet The Browns (and Tamela’s “Take Me To The King” was a #1 gospel song back in 2012), will reportedly showcase their large family, including their five children, eight grandchildren and extended family on the new BET reality show.  The two seem excited about the new venture. They put out a joint statement confirming the show and the big plans they have for fans:

“We’re excited to announce our new television home is with BET. BET is a great fit for the Mann brand and the perfect place for this new show. There’ll also be some news and reveals we’re saving to share on the show – you’ll have to tune in to find out what’s in store.”

The show will be called Meet The Manns, and according to EurWeb, it will premiere sometime next year. In fact, the reality show is already in production.

Speaking last year about doing reality TV in an interview with Sister 2 Sister, David says they were apprehensive about it all at first:

“We really didn’t want to do it at first. And not knocking any other reality shows, but we just didn’t think we had the drama for a reality show. So we were like, ‘No, because we don’t fuss and argue with each other and go crazy.’ So we said, ‘If you can let us resolve issues in the family and show positive love, then we’ll do one.’ We just want to show people that you can have a great relationship between husband and wife. If you put us in any situation, it’s gonna be crazy!”

I like the Manns (who have been married for more than 25 years by the way), and I’m excited to see what they will do with such a show. But what about you?


How B. Scott’s Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against BET May Have Backfired

June 18th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: IG

Source: IG

In April, we told you that a judge dismissed media personality B. Scott’s gender discrimination lawsuit against BET Networks. As you may recall, B sued the network after he was snatched off of the red carpet during a pre-show at the 2013 BET Awards following a dispute over his attire. According to B, BET executives discriminated against him because he is a transgender individual. Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos, however, saw things differently. She ruled in favor of BET, stating that the First Amendment gives BET the right to dress its television hosts however they’d like. Following the announcement of his legal loss, B vowed not to give up in his fight against the network.

According to reports, B. Scott may owe BET money when the dust settles following his gender discrimination lawsuit against the network.

Source: IG

“It’s unfortunate that Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos presiding over today’s motion failed to consider the facts in their entirety, especially pertaining to a case as unique as this one,” B said in a statement. It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression – and that such discriminatory acts are protected under the first amendment.

As my attorney and I seek to appeal the judge’s decision on the motion to strike in the California Court of Appeal, we’re continuing to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community and to remind the world that it’s ok to be who you are.”

According to TMZ, losing the case against BET left B responsible for the network’s attorney’s fees, which came up to nearly $300,000. BET, however, offered to let B off of the hook with paying just $150,000 if he promised not to proceed with his planned appeal. B rejected the offer and went ahead with his appeal anyway. Now, BET is pursuing legal action against him for the fees. B, however, is refusing to back down.

“No one will tell me who I should be, how I should present myself, or what I do with my life,” he told TMZ.”

A judge will determine what will happen regarding the fees.

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Are You Ready For “#JustKeke”? Keke Palmer’s Talk Show Gets New Name, Premiere Date And Promo Video [Watch]

June 9th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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KeKe Palmer


We told you recently that Keke Palmer was joining the very crowded lineup of talk show hosts, but is hoping to bring something fresh to our television screens. Well, the talk show has a new name (it was formerly called The Keke Palmer Project), as well as an air date (coming up soon) and mission.

The name? #JustKeke.

The premiere date? June 30th at 5 Pacific/4 Central time. It will air Monday through Friday.

The mission? According to a new promo clip she did for the talk show, she hopes to create a talk show that speaks on topics important to people Palmer’s age and younger, and to connect to them through a variety of ways, including through technology via social media:

“There’s no show that relates to my age…on my show we are going to talk about everything. I want to be able to reach my generation in a more intimate way.”

Palmer’s new show will make her the youngest talk show host in history. She will get the chance to show the world what she can do with an ordered 4-week run. The 20-year-old is hoping to make major waves and connect to young people, who only get to connect with their age group through music shows like 106 & Park. A very positive young woman, we’re sure the show will be a hit with the young’ns, and with critics. Check out the promo for her new show and let us know what you think.

BET To Air Four-Part Documentary On The Evolution Of Hip-Hop

June 2nd, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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The Message

From HipHopWired

BET cable network is launching a four-part documentary series which will examine the evolution of Hip-Hop music and culture. Titled The Message, the documentary aims to highlight Hip-Hop’s social and economic impact spanning the last 40 years. Narrated by Joe Budden, a number of Hip-Hop luminaries will be featured in The Message, including Russell Simmons, Ice Cube, Kendrick Lamar, Nas, Snoop Dogg among several others. Media figures such as Sway, Big Tigger, and Funkmaster Flex will also be featured. The Message also includes the late Chris Lighty’s final on-air interview. From the press release for The Message: “Hip hop is a seed planted and nourished amongst the ‘broken glass everywhere’ of mid-70s New York. It has grown to be a worldwide phenomenon and the dominant culture of at least one generation,” said Stephen Hill, president of Music Programing and Specials, BET Networks. “This exciting series examines the origin and the path of the music and message, taking care to objectively analyze its factions and movements.” The Message will be split into four episodes: The Birth and Proliferation of Hip Hop; Trials and Tribulations; Women, Cash, Clothes; and The Digital Revolution. Each episode will air weekly each Wednesday after this week’s initial debut.


Part 2 sneak peek:

BET’s Digital Diva Lisa Gelobter On The Need For Diversity In Technology

June 1st, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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Stairs 4

Google’s recent release of its diversity numbers is only further evidence that more minorities are needed in the tech sector. Over at Google, 61 percent of employees are white, 30 percent are Asian, three percent Hispanic and four percent are of mixed race. Fewer than a third (30 percent) are women.

Despite their low representation in the sector, there are women who are spearheading new technologies. One is Lisa Gelobter.

With more than 20 years of experience in digital media, Gelobter knows a thing or two about the Internet. Gelobter helps lead BET’s digital strategy as the interim head of digital for BET Networks. She’s been with the company for a little over four years.

Throughout her career she has focused on strategy, operations and technology, she’s been involved with several Internet technologies, including Shockwave, the genesis of animation on the web, and the emergence of online video via Brightcove, Joost and The FeedRoom. Gelobter was also a member of the senior management team for the launch of Hulu.

MadameNoire recently spoke with Lisa Gelobter about her tech career. What led you to a career in the tech area?
Lisa Gelobter: I was as attracted to the sense of possibilities. I studied computer science and I was one of the few blacks, but I was fascinated with tech early on. I had a Lego robot that I was trying to figure out how to rebuild. And I had an “ah-ha” moment. There are so many new discoveries to be made, it is fascinating to me.

MN: What do you like the most about being in tech?
LG: I love being about to help invent new technologies. I have been on the engineering team, such as at Shockwave. We were able to help invent animation on the web and now today Shockwave is used all the time. I have also always been interested in how people consume media, who uses media and what are some of the things they need. Tech gives you the opportunity to affect people’s lives in various ways, to change the way they view media on the web, change the ways they use the web.

MN: What is your role at BET like?

LG: I’m still working on the inventing side. It’s also part of my job to understand industry trends and create better ways to serve our users. We just released our second app, BET NOW.

BET NOW lets users consume BET shows on their tablets and phones and they can can access this content via TV Everywhere authentication. And I am also proud of the digital presence we have created with BET and Centric.

MN: What is your typical day like?
LG: Every day is different. I may work on developing new digital content, new applications. I may also work with the marketing and sales department. And when I do, I need to speak a different language. There are many languages we speak in the corporate world. Each department has a different language. The way the digital department speaks is different from the sales department, and it is my job to be able to bridge both. I have to be able to relay our tech developments to the sales and marketing departments in a way they can understand and then promote our digital offerings.

MN: Do you see more women and people of color entering the tech world?
LG: Yes, there have been more since I got started.  But there are still too little. There are very few blacks and females in the tech world, so there were very few people for me to look to when I entered the tech field. Most all of the time I was the only black or the only women in the room.  But I was fortunate to be able to connect with other black women in tech to create a circle to support each other, to be a sounding board for one another. We have the same experiences, same cultural norms. Blacks in tech are missing a community of their peers. This can make it a very lonely experience.

“I”m Sure She Learned A Lesson” Angie Martinez Reacts To ’106 & Park’ August Alsina & Keisha Chante Incident

April 23rd, 2014 - By Madame Noire
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The Grio

The Grio



From The Grio 

Last week singer August Alsina made an appearance on BET’s 106 and Park to promote his debut album, Testimony, when an on-camera interaction with host Keshia Chante put the New Orleans native in the hot seat.

It’s been widely reported that the R&B newcomer hasbeef with the more established Trey Songz (although Trey appeared on August’s “I Love This” remix), and reportedly, before cameras rolled, he told the BET team that he wouldn’t speak about their rivalry. Chante decided to press the matter on live TV, which  Alsina replied sternly: “I told y’all we weren’t going to talk about this sh*t backstage.”

Chante was visibly shocked by the curt response, but veteran hip-hop DJ Angie Martinez, of Hot 97 fame, believed the 106 and Park host held her own.

“I think she handled it like a G. She didn’t get too flustered and pushed through it,” said Martinez. “I”m sure she learned a lesson.”

Read more about Angie Martinez’s opinions at 

Judge Throws Out B. Scott’s Gender Discrimination Lawsuit Against BET

April 17th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

We’ve just learned that a judge has dismissed B. Scott’s gender discrimination lawsuit against BET.

As you may recall, B sued the network and parent company, Viacom, following last year’s BET Awards after he was forced by executives to change from women’s clothing into men’s clothes. Though he complied with the network’s orders, he was eventually removed from the red carpet pre-show altogether and replaced by “The Real” co-host Adrienne Bailon.

“While I want nothing more than to put this incident behind me and move on with my life, I still wholeheartedly believe that I’m entitled to a true public apology,” B said in a statement following the filing of his lawsuit.

“BET’s non-apology statement added more insult to injury. What happened to me was not a ‘miscommunication’ nor was it ‘unintentional’. It was wrong. I have been vehemently trying to come to a resolution with BET and Viacom behind the scenes. After a few weeks of back and forth dialogue with no foreseeable resolution, I have filed a lawsuit against BET and its parent company Viacom for discrimination on the basis of gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation..”

Despite B’s expressed humiliation over the whole fiasco, Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos found that the 1st amendment provides BET with the right to run the network and dress its hosts however they see fit, TMZ reports. B released an official statement  shortly after the ruling, which reads:

“It’s unfortunate that Judge Yvette M. Palazuelos presiding over today’s motion failed to consider the facts in their entirety, especially pertaining to a case as unique as this one. It disheartens me that the message sent today wasn’t a message of acceptance, but rather it’s acceptable to discriminate against transgender individuals on the basis of their gender identity and expression – and that such discriminatory acts are protected under the first amendment.

As my attorney and I seek to appeal the judge’s decision on the motion to strike in the California Court of Appeal, we’re continuing to fight for the rights of the LGBTQ community and to remind the world that it’s ok to be who you are.

Standing up for your rights and the rights of others can be a lengthy, uphill war. When one battle is lost, another is waged and yet we must press forward.

Although I’m saddened by what today’s verdict means for myself and other members of the LGBTQ community, the struggle is not over. I will pursue progress and human rights for our community through the Appellate Court where I hope that my unique set of circumstances and BET/Viacom’s treatment of me will collectively yield active legislation to prevent anyone else from having to suffer as I have – without networks being able to disguise their unlawful discriminatory practices with vague, umbrella terms like ‘creative privilege’.

I’m committed to change, progress, human rights and equality for all, and by no means do I feel defeated.

Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.”

Interestingly, B also says that his war against the network is nowhere near over.

Screen shot 2014-04-17 at 4.42.16 PM