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Serious Question: Has A Toxic Work Environment Ever Made You Sick?

September 23rd, 2016 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Toxic Work Environments

Image Source: Shutterstock

Over the past couple of weeks, my best friend has been struggling to maintain a clear mental space when she goes to work. Every time she enters the doors of the non-profit, she begins to question if she belongs in the field because her supervisor (and coworkers) make her life a living hell.

Aside from referring to various ethnicities of color as “gross,” her coworkers taunt her to her face, ignore her when she has work-related questions, and after company events, her supervisor usually spends time cursing at the entire staff if something wasn’t done correctly.

Being exposed to this type of behavior has made my best friend develop a severe case of anxiety and has left her feeling exhausted. And while some friends tell her told her to look for new work because the vitality of her mental health is a priority, others have said it’s not the time to leave the company because it may affect the trajectory of her career. But what if your job’s Human Resources department has their own opinion about how your boss or coworkers treat you. Something along the lines of: “You just need to play the game, or else maybe you do not belong here.'”

That was Apple’s HR response to Hannah who was interviewed by MIC about Apple’s alleged hostile environment. Hannah filed a complaint with HR after a male employee sexually harassed her: “Hannah reported him to human resources and was told it had been addressed, but no one from HR would tell her what, specifically, they had done to resolve her issue,” MIC reports. “I felt like they were brushing me aside. They would ignore me if I saw them in the hallway. It was a very toxic environment,” Hannah shared. After submitting what she thought was an anonymous peer review on the male coworker, Hannah learned that he found out about her review and inevitably began to treat her more negatively. A few weeks after the peer review was submitted, Hannah’s harasser was promoted.

Other Apple employees complained about their mental and overall health being compromised once they began their careers at the tech cooperation.

Ben told MIC that he had a clean bill of mental health but after working at the company’s call center for over ten years, he now has a phobia of telephones. Ben even tried to commit suicide twice because of the work environment. “ Every time I’ve been in the hospital and mental ward, there has been another Apple employee with me. And I’ve been there three times,” he told MIC. Because of his multiple suicide attempts, his coworkers and even managers coined the term “Ben-ing out” to describe someone who appears to be suffering from mental health issues. Because of the banter surrounding such a serious issue, Ben told MIC that no one else would come forward with their own issues because it’s been stigmatized in the office. These issues haven’t been publicized in the press because Ben says Apple is held in the same high regard as the Disney franchise or even the Catholic Church.

Despite the recent press Apple and other tech companies have received for their toxic working environments, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an email to employees that he would not “stand still or turn a blind eye to problems in our supply chain.” Some Apple employees argue this sentiment from Cook has yet to be applied in their own offices.

Has a work environment ever made you physically or mentally ill?

To receive mental health help, visit MentalHealth.Gov.

Yara Shahidi Wants A Curly Hair Emoji Just Like The Rest Of Us

June 26th, 2016 - By Ashley Monaé
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* insert nonexistent curly hair emoji

A photo posted by Yara (يارا‎) Shahidi (@yarashahidi) on

It was only last summer that Apple finally introduced racially diverse emojis, allowing iPhone users to pick from various shades of skin tones ranging from white to dark brown. But racial inclusion is just the first of many requests from individuals when it comes to emojis.

Recently, Yara Shahidi, known for her co-star role on hit ABC show Black-ish and her beautiful head of curls, reminded us of this. Shadidi snapped a quick picture for the ‘Gram, showing off her envy-inducing girls with the caption, “* insert nonexistent curly hair emoji”.

With ladies embracing their curls and repping for #teamnatural at epic proportions these days, you would think a curly hair emoji would exist, right? Some may shrug it off as a simple blind statement, but representation is a major key in one feeling confident and secure in their skin — especially hair texture for young black women. With society pushing the notion of straight, non-kinky hair being the norm, showing the beauty and diversity of people should always be a factor.

Of course it’s just an emoji, but ith Dove’s Curly-Haired Emoji’s initiative, it’s about time that Apple gets on board and add a curly hair emoji, don’t you think?

Siri’s Definition Of “B-tch” = “Black Slang” For A Woman

December 3rd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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If you whip out your iPhone and ask Siri to define “b-tch,” you’ll be told that it’s “black slang” for “a woman.” We tell you no lies.

IMG_1400 (1)

Now do you believe us? It’s crazy to think that Apple’s signature feature would associate this derogatory term with a specific race—especially considering that everyone uses this phrase. “B-tch” has never been exclusively associated with a specific skin color and it seems that this is just another example of racial bias.

The issue was first discovered by The Huffington Post, which notes that Apple references the Oxford American Dictionary for Siri’s definition database. However, this particular explanation of the term does not currently appear in Oxford’s definition of the word.

According to Mic, Oxford’s definition matched Siri’s several years ago, but they have since amended the entry.

So far, Apple and Oxford have not commented on the entry.

Apple Employee Bars Black Teens From Store Because They “Might Steal Something”

November 15th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Khalid Breezy, Petros Smalls, Deebo Ater Abdulahi Haji Ali Mohamed, Andy Gambino Nelson Mahad MohamudSimply Racism, made them apologise tho

Posted by Francis Ose on Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Earlier this week on Tuesday (Nov. 10), a video of an employee barring a group of African-American teens from an Apple store in Melbourne, Australia surfaced.

In the footage that has since gone viral — thanks to the students taking the matter to social media to express their outrage — the employee is clearly seen and heard refusing the male students entry into the store. When they question his refusal he tries to dance around the subject, but finally musters up the courage to say, “I’m a bit worried about your presence in our store.” “They’re just worried you might steal something,” he continues, followed by, “it’s okay.”

The teens appear both shocked and confused by his statement, but due to the color of their skin it’s one that they figured would happen sooner or later as a young black man. What makes you think we’re going to steal something?” they ask. “This conversation is over,” the employee replied insisting that they leave the premises.

Francis Ose, the teenager who recorded the video, has already reached over 3,000 shares and hundreds of comments on his Facebook upload of the video that shows the racism exhibited by the Apple employee.
Student Maboir Ater told ABC News that it was not the first time he has experienced “racial profiling.”
When we walk into a store with a group of minimum three people, the security watches us – they follow us and that just makes us feel like we’re not welcome in the store, he said. “They judge us before we can show our character. It’s because we’re teenage boys, but also because we’re black teenagers,” he continued. “They see us and think of all the stereotypes.”
Since the incident took place and the video went viral, Apple CEO Tim Cook released a statement regarding the employee’s unfavorable actions and spoke on his concern of blatant racial profiling not happen in their stores, stating:

Apple is open.

Our stores and our hearts are open to people from all walks of life, regardless of race or religion, gender or sexual orientation, age, disability, income, language or point of view. All across our company, being inclusive and embracing our differences makes our products better and our stores stronger.

While I firmly believe that this was an isolated incident rather than a symptom of a broader problem in our stores, we will use this moment as an opportunity to learn and grow. Our store leadership teams around the world, starting in Australia, will be refreshing their training on inclusion and customer engagement. These are concepts and practices they know well, but can always stand to reinforce.

With all the negativity and hate being spewed in America, regarding injustices against those of the black community, enough is really enough. Seeing that racial profiling is universal is saddening because no one is safe from stereotypes or prejudgment.

But after viewing the footage, I can say that the one thing that I was happiest about was the fact that the teenagers didn’t act out or try to retaliate. Instead, they acted sane, holding their rightful ground and asking why the employee thought they’d steal something.

The damage of situations like this is long-lasting, as people of different backgrounds play into the silly and ridiculous stereotypes of black boys/men being the ones to run off with your purse.

I am in no way racist, but I’m sure if those teenagers were white and not black this incident would have never even happened. I respect Cooks’ apology, but there was no way Apple could go on being this universal brand if this matter wasn’t nipped in the bud. Sometimes apologies aren’t enough.

Mary J. Blige Joins Beats 1 With “Real Talk” Show

November 7th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

Just last month Apple Music premiered a dope commercial with Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington, as the gal pals gave us all the feels of nostalgia with their throwback dance moves.

On Thursday (Nov. 5), clear the queen of R&B and soul excitedly announced that she now is a part of the brands popular Beats1 Radio. With he very own showed titled “Real Talk,” Mary kept the deets about her new show fairly low-key.

However, knowing Mary’s extensive musical background that includes several critically acclaimed albums and chart-topping hits, we’re sure she’s going to bring nothing but sonically pleasing vibes to Beats1.

MJB’s “Real Talk” premieres Sunday, Nov. 8 at 2 p.m. ET. Will you be tuned in for Mary’s takeover?

Apple Hit With $5 Million Lawsuit Over iOS 9 Update

October 29th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Last month, we told you about a controversial new feature that came as a part of Apple’s iOS 9 update. The add-on is called “Wi-Fi Assist” and is programmed to switch from Wi-Fi to 4G whenever the phone’s software determines that your Wi-Fi connection is weak. While it seems that the tech company was looking to be helpful with the feature, many were outraged because it essentially has the potential to raise your cell phone bill. And for this reason, they’re being sued.

According to Good Housekeeping, a couple of Apple customers have filed a $5 million lawsuit claiming that the company failed to properly warn consumers about the new feature, which automatically switches on when you download the iOS 9 update.

William Scott Phillips and Suzanne Schmidt-Phillips, who filed the lawsuit, argue that because Apple failed to educate their customers about this update, they should reimburse them.

We’re not really sure how this lawsuit is going to pan out for them, but you can learn how to turn off the Wi-FI assist feature by clicking here.

Apple May Be Releasing A New iPhone In September

August 9th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

There has been heavy speculation and reports that Apple will be releasing a new phone in September.

Apple is known for announcing new releases in September, so with their upcoming event on September 9 we’re pretty sure we’ll be hearing about the new iPhone 6s or 7.

The Verge, a technology news and media network, predicts that since Apple is on it’s “S” cycle, the new phone will be physically identical to the iPhone 6, but will come with some internal upgrades like hardware changes. Features such as the Apple Watch’s “force touch technology” may be included. Along with the possible iPhone reveal, Apple usually introduces a slew of other new tech products. We’re hoping for a new iPad and a new version of Apple TV.

Stay tuned for more updates on what Apple is creating for tech savvy consumers.

Drake Ditched Becoming A Tidal Co-Owner Two Days Before It Launched

June 2nd, 2015 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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Drake Ditched


Billboard magazine is confirming that Drake and Pharrell are on board to partner with Apple on a different projects that will be introduced at next week’s 2015 Worldwide Developers Conference. At the same time, we’re also learning that Drake may have turned down the opportunity to be one of Tidal’s owners just a couple of days before the big press conference announcing the celebrity collaboration.

According to Billboard:

Jay Z confirmed that Iovine had been trying to poach the same artists he was courting for Tidal, telling Billboard in a March 30 Q&A: “I think that’s just his competitive nature, and I don’t know if he’s looking at the bigger picture: That it’s not about me and it’s not about him; it’s about the future of the music business.”

Yesterday, there was speculation that Drake would sign a deal with Apple for $19 million to work with its iTunes Radio service. However the nature of their involvement and how much Drizzy will get paid is up in the air. One source told the magazine, “Apple doesn’t normally pay artists for those types of collaborations.”

Apple has a new streaming service in the works, and likely hoped to make a big announcement on that front during the conference next week. However, there’s an ongoing investigation by  the Federal Trade Commission over allegations of antitrust practices that pressure music labels to force Spotify’s free streaming subscription shut down. At the same time, the iTunes revamp that’s expected is meant to be a direct competitor to Spotify, and the many other streaming services that have taken root in the past couple of years. With millions of music lovers out there — and millions of Apple stans — there’s definitely room for one more streaming service that gives the people what they want.

Did Drake make the right decision regarding Tidal?


This story was updated on June 4.

Apple (Could Be) In Talks With Drake For $19M DJ Gig

June 1st, 2015 - By Tonya Garcia
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Drake at Coachella. Credit:

Drake at Coachella.

The New York Post is reporting that Apple is talking to Drake to serve as a guest DJ for iTunes Radio. The job would come with a $19 million payout.

According to the Post‘s sources, the effort is in preparation for the company’s Worldwide Developer Conference taking place next week. The company wants to be able to offer a three-month free trial of its $10-per-month subscription service. The company would also like record companies to give them the rights to the music for free during that trial period.

Having Drake to curate music for users would be a draw to potential paying customers. Other musicians being considered for an Apple gig are Pharrell and David Guetta.

“The laughable request from the most valuable brand on the planet comes at a time when music buyers might opt to ditch the downloads in order to try a new free offering, creating a potential quarterly revenue shortfall for rights owners,” writes the Post.

It’s also one more indication of just how much the streaming music service industry is heating up. Tidal has been doing its best to get the word out and offer something different from what is already readily available to music lovers. The problem for many companies is getting consumers to pay for a subscription. Many people will listen to a couple of ads if it means they can listen to their music for free. So offering a value-added perk is where it seems companies are turning.

Do you have a favorite streaming service? Which one and why?

Woman Recycles Rare Apple Computer Worth $200,000

June 1st, 2015 - By Tonya Garcia
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Songquan Deng /

Songquan Deng /

A Silicon Valley recycling center is searching for the woman who tried to recycle an old Apple computer that, it turns out, is worth $200,000. CleanBayArea, the recycling center, is attempting to give the woman her half of the money. According to a company statement, the woman told them that she found the computer and a lot of other recyclables while cleaning up her garage after her husband’s death.

The computer is the Apple 1, of which only 200 were ever made. CNN says only about 50 are thought to still exist. Few actually work. In 2013, a working Apple 1 sold for $671,000 at auction. The site says the price for these early model computers has gone up since Steve Jobs died in 2011.

It’s CleanBayArea’s policy to give 50 percent of the proceeds of the sale of any item back to the person who recycled it. The woman left no name or contact information and didn’t even take a tax receipt for what turned out to be an item that’s worth $100,000 to her.

So before you run off and recycle your old electronics, take a look and make sure it’s not worth a fortune. The seed money for your new business, the down payment for a new house, or the path to being debt free could be buried in a box in your garage.