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“We Love Her” Andy Explains Why Porsha Was Demoted

October 10th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Bravo

Source: Bravo

Porsha says she was blindsided by her recent demotion on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” And that’s probably the truth because judging by a recent interview with Andy Cohen during his online “Ask Andy” segment, the people wanted to know.

And Andy obliged.

It had nothing to do with anything that happened at the reunion last season. Really, it was about the amount of story we got from Porsha this season. We went into it assuming she would be a full housewife, holding a peach. We just haven’t gotten enough to merit that. She’s going to be in it a lot. We love her. I hope she’ll be on Bravo endlessly.”

Well there you have it. That was just a nice and drawn out way of saying that homegirl was a bit boring. And then there was the fact that Claudia Jordan came in ready to turn all the way up.

While in the real world it’s a good thing to be too boring for reality tv, when you’re trying to get that check it can be a bit problematic. Luckily, Porsha has another source of income flowing in. But it will be interesting to see if Porsha decides to turn it up for the next season so she can be back in the forefront.

“No, I Can’t Hear That B*tch Out” NeNe Leakes Says She’s Forever Done With Cynthia Bailey

July 18th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: Bravo Tv

Source: Bravo Tv

Last night, Andy Cohen celebrated his the fifth anniversary of “Watch What Happens Live.” And though things seemed to be a little tense between him and NeNe Leakes, the two had a grand ole time laughing and joking about various topics, including just how rich NeNe is. She was also joined by fellow Bravo star, real estate agent Jeff Lewis from “Flipping Out.” Things were pretty light and easy until Andy asked NeNe how she felt about Apollo being sentenced to eight years in prison. Leakes said that while she knew Apollo had admittedly committed these crimes, she still felt bad for both him and Phaedra. And when Andy asked if she’d spoken to Phaedra about the sentencing she said she had not because the topic was just too uncomfortable.

Andy moved on from Apollo and Phaedra and started taking questions from the audience. Even those were pretty jovial, until one woman asked about the status of NeNe and Cynthia’s friendship. Here’s what NeNe had to say:

There’s no friendship and there will not be. No, I am so done with her. I don’t even have words for her. 

We had a real friendship and I don’t play those games. We had a real friendship, I really loved her and I feel like if she a issue with me, I don’t understand somebody waiting six months to have an issue with you. Come over your house, eat your food, go to the hospital, go to the fashion week with you, travel for New Years and then all of a sudden sit on a couch and make up some isht. 

She blindsided me sitting on the couch. 

Jeff: But she clearly loves you and I’m wondering if you can find it in your heart to forgive her. 

I can forgive her but I don’t want to have a friendship with her, ok? So I know you only get to see one side of it. You have to know the whole story. How dare you be my good friend and I be there for you and you wait six months to tell me I did something wrong in front of people who don’t give a damn about our friendship? If you were a true friend, you could have called me up and said, ‘Hey I need to talk to you. Come to my house, let’s meet, let me come to your house.’ Why would you bring this up in front of people who don’t care about our friendship one way or the other. 

Jeff: Maybe you can hear her out?

No, I can’t hear that b*tch out. 

Jeff: Has she apologized?


Jeff: Maybe she’ll apologize next season. 

Well, maybe she will. 

You can watch this portion of NeNe’s “Watch What Happens Live” sit down in the video below.

More Mama Drama: Kandi Explains Why She Isn’t Speaking To Mama Joyce

June 23rd, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: BravoTV

Source: BravoTV

At this point, the most interesting thing about Kandi Burruss is the fact that her mother doesn’t know how to act –or she knows exactly how to act in order to secure a reality show spin-off. Either way, when we see Kandi all anyone wants to talk about is the drama Mama Joyce brings to her new marriage. And in her “Watch What Happens Live” interview with Andy Cohen, that’s what the callers wanted to know. One woman asked Kandi if she’d considered banning Mama Joyce from her home if she can’t find a way to respect her husband.

Here’s what Kandi had to say.

Basically, my mother and I we always have conversations. People think I don’t say anything to her and that’s not true. I say things all the time. She doesn’t always receive it. Whether or not she receives it, we do what we want to do. 

Now the whole argument between his mom and my mom last week was because I did not allow her to come to the house one time when I felt she was going to come over and make Todd uncomfortable. And so she’s been holding a grudge about it ever since, like ‘Oh, I can’t come to your house.’ It’s not that she can’t come to my house I just didn’t want her to come if she was going to have an attitude, be saying negative things or not speaking.

Andy: Was there a point where you felt like you were going to have to shut her out completely?

Honestly, we go through those moments all the time and we stop talking for days at a time. Like right now we haven’t been talking for a couple days…it’s something about my dad. It’s silly to me. It gets to be petty  sometimes. And that’s why I’m like ‘Ok, we just need a break.’ 

Apparently she must be waiting on me to call her because she’s never wrong. That’s what I’m saying. Regardless of what is said, she never sees her part in the situation. She always makes it seem like I’m just wrong. So we’ll go days until I call. 


Other people pointed the finger in Kandi’s direction for the terms of her prenup. One of the conditions was that if they break up, he would have to leave their home within 30 days. She wanted to know that if they share the house together, why wouldn’t they split it if their marriage doesn’t work.

I did buy the house. He pays the bills but as far as the house itself…

Andy: You own it.

Well yeah. He doesn’t want the house. I don’t want people to think ‘Oh he’s trying to get the house.’ It’s just the fact that when you get divorced sometimes it can be a long, dragged out process. I remember talking to Bethenny recently and she was saying how she hated the fact–she had a prenup– but she they didn’t have any term where he had to get out. So he was there for a long time.

Andy: He may still be there as a matter of fact.

So that’s why attorneys put those stipulations in there.

Kandi also said that Todd’s mother is still mad, naturally, about the things Mama Joyce said about her. And when it comes to expanding their family she said that she and Todd want to have children but they’re not trying but not not trying. You know? They’re just going to go with the flow and see what happens.

You can check out the video clips from Kandi’s interview on the next page.

‘Cynthia Just Needs To Get A Mind Of Her Own:’ Porsha Calls Out Co-Star For Being Wishy-Washy

May 5th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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RHoA's Porsha calls out co-star Cynthia for being wishy-washy.

Source: Instagram

Last night, following part three of the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion special, Porsha Williams appeared on a special one-on-one taping of “Watch What Happens Live.” During her interview, she touched on everything from wishy-washy cast members, the abuse allegations previously made against ex-husband, Kordell Stewart and of course, her fight with Kenya Moore.

“I was sorry that it had to reach that point,” Porsha explained. “I was sorry that that was my reaction. But more than that, I’m sorry that I gave her the power to make me go and do something like that.”

Porsha went on to reason that had it not been for Kenya’s over-the-top props, there probably could’ve been a nonviolent reunion.

“I feel like we’re all grown women and we can fight with our words. I can sit here and call you something, you call me something back and forth. That’s what the reunion is about. It was the fact that the props were there,” the singer said. “It wasn’t until she began to reach for me with it [the scepter] that it went to another level.”

Porsha went on to say that the reunion show altercation showed her that Kenya Moore is not exactly the most genuine person in the world.

“Watching her cry about Velvet, I thought I saw something that was a sensitive side in her, that was real possibly. But now I know that I’m not dealing with someone who is operating in reality. I’m dealing with someone who is just performing.”

The newly divorced reality star adds that Kenya’s decision to press charges added a completely different element to their already toxic feud.

“Now, I have to go to jail, sit in a prison with other inmates—pissy smelling, dirty, all of that—stand there for a mug shot, get fingerprinted. That will be there for the rest of my life. So there’s no way I can sit down with her [Kenya] at this moment without her acknowledging the situation. She would have to at least acknowledge that she had ill will that day.”

“[Turning myself in] was the worst day of my life. I’ve never done anything in my life to land me in jail and end up getting a mug shot. So for me to be there in that moment because of Kenya Moore, literally was the worst moment of my life.”

Interestingly, Porsha says that Kenya Moore wasn’t the only person she saw a different side of once the fight happened. The “Flatline” singer believes co-star Cynthia Bailey has shown her true colors as well.

“What struck me the most was when I saw Cynthia,” Porsha said in reference to Cynthia’s initial comments that she “didn’t feel Porsha was under attack.”

“I mean, if anyone had the clearest point of view, it was her,” Porsha explained. “The entire time she was ‘uh, uh, oh.’ So why would she feel to protect herself if I wasn’t being threatened? I think Cynthia has done many interviews since and she’s just flip-flopped back and forth. I heard another interview the other day where she said, ‘She was provoked. She definitely was threatened.'”

“For me, Cynthia just needs to get a mind of her own and be able to voice her own opinions. I don’t know who she thinks is going to give her a spanking when she gets home, but she’s not. She’s a grown woman. Voice your opinions. Some may like it, some may not. But I just think she goes back and forth so much. It’s so irritating.”

Porsha also discussed Kordell’s response to the recent domestic violence allegations that she made against him.

 “That came up because I have a new single called ‘Flatline.’ And in the new video for ‘Flatline,’ it depicts some abuse in the video with me and the guy who is in it. I was asked did that happen in my relationship with Kordell and it did.”

“I heard that [Kordell is denying the allegations] and that’s fine. Me doing the video and showing my truth is not really for me to get a comment from Kordell. It’s a way that I artistically decided to put my feelings out there.”

As for her current financial situation since walking away from her divorce with nothing, Porsha says:

“At what point do I need to go into a court room and discuss all of these hurtful things just to prove something to a judge to get money from Kordell?” Porsha questioned. “I called my attorney and I said, ‘Listen, I’m not going to court. Tell Kordell I don’t want anything. All I want him to do is pay for a debt that I had for insurance and I want to keep my car. He doesn’t need to do anything else for me [...] I walked away, I did Kandi’s play and ever since I did Kandi’s play, I’ve moving right along. I haven’t needed a dime. I haven’t wanted for anything. I’m still in my house. I still have my cars and everything that I’ve ever wanted. And that’s without Kordell’s money.”

Watch a clip from Porsha interview below. Thoughts?


Whoopi And Ladies Of “The View” Blame Kenya For RHOA Fight; Civil Rights Group Color Of Change Blames Bravo, Andy Cohen

April 23rd, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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RHOA fight


Another day, another perspective on the fight between Porsha Williams and Kenya Moore during part one of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion special. This time, it comes from another group of ladies–the women of The View

Earlier this week while speaking on all the ugliness, the women (who were joined by special co-host Angie Martinez) seemed to all agree that Kenya Moore was to blame for the fight. As Martinez put it, “Don’t start none, won’t be none.”

Sherri Shepherd had this to say about the uncomfortable scene:

“I don’t excuse Porsha for hitting her, but I say, Kenya, I’m not excusing you either. You had a scepter that you kept putting in people’s faces. Also you took out a bullhorn and a bullhorn is meant to be heard from people hundreds of [inaudible] away from you.”

Whoopi also gave her two cents, with a bit more passion, saying that Kenya isn’t really being the role model she claims to be.

“I’m just going to say this. I read the statement that Kenya put out and I will ask you, Kenya, do you think it was okay for you to provoke people? Because if you’re worried about your image and how people are going to see you, I don’t know if messing with people like this is the right thing to do…”

When speaking on Porsha’s bad decision to put her hands on Kenya, Whoopi jokingly said, “I would have done it too!”

But the blame doesn’t just fall on Kenya or Porsha in the realm of public opinion. The activist group and organization Color of Change put out a statement blasting Bravo and executive producer Andy Cohen for allowing such a scene to happen. According to Shadow and Act, they are calling for a  “no excessive confrontations policy,” the same policy that was put in place for the Basketball Wives Miami show after things got too crazy with that reality show back in 2012. 

The physical violence displayed during Bravo’s Sunday primetime lineup was deeply alarming. After weeks of promoting the RHOA reunion altercation on Sunday, executive producer Andy Cohen finally condemned the violent behavior of cast members — completely ignoring the staged hostile environment that provoked the altercation and the troubling pattern of violent, stereotypical portrayals of Black people across many of Bravo’s Black reality franchises.

Research shows that dehumanizing portrayals of Black people on television lead to real-world consequences for Black folks — influencing how we are treated by doctors, judges, teachers and lawmakers. No matter how entertaining, this should be the last fight between Black women that Bravo profits from.

As for Cohen, he didn’t respond directly to Color of Change as of yet, but he took to Twitter to say that after considering the opinions of viewers, he wasn’t going to allow props on the show anymore.

Andy Cohen

Andy II


A little too late, but that sounds like a good idea, Andy. Watch the convo between the ladies of The View below.

‘I Think It’s Gross:’ Andy Cohen Disgusted By RHOA Reunion Show Brawl

April 16th, 2014 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

At this point, it’s been confirmed that a fight did in fact occur between Kenya Moore and Porsha Williams at the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” reunion show taping. What’s interesting though, are the reactions to the fight by the folks who witnessed it first-hand. As you may recall, Nene Leakes recently expressed that while she does not condone violence, Porsha was provoked.

“They welcome a good argument, that’s always good television,” the “Dancing With The Stars” contender explained. “But to touch each other is really crossing the line. But they did get in a physical altercation. I feel like one was provoked, the other one, knocked her out. Like, ‘provoke me, BOP!’”

Bravo VP of Development and Talent and reunion show host, Andy Cohen, recently commented on the fight as well.

“There was an altercation that took place between Kenya [Moore] and Porsha [Williams],” Andy said during an episode of AskAndy. “They stood up…I think I stood up pretty quickly. It was such a flash, and it started to escalate,” he continued. “I was trying to prevent it, and a couple other people jumped in too. To me, it came out of nowhere.”

Though talk of the fight appears to have fostered greater anticipation for the upcoming reunion show, Andy seems totally turned off by the whole thing.

“The other women felt Kenya provoked her a bit…I was so shocked and surprised and really upset,” he said. “I don’t want that to happen. I think it’s gross. And I think it’s just totally inappropriate. It’s wrong. It’s not entertaining. It’s just bad.”

Watch Andy discuss the fight below.

Sheree Whitfield And Kim Zolciak Speak On RHOA, She By Sheree, Challenging NeNe, And Why Season 1 Was The Best

March 17th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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While the ladies of Real Housewives of Atlanta season six know how to bring the drama, no one brings it better than the original cast members of the show, including Kim Zolciak and Sheree Whitfield. Both ladies visited with Andy Cohen last night for Watch What Happens Live, and they were asked about their opinions of the new cast, their thoughts on Kenya and the way NeNe walks all over the girls, and what they miss about being a Real Housewife. Here’s the tea we found most interesting:

What Sheree Misses About Being On The Show:

“We had our ups and downs, but when we were good, we were good. I miss the camaraderie with the girls.”

What Made The First Season So Much Better Than All The Rest

Kim: “It was real. We were really mad or we were really happy or we were really having a good time. It wasn’t the blogs creating it. These were issues we were really going through. I think people can really sense that or feel that throughout the years.”

Kim on Kenya:

“You gotta earn your keep somehow. Just saying.

I had lunch with her during season five. Listen, I do not, not like her, I just don’t know her well enough. We talked about marriage and babies and she was like, ‘I need to have a woman cave to be away from my husband and the babies’ and I was like, ‘You don’t need to have a husband and baby then if you want to have like a woman cave.’ I was just a little confused by that. But honestly, I don’t have anything against her and she’s always been nice to me.”

Kim On Porsha And Her Rumored Relationships:

“I just said she had to create some sort of controversy because her song’s coming out. She has nothing else going on.”

Sheree And Kim On Challenging NeNe While The New Cast Won’t

Sheree: “I’ve only caught a few episodes. The few episodes I did catch I thought it was kind of bad. I thought it was not good that these women are kind of just letting her talk to them any kind of way. I did not appreciate that. I did not like that.

NeNe kind of knows who to challenge. I did watch the episode with Marlo and I know she talked about a NeNe and a NayNay, but I guess NayNay was out of town that day…”

Kim: “I mean, I think because we do have history with NeNe, we tend to challenge. And she tends to get us madder than most normal people maybe, and that’s kind of what it was. Because we do know her. She kind of gets me to here [raises hand] sometimes.”

Who They Would Hang With In The New Cast:

Kim: “The current cast? NeNe and I have spent quite a bit of time working out some of our issues so we’re in a really good place than we have been. Cynthia’s always been pretty sweet. As for the rest? Bye…”

What Happened To She By Sheree?

“I have some jewelry. But I also have some T-shirts that are still selling. But right now I’m working on a fitness DVD. I actually just taped it a week ago and I’m really excited about it.”

One very interesting moment occurred when NeNe Leakes called in to chat with the girls. While things haven’t been solid as a rock when it comes to a friendship with Sheree, NeNe and Kim are on good terms again. When Andy asked NeNe what she missed about filming with these ladies, this is what NeNe had to say:

“I’ve been very public when I do the interviews and people ask me, do I ever miss the old girls on the show? I always say the same thing and I’ll say it again. Yes I miss them being on the show. We had a rollercoaster ride, but at the same time, it meant something. We started this together. We are the original girls. So yes, I miss having to fight with them every now and then.”

What did you make of their time reuniting with Andy and chatting with NeNe? Check out all the clips from the Watch What Happens Live episode over at Bravo and share your thoughts.

Mariah Carey Shares Her Favorite Thing About Ex-Fling Eminem

December 24th, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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Mariah Carey pf

From HelloBeautiful

Our favorite “All I Want For Christmas” songstress stopped by to see Andy Cohen on last night’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live.” That’s right, Mariah Carey was live and in the flesh!

No topic seemed to be off limits during their fireside chit chat: Mariah shared the real story behind her alleged offstage feud Whitney Houston, found three nice things to say about ex-fling-turned-enemy Eminem and she even called out HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” for not giving her a role on the show!

Take a look at our favorite highlights below.

On Whitney Houston:

“It’s so hard to talk about that situation still. Initially, obviously we are all inspired by other people and Whitney happened to be a star. She was born a star and she was popular prior to me having a record deal and of course we were all inspired by her singing. And then the record label wanted to sort of guide me and work with producers she had worked with. I had already had my own demo and songs I had written. I had my own identity but everybody wanted to push me that way. So understandably there was a little bit of weird tension. Yet, when we finally met…we got along so well! I would wait for the moments to be with Whitney.

On having more kids:

“I have a boy and a girl and I couldn’t ask for more… If Nick could have the babies himself then maybe. Yeah, bring ‘em on! We love the kids… Here’s the thing, I’m responsible for the kids for like forever. They didn’t ask for this lifestyle but here they are.

Read what Mariah Carey has to say about fling-turned-enemy Eminem at

“Let’s Ask Wendy About Her Relationship”: Kandi And Fantasia Say Wendy Williams Needs To Mind Her Own Biz

December 9th, 2013 - By Lauren R.D. Fox
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It’s nothing new to hear of Wendy Williams being in hot water with celebrities, but it’s rare that entertainers publicly address the notorious gossip queen. Such is not the case with Kandi Burruss and Fantasia.

Last night, while appearing on “Watch What Happens: Live” with Andy Cohen, Kandi and Fantasia plainly stated Wendy needs to mind her own business. If you’ve been keeping tabs on Real Housewives Of Atlanta (RHOA), you know Burruss’ mother, Mama Joyce, does not approve of her relationship with producer Todd Tucker and, of course, Wendy has thrown in her two cents on the matter. Kandi told Andy Cohen her comments have only made her situation worse, saying:

“Every week Wendy was coming on, you know, saying negative things about my relationship with Todd and then my mom would come [saying], ‘You know Wendy said … even Wendy said …’ Every week. I was like, I don’t care what Wendy said. Let’s ask Wendy about her relationship.”

To back her up, Fantasia jumped in and said:

“Seriously, at the end of the day, I feel like everybody has something that they went through and they have a past. Nobody’s asking her about hers. It’s not her business.”

Though both women were passionate about their angst against Williams, they ended their thoughts on good notes, saying they love Wendy but she needs to lay off on her negative commentary. Fantasia even added when Wendy speaks about you: “It’s good promotions.”

Check out Kandi and Fantasia’s take on Wendy Williams in the “Watch What Happens: Live” clip below. What do you think?

Kenya Says She Wanted Marriage More Than She Wanted Her Ex Walter; Says She’s Dating An African Prince Now

November 4th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Bravo TV

Bravo TV

Now that Real Housewives of Atlanta is back, you know Kenya Moore is about to be all over the place once again, talking about her co-stars and her love life. She got off to a quick start doing just that on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen after Sunday night’s premiere of RHOA, and questions quickly turned to her love life, past and present. When someone asked her if she was really over Walter (who she had a fit over NeNe inviting to her wedding during the first episode), she made it clear that at the time they were dating, she was so focused on getting married and getting pregnant, she wasn’t even really that into the relationship!

Moore: I don’t think I was ever, what’s the opposite of not being over?

Cohen: You were into it, remember in Anguilla?

Moore: You know what? I disagree. I was into getting married, that was my problem. I was really, close–

Cohen: To Walter?

Moore: …I was more focused on marriage and a baby than Walter and that’s the real.

Cohen: “Whoever the person was, you would have been fine?”

Moore: At the time, yeah. 

Cohen went on to ask her if she was dating some supposed African prince, and she said yes (she wouldn’t go into detail about this man, but rumors are that it’s Nigerian singer/songwriter D’Banj–who is coincidentally on Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Music label, another person she claimed tried to date her).

Cohen: Are you still with your African prince?

Moore: I am. And I’m very happy.

Cohen: I do not see a ring on your finger.

Moore: Yeah. Well, it might be a ring and it might not… [laughs]

As for her ex-man, Walter Jackson decided to take to Twitter to respond to Kenya’s dramatic issue with NeNe and Gregg inviting him to their wedding. He said that she’s just mad that people find him likable (and not her):

“Walter Walter Walter !!!!!!!!! Dammmmmmm ! I’m sorry for being a likable person and a real friend and don’t rub people the wrong way! Wait a minute no I’m not! Real knows Real!…Anybody that knows me, knows I’m not a hater and haters get nowhere in life, so I can still tell SOMEBODY “Thank U” for keeping me relevant! @Andy and my REAL FRIENDS on the RHOA Thanks for keeping me relevant. Lol. I appreciate the love!!”

These grown folks I tell you…Check out Kenya’s conversation with Andy Cohen about her push for marriage and motherhood on the next page and let us know what you think!