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Keyshia Cole Announces Acting Debut In Forthcoming Tupac Biopic

December 26th, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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A soon-to-be divorced Keyshia Cole flips after radio host asks if she's 'wifey material.'

Source: WENN

Most of us know Keyshia Cole for two things: love-scorned yet heartwarming R&B joints and her tumultuous relationships whether it regard family or her ex-husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson.

However, the chanteuse is broadening her horizons and branding herself outside of the realm of reality television. According to Global Grind, the Oakland native has landed a role in the highly-anticipated Tupac biopic, All Eyez On Me. After John Singleton dropped out of the Morgan Creek Production earlier this summer, famed music video director Benny Boom has taken on the role as director.

Earlier this week Cole shared the news of her acting debut via Instagram, revealing that she would be playing the part of a character named Queen. (Cole’s post has since been deleted.) In addition to Keyshia, the biopic has cast several others including seasoned actor Hill Harper, actress and singer Kat Graham, football player DeSean Jackson, Jamal Woolward who will reprise his Notorious role as Biggie, and Demetrius Shipp, Jr. starring as Pac.

As always, we’re interested in your thoughts. Are you all ready to see Keyshia Cole acting?

Tia Mowry Returns To The Small Screen With Recurring ‘Rosewood’ Role

November 21st, 2015 - By Ashley Monaé
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Image Source: WENN

Image Source: WENN

Actress, mother and part-time chef Tia Mowry is a busy woman these days.

No matter, when she’s not in mommy-mode or sharing her favorite recipes with Cooking Channel faithfuls, she’s entertaining us on the television or big screen. And when it comes to fulfilling her life-long passion  for acting, she’s always up for the challenge of balancing life’s other priorities while continuing her successful career.

After recently ending her run as show lead on Nick at Night sitcom, Instant Mom, she’s already landed another gig on FOX’s Rosewood. As reported by Deadline, the ink has dried on Mowry’s contract and she’ll star as Cassie, a once homeless teenager and childhood friend to Rosewood’s younger sister.

During the second season, Mowry will be joined by Taye Diggs who also scored a recurring role on the drama series. Diggs will play Dr. Mike Boyce, an infectious disease doctor who is the best friend to Dr. Beaumont Rosewood (Chestnut’s character).

Rosewood airs on Wednesday, Nov. 25 on FOX at 8 p.m.


I’ll Be Back? 10 Celebrities Who Say They’re Quitting The Acting Game

March 26th, 2014 - By Tanvier Peart
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"Alec Baldwin pf"


Nothing in this world lasts forever, which is why so many try their hardest to make their 15 minutes of fame longer.

Then there are others who just need a break from the hustle, choosing to step away from the limelight. Here’s a look at 10 celebrities who quit acting or said they are going to in the near future. Surprisingly (or not) many actors and actresses of color did not make it on the list. Must be nice to quit a job.

Cute Kid Alert: Actress Yaya Alafia & Hubby Joshua Share Adorable Pics Of Their Baby!

December 14th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Yaya Alafia"


Someone pass me a thermometer, I need to see how high my baby fever has risen since seeing these pictures.

Actress Yaya Alafia (formerly DaCosta) and her director/producer husband Joshua recently shared pictures of their three month old son, Sankara Mamadou Bee Alafia. In the picture, Sankara, which means “Creator, Bliss Giver, Introspection, Remover of Doubt, King of Unity” in different languages, is clearly a happy baby who is full of life.

In the caption of one of the pictures, posted on both Facebook and Instagram, Yaya said, “Best three months of my life!!! Thank you for choosing us, little prince!”

"Yaya Alafia"


Yaya has been having a great couple of years.  She married Joshua in 2012, gave birth to that beautiful baby just a few months ago and she had a great role in Lee Daniels’ The Butler.  We’re sure she’s going to keep it going for 2014, especially with that positivity that always seems to shine right through her personality.

‘You Collect Your Unemployment And Then You Pray:’ Melissa De Sousa Talks Dry Spells And Being Rejected By Hollywood

November 27th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Melissa De Sousa

Best Man Holiday actress Melissa De Sousa recently sat down with Rolling Out Magazine to discuss her rise to fame and the struggle that it took to get there. She also dishes on being rejected by Hollywood producers for being “too pretty.” Check out her interview highlights below.

On being by Hollywood rejected because of her look:

“Tons of rejection … [so] much I can’t even count. I mean most of the time [I get] more “nos” than “yeses.” I never really had anyone say anything real horrible to me. I had to prove myself. I remember when I auditioned for Hustle & Flow, which is the one [movie] Terrence got his nomination for. You know they thought I was “too pretty” and I wouldn’t be able to play a down-on-her luck stripper. But I begged them to see me. You know I went in and did my thing. I ended up screen-testing. The person who got it was Paula Jai Parker. I think Regina Hall also screen-tested. All of us ultimately screen-tested. You know I had to fight for them to even look at me in that way, because they thought I was too nice and would not be able to get gritty and dirty. You have to prove yourself because people always want to put you in a box. I am just the one not to do that to.”

On her rocky start in acting:

“It’s not always easy to get in the “door.” You know when I first came to Los Angeles, I slept on my girlfriend’s floor for a year. I got my first agent and I sent my pictures out to everybody and since I had no experience and I had nothing on tape or even seen, some of the [agencies] sent my pictures back to me [laughs]. So one agency would see you in person and they want you to come in and audition in their room and once again I had to prove myself in person. You have to have an attitude that nothing’s gonna stop me. I think that’s just my New York kind of attitude — survival of the fittest. That’s why I love that song [Empire State of Mind] so much because that’s how it is when people go off to New York.”

On stints of unemployment:

“Then there were times I didn’t work for maybe two or three years. There was a time I didn’t have an agent for one reason or another. When the agent dropped me I was like ‘OK, maybe I am not in the business anymore.’ God-willing you can collect unemployment from the residuals from other things you have done in the past. You collect your unemployment and then you pray. You still go out and do your hustle. I always would save money because you never know when that dry spell is gonna hit — and it did. Just go and keep auditioning and keep trying and keep believing things will turn around and it always does.”

The Mary J. Blige Acting Struggle: 10 Reasons She Should Give It Up

November 27th, 2013 - By Meg Butler
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Mary J. Blige Acting
Mary J. Blige has a role in the new Christmas movie “Black Nativity,” which comes out today …and we really want to be excited about it. But Lord, it’s hard. We love Mary J. Blige. And we really want to love her acting. But she’s been struggling with scripts for so long that we’re losing the faith.

Tia Mowry-Hardrict Talks ‘Instant Mom,’ Family…And Turning 35!

September 28th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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"Tia Mowry-Hardrict pf"

Judy Eddy/


Tia Mowry-Hardrict goes from party girl to full-time stepmom in one weekend on her new Nick at Nite sitcom Instant Mom. The show follows her character Stephanie as she tries to juggle her older husband (played by actor Michael Boatman), her bossy step kids, and demanding mother (played by Sheryl Lee Ralph). Mowry-Hardrict spoke to about every new mom’s desire to please, getting back on a sitcom, and unleashing her crazy side in the new romantic comedy, Baggage Claim.

On her character Stephanie on Instant Mom:

I think Stephanie, like every mom, is trying to find a balance. This is new to her, so first of all she feels as though she has to impress the kids because she’s not their real mom so she’s trying to win them over by trying to be their friend. But we all know at the end of the day you can’t just be friends with your kids, because you give them an inch they take a mile. So it’s trial and error with her. We’re not perfect. Being a mother and a parent does not come with a handbook.

On Turning 35:

I feel like there’s so much more to accomplish. I have admitted that I’m a workaholic. I love what I do. I love being able to escape from reality and be able to dive into a character and perfect that character and become that character. For some reason it’s all I know so it’s what I live and breathe for but there’s so much more that I want to do. I want to continue to do film.

You can check out the rest of the interview on Tia talks more about Instant Mom, what it’s like to do a comedy again after so many years and how she celebrated her birthday.

Niecy Nash On Friendship With Brandy: “My Friend Is Actually An Icon”

September 15th, 2013 - By Drenna Armstrong
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Brandy’s Instagram


My daughter Dia is turning 14 in a few weeks so I asked her what she wanted to do for her birthday. Her reply? “I want to see Brandy.” I said, ‘She lives down the street, we could go by her house right now.’ Her reply: ‘No, I’m not ready, I’m not in a cute outfit!’ As she continued to talk about Brandy, I started to sing “Mo-to-the-E to the: Moesha! Dia’s eyes got big as saucers and she yelled, ‘Wait, Brandy is Moesha?!’ This became a teaching moment.

The woman I call my friend is actually an icon. I think I missed it too because she doesn’t act like one. Down to earth, funny and approachable and the best ways to describe her. I took the opportunity to educate my daughter on Brandy’s contribution to entertainment. I told her that she is so much more than Chardonnay on BET’s The Game. When I was growing up Brandy was TV star, reality star, a pop star, a Cover girl, Grammy winner, had her own Brandy doll, and was the first African American to play Disney princess Cinderella.

You can read the rest of Niecy’s dedication to Brandy over on  The relationship between Niecy Nash and Brandy is adorable; there is something so beautiful about true friendship.  “They say” that it is hard to maintain friendships in Hollywood, but clearly these two are doing a great job.

Standing The Test Of Time: 13 Seasoned Black Actresses Still Working In Hollywood

July 15th, 2013 - By Kelly Franklin
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black women in hollywood

On Oprah’s “Next Chapter” special on Black Actresses in Hollywood,  Viola Davis said it best when she shared, “We’re in crisis mode as black actresses.” Beautiful, black and talented actresses play our favorite characters on the big screen, with the ability to make us laugh, cry or high-five our sisters in solidarity (think Angela Bassett torching her cheating husband’s things on Waiting To Exhale). Unfortunately, despite the success, fame, and riches, black actresses still face a shortage of opportunities and limited types of roles in Hollywood. If you factor in the competitive nature of this career, it’s amazing we can even say there are thriving black actresses in Hollywood. But when it comes to these women that’s the case. And what’s even more remarkable about these ladies is that they’ve been excelling in the industry for decades. Check out the list.

From Fashion To Front Stage: Tiffany E. Green On The Business Of Launching An Acting Career

May 13th, 2013 - By Makula Dunbar
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Tiffany E. Green

Tiffany E. Green

“I couldn’t walk away from it, it really wouldn’t rest. I’d watch TV and I saw people doing plays and I thought, ‘Wow why does this affect me so much?’ I had to go back to it,” said Tiffany E. Green, an up-and-coming actress and businesswoman.

Green’s proudest claim to fame is her appearance in the 2012 romantic-comedy drama Silver Linings Playbook. The role of Tanya (Chris Tucker’s girlfriend) turned out to be non-speaking. Still, Green is proud to have nabbed a role in a major film —especially since she recently recommitted to making it as an actress.

“You never know what’s going to make it when they go into the editing room. I felt good seeing myself in the film. I felt good when it went off and the credits came up — and also because it’s an Oscar-nominated film,” Green told MadameNoire via phone. “It was the first time I was on the set of a feature film with this caliber of actors. I was excited and after a while I felt like that’s where I needed to be. It wasn’t a major role, but at the time I had only been doing this for a year and it gave me confidence.”

It’s been more than ten years since Green decided that she wanted to be an actress. In 1999, she began taking classes and getting involved with community theater productions. When things in the performance arena didn’t pick up as planned, she opted to pursue an alternative passion. Green swapped out community theater for community college where she studied fashion merchandising.

Making It Behind-the-Scenes

“Through acting I realized I was into styling and wardrobe,” said Green. Though her goal was to appear on the big screen, she began working behind-the-scenes on independent films. Green then began making her own clothing and started networking with stylists in other areas of entertainment.

Lending her fashion expertise and pieces, Green landed jobs styling MTV and BET commercials in addition to BET’s annual fashion special Rip the Runway. Green also contributed to styling entertainers like Vivica A. Fox, Alicia Keys and Keyshia Cole.

“Once you build relationships with different stylists, they use your garments, then other people hear about it. It picked up so fast and suddenly I wasn’t able to pursue acting,” she said. “When I was doing it I lost the love for fashion, because there was something else that I really wanted to do — and that was acting.”

Green’s stint in fashion and entertainment lasted for about six years. When she moved back to her hometown of Philadelphia, Green decided to seriously go after an acting career. She again focused on attending workshops and acting seminars to strengthen her craft.

Getting Back Into Acting

“This is a tough business, it’s very competitive. There’s a lot of rejection and you’re constantly faced with tough decisions. It’s definitely not an easy career to follow,” said Green who’s thankful that the industry’s definition of talent carries flexibility.

“It’s not always based on how great you are. You just have to have the tools to understand why some make it and why some don’t. You just have to stay focused. I’m in Philadelphia, closer to New York so the tone is a little bit different. Hollywood is a whole different ball game,” she added.

Luckily, shortly after making a visit to a local casting agency, she was offered a part in Silver Linings Playbook. The movie happened to be filming in Philadelphia.

“You never know when opportunity awaits and you have to be prepared. There’s a saying, ‘If you stay ready, you never have to get ready’ — and I live by that,” said Green.