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9 Reasons Why We Love Michelle & Barack Obama

August 7th, 2014 - By Michelle Alerte
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Ever wonder how each president has changed your life, whether for the better or worse? In honor of the question: “Do politicians really do anything besides steal money and sleep with interns?” MN decided to look at the highlights of President Barack Obama’s career, with a little First Lady Michelle Obama thrown in for good measure. For example, did you know that only days after taking office, Obama nullified Bush-era rulings that allowed detainees in U.S. custody to undergo certain “enhanced” interrogation techniques, which were considered inhumane under the Geneva Conventions? From killing Osama Bin Laden to helping America loose weight, POTUS  and FLOTUS prove that it is possible to work in politics and make a real difference.

On Their Grown Man: 15 Of The Sexiest Salt And Pepper Celebrities

July 4th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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Finely groomed gray-haired men are proof that as males age, they just look more distinguished, more elegant and, in general, more like they’d know how to make you feel like a woman. Here are 15 salt and pepper celebrities we wouldn’t mind growing older with (if they were all single).

 Guillermo Proano/

Guillermo Proano/

Dennis Haysbert

Everything about this man says distinguished gentleman and though it’s sometimes hard to believe celebrity endorsements, whenever we hear him on AllState commercials we really do feel like we’re in good hands.

Forget Congress! Obama Pushes Forward On Federal Workers Minimum Wage Increase

June 14th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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"Barack Obama pf"


He’s done it and he didn’t wait for Congress. President Obama kept his promise to act with or without the cooperation of Congress on minimum wage increases.

According to the White House and Labor Department, there is a new rule guaranteeing workers under federal contracts a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour.

The proposal will increase the wages of hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers employed in government buildings and on federal property nationwide, reports The Huffington Post. The rule will apply to new and renewed federal contracts starting in January 2015.

“The federal government should practice what it preaches on the minimum wage,” Labor Secretary Tom Perez said. “No person who works a full-time job should have to live in poverty.”

Obama had pledged to raise the minimum wage for contract workers during his State of the Union address earlier this year. The Democrats’ agenda includes a boost of the federal minimum wage, which is currently $7.25 and hasn’t been increased since 2009.  “Obama and Democrats in the House and Senate have proposed raising it to $10.10 per hour and tying it to an inflation index. House Republicans, however, have showed no signs of giving the proposal a vote, while Democrats in the Senate still appear short of a filibuster-proof majority on their bill,” reports HuffPo.

According to Cecilia Munoz, director of the White House’s domestic policy council, the executive order would raise wages on military bases, national park lands and in veterans nursing homes as well as for workers throughout the subcontracting chain, whether or not their direct employers hold the federal contract.

“When you hear the president talking about using his pen and his phone to make a difference for middle-class Americans and for those who are working to get into the middle class, this is exactly what he means,” Munoz said.

Happy National Teacher Appreciation Day! Celebs Who Were Teachers Before They Were Stars

May 6th, 2014 - By Iva Anthony
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Teachers have one of the hardest jobs out there. We should always honor educators who chose to shape the minds of our youth but on this Teacher’s Appreciation Day, we take a look at some celebs who were teachers before they became stars.

Celebs Who Were Teachers Before They Were Stars



Craig Robinson

He has starred in some of the funniest comedies released in the last several years. Craig Robinson cut his teeth as a stand-up comedian and took classes in acting and improv but before he went out west to Hollywood, the Chicago native was a music teacher at Horace Mann Elementary School. Robinson’s second career took off after he became a regular on “The Office” as Darryl Philbin. Robinson is currently reprising his role as Nick for the follow up to 2010’s Hot Tub Time Machine.

“Reject The Slander That Says A Black Child With A Book Is Trying To Act White” The Best Celebrity Commencement Speakers

May 6th, 2014 - By M A
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Celebrity Commencement Speakers


It’s a wonderful time of the year for college students around the nation. With young adults bidding farewell to frat parties, all-nighters and general recklessness, students are gearing up for one final hurrah: Graduation. So now seems as good a time as ever to take a look back at our favorite celebrity commencement speakers whose words we have no doubt will stick with these grads throughout the years.

Obama Prep: Chicago Names Upcoming School After The President

April 26th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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obama renewui tweetChicago is building a new high school — and this one will be named after President Obama.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has just announced the Barack Obama College Preparatory High School, which will be a selective enrollment high school to be up and running for the 2017 school year, reports CBS Chicago.

The school will be in Stanton Park, which is a redeveloped area near the former crime-ridden Cabrini-Green public housing complex. It is also just one mile away from one of the state’s best high schools, Walter Payton High School, named after the Chicago football legend.

“Much of the funding for the 1,200-student school would come from $60 million in special property tax revenues typically used to foster private development,” reports Chicago Business.

Obama Prep would help the city deal with increased demand for selective enrollment high schools. “For the current school year, about 16,440 students applied for 3,200 seats in selective enrollment schools, city officials say. About 2,400 students who qualified for selective enrollment positions were denied because there were not enough desks available,” reports Chicago Business.

“Year after year, too many of our students who have put in years of hard work are turned away because as a city we haven’t had the capacity to meet their capability and this important investment will help us fix that,” Mayor Emanuel said in a news release.

According to city officials, nearly 70 percent of the students at Obama Prep will be selected through the citywide selective enrollment process. Others will be admitted through a formula giving preference to local residents.

Obama began his political career representing Illinois in the Senate before becoming president. Prior to that, he worked as a civil rights attorney and taught constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School. He served three terms representing Chicago’s 13th District in the Illinois Senate from 1997 to 2004. And Emanuel served a President Obama’s Chief Of Staff before becoming Mayor of Chicago.

New Poll Most Americans Wouldn’t Call Obama A Black Man

April 20th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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President Obama at the Oval Office replica in the LBJ Library. via @WhiteHouse

President Obama at the Oval Office replica in the LBJ Library. via @WhiteHouse

Even though President Barack Obama listed himself as African American in the 2010 U.S. Census, most Americans don’t consider the President a black man.

A new study by the Pew Research Center examines Americans’ feeling about the country’s changing demographics and how perception of race has changed. The study, entitled “The Next America,” found that as America becomes less white, the way the country looks at race is changing.

According to research, by 2060 whites will no longer be a majority. They will represent about 43 percent of the population. Interracial marriages are on the rise and this not only affects the number of biracial infants being born, it also affects what Americans think about ethnicity, especially when it comes to the offspring of biracial couples.

Because of his background, the perspective on President Obama is much different from what he listed on the Census. Lots has changed since the “one-drop rule,” which would have deemed Obama black regardless of his interracial background. But today the study found a surprising 52 percent of Americans consider Obama mixed-race.

“Both white and Hispanic respondents primarily used this classification, with 53 percent of white participants and 61 percent of Hispanic participants saying they considered the president mixed-race,” reports HuffPo. Interestingly however, a majority of blacks–55 percent–said they considered Obama black. Only 34 percent of black respondents said they think of him mixed-race.

This is a question that has come up with other notable figures, for instance Tiger Woods. How would you classify the President?

[via The Huffington Post]

Doing The Most: 15 Of The Most Ridiculous Beyonce Rumors

April 10th, 2014 - By M A
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Beyonce Rumors

Michael Carpenter/

Beyonce is one of the most recognizable celebrities in the world so it comes as no surprise that she is also the subject of incredible speculation and some of Hollywood’s most ridiculous rumors. Though Queen Bey seems to take it all in stride, we couldn’t help but call out some of the most insane, off-the-wall and absolutely ludicrous whispers even a Beyhive hater wouldn’t believe. So without further adieu, her are the most ridiculous beyonce rumors to hit the web.

Living In The Last Days: Red Sox Player David Ortiz Snaps What Might Be The Last Presidential Selfie

April 7th, 2014 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Who knew selfies could get you into trouble with the government?!

During a visit to the White House, Red Sox player, David Ortiz, aka Big Papi, took a selfie with President Obama. What President Obama didn’t know is that Ortiz is a “social media insider” for Samsung. Reportedly, Ortiz was coached about the selfie prior to the visit. So when the snapshot went up, Samsung used it as a promotional tool on Twitter, noting that it was taken with a Galaxy Note 3.

White House senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer says President Obama’s lawyers got in touch with Samsung after receiving news Ortiz took the picture for their company. “As a rule the White House objects to attempts to use the president’s likeness for commercial purposes. We object in this case,” WH Press Secretary Jay Carney said in a press conference last week. Now the Big Papi selfie could be the last ever with President Obama.

Pfeiffer reports via The Business Insider:

“He obviously didn’t know anything about Samsung’s connection to this and, perhaps, maybe, this will be the end of all selfies. Whenever someone tries to use the president’s likeness to promote a product, that’s a problem with the White House counsel.”

Carney has gone on to say that there’s “no discussion of a ban,” but Samsung has been contacted about the stunt. We haven’t seen any further comment about the selfie from Samsung on Twitter. But Farhad Manjoo, a NY Times tech columnist says whoever came up with the idea “deserves a raise” because it’s been “brilliantly successful.” The incident has been widely reported.

Do you think the White House is overreacting?

13 Things People Say You Must Like Or Have Seen In Order To Keep Your ‘Black Card’

April 3rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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There are certain things you need to like in order to keep the peace and to keep people from coming at your head in my office. Say you haven’t seen Poetic Justice and it’s like someone saying they haven’t seen daylight: “YOU HAVEN’T SEEN POETIC JUSTICE!? You’re like 20 years late!” Same goes for certain famous folks. Stand up and say that someone’s show or new music is just okay and you’re immediately labeled a hater. It’s something we have comical debates about often (like today), and it’s how I came up with this short list of things you better watch or love unless you want to get embarrassed.

Note: This is all for fun by the way, no actual black cards were stolen in the making of this slideshow.

Warner Bros.

Warner Bros.

Color Purple

How can you miss a movie that literally came on UPN every other week and BET at least once a month? Not only is it an amazing film, but it’s always on. If you can’t quote at least one line from this joint (How about, “I loves Harpo, God knows I do. But I’ll kill him dead before I let him beat me!), you better hurry up and play catch up.