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President Obama Offers Condolences After Charlie Hebdo Magazine Shooting In Paris

January 7th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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President Obama offered condolences early Wednesday morning following the “horrific” shooting that took place at the Charlie Hebdo magazine office in Paris. 12 people were killed, including 8 journalists, one guest and one police officer after masked gunmen entered the offices of the French publication, NBC News reports.

“I strongly condemn the horrific shooting at the offices of Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris that has reportedly killed 12 people,” Obama said in a statement. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of this terrorist attack and the people of France at this difficult time. France is America’s oldest ally, and has stood shoulder to shoulder with the United States in the fight against terrorists who threaten our shared security and the world.

Time and again, the French people have stood up for the universal values that generations of our people have defended. France, and the great city of Paris where this outrageous attack took place, offer the world a timeless example that will endure well beyond the hateful vision of these killers.

We are in touch with French officials and I have directed my Administration to provide any assistance needed to help bring these terrorists to justice.”

The publication recently caught a lot of backlash from Muslim groups after publishing a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad. According to Telegraph, a massive manhunt for the gunmen is still underway.

The Obamas Speak About Their Experiences With Racism: “I Think People Forget We’ve Lived In The White House For Six Years”

December 17th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Splash News

Splash News

In the latest issue of People magazine, Barack and Michelle Obama open up about their personal experiences with racism. According to Michelle, many people are under the impression that the two have somehow been shielded from dealing with prejudice in their everyday life—something that the first lady says is definitely not true. Check out a few highlights from their interview below

On people thinking they haven’t experienced racism,

Michelle: “I think people forget that we’ve lived in the White House for six years. Before that, Barack Obama was a black man that lived on the South Side of Chicago, who had his share of troubles catching cabs.”

On their experiences with racism,

Michelle: “I tell this story – I mean, even as the first lady – during that wonderfully publicized trip I took to Target, not highly disguised, the only person who came up to me in the store was a woman who asked me to help her take something off a shelf. Because she didn’t see me as the first lady, she saw me as someone who could help her. Those kinds of things happen in life. So it isn’t anything new.”

Barack: “There’s no black male my age, who’s a professional, who hasn’t come out of a restaurant and is waiting for their car and somebody didn’t hand them their car keys.”

Michelle: “[One time] he was wearing a tuxedo at a black-tie dinner, and somebody asked him to get coffee.”

On why we shouldn’t compare current racism to what was experienced during the civil rights era,

Barack: “The small irritations or indignities that we experience are nothing compared to what a previous generation experienced. It’s one thing for me to be mistaken for a waiter at a gala. It’s another thing for my son to be mistaken for a robber and to be handcuffed, or worse, if he happens to be walking down the street and is dressed the way teenagers dress.”

For the first couple’s full interview, pick up the latest issue of People.

Malia And Sasha Are All Grown Up And Slaying At “Christmas In Washington” Event

December 15th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Remember when the first daughters looked like this?



They were tiny little girls with big smiles trying to make the best of their new lives in Washington D.C. Well, that photograph was taken back in 2009. The one below was taken on Sunday night:



Who else feels old?

The now 16-year-old (Malia) and 13-year-old (Sasha) sisters were all smiles as they posed front and center with Michelle and Barack (and some adorable little elves) at the annual Christmas in Washington concert. Those little elves are former patients of Children’s National Medical Center, and proceeds from the night’s event went to the Center.

The First daughters looked a lot more excited about this event than they did a few weeks back when they watched their father pardon a pair of turkeys in honor of Thanksgiving. And they looked beautiful in their fun dresses with their wavy tresses and sleek updos, as did the First Lady, who looked like a million bucks. They’re definitely a beautiful family.

In 2012, President Obama said that he and Michelle were going out of their way to ensure that their daughters would be able to live normally, even though they’re growing up in the spotlight:

“Michelle is very good about making sure that we’re creating a space for them where they can have sleepovers. They can go to the mall. They can go to the movies. They’re going to homecomings at their school.”

And it looks like allowing that has helped the girls. Check out a few more pictures of the happy family below:






Student Teaches President Obama How To Code As White House Debuts Computer Science Initiative

December 10th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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Secret Service Let Armed Ex-Con Ride Elevator With Obama

Source: WENN

The White House announced a new push to get young people exposed to the world of technology. To do this, the Obama Administration announced the seven largest school districts in the U.S. are joining more than 50 others to begin offering introductory computer science to all students.

There will be major focus on attracting girls and minority boys to these classes.

“While no one is born a computer scientist, becoming a computer scientist isn’t as scary as it sounds,” President Barack Obama said in a video message. “With hard work and a little math and science, anyone can do it.”

“The school districts encompassing New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas, Houston and Fort Lauderdale, Florida, are committing to offer the course in high school or middle school. While some large districts already have computer electives at limited campuses, all are now pledging to make computer science a standard offering district-wide,” reports The Grio.

The College Board also debuted a new course called AP Computer Science Principles to be offered in fall 2016. The aim of the new course, which is multidisciplinary and focused on real-world applications, is to engage females and underrepresented minorities to consider careers in computers.

The College Board already offers AP Computer Science A, which  concentrates on programming skills. Still it lacks minority representation; 82 percent of the students are White or Asian, and only 20 percent are female.

Recently Obama and Vice President Joe Biden met with about 20 middle school students from Newark, N.J., for an “hour of code” computing event organized by And the president learned how do some coding.

But Obama’s efforts to reshape education policy have often been hampered by Congress. So to get around lawmakers, Obama has reached out to communities to get involved. The result has been modest. Right now, only 14 states permit a computer science course to be counted toward graduation requirements in math, science or computer science.

Some groups are looking to aid Obama. “To meet the teaching demand, charitable groups are pledging $20 million to train more teachers in computer science by the start of the 2015 school year. Google, Microsoft and philanthropists Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are among those contributing,” reports The Grio.

President Obama Sits Down With BET To Discuss Deaths Of Mike Brown, Eric Garner And Tamir Rice [Watch]

December 8th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Some have been extremely displeased with President Obama’s responses to the Mike Brown, Eric Garner and Tamir Rice tragedies. So it’s interesting that he agreed to sit down with BET to discuss the deaths of these unarmed Black men, who died at the hands of police officers, Shadow And Act reports.

The network recently announced that the interview, which will be conducted by Jeff Johnson, in a press release. The appearance will air Monday, December 8 during “106 and Park” at 6 p.m. ET/PT
In a minute-long clip, the POTUS suggests that people avoid comparing the recent police-related deaths to the injustice that plagued our communities “50 years ago.”

“This isn’t going to be solved overnight. It’s deeply rooted in our society. It’s deeply rooted in our history. There are two things that are going to allow us to solve it: One is the understanding that we have made progress. It’s important to recognize—as painful as these incidents are—we can’t equate what’s happening now to what was happening 50 years ago. If you talk to your parents, grandparents, uncles, they’ll tell you that things are better. Not good, in some cases, but better.”

He went on express why he believes that it’s dangerous to walk around believing that no progress has been made.

“The reason that it’s important for us to understand that progress has been made is that it gives us hope that we can make even more progress. The second thing that I insist to these young people is that we have to be persistent because progress is in steps. It’s in increments. When you’re dealing with something as deeply rooted as racism or bias in any society, you have to have vigilance but you have to recognize that it’s going to take some time and you just have to be steady so that you don’t give up when we don’t get all the way there.”

Preview a clip from the upcoming interview on the next page. Thoughts?

Fellas, Don’t Sleep: President Obama Is Casting Votes And Stealing Girlfriends

October 21st, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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There’s so much drama in the LBC, a little levity every once in a while never hurt anybody. Today’s little feel good moment comes from our president.

President Obama was in his home stage of Illinois this morning to participate in early voting. And as you know, anytime the president shows up anywhere things get very official. People were snapping photos, the room goes extremely quiet as people wait for the president to utter a word on which they can hang. The scene was similar as the president was casting his ballot next to a woman, Aia Cooper. But things took a swift turn when Cooper’s boyfriend, Mike Jones, decided to have a little fun with the leader of the free world.

Jones walks past the President of the United States, points at him and says, “Don’t touch my girlfriend, now.”

Hilarious, right?

And since President Obama is rather witty and quick on his feet, he kept the banter going.

“There’s an example of brother just embarrassing me for no reason. Just for no reason whatsoever.”

He even predicted what Aia would say to her friends later.

“I can’t believe Mike, he’s such a fool. I was just mortified. But fortunately, fortunately the President was nice about it. So it’s aight.” 

The news transcripts read “alright” but you listen for yourself and tell me what the president said.

How nice! What could have been a mundane trip to the polls turned out to be a memorable, comedic encounter with President Obama, all because your boyfriend has no ackright.

Aia should marry that dude. Her life will never be boring.

And while Mike started it all, President Obama got the last laugh as he exited the room, hugging Cooper.

“Give me a kiss and give him something to talk about. Now, he’s really jealous.”


I’ve transcribed the juicy parts, but be sure to watch the video above to get the full effect and see what Mike and Aia had to say to the news cameras afterward.

Great moment.

Secret Service Let Armed Ex-Con Ride Elevator With The President

October 1st, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

It’s no wonder our President’s hair is turning grey by the millisecond.

Just last week, a knife-wielding man jumped the White House fence, ran across the lawn, got past Secret Service officers and made it all the way inside of the Green Room of the executive mansion. Now, it’s being reported that President Obama’s safety has been placed in jeopardy once again.

According the Washington Post, the security breach occurred two weeks ago while the POTUS was visiting the CDC in Atlanta. An armed security guard with three convictions on his record for assault and battery was allowed to ride in an elevator with Obama during the Sept. 16 visit, which was a complete violation of Secret Service protocol.

Sources familiar with the incident say that the security guard caught the attention of Service officers when he refused to comply after they asked him to stop using his cell phone to record the President in the elevator. When the elevator doors finally opened, Obama exited with most of his Secret Service agents, but a few stayed behind to question the man. After using a national database to look him up, they learned about his criminal history.

When a supervisor from the firm that the security guard worked for learned of the agents’ concerns, the guard was fired on the spot. He agreed to turn over his gun, which stunned the agents because they did not realize that he was armed during his encounter with the President.

As it turns out, extensive screening is supposed to occur beforehand to keep people with both weapons and criminal records out of arm’s reach of the President.

“You have a convicted felon within arm’s reach of the president, and they never did a background check,” Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) said. “Words aren’t strong enough for the outrage I feel for the safety of the president and his family.”

“His life was in danger,” he added. “This country would be a different world today if he had pulled out his gun.”

A White House spokesperson declined to comment on the incident and whether or not President Obama had been informed of it. Secret Service officials said that an investigation into the breach is underway.

9 Reasons Why We Love Michelle & Barack Obama

August 7th, 2014 - By Michelle Alerte
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Image Source:

Image Source:

Ever wonder how each president has changed your life, whether for the better or worse? In honor of the question: “Do politicians really do anything besides steal money and sleep with interns?” MN decided to look at the highlights of President Barack Obama’s career, with a little First Lady Michelle Obama thrown in for good measure. For example, did you know that only days after taking office, Obama nullified Bush-era rulings that allowed detainees in U.S. custody to undergo certain “enhanced” interrogation techniques, which were considered inhumane under the Geneva Conventions? From killing Osama Bin Laden to helping America loose weight, POTUS  and FLOTUS prove that it is possible to work in politics and make a real difference.

On Their Grown Man: 15 Of The Sexiest Salt And Pepper Celebrities

July 4th, 2014 - By Julia Austin
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Finely groomed gray-haired men are proof that as males age, they just look more distinguished, more elegant and, in general, more like they’d know how to make you feel like a woman. Here are 15 salt and pepper celebrities we wouldn’t mind growing older with (if they were all single).

 Guillermo Proano/

Guillermo Proano/

Dennis Haysbert

Everything about this man says distinguished gentleman and though it’s sometimes hard to believe celebrity endorsements, whenever we hear him on AllState commercials we really do feel like we’re in good hands.

Forget Congress! Obama Pushes Forward On Federal Workers Minimum Wage Increase

June 14th, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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"Barack Obama pf"


He’s done it and he didn’t wait for Congress. President Obama kept his promise to act with or without the cooperation of Congress on minimum wage increases.

According to the White House and Labor Department, there is a new rule guaranteeing workers under federal contracts a minimum wage of $10.10 per hour.

The proposal will increase the wages of hundreds of thousands of low-wage workers employed in government buildings and on federal property nationwide, reports The Huffington Post. The rule will apply to new and renewed federal contracts starting in January 2015.

“The federal government should practice what it preaches on the minimum wage,” Labor Secretary Tom Perez said. “No person who works a full-time job should have to live in poverty.”

Obama had pledged to raise the minimum wage for contract workers during his State of the Union address earlier this year. The Democrats’ agenda includes a boost of the federal minimum wage, which is currently $7.25 and hasn’t been increased since 2009.  “Obama and Democrats in the House and Senate have proposed raising it to $10.10 per hour and tying it to an inflation index. House Republicans, however, have showed no signs of giving the proposal a vote, while Democrats in the Senate still appear short of a filibuster-proof majority on their bill,” reports HuffPo.

According to Cecilia Munoz, director of the White House’s domestic policy council, the executive order would raise wages on military bases, national park lands and in veterans nursing homes as well as for workers throughout the subcontracting chain, whether or not their direct employers hold the federal contract.

“When you hear the president talking about using his pen and his phone to make a difference for middle-class Americans and for those who are working to get into the middle class, this is exactly what he means,” Munoz said.