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Well, At Least They Tried: Notorious Celebrity Comeback Fails

May 16th, 2013 - By Meghan Williams
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There’s nothing better than when a favored star who’s fallen on bad luck returns to the spotlight energized and renewed. Think Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez, and even Michael Vick. But the sad reality is that comebacks are harder than we think – and certainly not wholly dependent on talent. Just ask these 15 celebs who failed (miserably) in their attempts. They know the deal.




We lost all of the R&B magic that was Jodeci in 1998 when the group went on hiatus – and it looks like we’ll never get it back. Just two months ago, the group attempted a comeback in London and not 30 seconds in, Mr. Dalvin had jumped off the stage, busted his arse and needed security’s help just to get back on. Then when he did get back on he, K-Ci and Jo-Jo (Devante was a no-show) sang out of tune, stumbled around the stage drunk and got straight up boo-ed. They then begged the audience to let them continue, before another group had to take over and finish their set. How horribly embarrassing.

It Was Great While It Lasted: 6 Memorable R&B Musical Divorces

December 12th, 2012 - By Jasmine Berry
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As an artist, finding a producer who can bring out the best in your voice and arrange hit records is hard. And for those lucky few who do, staying together can be even harder. For the artists on this list, we loved the music they made with their producers, but just like divorces in real life—some we hated to see separate, while others were clearly for the best.


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Brandy and Rodney Jerkins

Although Rodney Jerkins didn’t begin working with Brandy until her second album “Never Say Never,” the musical match helped boost her into super-stardom. Together they made a unique sound and we all loved it. With hits like “The Boy is Mine,” “What About Us?” and “Almost Doesn’t Count,” the duo was on a roll. So, we were all surprised when the two went their separate ways after the success of the “Full Moon” album.

On Brandy’s fourth studio album, “Aphrodisiac,” Jerkins did not produce one song; instead she turned to producer Timberland to create the majority of the CD. The album had little success, and she returned to Jerkins and the Darkchild crew to produce her fifth studio album “Human,” but it was too late, the musical magic was long gone between the two. The reason they parted ways in the first place is still a bit unclear, but tension remains high between the two judging by the brief run of Brandy’s family reality show when they had dinner together.