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Remember Adebisi From Oz? Did You Know He Was A Skinhead!

May 13th, 2012 - By Drenna Armstrong
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If you watched HBO’s hit drama, Oz, you will no doubt remember Adebisi, the tough as nails African prisoner who intimidated almost everyone at least once, played by Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje. Well,  the England raised actor recently did an interview with The Guardian in which he discussed his new project, Farming, a movie based on his own life.  Sounds a bit much for an actor and perhaps even a little cocky? You might not think so when you hear this.

Although he was born in Nigeria, Adewale’s parents gave him to a white family in a practice called farming which is defined as informal fostering.  His foster parents who sometimes housed up to 10 African children at a time were what he called “ignorant” because they didn’t understand how to take care of them.  They also appeared to harbor certain racist views which lent to their ignorance. Adewale grew up wanting to be accepted in a neighborhood full of Skinheads who beat up anyone who even remotely looked non-white.

So in an attempt to avoid those beatings and also a way to let out his own anger about his birth and foster parents as a confused teen, Adewale became a member of the Skinheads. He hated the fact that he was Black because not only did he not fit in to his “European” world, but he also did not fit in to the “African” world since he hadn’t grown up there. Adewale took on the racist views (and the bald head) of the Skinhead group and participated in various crimes.  As he put it:

“When a child wants to be accepted,” he explains, “he’ll do anything. And if it means you’re getting a certain amount of notoriety from a fight, that’s what you’ll do. If all you’ve known is racism, abuse and persecution, then all of a sudden you’re getting some recognition, that’s your new drug. That’s what you want. By the time I was 16 I was someone to reckon with. I was so eager to repudiate any connection with any immigrant race I would go above and beyond. I was desperate to belong to something. That was my drive as a teenager.”

Wow. The story is absolutely compelling and continues to dig deeper about how he got out of that life and the roles both sets of parents played in his life, if any, as he got older.  I’ve heard some pretty radical things over the years but it would have never crossed my mind to think that someone could hate themselves so much that they’d join a gang to hurt the very people who look like him.

Please make sure you read the article right here.

Evening Eye Candy: Mehcad Brooks

May 7th, 2012 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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The first time I really peeped Mehcad Brooks, he was playing Alfre Woodard’s son on “Desperate Housewives.” It’s safe to say that wasn’t a “hot” role for him (as his family was crazy), but when he popped back up on shows like “True Blood” and “The Game,” he was the ultimate eye candy. And it helped that we finally received a better look at that body. His star has risen big time since he had recurring roles on those shows, but the swag and the sex this guy shows off hasn’t changed. See for yourself!

Ashton Kutcher, “Brown Face,” And Why These Images Persist in Media

May 7th, 2012 - By Charing Ball
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Thanks to the never forgetting archive of YouTube, you can now watch a number of banned cartoons from the golden era of overt racism in America. According to Wikipedia, the cartoons are part of The Censored Eleven, which is a group of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons that depicted black people in an offensive manner.

One of my favorites is “Coal Black and the Sebben Dwarfs,” a tongue and cheek take on Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, which features classic darkie minstrelsy by way of So White and Prince Chawmin, a big lipped, gold tooth, Cadillac driving, jive talking suitor. Despite the obvious Blackface, the cartoon was revered at its time for the incorporation of African-American-inspired jazz and swing music. Likewise, Bob Clampett, the creator of the cartoon short, has claimed that the cartoon was a homage to some jazz artists he once knew.  Some of the musicians were involved in the creation of the music and voices of the characters, even though they never received credit, and they concluded that there is nothing racist or disrespectful towards blacks in it. He attributes the controversy around his cartoon to a changing attitude towards black civil rights.

There is something to be said for how obtuse some folks are in regards to the idea that just because something is not offensive to you, that doesn’t mean that it is acceptable. Recently, Aston Kutcher, best known for punking celebs with stupid pranks and being the husband of Demi Moore, got in a little hot water for his eyebrow raising portrayal of an Indian. Kutcher appeared in an advert for Popchips where he donned ‘brown face’ makeup and put on a badly imitated accent (think Apoo from “The Simpsons”) to play a character named Raj, a 39-year-old Bollywood producer looking for love in a series of spoof dating videos.

Of course, the advert has drawn the ire of some in the Indian community, who deemed it racist. Others, like Anil Dash, didn’t call the company racist, but said they made a racist ad because, “they’re so steeped in our culture’s racism that they didn’t even realize they were doing it.”  In response, the advert has been dropped and Popchips CEO Keith Belling issued an apology, saying the following:

“Our team worked hard to create a light-hearted parody featuring a variety of characters that was meant to provide a few laughs. We did not intend to offend anyone. I take full responsibility and apologize to anyone we offended.”

Not sure what an Indian has to do with chips – in fact, I’m not even sure what Popchips are – but the fact that the Hollywood star saw fit to dress up in stereotypical garb and put on an Indian accent without even thinking, “Hmm, this might be a tad bit offensive” speaks volumes of how deep the pathology of stereotyping and “othering” goes.

Afternoon Delight: Male Model/Actor Charles Divins

January 25th, 2012 - By MN Editor
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Well, well, well look what we have here. We’re so sorry that this is the first time we’re “meeting” Mr. Charles Divins because this man is a visual smorgasbord. Where has this model/actor been hiding, huh?

If these pictures don’t have you convinced, check out some more at

So Much for That: Idris Elba Says Never Date a DJ or an Actor

January 17th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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People magazine chatted with Idris Elba after his win at the Golden Globe Awards Sunday night and came up with Five things to Know About Idris Elba, but there’s really only one thing most women want to know: Is he available?

From the sounds of things, Idris isn’t taken, given that he says he splits his time between Atlanta where his daughter and ex-wife (emphasis on ex) live, and his native London, but anybody thinking of taming this swexy Brit may have their hands full. He told the magazine:

“Never date a DJ or an actor. There are too many women around them.”

Hmm. So does this mean the fame could make things complicated or Dj Driis isn’t interested in resisting temptation? Perhaps he’s just channeling some of that bad boy charm he’s used to portraying in his characters like drug boss Stringer Bell on “The Wire,” which he said sparked “Stringer Mania:”

“Bad guys are attractive to women period, and most are not afraid to admit that. Guys respond to his stealth, his ruthlessness, and the way the man calculates every situation.”

While Idris may not be a total bad guy in real life, he does claim to be a “nightmare” to date. Somehow I think women could manage to get past that though, if he’s as much of a dream in the kitchen as he claims.

“I’m pretty decent. I like spices and I like experimenting with stuff. I love rice and vegetables but I love meat, spicing up meats.”

He likes to keep things spicy in more ways than one, he also told PEOPLE his favorite thing to wear is his birthday suit.

“It causes trouble walking down the street. But my birthday suit is my most comfortable,” he said. “I wear my birthday suit at home, in the bath or in the shower. Yeah, I’m pretty comfortable in my skin that way.”

Yeah, what was that part about being a nightmare to date again?

What do you think about Idris’s comment on never dating a DJ or an actor? Wise advise or would you take a chance?

Brande Victorian is a blogger and culture writer in New York City. Follower her on Twitter at @be_vic.

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Michael Ealy Says Halle Berry’s Not Crazy

January 5th, 2012 - By Brande Victorian
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Michael Ealy doesn’t have to say anything to get our attention but we especially love it when he’s saying good things.  When the actor stopped by the Breakfast Club this morning to talk about some of his upcoming roles, he cleared up the persistent rumor that Halle Berry’s “crazy” just because she’s had her share of bad relationships. He also talks about wanting to get married and pressure to have kids, plus I love his noticeable discomfort with some of Charlamagne’s questions and how he keeps it professional.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

 Is Halle Berry really crazy?

Listen, she’s a good friend of mine. I never felt like she was crazy. Not once.

Thoughts on Reality TV

What bothers me the most about reality shows is the content itself. I think it’s disturbing and I don’t think it’s contributing to the betterment of society in any way. People like to see a train wreck and it speaks volumes about society as a whole but I’m worried abut the children coming up thinking the way to resolve a problem is to grab somebody’s head and start fighting.

On whether he’d like to get married
I would love to do it technically “the right way” if possible. Listen, my parents have been together 43 years so I think that has kind of set a certain mold.

Are your parents ready for  grandkids?
They’re more than ready. I told them that I can give them grandkids….I can literally give them to them [but] I’m not quite ready. I think it’s important to be responsible.


Morning, Afternoon & Evening Eye Candy: Idris Elba

December 20th, 2011 - By IndigoBlack
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Call him Stringer Bell, John Luther, ‘ol dude from Daddy’s Little Girls, or just plain ‘ol fine as hell–you wouldn’t be incorrect with any of your choices. Just don’t call him ugly, because you would be lying through your teeth. You say the name Idris and women swoon, melt, yelp and act a fool, and you know a brother has to have it going on in order to get that reaction. And he does! Smooth dark chocolate and just a smooth man in general, you just have to love my husband, right?  We’ve done a little something something on him before for you, but we thought we’d break you off with a deluxe package this time around. Enjoy!

James Earl Jones Talks His Racist Grandmother on BBC

December 14th, 2011 - By MN Editor
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Veteran actor, James Earl Jones, says he can understand racists because of the sentiments his grandmother expressed when he was growing up.

Although, Jones’ grandmother was Cherokee, Choctaw Indian and African American, he says she was the most bigoted person he knew.

Jones said his grandmother was trying to prepare them for the world they’d encounter, but it was still bigotry.

“She trained us that way. She would consider it defensive racism, but it’s still racism, it’s still the same poison.”

You can read when and how he learned to think for himself and watch a clip of the interview at Black Voices.

Did you grow up in a house where your parents or grandparents expressed bigoted attitudes, trying to prepare you for the world?

Evening Eye Candy: Shemar Moore

November 28th, 2011 - By MN Editor
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"Shemar Moore eye candy"

I remember when I first saw Shemar Moore. He was guest starring on an episode of Living Single as a classmate of Sinclair. I remember thinking then that he was tooooo cute, and as he has aged, Shemar’s managed to stay hot, barely looking a day over 35 (he’s 41). And he’s also awesome because he stars as Derek Morgan on the very awesome program, Criminal Minds. Many of our readers have been calling out for Shemar on our Facebook page, so here you go! And if you’re not already a fan, these photos just might make you one…

Evening Eye Candy: Michael Ealy

November 16th, 2011 - By MN Editor
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"Michael Ealy"

Bone structure. Seriously, who ever thought bone structure could make a man look so freaking good!? If the bone structure of the beautiful Michael Ealy isn’t what catches your eye with this guy, you can also give him hotness points for his full lips, his lovable smile, his down-to-earth personality and you can’t forget those eyes of course! Michael Ealy has been my play husband since he waltzed on-screen in Barbershop, and from the moment I saw him I thought: I need to see more of him! And I think you do too. So here is something that should put a smile on your face for at least a little while.

"Michael Ealy"

"Michael Ealy"

"Michael Ealy"

"Michael Ealy"

"Michael Ealy"

"Michael Ealy"

"Michael Ealy"

"Michael Ealy"

"Michael Ealy"

"Michael Ealy"

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