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“God Don’t Like Ugly”: Tami Roman Says A Reportedly Broke & Homeless Eric Williams Is Facing Karma After Mistreating Jennifer

April 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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We told you earlier this week that Eric Williams, former NBA star and ex-husband of former Basketball Wives star Jennifer Williams, claimed that he had fallen on hard times and can’t afford to pay his past due child support. Not only did Williams say that he has no home (“[The]court-ordered citation for me to appear was not delivered to my home address as I have no home”), but he also claimed that he’s so broke, he can’t afford a lawyer to handle this situation or to appear at scheduled court dates. Williams says that he’s in the “rebuilding stages” and trying to get his life back together.

While many people don’t believe that a man who was once making millions and played for 12 seasons now can’t even afford to show his face in court, Basketball Wives star Tami Roman says she’s not surprised, because that’s how karma is.

She told TMZ that she understands what he’s going through when it comes to being homeless “because I have been there, but clearly God doesn’t like ugly.” 

She also says that while Eric is struggling, the ex-wife he mistreated and threw alcohol in the face of is doing big things.

“Meanwhile, my girl Jen is being a beauty enjoying her new life and loving her new life.”

This is all very interesting coming from Tami Roman of all people. If you’ll recall, Roman was quite the Evilene during past seasons of Basketball WivesShe physically attacked and threatened her cast mates, and was quite the bully (remember the purse stealing incident?). So for her to say that “God don’t like ugly” is kind of a joke. But hey, you live and you learn, and maybe she has.

But what do you think about Eric playing the broke and homeless card, and Roman’s response to his circumstances?

VH1 Lays Off Majority Of Their New York Development & Production Team

April 22nd, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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vh1 tweet

The majority of our televisions remain glued to VH1 for their reality shows like Basketball Wives LA  and the Love And Hip Hop franchise. Despite the success of all its shows, documentaries and editorial content, Variety says the network has laid off over 10 staffers. These lay offs occurred in the New York location in the development department. Two major executives, Brad Abramson and Kari McFarland, who were the vice presidents of VH1 East Coast production and development, were included in the staff who were let go.

In a statement released to Variety, a VH1 spokesman said:

“With ratings on an upswing and the pace of development increasing cross platform, we felt it was the right time to examine our overall production and development structure in New York. It’s imperative we accurately structure our teams to deliver the content that our growing number of viewers want from VH1 today.”

You can take away from the statement that, with the network’s success in the 18-to-49 age group, they need team players who are willing to take risks in order to remain relevant. VH1’s programing chief Susan Levison who was hired last year, has focused on restructuring the network. Therefore, she hired television veteran Nina Diaz who serves as the senior vice president of East Coast production and development. The network plans to hire people with the expertise in multi-platform programming because they plan on expanding the use of its app.


Tami Roman Filming For New Reality Show, ‘The Roman Empire’

March 6th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

“Basketball Wives Miami” may be a thing of the past, but reality TV veteran Tami Roman has big plans to return to the small screen with yet another reality show.

The mother of two recently began filming a pilot in Houston for her new series, “The Roman Empire,” which The Jasmine Brand reports will feature her two daughters, Lyric and Jazz.

“We are taping this week for an hour pilot and then going forward from there,” the former “Basketball Wives” star recently told the Chicago Tribune.

She went on to say that the show will be a VH1 production and that the storyline will center around her life.

“My focus is getting this storyline about my life in development and making it something VH1 is proud of and brings in viewers.”

In addition to a new reality show, Tami says she’ll also be starring in a new series for CBS soon.

“I have a TV show coming this summer that CBS has asked us not to talk about. It’s with a very well-known and respected Academy Award-winning star. People get to see me back in the lane I was in before returning to reality TV.”

So far no premiere dates have been confirmed.

Do you think you’d be interested in seeing Tami’s reality show?

Love Triangles, Meddling Parents & Ruined Friendships: 15 Reality Show Tropes

February 24th, 2014 - By Kendra Koger
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Sources: Bravo, Instagram

Sources: Bravo, Instagram

I’ll be honest, I’m still a little naive when it comes to reality television.   I don’t think that everything is authentic (because if it was, then it would be called a documentary series, rather than a reality show); however, part of me doesn’t think that it’s as scripted as people make it out to be in various comment sections.  I’m not too big on watching a lot of reality television, but while watching an episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” this season, I experienced entertainment whiplash.

Now, I’m not sure if everything is scripted, but I do know that I’ve seen certain scenes before, like:

 Relationship Stress and Health Scares

A few episodes ago when Mama Joyce finally agreed to step out of Kandi’s and Todd’s relationship.  One of the reasons that she gave was due to her health.  Well… did anyone else have a flashback of “Flavor of Love 2″ when Sister Patterson, New York’s mother mentioned a health scare as a means of dealing with New York’s relationship with Flav?

Where Are They Now? Reality TV One-Hit Wonders From Basketball Wives And Love and Hip Hop

February 19th, 2014 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Reality TV isn’t for everybody, and the following people learned that the hard way. They had bottles thrown at them, their purses stolen, their business put on blast and their hearts broken all for the sake of ratings, yet, they didn’t make it past one season. Where are they now and what are they up to?


Meeka Claxton

Claxton couldn’t get a break on Basketball Wives Miami. She was either talking herself into drama or she was getting popped in the head by the always crunk Tami Roman. After not getting an invite to return to the show, Claxton went on to do bigger and better things. She has done a few event appearances here and there, supported charity efforts for things like lupus, continued on with her entrepreneurial work (including the clothing brand “Privileged,” as well as Claxton Productions and Million Dollar Girlz), and of course, has blasted Basketball Wives since leaving, speaking on Laura Govan’s comments that Shaunie O’Neal has ruined the show by putting “hos” on it instead of wives:
“It’s the truth. Besides Jennifer and myself there wasn’t any [actual wives]. I’m rich. She definitely wasn’t talking about me. My man got a championship ring. She definitely wasn’t talking about us. I got the ring. The wives ring.

I agree with her. I felt it wasn’t a true representation of the lifestyle.”

Meeka II

Evelyn Lozada Talks Plans To Lose Baby Weight And Upcoming Wedding

February 14th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

In just one month, former “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada will give birth to her second child and the glowing mom-to-be is already plotting on how she will get back into tip-top shape after giving birth.

“When I started this pregnancy I was almost 150, but I’ve gained 31 pounds,” the second-time mom told HipHollywood at her Diamonds and Diapers-themed baby shower this past weekend. “He weighs about 4 pounds rights now, so I know that I’m going to be super focused. I’ve already spoken to Jeanette Jenkins. We’re gonna start training here in L.A.”

Ev says she even has a little bet going that will serve as a motivator to lose the weight.

“I have a bet going that I can get this body back in two months,” she added. “So I’m just focused. As soon as I get the clear to do weight training and cardio, I’m gonna need a lot of that, so hopefully I can get it together.”

As for when she plans to tie the knot with fiancé, Carl Crawford, Ev says the wedding will take place after baseball season concludes.

“Actually, the season is going to start soon so we’re not gonna do it now, but you know, after the season. I’m really just happy. I didn’t expect this at all, so you know, we’ll see.”

Watch Evelyn’s full interview on the next page.

Eric Williams Goes M.I.A. While Owing Over $24,000 In Child Support

February 13th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Eric Williams Goes M.I.A. While Owing Over $24,000 In Child Support

Source: WENN

Here’s a character we haven’t heard from in a while.

Eric Williams has been going through paternity drama for some time now. Over the summer we told you that a judge issued a warrant for the retired NBA player’s arrest after he refused to submit a DNA sample to establish paternity in a child support suit brought against him by a woman claiming to be the mother of his son. It was never really revealed what became of that issue, but it looks like Eric still has on his track shoes—and this time it’s in regard to his teenage son.

According to TMZ, the 41-year-old former “Basketball Wives” star currently owes $24, 434.45 in child support to the mother of his 13-year-old son. The way the story is being told, back in November a Colorado judge ordered Eric to pay his son’s mother the aforementioned amount, but she hasn’t been able to collect because she can’t find him—neither can anyone else.

“Efforts to locate [Williams] have been exhausting,” said the woman’s attorney.

It’s believed that the woman’s legal team is prepared to take things a step further if Eric continues this game of hide-and-seek and we hear that prison time is a potential consequence. While there may be more to this story, it’s beginning to look more and more like those deadbeat dad rumors are true.

Get it together, Eric!

Jennifer Williams Says ‘Basketball Wives’ Forced Her To Leave Her Unhappy Marriage

January 6th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Jennifer Williams

Source: Instagram

Jennifer Williams is good. Actually, she’s more than good. The reality star’s life seems to have taken a huge turn for the better since departing from “Basketball Wives” and the toxic relationship with her estranged husband, Eric Williams.

“Being on ‘Basketball Wives,’ my life has definitely changed,” Jennifer told Live Life in Style.

Though the show was somewhat of a negative experience, Jennifer says it forced her to make some major life changes—including divorcing Eric. She has since found love in music producer Cisco Rosado.

“I think it kind of forced me to make some decisions that I might not have made if I wasn’t on the show. In regards to my marriage, I was comfortable. It was convenient, thought it wasn’t the best thing. It was what I knew, but at the same time I knew I wasn’t happy.”

“It kind of forced me to make a decision to go out and find happiness,” she said. “I’m in a happy space right now.”

Of course, Jennifer walked away from “Basketball Wives” with more than just one severed relationship. She also addressed the end of her friendship with Evelyn Lozada.

“I also had another friendship that deteriorated…but I’m a firm believer in ‘Everything happens for a reason. If this is the direction that my life is supposed to go in, then I just have to embrace it and keep moving forward.”

She went on to say that she believes conflicts she faced with Eric and Evelyn only added to the public’s ability to relate to her.

“I’m not the first person that went through it,” she continued. “I think when you see someone on TV going through things people want to relate. I’m not the first woman to be in a bad relationship.  Every woman has been in a bad relationship, whether you’ve had a horrible boyfriend, or a horrible husband but you can relate to that.  And we’ve all had issues with our girlfriends. I think the key is to be honest with your situation.  When you have cameras in your face, you may not always want to expose certain feelings. I think it’s important  to do it because you never know who’s watching or who can learn from it. If I can save one woman from being in a bad relationship and just convince them to have the courage to go out there and find what makes them happy, that makes me happy.”

Hopefully we’ll get to take a peek at her fabulous life when her new reality show airs.

“Entertainment and reality TV display women so negatively,” Jennifer added. “It’s not all like that. I think it’s very important that women do get together and there doesn’t have to be drama. We can have a good time, sip a cocktail, shop, have great conversation and lift each other up.”

Her last season of “Basketball Wives” ended on such a negative note, we’re glad that she finally found happiness.

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Carl Crawford Proposes To Evelyn Lozada With $1.4 Million Engagement Ring

December 26th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Evelyn Lozada

Source: Instagram

One year and four months after filing for divorce from troubled ex-husband, Chad Ochocinco, Evelyn Lozada is preparing to take the plunge yet again. The former “Basketball Wives” star announced her engagement to boyfriend and father of her unborn child, LA Dodgers player Carl Crawford, on Christmas Day via social networking site Instagram. She snapped a photo of her hand with its blingy new addition—a $1.4 million ring—with a caption that reads: “Yes!” Following her initial photo, she shared another photo of the ring, thanking luxury jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills, who also designed the beautiful ring that Miami Heat player Dwyane Wade used to propose to Gabrielle Union last week.

Evelyn Lozada

Source: Instagram

Though word of Evelyn and Carl’s relationship first leaked back in May amid reports that the LA Dodger pulled out all stops to wine and dine her, their relationship was not confirmed until last month when the 38-year-old mom-to-be announced that she was six month pregnant.Days later she confirmed that the baby was Carl’s. The engagement comes as a bit of a surprise since earlier this month Ev expressed that she’s in no rush to get married.

“I definitely would get married again,” said the reality star. “I still believe in love … I’m not one of those people that’s like ‘we need to get engaged, we need to get married.’ No, absolutely not. I feel like that’s going to come, just like with the baby, let it come. I’m not forcing anything, so if it happens, it happens.”

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the 31-year-old MLB player will even get a chance to bask in beauty of his recent engagement and new baby without drama. Just a couple of days ago we told you he’s attempting to take his longtime ex-girlfriend and mother of his 5-month-old daughter and 9-year-old son, Amy Freeman, to court. Earlier this week we told you that Amy was seeking to relocate from Arizona to California in what she claims to be an attempt to move her children closer to their father. However, Carl is trying to block the move, insisting that she is simply looking to take advantage of California’s favorable child support laws. Hopefully these three adults involved can devise a plan to co-parent in a way that is beneficial for the children involved.

Congrats, Ev.

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John Salley Says Tami Roman Trumps Kim K. As A Reality Star

December 20th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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John Salley

Source: WENN

John Salley is probably one of the only people on the planet who was sad about the “Basketball Wives” reunion show being cancelled. During a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, the retired NBA star dished on which burning questions he never got to ask the ladies, Evelyn Lozada’s pregnancy and his girl Tami Roman—whom he praises as the ultimate reality star.

“I thought the show [Basketball Wives] was cool,” said Salley. “But when my girl Tami got on the show, it took it to another level. I watch her as a professional reality television star and if anybody knows what I’m talking about, watch Tami. From ‘Real World’ to now, this chick has been the most entertaining and education I have ever seen in television—Tami Roman”

When asked if he thought she topped Kim Kardashian, the Brooklyn native made it clear that there’s no contest.

“Yeah [over Kim K.] because Kim Kardashian doesn’t really say anything—there’s her mom and the whole family. But when you deal with someone who actually knows how to bring you into their lives and how to keep you there—nobody but Tami Roman could do that.”

As for whether or not Tami deserves her own spin-off, John says absolutely!

“Yeah, I wanna see the Tami Roman… she and her daughters—I mean that life has to be the most interesting life, black white, or purple.”

He was also pretty excited to learn about Evelyn Lozada’s pregnancy, despite it being the cause of the reunion show taping being canceled.

“It’s part of the game, but I was really disappointed,” said John.

“But I’m happy for Evelyn,” he continued. “That’s my dog. When I saw she was pregnant and she’s smiling—I’m following her on Instagram. That’s my dog, so I’m just happy for her.”

Watch John’s interview on the next page.