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Data Shows African Americans Are Losing Out On Elite Careers

May 30th, 2013 - By CAP
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Amid the turmoil of the economic downturn, blacks are losing their footing in the most coveted careers. The New York Times has reported that African Americans’ progress in prestigious careers is slowing and in some cases stalling.

Post-2008, many companies are focusing on sustaining business results and paying much less attention to non-revenue generating initiatives like diversity and inclusion. In 2008 the Conference Board, a business membership and research organization, asked senior executives how the downturn was impacting their business priorities. One of several challenges deemed less pressing was “achieving diversity and representation in the cross-cultural work force.”

With a black man at the highest position of power in all the land, it’s easy for society to develop an untrue sense that African Americans have the same opportunities across the board. It gives the false impression that minorities don’t need the additional assistance carved out through affirmative action. States including Arizona, Michigan, Nebraska, New Hampshire and Oklahoma have all joined California, Florida and Washington to ban race-based affirmative action. At first glance, African Americans may appear to be making huge strides in the workforce, but with a 13.2 percent African-American unemployment rate compared to the 7.5 percent overall rate, the numbers state the contrary.

Currently only five percent of physicians and dentists in the US are black and three percent of American architects are black and thee shares of black workers hasn’t increased in either field since 1990. The share of women and minority lawyers, which grew steadily for years, fell in 2010 for the first time since the National Association for Law Placement began keeping statistics in 1993. On top of that, many black lawyers are worried that there are too few young black lawyers in the pipeline for future leadership roles.

John Page, president of the National Bar Association, an 88-year-old group representing black lawyers and judges sums it best by saying, “We’re at a precipice… There is diversity fatigue. We could fall backwards very quickly.”

Hooray! Dow Hits 14,000, The Highest Since October 2007

February 1st, 2013 - By CAP
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AP Photo/Richard Drew

AP Photo/Richard Drew

The Dow Jones Industrial Average reached 14,000, great news for the market since the Dow hasn’t been this high since October 2007. According to The Huffington Post, the key drivers for the increase were the reports on U.S. jobs and auto sales.

Although the jobs report showed unemployment reached  7.9 percent, an increase from 7.8 percent in prior months, investors chose to focus on the positive: employers added 157,000 jobs in January and hiring was stronger over the past two years than previously thought.

However, with all these jobs being added, things don’t appear to be as upbeat for African Americans just yet. The National Journal reported that the unemployment rate for African Americans remains the highest at over 13.8 percent, although that is a .2 percent drop from last month. The unemployment rate for Hispanics is currently 9.7 percent, while Asians and whites have unemployment rates of 6.5 and seven percent respectively.

Generally the Dow can be a signal of investor confidence and even with an increasing unemployment rate the 14,000 high that the Dow reached today arguably proves that investor confidence is back.

Be a Positive Change Agent At Your Job

October 20th, 2010 - By Anthony Jerrod
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Change is an inevitable truth relative to any job.  New management structures, management systems and technology and more efficient ways of doing common tasks occur everyday in corporate America.  For some individuals, they are extremely resistant to change and would rather continue in the old ways of doing things.  In today’s work culture, this can prove to be very detrimental.  However, there are some people who are able to embrace the necessary changes without complaining and are able to contribute successfully to their organization’s bottom line.

In this current time and space, it is imperative to become a positive change agent- that is, someone who affects change by sowing seeds of love, peace and hard work.  Here at least four ways to become a positive change agent in your organization- exclusive of your positioning in the company:

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