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Summer Remedies: Quick Fixes For Chafing

July 25th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Thick thighs are a blessing. You may have even heard that they save lives. But during the summer, those blessings can rub together in a way that it is pretty hard to be grateful for.

Summer workouts and summer skirts can be hard on your legs. The trouble is moisture and friction. #Thighgaps may be popular on Instagram, but for most women, they’re not a reality. With that being said, things can get rough pretty quickly when you’ve been walking for some time in the heat. Before you know it, you’re looking for any place to sit to give your legs a break. And we haven’t even talked about the possible scarring from legs that have rubbed together too long and in a harsh manner.

Thankfully, chafing — of any kind — doesn’t have to be a problem. There are lots of ways to prevent it, stop it in its tracks, or fix the damage it has done. So don’t be afraid to put on your walking or running shoes and your shortest skirts and dresses this summer. We’ve got you covered. We gave you five options before, here a few more to ensure you stay chafe-free.

Summer Workouts That Are Easiest On Your Hair

July 25th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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If you’ve skipped gym day because you don’t want to sweat out (or have to redo) your hair, then join the club. When you can barely squeeze a workout into your day, trying to find even more time to to fix what an hour at the gym can do to your hair seems like a big chunk of the day that will be lost. Who has time to pencil all of that in?

And while protective styles and dry shampoo can make workout hair presentable, there’s another option: You can just change your workout.

These summer workouts will help you burn calories and tone up without sweating out your hair. So if you’re tired of choosing between keeping fit and keeping cute, or want a way to squeeze in a workout without a wash and dry too, read on.

Why Do We Tell Overweight People They Need To Lose Weight And Then Shame Them When They Try To?

July 19th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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In the words of Michael Jackson as the scarecrow in The Wiz: “You can’t win.”

Ain’t that the truth, though?

After reading about the Playboy model who taped a fellow gym-goer naked to share her disdain for the woman’s body on Snapchat, all I could think about was that song. Lord knows we have this very peculiar habit of shaming obese individuals, and then still giving them crap when they make an attempt to shed the pounds.

In case you missed the story, Playboy’s 2015 Playmate of the Year, Dani Mathers, landed in some hot water (and possible legal trouble) after the 29-year-old Snapchatted the body of a woman undressed in the locker room shower. The caption, to accompany the video and the image of Mathers’s shocked face? “If I can’t see unsee this then you can’t either.”

What she hoped would incur laughs and co-signs has since cost Mathers her gym membership. Oh, and her job. To make matters all the more serious, the gym where this invasion of privacy took place called the LAPD on Mathers. According to the Washington Post, she is facing the possibility of being charged with a misdemeanor for disorderly conduct. If that happens, she could end up with a fine, or worse, jail time. Six months to be exact.

And while we all could continue to go ham sandwich on Mathers for doing something very disrespectful and damaging to an innocent, unsuspecting woman, some of us also need to take responsibility for our own fat-shaming hijinks. Whether we do it outright or don’t even realize it, the statements and actions we hurl at the expense of larger men and women are all pretty damaging.

For instance, the way we can’t appreciate a story about Gabourey Sidibe, whether it’s about her career or an outfit she wore, without people feeling it necessary to harp on her size and say, almost seven years later, that she still needs to lose weight.

Or the ways in which we put conditions on who is allowed to be overweight. That includes saying that if you haven’t had a baby recently (emphasis on recently, as in, if your baby is less than a year or two old) or you’re not sick, you should be ashamed of yourself because my tax dollars are going toward people like you.

How we do the most when it comes to the accomplishments and style choices of larger people. If they get through some tough moves in a fitness class, they get attention for keeping up or get ignored completely because of the assumption that they won’t keep up. Or if someone bigger wears a revealing ensemble, it’s an “I see you!” spectacle.

The way that we try and pretend we’re health experts when we tell overweight people that they need to do better for the sake of living longer and happier, not knowing anything about the state of their health or their contentment. Because who could be happy when they’re big, right?

And the way we equate beauty with being smaller, telling an overweight person that they’re “cute for a big ___.”

All of that is cringe-worthy. But what’s even worse is the idea that after tormenting some people into the gym to lose weight, folks, like Mathers, make them feel as though they still don’t belong. As though their weight is something to mock despite their attempts to do something about it. As though working out to take care of themselves is subjecting others to the sorest of sights. It’s all yet another reminder that people really don’t give a sh-t about the health and happiness of overweight people. They just want to mock someone because they are so pressed to feel important or superior in any way possible. And that often has a lot to do with people’s own self-confidence and happiness levels.

Because, if we’re being honest, why would a Playmate of the Year who tightens and tones up to showcase her body, and who had her body reaffirmed on a national stage, be so bothered by another woman trying to take care of her own?

Why did this woman assume that the heavy-set Black woman in her yoga class was “judging,” “resenting” and “stereotyping” her “skinny white body” when she struggled through some moves?

And why does someone confident or working to be confident in their own skin, offend other people so damn much?

Because people are fighting their own inner battles and looking to jump on any person who can make them feel better about themselves.

With all that being said, I hope the woman videotaped comes forward and sues Mathers. Not just because of the fact that she grossly invaded the woman’s privacy, but to do so as a warning for people, in general, who are so worried about what other people do with their bodies. You don’t need to cheer an overweight person on in the gym for killing it, nor do you need to shame them for showing up. But what you do need to do is worry about yourself and the vessel God gave you.

The Latest Beauty Trend: Galaxy Makeup

July 18th, 2016 - By Nneka Samuel
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Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

It’s hard not to be inspired by the beautiful, starry night sky. One of the latest beauty trends, galaxy makeup, takes that inspiration to another level. The result? Colorful, fun, and wildly creative makeup that you can wear for a night out on the town or an impromptu photo shoot – just ’cause. Some of the galaxy designs, replete with swirling hues and shimmery sparkles, cover the entire face. Other designs put quite a bit of focus on specific facial features, like the eyes or lips. Never short on detail, some of the designs even utilize jewels and other adornments to achieve a starry effect. Makeup artists, enthusiasts and fans of the growing galaxy makeup trend have taken to Instagram to post their best galaxy looks. Would you try this look? Maybe some of the following pictures will inspire you to create your own galaxy designs — or choose to stick with the basics. Here’s a glimpse at the trend.


Replete with a gentle, plum lip, this galaxy look is nothing short of magical.

Summer Bucket List: Things To Accomplish Before The Season Ends

July 14th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

We all wish that summer would last forever, but it will be over before you know it. I mean, we’re almost halfway through July, folks. That means it’s time for everyone to get on top of their summer bucket list. From beauty musts to summer beach reads, these are the things and items everyone should have on their must-do summer lists to make the most of the great weather and countless activities available.

Work may be calling, and there are errands to run. But if there’s any time to give yourself a little leeway to celebrate the season, it’s now. So enjoy these things while the weather is warm and you will make sun-kissed memories that will last you through the cold-weather months.

Do you have any summer traditions that you would like to tackle while the weather is good? We’d love to hear about the things you are hoping to accomplish before fall in the comment section.

Struggles Only Women With Thick Hair Understand

July 13th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Thick hair can be a blessing. It can pull off styles that look pretty amazing, it looks luxurious when well managed, and it’s the envy of everyone with thin, fine hair up there. They may not say it, but it’s the truth.

Still, having really thick hair doesn’t always feel like a blessing. In fact, it can feel like quite the burden. Every girl born with more than enough on top of her head has experienced everything from waiting forever for it to dry it after a wash day, spending hours upon hours at the salon getting it untangled, cleaned and dry, to struggling with home styling.

Like anything worth having, thick hair takes work. And even though your arms are exhausted and your neck can feel heavy, having thick, healthy hair is a great thing. It just doesn’t feel like it when you’re going through these struggles that only women with thick hair understand.

Timbaland’s Sister Releases Book On The Art Of “Giving Face”

July 12th, 2016 - By madamenoire
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rashon 2

By Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson

Courtney Rashon is kind of a big deal. The television host who is also a makeup expert recently dropped a new book, “GIVING FACE: The Art To Looking Flawless for Every Occasion,” which dials in on a myriad of topics such as makeup application and how to look the part. “It’s all about achieving your best beauty and grooming looks for any occasion,” she told us in a phone interview.

Each chapter of the book offers detailed instructions on make up applications, techniques, grooming as well as tips and suggestions on what are and aren’t appropriate looks for specific occasions.” I also discuss luxury beauty items and treatments as well as spa reviews from my own personal experiences,” she said.

As soon as Rashon used the l-word we were hooked. Check out our exclusive with her on her new venture and scoop up a few free tips on looking fabulous.

MadameNoire (MN): Why should someone invest in buying your book?

Courtney Rashon (CR): For starters, my book is unique and unlike any other makeup books on the market. I not only discuss makeup applications and instruction, I give a full overview of what makeup, and beauty and grooming should be like in any given situation. My book contains information that applies men and women regarding beauty, hygiene and grooming for every situation imaginable. Giving Face, is all about makeup and beauty etiquette.

MN: You recently had a billboard in Manhattan. Tell us more about it.

CR: That was a really cool thing. I never imagined that I would have a digital image of myself and my book cover featured in Times Square. It was there for about five days courtesy of PR Newswire. It was dope!

MN: How do you balance all of the hats that you wear as a published author, TV host and beauty expert and CEO of #prettygirlgangcosmetics?

CR: I have a pretty tight schedule and I try to balance everything accordingly. My week is usually planned ahead of time so I have a set amount of hours per day to deal with all each of the components that make up Courtney Rashon Industries, LLC. For the most part, I always know what’s going on, so this makes it a lot easier to balance everything out.

MN: Why is knowing your self worth so important in the beauty industry?

CR: Maintaining professionalism, being fair and believing in yourself and your craft are important factors when it comes to knowing your self worth. Keeping your word is also

extremely important. By knowing your worth, you can’t ever be taken advantaged of in the industry. By staying firm and true to your core values and beliefs you will be successful.

MN: Tell us about #prettygirlgangcosmetics and the success it had since its conception in 2015?

CR: I launched #prettygirlgangcosmetics in December of 2015. We have been very successful in such a short period of time. We have had a tremendous amount of support from everyone. All of our high definition luxury lip lacquers and Vitamin E automatic lip liners are sold out. We also showcased our line during F/W Fashion Week 2016 and we also have gotten a great deal of press and positive reviews from our customers. We are revamping and incorporating men’s products as well as natural body products into the line. We also have our luxurious Siberian Sable lashes and Mink lashes collection currently still in stock, which are our staple items.

MN: Was writing a book just a natural progression from there?

CR: Yes. Writing the book was the next logical step. I wanted to provide the readers with information that would be useful and helpful regarding makeup and beauty. I have so much knowledge and information about beauty, I wanted to share it with the world. Giving Face is a beauty guide for men and women. Its available now at in print or as an e-book.

MN: You also wear a hat as a television host in NYC called What’s the 411.Who’s the most interesting person you’ve interviewed as a host on
“What’s the 411?”

CR: All of the guests have been interesting and amazing. I must say the most interesting person I have interviewed was Mathew Knowles. (Beyonce’s father) He is an extremely smart and confident man. He also has great business savvy and offers great advice.

MN: What are three tips you’d give young women on managing their brands in the digital era?

CR:  Three tips would include making sure that the brand has a heavy social media presence. It is also important to have a platform such as a Youtube channel where a person can showcase their skills and gain an audience. It is also important to have a website so people can find out information about the brand.

MN: You’ve got a book, a cosmetic line and you’re the beauty editor, writer and TV host. What is next for Courtney Rashon?

CR: Since my book has been released, I will be doing book tours in major cities such as New York, Atlanta, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles. I am currently developing and my blog, LUXE & LIFESTYLE will be featured on the site. LUXE & LIFESTYLE will detail my experiences as it relates to beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and luxury. Also, I am the Beauty Editor at The La Fashion magazine, which is awesome. #prettygirlgangcosmetics will be revamping and expanding the line by adding natural products for the skin and products for men also. We also plan to showcase our new Siberian Sable lashes and Mink lashes collection during F/W NYFW 2017. Perhaps next year, I will write another

book. I want to do it all!

“GIVING FACE: The Art To Looking Flawless for Every Occasion” is available as an E-book and via print at and Barnes and Noble stores. There’s even a whole chapter solely

dedicated to men’s grooming titled HIM, which is a sign that men are not left out either. For more info on Courtney Rashon, visit

Brandon Robinson is a sports and entertainment writer and TV personality. You can catch him daily on the CBS Radio Podcast, Brown And Scoop. Follow him and his

#WORDSWITHSCOOP and #SCOOPBRADIO movement on Twitter by following @SCOOPB. Visit and

How To Calm Chapped Lips For Good

July 5th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Chapped lips don’t always sound like a big deal, but they can really get in the way of your beauty routine. And they don’t just get in the way of lipstick application. Lips that always seem to be chapped can be painful and unsightly. Luckily, there are ways to deal with persistent dryness that go further than putting on a little ChapStick.

The key is finding out why your lips are dry in the first place. And misplacing your lip gloss isn’t the only reason. From what you eat to how you sleep, lots of factors can be affecting your lips. Figure out the root of the problem and you can stop dry lips before they start (and heal them quickly when they start to chap).

So don’t throw out your favorite matte lipstick just yet. There are lots of ways to heal and smooth out your lips from the inside out.

Ways You Might Be Wearing Shapewear Wrong

June 27th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Shapewear has been changing women’s figures for decades. From whalebone corsets and Spanx to controversial waist trainers, women from every generation have looked to shapewear, girdles and the like to help them tighten up and smooth out. And whether they’re fighting the battle of the bulge, covering up cellulite, trying to perk things up, or just trying to look as smooth as possible, millions of women wear shapewear of all kinds. Unfortunately, many of us are wearing it wrong. From washing it to putting it on, there is a lot of room for error that can affect your figure and the lifetime of your shapewear.

So whether you’re trying to look better in a bandage dress or give more curves to your shape, here’s how to wear these undergarments the right way.

14 Things Every Woman Who’s The Real MVP Has In Her Bag

June 20th, 2016 - By Meg Butler
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Image Source: Shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

When you carry a huge purse, every significant other you’ve ever had has wondered what’s in your big bag. The short answer? Everything. A tampon in an emergency? You’ve got it. A snack when he gets grumpy? On it. A change of shoes when you’ve been walking too long? You don’t really leave the house without them.

Your purse may weigh 20 lbs and is the size of a small suitcase, but everything you need is always on hand. You’re the person that everyone comes to when they need something in a pinch. And now that he knows that your purse is here to save the day, he tries to store his essentials right next to yours.

These are the things we keep in our big bag to keep us prepared for every situation. What’s in yours?