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‘American Idol’ Racism Lawsuit Dismissed; Contestants Waited Too Long

November 21st, 2014 - By Ann Brown
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The American Idol lawsuit has been voted out. Last year, 10 African-American former contestants sued Fox saying that their disqualifications from the long-running TV talent competition occurred out of racial animus.

In July 2013, the former contestants brought the lawsuit, which claimed the producers allegedly “dug up dirt on African-American contestants, had disseminated information from criminal rap sheets to the media in order to justify DQs,” reports The Hollywood Reporter. It also charged that the show was manipulated, and that the contestants were made to sign “unconscionable Willy Wonka contracts.”

But it seems the contestants made their claims too late. U.S District Judge Naomi Buchwald heard oral arguments earlier this month and said the plaintiffs waited too long to sue, even though it appears the plantiff did have a case.

“Here, each plaintiff’s claims run from the date of his disqualification, as the adverse and allegedly discriminatory act of disqualification or elimination from competition is sufficient to put a contestant on notice that he should ‘protect himself by seeking legal advice’ and therefore to trigger the statute of limitations,” wrote the judge.

The plaintiffs however countered that they didn’t realize there had been a racial element to their ousting until a statistical study was commissioned following the disqualification of season 11 alum Jermaine Jones. According to the study, the disqualifications couldn’t have happened by random decisions on the part of producers, that there is “a prima facie case of racial discrimination as a matter of law with absolute zero percent chance of error.”

But Judge Buchwald responded, “Apart from ignoring the clear law that knowledge of a discriminatory motive is irrelevant, plaintiffs have provided no explanation of how JXJ’s disqualification made apparent discrimination that was otherwise obscure; rather, they simply state that JXJ’s disqualification alone revealed an actionable disparity of treatment, ln a way that plaintiffs’ alleged ten prior disqualifications did not. This conclusory assertion is not sufficient to toll the limitations period.”

It sounds like it was a case that was hard to make, and they took too long to try and make it.

Make It Drizzle: American Idol Will Lose Money Due To Judges’ Salaries

February 25th, 2014 - By Raven Carter
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From TMZ 

It’s an enormous sea change … one of the most successful shows in the history of TV — a show that has made BILLIONS of dollars in profits — will actually LOSE money this year  … multiple sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

The reasons for “American Idol” going into the red for the first time all have to do with the bottom line.  The show pays a fortune to the stars — we’re told Jennifer Lopez gets north of $15 Mil and Ryan Seacrest gets around that amount as well.  They spent between $5 and $7 million on a new set this year.  They are also still paying the 2 executive producers they fired after last season.

In addition we’re told the show will spend at least $5 million on viewer phone calls.

And … the ratings are down 26% from last season — and that translates into advertising dollars.  Some of the ad losses can be deferred until next season … but they are losses nonetheless.

For years “Idol” scored hundreds of millions of dollars in raw profits in a single season.

That said … we’re told the show almost certainly will NOT be cancelled after this season.  Sources say it will be back next year, in no small part because FOX cancelled “X Factor” and there would be way too many holes in its primetime schedule if both shows went away.

Read more about American Idol at 

Guess Whose Adorable Son (And Future Ladies’ Man) This Is

January 9th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Fantasia Barrino son


Whose absolutely adorable son is this?

Well, this two-year-old cutie is the son of one of today’s most gifted singers. She’s a Grammy winner who got her start on American Idol, and she’s a talented stage actress as well, showing off her skills and voice in The Color Purple and After Midnight. If you look closely into this little guy’s eyes, I’m sure you will see his mom. So who is his mommy?

Mariah Carey On Her Time On American Idol: “It Was Like Going To Work In Hell With Satan”

November 13th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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After signing a contract for a reported $18 million to do American Idol, Mariah Carey probably thought it was going to be easy-breezy work; team up with her old friend Randy Jackson and give contestants some good advice for money. What could go wrong? But psych your mind and make your booty shine, it was actually all kinds of drama, every damn week, that was hard to watch. Carey bumped heads often with Nicki Minaj, and in all honesty, she didn’t have the right kind of charisma to be entertaining or to give the type of advice you thought she would (there was just a lot of glitter throwing really…). She’s since moved on from the show after one season (as has Minaj, while Keith Urban is the last man standing), and released new music in “The Art of Letting Go.” To promote that, Carey sat down at HOT 97 with Angie Martinez to talk about those Idol days, which she said was like working with Satan (is she talking about Nicki!?), marriage and more. Here’s the tea (or sparkling cider, which is what they were drinking during her interview):

On Still Being Insecure About Her Beauty

“I’m only judgmental of myself, I don’t judge anybody else. It’s called insecurity. I’m trying to lose it, we’re working on it [laughs]. It’s just that when you grow up a certain way and you just feel like different and whatever from everybody else, you just have it.”

American Idol

“That’s over. No. Honestly, I hated it. I was led to believe I was the first person signed on…Honestly, I thought it was gonna be a three-person panel. They gave me a nice dangling monetary moment and I was just like, okay. ‘Randy Jackson will be there, I’ve known him forever. He used to play bass for me. This isn’t a big deal, this will be nothing.’ But it wasn’t like that. It was like going to work every day in hell with Satan. [laughs] Naw, I’m just playing. It didn’t affect me that much. I was just disappointed. I loved the contestants and some of them were so good and also really good people, you could tell, it was disappointing when they would, for political reasons, not put people through. It was like, ‘I don’t have to sit here and do this, I would prefer to just put this person in the studio and record a record with them or tell another producer, you should produce this artist, they’re beautiful, they can sing, they’re talented,’ you know? But that’s the way it is on that kind of TV thing.”

On Her Man Nick Calling Himself Mr. Carey And Talking About Their Marriage:

“He provokes that. He uses it for his comedy act, Mr. Showbiz. I hate it when I look at it on TV and we’re watching it together. I’m like, ‘Was that necessary?’ In his world in the world of comedy he can have license to say things he wants to say. But if it goes too far that doesn’t mean I won’t say ‘Check please. Can we have a discussion about this cause I didn’t care for it…’

I look at certain relationships in the public eye and I go, ‘See that’s class when you don’t need to talk about the relationship that much. I would prefer he silencio just a little bit [laughs].”

Very interesting, especially her breaking down her disappointment in doing Idol. Check out her interview with Angie Martinez below, and the Idol talk begins at the 10-minute mark if you don’t have the 16 minutes to spare.

Time To Pull The Plug! TV Shows That Fell Off

November 5th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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These shows started off with a bang — and great ratings — but over time they fizzled out and for some reason, unbeknownst to us, remained on the air.

"Basketball Wives promo pf"

“Basketball Wives”

Former basketball wife Shaunie O’Neal had a hit on her hands when she introduced the world to Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozado, Royce Reed and Gloria Govan, better known collectively as the “Basketball Wives.” While some of the men in the NBA were upset the women in their lives were given a show, fans tuned in each week to see how the rich, yet slightly ratchet, lived. The show was so successful, it spawned a spinoff version in Los Angeles. But as the cast members changed each season, the show’s fights became more insane. By the time Evelyn jumped over a table barefoot to go after her former friend and fellow cast mate Jennifer, there was a public outcry against the show and a petition was started to end the violence. While the fights have now died down, so did everyone’s interest in the show.

“The Best Time Of My Life!”: Beyonce Thanks TLC For A Life-Changing Experience

October 22nd, 2013 - By Raven Carter
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From Hello Beautiful 

Long before Beyonce was the superstar we know today, she was the lead singer of Destiny’s Child and the opening act for one of the best-selling female groups of all time, TLC.

T-Boz, Left Eye and Chili invited the Houston-based girl group to perform on their 1999 world tour,  and Beyonce said that was one of the best moments of her life.

In an interview with The Grio to promote their new VH1 biopic, the ladies of TLC recalled the day Beyonce personally thanked them for, what she described as, a life-changing experience.

“We were backstage [before a 2011 performance on “American Idol”} and she walked up to us and was thanking us, and we had never heard that from her before and it was really nice,” Chilli said.

“Her exact words were: ‘Thank you so much, those were some of the best times of my life,” T-Boz added. “Thank you for letting us open up for y’all because that was the best time… one of the best times of my life.’”

“That was so sweet,” Chili said before T-Boz chimed back in: “That was amazing!”

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American Idol Judges Finally Locked In As Harry Connick, Jr. Joins The Panel!

August 31st, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Harry Connick American Idol Judges pf"


Well, it was about thisclose to panic time for the executives but the American Idol judges have finally been confirmed!

The Hollywood Reporter is exclusively revealing that crooner Harry Connick, Jr has agreed to be a judge on season 13 of the reality show.  While ratings may be dwindling, this could give the show a nice boost. Not only is Connick already a familiar face to the show having served as a mentor many times, but the New Orleans native is also loved by older women which is key to their ratings.

The show was in jeopardy of being delayed after producer Dr. Luke had to drop out due to record label conflict (he has a deal with Sony Music while all Universal Music Group holds all the exclusive music rights to the Idol recordings).

Connick joins other American Idol judges Keith Urban and Jennifer Lopez who’ve already been confirmed according to multiple reports.

While show reps aren’t saying anything one way or another, The Hollywood Reporter did say that Simon Fuller, the show’s producer, held a small party Thursday to toast the new judges. The guests included Lopez, Urban and Connick, as well as former judge Randy Jackson who will now serve as a mentor on the show.

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest also added on Friday morning that he had some show news to reveal soon.

So that’s that. In the words of Ryan Seacrest, “Say hello to YOUR American Idol judges.” Those of you hoping for a cancellation will have to wait at least one more season,

What do you think of the new panel?

“I Have Spent Days Skipping Meals In Order To Make Sure I Have Enough”: Former “Idol” Star Talks Struggle For Success

August 16th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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Remember Justin Guarini? He was the biracial cutie with the curly fro that everybody used to love on the first season of American Idol. And while Kelly Clarkson won that season, and would go on to have major success, winning Grammy Awards and international stardom, Guarini kind of faded into the background. He did the movie From Justin To Kelly with her, but that didn’t do well (because it was terrible), and since then he’s done stuff here and there, doing theater work and putting out two albums in 2003 and 2005. But the singer took to his blog this week and opened up about the post-American Idol struggle, including trying to figure out where his next meal would come from and trying to raise a family with such and up and down career. However, he says that he’s found strength through such adversity, and is happy with his blessings. Here are excerpts of what he had to say on the blog, which has now been deleted, according to Us:

“I have spent days skipping meals in order to make sure I have enough. To make sure my children, and my wife have enough.

There was a time when I could have thrown down cash for a house, and had any number of lovers in and out the door. A flashy car and clothes to match. An ego to trump them all. Now I rent a home filled with love.

I have a wife whom I love and who loves me (me!) and who lifts me up. Children who give me cherubic-lipped kisses before I leave for work and who are the most delicious morsels of joy and peace and prosperity.

I’m unafraid to say that I am terrified. I am struggling to make each day meet the next without breaking down and curling up. Sometimes I envy people who sit at a desk all day (at least you know where your next meal is coming from). …I am unafraid to be afraid, and in that fear I gather strength.”

As I told you, the original post has been taken down. Probably because, according to Guarini, People tried to imply that he was saying he was living in poverty. To that, he posted a message to the magazine on Twitter saying, “News isn’t news anymore, and I’m nowhere near poverty.”

Guarini might not be anywhere “near poverty,” but it’s clear that just because you get a little shine on these shows doesn’t necessarily mean the shine will continue in the long-term. Just ask some of the actual Idol winners we haven’t heard anything from…But luckily for Guarini, he just got a role on Broadway in the new Romeo + Juliet play starring Orlando Bloom and Condola Rashad.

Or You Could Just Cancel The Show: Jennifer Lopez And Reportedly The New Judges For “American Idol”

August 2nd, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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Somebody at Fox clearly wants that old thing back, because according to omg! Insider, Jennifer Lopez is about to be back as a judge on American Idol. And that’s not the only new news. Not only was country singer and judging favorite Keith Urban asked to return, but has allegedly been asked to be a judge for the show as well. These folks will take the place of Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and original judge, Randy Jackson, who all left after a tumultuous season 12. even longtime producer Nigel Lythgoe was axed after that strugg season. The executive producer of omg! Insider spread the news after Fox’s recent TCA panel and speaking with a “reliable as can be” inside source from the show.

There have been whispers since the middle of last season that Jennifer Lopez would possibly return, and she has played very coy in interviews since then about what her next move would be. But who wouldn’t want to collect those easy millions by listening to people sing in designer clothes all day and night? Lopez would be crazy not to go back. But as a trio of judges, I can’t say that I’m really excited about this possible lineup. Keith has an awesome personality, J. Lo is cool, and knows a lot about making great music, but as a unit, we’ll have to wait and see if they can actually bring in viewers. What do you think? Either way, it’s going to take a lot to resurrect this show.


Reality TV Shows That Have Spawned Big Success For Its Cast

July 30th, 2013 - By Blair Bedford
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Think reality TV is all fun and games and fake glamour? Many of these stars played their cards wisely on reality TV and came out on top. Here are a few reality shows that have spawned some of the most successful cast members in the history of the genre.