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Kenya Moore Denies Homewrecker Allegations, Says Phaedra ‘Coached’ Apollo To Suggest She Came Onto Him

April 25th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN,Bravo

Source: WENN,Bravo

One major highlight from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special was when Kenya Moore and Apollo Nilda began hurling accusations at one another about inappropriate and suggestive behavior. It all started after the husbands joined the ladies on the stage and Andy questioned Apollo about his feelings towards Kenya considering the drama that popped between her and his wife. Apollo expressed that professionally, he didn’t really care much for Kenya, which is where things got interesting. The former Miss U.S.A hastily injected, implying that Apollo was in hot pursuit of her.

“Maybe you should stop texting me then,” she replied, shocking her co-stars and the audience.

All hell broke loose following her statement. Apollo accused the actress of trying to get with him since the group’s Anguilla trip and even went on to say that she’s been offering to perform sexual favors better than his wife ever could. Moore of course denied these accusations and she still continues to maintain her innocence. In a recent Bravo TV blog titled “Addressing the Apollo Rumors,” she even insists that Phaedra “coached” Apollo on accusing her of coming onto him. An excerpt from her post reads:

“Apollo and I had initially communicated via group text and emails when collaborating on the workout video. We were amiable to one another even after the deal fell through and remained cordial. Despite his desperate outburst, neither of us acted inappropriately.”

“It was just as shocking for me to hear him make accusations that I, in effect, propositioned him. So shocking that I had to laugh at just how contrived and rehearsed it was. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I’m certain Apollo was coached by Phaedra.”

“I feel sorry that Apollo’s wife is so sadistic that she will do anything to malign, embarrass, disenfranchise, and slander me because I beat her at her own game.”

There’s just one issue with Kenya’s story. If Bravo aired the conversation in the same order that it occurred, Kenya is actually the one who initiated the conversation about texting. Now unless Phaedra has mastered the art of mind control, Kenya may be going a little overboard with the accusations and giving Phaedra a little too much credit. Did Phaedra also “coach” Kenya on how to interrupt Apollo as he was speaking to say “stop texting me?” Ms. Parks is good, but I doubt she’s that good.


What do you think of Kenya’s post?


Kenya Moore to Her RHOA Co-Stars: Your Husbands Act Like Catty Mitches!

March 19th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

It’s sometimes difficult to tell whether or not Kordell, Peter, Todd and Apollo genuinely like Kenya Moore’s ex-boyfriend Walter Jackson or if they just love to be entertained by the spectacle that he and Kenya continue to make of themselves. During this week’s episode, Walter makes an appearance at Kandi’s housewarming, where Kenya was also present. While Kandi tried to calmly inform Kenya that Walter was in attendance, the former Miss USA stormed away. In her most recent blog post, entitled Kandi’s Housewarming Trap, Moore discussed how she believes Kandi was fully aware that Walter would be there and called out the husbands of her co-stars for finding amusement in her drama. An excerpt from her post reads:


I find it interesting that Peter, Apollo, and Kordell act like catty little women more than their wives. Is that even possible? I am choosing my words carefully but they act like little (rhymes with witches). They were all salivating at the mouth to listen to my spiteful, dateless ex hurl pitiful and juvenile comments aimed to insult and degrade me after seeing how fabulous I looked at the event with my famous friend. I twirled in looking Gone with the Wind Fabulous.  I felt incredible that night, and after seeing how dumb and trite a 46-year-old-mid-life-crisis-having ‘man’ can act, I also clearly mitigated my damages by dodging a bullet in the relationship department.

My ex may have been invited by Peter, but he knew full-well cameras would be present and yet he showed up anyway after I asked him not to attend any functions where he knew I would be. Atlanta may be small, but when you are a fame Slore riding off the coattails of someone else’s celebrity, you seek out any moment you can to get your 15 minutes. The same is true for Kandi’s housewarming. I adore Kandi, but she knew he would be there and it was obviously a trap to get me to get into some big drama-filled spectacle of a blow out with my ex. Phaedra, Apollo, and Peter all conspired to purposely make me feel uncomfortable, threatened, and embarrassed, so I immediately left. No one puts Baby in the corner!”

No one likes to be dragged through the mud, and what Walter said to the guys about Kenya was pretty humiliating. But is she beefing with the wrong people or did Peter, Apollo and Kordell earn that tongue-lashing?

Check out a video of the guys getting the scoop on Kenya below. If you’re in the dark about what a “mitch” is, turn the page so Kevin Hart can tell you. 

‘I’m Having Another Little Boy!’ Phaedra And Apollo Reveal The Sex Of Their Baby

February 14th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: People

Source: People

Back in December, we told you that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star, Phaedra Parks and hubby Apollo Nilda were expecting their second child. Since the exciting announcement, Phaedra has shared that she would love for the soon-arriving addition to the family to be a girl, as she and Apollo already have a two-year-old son together. Although the Nilda family may have wished for a girl, the mom-to-be made it very clear that regardless of the sex of the child, all they really wanted was a happy and healthy baby. Now that Phaedra has learned the sex of her child, she opened up to In Touch regarding some rather intimate details surrounding her pregnancy.

“I’m having another little boy!” she squealed to In Touch about the sex of the baby she’s scheduled to give birth to in May. Although she previously revealed that her two-year-old son Ayden was hoping for a little sister, she says he’s equally excited about having a little brother as well.

“He’s such a great helper. He’ll be a wonderful big brother because he likes to help and he’s so smart,” Parks expressed.

The 40-year-old mom-to-be also revealed that she experienced a few complications during this pregnancy, which could be why she was so secretive about sharing how far along she was in her pregnancy initially.

 “Doctors have diagnosed me with placenta previa, which means I need to be careful this time around because I can’t have a vaginal birth,” said the reality star.

Phaedra also expressed that while she would entertain having another child if she knew it would be a girl, she’s really just anticipating this one to get here.

“I would entertain a third child, but I would have to guarantee that it was a little girl. I think that would be plenty after that. I’m just super excited for this baby to get here!”



Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Madame Noire. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise 


‘A Girl Might Be Fun’: RHOA Star Phaedra Parks Wants A Daughter

January 29th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Phaedra Parks, WENN

Back in December we giddily reported that “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks and hubby Apollo Nilda were expecting their second child. Phaedra, who is now in her second trimester, sat down with Huff Post Live to discuss her soon-coming bundle of joy and how her two-year-old son Ayden feels about becoming a big brother. Check out some of what she had to say.

On the sex of her baby:

“We don’t know [the sex of the baby] just yet, but we will find out…”

On how her son Ayden feels about being a big brother:

“He is so excited. He keeps saying ‘I want a sister.'”

“He actually has a cousin. My husband’s brother and his wife just had a little girl and so he thought that was his sister because he gets to see her often. So he’s like ‘sister, sister,’ and I’m like ‘What if it’s a boy?’ and he’s like ‘Noooo sister,’ and I’m like ‘Okay.'”

On wanting a daughter:

“Well, I just want a healthy baby. At first I was anti-little girls, and my husband was like ‘I’d like a daughter,'” she said. “But now I’m like, a girl might be fun. You know, once they get over the puberty and teenage years, you know me and my mom are best friends.”

On her least favorite part of pregnancy:

“Sometimes there’s a pressure on your body. Sometimes you’re tired. I mean, it’s a strain on your body. You know, you’ve got a extra basketball in front of you and of course, most people aren’t used to walking with the basketball in the front and I got a basketball in the back.”

Oh, Phaedra!

Can you imagine how dressed up she’d have that mini southern belle?

We’re very happy for Phaedra and Apollo.

Check the next page to see footage of Phaedra’s interview.

Photo courtesy of WENN

‘I Like To Roll With Team Right’: The Housewives Choose Sides In Donkey Booty Drama

January 23rd, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Nothing brings division among the cast of a reality show like a falling-out between two co-stars. The most recent feud on the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” home-front has been between Phaedra Parks and Kenya Moore. After being unable to reach an agreement on what Kenya should be compensated for producing Phaedra and Apollo’s “Donkey Booty” workout DVD, Kenya dropped the project altogether and began pursuing her own “Stallion Booty” workout video.

Nene Leakes made it clear during last Sunday’s episode that she would prefer a “stallion booty” over a “donkey booty”. Many were surprised by her response, considering her friendship with Phaedra. But, in her most recent blog entry on, Nene says friend or no friend, right is right and wrong is wrong.

“This past episode was all about being an a**, LOL! Me personally, I like to roll with Team Right! Friend or no friend! Let me take you back a minute. Remember when Phaedra was going to represent Sheree in her child support case? Phaedra made it clear that she doesn’t work for free, and she supposedly had to chase sheer down for 5k before she would start the proceedings. We are all in businesses that we hope will make us money, and doing business with friends is always a tricky thing. It’s funny how the two of them pride themselves on being such business women but didn’t have enough business sense to have a contract upfront. My thoughts are this: from what I could see on the show, Phaedra didn’t think Kenya deserved to be paid. If Kenya was going to help produce Phaedra’s donkey booty video, she should be paid for her efforts and hard work… Now if I have to choose between a donkey or stallion booty, I will go with a stallion because it just sounds and looks better…”

Kandi Burruss had no problem expressing where she stood on the debate during Sunday’s episode. She further expounded on why she took the stance that she did during Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. 

“Kenya was planning to do another tape with almost the same name, I was like, ‘That’s foul.’ I had no problem with talking to Kenya about it obviously, because to me that was not cool.”

Housewife Porsha Stewart’s live tweeting on Sunday made it evident that she was Team Phaedra. Of course, no one expected her to be Team Kenya anyway.

“That’s very professional to use a clients ideas.*sideeye*”

“Who’s side are you on in this Animal BOOTY Fest?! Donkey Booty or Stallion Booty??? Quick tutorial Donkey=A** Stallion=MALE A** #RHOA,” she tweeted.

Cynthia Bailey’s tweets, however, were indicative of her neutrality.

“I am Team Model Booty! Now what else is going on?”

“I have had issues with both Kenya & Phaedra in the past. I am not BFF’s with either.”

What is your opinion on the falling-out between Phaedra and Kenya? Was Kenya justified in pursuing a workout video with a concept almost identical to Phaedra’s?


Kenya Is Thirsty In More Ways Than One: Phaedra Parks Addresses Workout DVD Drama

January 17th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Phaedra Parks seems to think that love, marriage and a baby carriage aren’t the only things that her co-star Kenya Moore is thirsting after these days. Apparently she’s thirsty for business deals as well. If you caught the latest episode of “Real Housewives of Atlanta”, you know exactly what she’s talking about. Don’t worry if you were unable to catch it, you can check out our recap of Sunday’s episode here.

In her most recent blog post on, Phaedra addressed the deterioration of her business relationship with Kenya and provided an explanation as to why Kenya went so hard over the workout DVD deal.

“Unfortunately, business deals often go sour. I have never been one to cry over spilled milk, because I usually have another gallon or two in the refrigerator to pour. However Kenya, who obviously does not have any current projects and/or business ventures, became obsessed with working on our project; taking every opportunity to whine about it with anyone who would listen. Her time would have been used more wisely if she would have just been forthcoming with us, or better yet, hired an attorney to negotiate the deal.”

She also expressed that she never asked Kenya to work for free:

“Kenya’s primary contention was we wanted her to work for free. Which is bologna! If payment of $100K is free, please let me use your magic calculator and meet your accountant.”

She closed out by saying that she and Apollo proceeded to release the DVD without Kenya’s help:

“Thankfully, we did not use her or her company and our Phine Body with Phaedra & Apollo Donkey Booty Volume I was successfully released on December 11 without a hitch or an emotional roller coaster attached to it! We do hope that Kenya will invest in a Business 101 class and we wish her all the best!”


Check out the promotional video for Phaedra and Apollo’s DVD on the next page.  Does this seem like a workout routine that you’d consider trying?

Send Your Prayers: Phaedra Parks Grandmother Passed Away

November 30th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

According to, Hazel L. Meadows, 95,  grandmother of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Phaedra Parks passed away Sunday, November 25th. The cause of death has not been revealed; however Phaedra is petitioning for prayers of fans and friends as she and her family prepare to lay her grandmother to rest.

“Please keep my family in your prayers during this difficult time,” Phaedra requested in a brief but exclusive statement released to

Hazel was the mother of Phaedra’s mom, minister Regina Bell, who has appeared on the show several times over the years. While we all know from watching the show that Phaedra has been trying her hand at overseeing and arranging funerals, she will not be handling this one considering the death hit so close to home. Instead, the funeral home where Phaedra has been receiving mortuary training, The Willie A. Watkins Funeral Home, will be handling the overseeing the service. We can imagine how difficult this has to be for Phaedra. Since her debut on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” she has always appeared to be a pretty family oriented person with close relationships with her parents who are both ordained pastors who came out of the Church of God In Christ.

Experiencing the death of a loved one is certainly a hard pill to swallow during any time of year, but having to endure the pain of losing a loved one during the holiday season is considerably even more challenging as this is generally a time when families are coming together. We send our prayers and condolences to the mourning family and hope that they are able to find peace during this time of tragedy.

Jazmine Denise is a writer living in New York. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise

What’s Going On Here? RHOA’s Love Affairs Get A Bit Messy

November 15th, 2012 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: WENN

There seem to be a few love triangles and bad feelings on the set of this season of Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta and new girl on the block, Kenya Moore appears to the be the common denominator in them all. In Episode 2, Kenya is so devastated to learn that her on-again-off-again boyfriend of two years, Walter used to have a thing for and even went as far as to ask out her co-star, Kandi Burruss, that she looks at Walter as if he just told her he was a puppy-killer and has to excuse herself from the table. She then proceeds to order her food to go because the news has caused her to lose her appetite. Although the news certainly wasn’t as serious as Kenya made it out to be, many were still left wondering what the actual connection was between Kandi and Walter and whether or not the two had actually dated.

Early yesterday, Kandi took to the Bravo TV blog to address the drama and put an end to speculations.

I thought the whole thing with Walter admitting he asked me out was a little awkward. Especially now that he and Todd are cool.

It was weird for me to hear Walter say it because, truth be told, he never asked me out himself. It was always our mutual friend asking me out for him. So I never heard Walter say out of his own mouth that he wanted to take me out. Back story is that one of Walter’s best friends and one of my best friends are married to each other. They are always having something at their house, so I have ran into Walter many times over the years. In my mind, him asking me out wasn’t anything to talk about, because we never actually went out. It definitely isn’t anything for Kenya to worry about. Moving right along…

Well, that squashes that; however, while we are on the subject of Kenya, other rumors have also been circulating about the former Miss USA. Many felt she was being way too friendly and inappropriately flirting with cast mate Phaedra’s husband, Apollo Nilda, after watching previews and teasers for this season of the show. Moore eventually responded to the accusations on the Tom Joyner Morning Show.

“Let me be the first to say, I’m not interested in anybody’s husband, not Phaedra’s or anybody else’s. You can put that on the record,” she expressed matter-of-factly.

She also went on to state that she felt the scene was taken out of context. Not sure how “out of context” those scenes can be when the trailer clearly shows her talking about how “fine” Apollo is, go-cart racing and playing around in the pool with him, and let us not forget asking Phaedra which two of her friends she would offer up to him. That seems a bit scandalous to me, wouldn’t you agree?  And considering how jealous she got when she found out her man used to have the hots for Kandi, you’d think she would have some sort of consideration.

Would you say Kenya is trying to be a bit too chummy with Phaedra’s man?

Jazmine Denise is a news writer for Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise