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Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making Of “The Family That Preys”

April 8th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Lionsgate

Source: Lionsgate

When it comes to Tyler Perry films, The Family That Preys is one of, if not my all time favorite. It stars some A-list actors, the story is complex without leaving any loose ends and it was one of the few Tyler Perry movies that wasn’t based off of his stage plays. If you’ve seen the movie, I doubt you’ve forgotten the plot or that pivotal moment with Sanaa Lathan and Rockmond Dunbar over that counter top. You remember, but check out these behind the scenes secrets.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making Of “The Preacher’s Wife”

December 26th, 2012 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Buena Vista Pictures

Source: Buena Vista Pictures

When it comes to black Christmas movies, the list is not that long. But one of the best Christmas movies, featuring brown people, is The Preacher’s Wife. Starring everyone’s favorite singer, Whitney Houston, and favorite actor, Denzel Washington, The Preacher’s Wife was a feel good movie we wanted to see from them. And though many of us were rooting for Denzel and Whitney to at least kiss in the flick, it was still a cute, little holiday movie.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making Of “Purple Rain”

October 22nd, 2012 - By Veronica Wells
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If you want to talk about a “terrible” movie that got the most love ever, you have to be talking about Purple Rain. With only three professional actors in the entire film, this movie became a cult classic because of the big name artists associated with it, the extraordinary music featured in it and the fact that it gave us a glimpse into the ultimate mystery man’s “life.” You’ve rocked out to all the songs, you might have even memorized a poorly delivered line or two, but we bet you don’t know these behind the scenes secrets. Check them out.

Bet You Didn’t Know: Secrets Behind The Making of “Baby Boy”

September 5th, 2012 - By Veronica Wells
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Jody, Jody, Jody. Though he had some super triflin’ ways, we couldn’t completely rule him out. Perhaps because we saw how he shut ole girl down, though she was doing her best to seduce him. Or more likely, we liked him because he reminded us of a manchild we’ve known (or still know) in our own lives. Either way, watching Jody grow up throughout the course of the movie Baby Boy, was so real and so entertaining and the very talented cast, helped to bring this already relateable story to life. You know the plot, the outcome and those memorable characters; but we bet you don’t know the behind the scenes secrets of this hood classic.


Tupac was supposed to play the role of Jody

Though anyone can see why Tupac would have been great for this role, it’s still  a bit eery to think that he was supposed to portray Jody. The role was written specifically for him. But when he died in 1996, Singleton shelved the project. The role probably wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch for the rapper turned actor considering he vacillated between the sensitive, socially conscious poet to the thugged out gangster rapper. So the inclusion of Tupac’s face looming over Jody is no coincidence. In a review of the film, the New York Times pointed out just how powerful and symbolic that mural was: “His image, hovering behind Jody and Melvin, is a haunting reminder of what is at stake for Jody.”


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