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Taraji Checks 50 Cent For Trying To Clown Vivica Fox And “Empire”

September 6th, 2016 - By Veronica Wells
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Image Source: Tumblr

Image Source: Tumblr

If you know anything about 50 Cent’s social media presence, you know that basically, he’s a troll. He uses his platform to clown other celebrities, make jokes about his financial status, promote Effen Vodka and his hit television show “Power.”

In promotion of “Power,” he’s been on a crusade against “Empire.” And now that his ex girlfriend, Vivica Fox is going to be guest starring in the show, he’s geared up again with the unnecessary attacks. Today, he posted this one.

Taraji, who has had a little back and forth with 50 Cent before in his dissing of Empire, came to Vivica’s defense this time around.

In an Instagram post, captured by The Shade Room—before she deleted it, Taraji wrote:

Oop! #TarajiPHenson made a #PostAndDelete about #50Cent’s post referring to #VivicaAFox. View earlier posts

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We’re glad someone said it. 50’s been acting too crazy for too long.

Everybody Thinks “Ghost Must Die” (Except For Angela) In Power Season 3 Trailer

May 26th, 2016 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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When we last saw Ghost, or, James St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick), he had just fought for his life to leave his former mentor turned enemy, Kanan (Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson), not just charred up but dead in an abandoned building after an intense brawl. Unfortunately for Ghost, by the end of the episode, we all know that Kanan was nowhere to be found when police arrived, meaning only one thing: He would be back for Season 3 of Power, and he would likely be looking to take out our conflicted protagonist.

But based on the new trailer for Season 3, Kanan’s not the only person looking to kill him. There’s Tommy (played by Joseph Sikora), who after finding out that Ghost sent Holly (Lucy Walters) away and lied about it, is now in line to be Lobos’ (Enrique Murciano) sole distributor — he just has to kill his former best friend to make it happen. Tasha (Naturi Naughton) will probably be pissed at Ghost for not only officially shacking up with Angela (Lela Loren), but also because Shawn (Sinqua Walls) was killed (by his father, Kanan, which I’m sure she doesn’t know yet) as he was preparing to run away with her and her kids. And I’m sure there will be some addition to this colorful cast of characters, who is likely to be part of the “Ghost Must Die” club. Either way, it looks to be a stressful time for him and one hell of a season for viewers.

The third season of Power is set to debut Sunday, July 17, officially moving from Saturday nights to Sundays on Starz. There will be 10 episodes and if Season 2’s 10 episodes are any indication, they will be quite engrossing.

Check out the trailer for yourself and let us know if you’re as hyped as we are for Power Season 3.

50 Cent Reaches Out To Son Marquise But It Doesn’t Go Well

February 26th, 2016 - By Chuck Creekmur
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50 Cent discusses strained relationship with oldest son, Marquise, and blames baby mama, Shaniqua Thompkins, for sabatoging it.

Source: Instagram

Marquise is now 20 and the two have been estranged for quite some time. The personal issues between 50 and his ex-Shaniqua Tompkins have publically exacerbated that separation between father and son.

It all played out on social media today.

On Instagram, 50 told his son:

“You will be 20 in a few months. I’m happy to see you in good spirits. You be strong out there on your own boy. You are a grown man now.”

His son returned his words, with a hint of sarcasm:

“@50cent didn’t think you knew how old I was u missed a few birthdays. I’m happy to see you have kind words to say to me this time.”

Now, while the words were kind and perhaps the issue is still tense, Shaniqua Tompkins jump in and said the following:

“You’re downfall is already here @50cent. Miserable, unstable, bum a** n*gga. You’re so miserable! Go pick on them boys who put that hot led up in your a**! Oh! I forgot you like to pick on women and children. Them boys in Brooklyn did you dirty! Go beat up your other baby mother, oh you did that already and you’re on 3 years probation. Go make sure son’s motor skills are correct. Can he talk? Get out of here.”

Well, why did she go and do something like that? First of all, a father and child should be allowed to work things out. Secondly, his son is now grown and should be permitted to make his own decisions. Also, if 50 Cent is now reconsidering his previous stance with his son – which I admit have been calloused – that is a good thing. This situation is sad on all fronts.

What I find to be more disheartening is Shaniqua’s ability to go ballistic when the whole world is watching. People have had an assortment of opinions about her, but this is indefensible. Exes split and those break-ups are often terrible. Slander happens too. Kids can be trapped in the middle. I know a thing or two about that. All things need to be done in the best interest of the kid – always. When you put kid’s interests in the front, things fall into place even when your cup runneth over with bitterness towards the child’s father/mother.

I don’t know what damage 50 has done to Shaniqua (or vice versa to be honest. 50 is rich, but he’s also a human). All I know and see right now is a dude trying to reconnect. Yes, on social media. Yes, perhaps at a humbling period. Yes, after much time has been lost. Yes, after people have been hurt. Yes. I get it all. Yet, his son is 20 and his dad is 40. They have a lot of time to get things together and really repair the damage. That becomes exponentially more difficult if there is a divisive and negative force injecting this level of vitriol into the “negotiations.” It is metaphorically the equivalent of slowly pulling off a Band-Aid to stabbing a knife into a scab.

Come on. We are rooting for this situation to be better. Like…we really are. It’s sad.

50 Cent: “Power” Cast Should’ve Been Invited To Golden Globes

January 11th, 2016 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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In the rare event that you were sitting at home wondering why the cast of “Power” was not present at the Golden Globes last night, here’s your answer: they weren’t invited. At least, that’s what the series’ executive producer Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson says. The rapper-turned-actor took to Instagram Monday to express his disappointment over the snub.

“This is how Omari looked at me, When STARZ said they don’t have tickets to the Golden Globes,” he captioned a photo of “Power” star Omari Hardwick. “I said ‘I know, I’ll fix it.’ Sometimes you don’t have to say a word to express how you feel.”

Everyone knows that I love “Power”. I faithfully tune in each week; I even write weekly recaps for the series. But I really don’t think that it was a good idea for 50 to address not being invited to the Golden Globes on social media. It’s unprofessional and serves as a poor reflection of the cast and crew who work so hard to make this series great. Of course, it’s obvious that 50 gives no damns about protocol, but dang, he has to have people on staff who can take care of this kind of stuff behind the scenes.

Do you think 50 and the gang should have been invited to the Golden Globes? Is he justified in calling folks out?

For The Sake Of My Spirit, I Have To Be Done With 50 Cent

December 22nd, 2015 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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#PostAndDelete #50cent

A photo posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

If you watched Season 2 of Power, you know how it ended.

After failing to kill Ghost (Omari Hardwick), a defiant and fed up Shawn (Sinqua Walls) tells his father, Kanan, (50 Cent) that he’s never really been a father to him, but rather, just a “bitter old thug.” As he turns his back on the man, Kanan asks his son where he’s going, and when Shawn turns around, he’s shot by his father. To death.

Now, most people, myself included, would think all that was just TV. But with the way 50 Cent has treated his firstborn, Marquise, over the last year and a half, as a friend put it, “it sent some kind of message to his son.”

Marquise, jokingly, even looked at the finale in that way when asked about Power while on the red carpet at the BET Hip Hop Awards this year, saying, “I see that he killed me, but I don’t know why. I don’t know why he killed me, man [laughs]. I mean, well, it is what it is. It’s all entertainment I guess…”

Let’s hope so.

I’ve spoken in the past about how the discord between 50 and his son has been sad to witness, but I think I’m at a point now where it’s starting to mess with my spirit, and that’s not a good thing.

I understand that there are things we don’t know about that occur between people behind the scenes. We only get certain sides of the story. But as I said yesterday, what I have seen doesn’t sit well with me. Whatever goes on between parents shouldn’t cause you to think it’s cool to mock your own child (in 50’s case, his mini-me). But alas, the rapper has treated Marquise just like the Ja Rules, Rick Rosses, Fat Joes, Vivica Foxes and Floyd Mayweathers of the world, as though the young man is no better than the washed up men and women he publicly lambasts for shits and giggles. And that is upsetting.

Children don’t ask for the circumstances in which they’re raised, the people they’re brought up by. They didn’t ask for two immature people to come together and make them, but once they’re here, they’re here. The issues 50 and Shaniqua Tompkins have with one another, I could care less about. But instead of trying to clown him, 50 could just try and talk to his son as an adult, especially since Marquise is exactly that now. As an adult, Tompkins can’t physically keep father and son apart like she may have been able to years ago.

And besides, what sense does it make to say how much a boy is going to hate his mother once the child support runs out because she kept them apart? If she was that bad, why didn’t 50, with all the money and influence he brags about, try and go for custody? Probably because he didn’t want all that responsibility while running around making millions as a rapper.

And while I can usually look at the shenanigans of 50 Cent as purely petty and entertaining, this time around, his actions are detrimental and will have long-lasting effects on his son. Trust and believe.

Ballerific Comment Creepin ——🌾👀🌾 #50cent #commentcreepin

A photo posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

So I have to be done with him. I’m sure you probably don’t care (even though you’re reading this…), and that’s cool. To each their own, right? Stand in your truth and stay there. But in the same ways I can’t listen to R. Kelly’s music and support him because of what I know him to be as a person, I can’t roll with 50 anymore because he’s out here hurting kids too. His own. And he cares not.

And I was a big fan for many years. I was one of the few people out here who not only bought Get Rich or Die Tryin’, but also picked up The MassacreBefore I Self Destruct, and went to see that terrible movie he did where he lost like 100 pounds to play a football star with cancer. I always thought him to be comical and cool, and believed, that he was actually a really nice guy underneath all that machismo.

But these days, that spirit of mine tells me otherwise. And when the sight and name of a person make you feel terrible, that’s a clear sign that you need to be done.

His choice to virtually disown his eldest son while flaunting his youngest son in everyone’s face is cold-blooded, and if I were in the shoes of Marquise, I would probably want to sit in a corner and cry. Or never speak to my father again. And God forbid the mother of 50’s youngest son, Sire, do something he doesn’t agree with. Both mother and son will be all the “b—hes” and “deadbeats” he can think of, and he might turn his back on all those pictures he’s been posting on social media lately. Because, remember, Marquise was everywhere with his father back in the day, too.

I’ve tried to laugh and not take the things he does seriously, but there is something very off with how 50 operates. And I have trouble reconciling all that with said spirit. The idea that a parent thinks it’s up to a child to earn their love, respect and support (financial and emotional), even though they’re your creation, is ridiculous.

I’m struggling to jibe with, follow and support someone who genuinely doesn’t seem to be a decent person. Not a misguided or hurt person, but a man who derives some odd pleasure from trying to expose his son and his son’s mother. But the more he tries to expose them, the more Fif exposes of himself, and all the money in the world can’t fix what’s missing. And that same son he says always needs something from him, he might need in the future…


50 Cent And Shaniqua Tompkins Go To War – Again!

December 21st, 2015 - By Chuck Creekmur
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50 Cent Teams Up With FOX

Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN

By Chuck Creekmur

50 Cent and Shaniqua Tompkins are probably never going to be cordial, much less co-parent. I don’t believe I have ever witnessed a clashing of parents that has played out so publicly with so much vitriol. They have been at odds over their son Marquise Jackson for quite some time and now 50 has absolutely nothing to do with his first born. However, he must be on his mind, because he posted a picture on Instagram of himself with a younger Marquise.

50 Cent is one of the biggest, baddest names in hip-hop, but I cannot fathom having such a relationship with my first born. Especially a son. Now, I know he’s got another son – and he set out to do just that – but there is nothing like your first born. As I alluded to, it would seem like 50 wants a relationship with his kid, but doesn’t quite know how to forge it after all that’s been said and done over the years. Shaniqua is the real object of his scorn, even though he’s said some nasty things to the kid. My advice? Counseling. It can help if the parties are willing to go through the process of healing. The only thing is, these are deep wounds and Shaniqua wasn’t having it on social media.

When he posted the picture, Shaniqua went ballistic in a post of epic proportions. Then, 50 Cent took the whole image down. But nothing is ever really deleted on the internet, right?


That didn’t stop anything, because Shaniqua’s #clapback was sent directly to us. Here it is below:

When you post something and delete it shows how much Of a coward you are !! @50cent I know you and know your tactics! I appreciate it ,because the judge will get to see how much of a bully you are. Take accountability for your actions! You don’t have a relationship with my child because you choose not to, you want to bully him, threaten him and talk about his mother in a disparaging manner. I don’t try to mentally abuse my son like you do! I don’t talk about you, your actions speaks themselves. Who threatens to shoot their son on Instagram ? I don’t have to talk about you, again your actions speaks for themselves !Bitter? About what ? I left you!!! I know longer wanted a relationship with you! You’re a fraud and you’re upset I know it ! You created this fictitious character and you try to discredit me because I know the real! I know you made up you got shot 9 times and it was actually 5 because you didn’t want to be compared to Tupac! Remember I was there! I went with you to the police percent to get an order of protection out if Ja Rule, irvGotti and his brother Chris . So please stop! I know you are jealous because, Marquise has a mother that actually cares and loves him and you never had that. You always lived with your Grandparents even when your Mom was alive! I’m not one to ruin someones grandiose idea of themselves but keep my name out your mouth! I will keep posting Boo vs. 50 cent facts I have receipts! #CB4 you are not God, maybe to others but not me!!!

Marquise seems to be handling all the drama well. He has been doing the rounds on various red carpets and doesn’t seem too concerned with how many times his daddy got shot. He is working on music and hopes to act. However, it does seem interesting that some of the legend 50 has owned for so long may have some more facts to it from somebody that was there, right? Comparing 50 to the Chris Rock movie CB4 is a strong, potentially damning statement from somebody that was there from the start.

For the record, interviewed 50 Cent year ago and asked him to address the rumors that he had not been shot nine times. He offered the following:

After the story exploded on the internet over the weekend, 50 returned to IG with a new pic this morning. The latest photo was of his other son, but it seemed to include a message to Tompkins and anyone else that had something to say about the back-and-forth between the two parents. He deflected from the entire ordeal by focusing on the holiday season.

50 posted, “What the fu😳k are these people talking about, we going shopping it’s CHRISTMAS. LOL”

Oh? 50 Cent Teams Up With FOX For New Series—Despite All Of The “Empire” Shade

December 2nd, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN

Dennis Van Tine/Future Image/WENN

Nearly one year after Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson accused FOX of duplicating the marketing strategy used to promote his Starz television series, “Power,” the rapper-turned-actor has joined forces with the TV network.

According to Deadline, Jackson and Packer will be serving as executive producers for comedy series, “My Friend 50,” which centers around Amanda Kramer, “an unstable twentysomething who believes that joining 50 Cent’s entourage is the answer to all of her problems.”

As the series continues, the female lead’s “unlikely journey with 50 Cent’s crew takes the form of a bizarre documentary commissioned by the most unreliable narrator in history: Amanda.”

Outside of the fact that Jackson will be making occasional appearances on the series, no casting decisions have been announced. From what we gather, Jackson will continue his relationship with Starz, and is set to develop new programs for the cable channel courtesy of his new two-year deal.

Does this sound like a series you’d be interested in adding to your weekly line-up?

“She Got A $19.99 Hair Rinse” Aisha Tyler Bashes Vivica Fox, In Defense Of 50 Cent

November 10th, 2015 - By Veronica Wells
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aisha tyler bashes vivica fox feat

This past Sunday Vivica Fox fired the shot heard round the world when she insinuated that 50 Cent might be gay. Y’all know the story. Andy Cohen mentioned 50 Cent’s comments about “Empire” losing ratings because of all the “gay stuff.”

And since Vivica famously dated the rapper, he asked her what she thought about all of it. And that’s when she launched into her “pot calling the kettle black” speech where she referenced his “suspect” XXL cover .

Then 50 Cent, who is known for trolling went in on Ms. Fox, all night long.

Personally, I don’t have a dog in this fight. Vivica did too much and 50 Cent is generally vile. His initial comments about the show were homophobic and cruel and so are the ways in which he consistently represents himself. I have nothing for him but I also knew Vivica Fox wasn’t going to emerge victorious from this battle.

Still, Aisha Tyler, of “The Talk” had a very interesting take on the whole situation. She pointed her finger at Fox, solely.

She started with a few jabs of her own talking about Fox’s plastic surgery and hair color that evening.

“I would like to point out, if you look at Vivica, she clearly went to the swap meet and got the Sharon Osbourne. And she doesn’t hold a candle. She did get the 19.99 hair rinse.”

Sara Gilbert took a more logical, equal-blame-for-both-parties approach.

“If 50 Cent would have said, ‘Oh, that season didn’t do well because there were too many Black people on it.’ or Vivica said ‘Oh, I think that person is secretly Black and they’re not admitting it.’ We’re taking this and using “gay” as a way to slam people and I think that’s not ok.”

Then Aisha came in with a more thoughtful response:

“It shouldn’t matter. It doesn’t matter but if he was gay and he was struggling with his sexuality, the last person that should come out and rip him in public is somebody that was in a relationship with him. I just feel like you shouldn’t kiss and tell if you’re a dude or if you’re a woman. It’s classless.”

I’m with Sara Gilbert on this one. 50 Cent was wrong and so was Vivica Fox. Though I’m sure she was trying to pinpoint his hypocrisy, her comments were also anti-gay. It was very clear that she made the claim as a way to shame 50 in the very homophobic Hip Hop community.

I just don’t know how 50 Cent is getting off scott-free in this instance. As Charing Ball pointed out yesterday, this is not the first (and likely won’t  be the last time) 50 Cent spoke out against the LGBT community. And let’s be honest, for the past 15 years, he’s had a bigger, more powerful platform than Vivica Fox. If you ask me, his comments and ridiculous crusade against “Empire” are more childish and more mean-spirited than Vivica’s. And though I don’t know too much about Aisha Tyler, I’m shocked she couldn’t see this.

Vivica never kissed and told. 50 Cent is the one that told the internets she licked his a**hole. But she’s the one being called classless. I’m confused.

Surprisingly enough, when 50 Cent said “Empire” was floundering because of too much “gay stuff” no one batted an eye. Because that type of sentiment is excused from men. But when Vivica suggested that he too might be gay, and thus a hypocrite, Aisha starts slinging mud, unnecessarily talking about her facial work and hair color.

Why are you mad sis?

And on a side note, Vivica looked great that night.

Everybody just needs to stop and press the reset button.

At the end of the day, just the way both of 50 and Vivica’s wrongs didn’t make a right, neither did Aisha, coming in adding a third.

You can listen to the ladies’ remarks about the incident in the video below.

Why Vivica Fox Was Right And Wrong To Call 50 Cent Out

November 9th, 2015 - By Charing Ball
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If you haven’t heard, Vivica A. Fox and 50 Cent were involved in a full-fledge cat fight this early morning.

I am not going to bore you with too many of the details as I am sure that most of you all already got caught up on the facts while having your morning breakfast sandwiches and McFrappuccinos.

But just to summarize for those who will still complain about not knowing what happened: it involved Andy “Shifty Eyes” Cohen and as usual, he was being messy.

On last night’s episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” Cohen asked Fox what she thought about recent comments made by 50 in which he blamed the Empire’s ratings dip on “gay stuff.” First Fox said, “Pot calling the kettle black, is all I’m saying.”

But Cohen was like, nah-uh Barbie-face. You got to give us more! Tell us, what are you insinuating?

Despite her earlier proclamation to not say anything more, Fox took the bait and brought up the 50 Cent and Soulja Boy XXL magazine cover from 2010, which many people on the Internet had pegged as “suspect.” While she clarified that she didn’t think he was gay, she added that there is something “not quite clear” about him.

She also said of the XXL cover: “he just looked like a booty snatcher to me.”

And now 50 Cent is roasting her on Instagram…

There is no doubt that Fox hates 50. And she probably hates him because she was so in love with him, even though it went against her better judgement.

Many of us have been there. For whatever reason, she decided to see the good in him, to look past his obvious trollish ways and get to know the poor misunderstood, broken-winged bird underneath. That’s not really him. He just needs love and hugs. He just needs a job. He just needs support. He just needs a good home cooked meal. I can help him, is what we all tell ourselves.

But then we sober up. And we realize that he is everything that he has presented himself to be.

Now we’re pissed.

Don’t get it twisted: we will move on. We will meet new men and experience new bulls**t. But from now until the end of all eternity, we will also hold a special place of contempt and grief in our hearts for the one we knew damn well we had no business being with in the first place.

It’s like the horror film, The Babadook.

Basically, 50 Cent is Fox’s locked-away monster, eating worms and dirt in her emotional basement.

All of this to say that Fox was certainly silly for starting things with him. For one, addressing 50’s homo-antagonism with more homo-antagonism doesn’t address the original offense. She could have responded to Cohen’s original question with a simple “he’s insecure,” and everybody would have been like, “yeah I can see that.” A more thoughtful response could have spared all humiliation she is receiving now.

But then again, this is 50 Cent we are talking about here. And we know that 50 Cent lives to respond to people regardless of how big or small the infraction – with exception of Chelsea Handler of course.

In some ways, who can blame Fox for attempting to payback? Heck, who could blame anybody?

Let’s review the facts here: 50 Cent is a bully.

Just a couple of days prior to Fox’s haphazard call-out, he was body shaming Rick Ross. Sure, some folks will say that Ross started it. After all, Ross was the first to take a shot at the How to Rob rapper on his Mafia Music track. But that incident happened back in 2008 when President Obama had jet-black hair. Folks change. People move on. And President Obama is rocking the salt and pepper fade.

Now that we are coming up on a new presidential cycle, 50 still ain’t over it. He is still stuck emotionally in the same place he was back in 2008 (heck, some might argue that he is emotionally stuck in a moment in time further back then 2008). I guess Ross is 50 Cent’s Babadook…

Still, 50 Cent’s got a lot of monsters locked away in his basement.

Like Shaniqua Tompkins, the mother of his estranged son. Not only had she accused him of domestic abuse, but she was also forced out of the home he bought her after a mysterious fire. And then there was Young Buck who 50 Cent “exposed” on the Internet for violating the man code by crying to him on an answering machine about being kicked out of G-Unit. And then there is Lastonia Leviston who is the mother of Rick Ross’ child. 50 Cent was ordered to pay $5 million to her after he maliciously released her sex tape, without permission, as retaliation for the beef with Ross that started almost two presidential cycles ago. And then there is laundry list of other rappers which would take up too much column space explaining just how vicious he has been over his lifetime.

It seems that 50 Cent got a problem with everyone – with exception of Chelsea Handler. And worse, his “problems” with everyone seem to last well past the expiration dates of relevancy.

He even has a problem with “the gays.” And according to MTV News in a 2004 interview with Playboy Magazine, 50 Cent said:

“I ain’t into f—-ts,” 50 says in an interview in the April issue of Playboy… “I don’t like gay people around me, because I’m not comfortable with what their thoughts are. I’m not prejudiced. I just don’t go with gay people and kick it — we don’t have that much in common. I’d rather hang out with a straight dude. But women who like women, that’s cool.”

Of course, he would later go on and become a champion of gay marriage, but he still continues to engage in the same homo-antagonism of other rappers, and television shows, and gay people (while he came out for gay rights, he also said that there should be an organization created to protect straight men from gay men touching their “buns” in elevators), that makes me think that he hasn’t changed one bit.

I know there will be some who will say that I am defending Fox because she is a woman. But I assure you, there is no double standard. If anything, 50 cent is the standard. He is able to exist and profit because he is in an entire industry that thrives off of homophobia and misogyny. He can harass people to the point of new lows. He can call people out of their names. He can blackmail and blackball people. And he can even threaten physical harm to people. And he is able to do all of this because we live in a culture that does not check our bullies.

But the moment someone serves the bully with a bit of his own medicine, some folks want to shame Fox and look to 50 some sort of victim. Or worse, a champion.

Nope. While I think Fox was silly and woefully outgunned for such a task, 50 Cent gets no sympathy, or applause, from me.  In the words of Bart Simpson, at least she tried…



Someone Really Should Have Warned Vivica That Coming For 50 Cent Was A Terrible Idea

November 9th, 2015 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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The last time I checked, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson and Vivica A. Fox were on good—or at the very least decent—terms. Things were bad for a little while after their short-lived relationship concluded around 2003, but they made amends and Fox even appeared in the rapper’s “Do You Think About Me?” music video six years later.

Just last February, the actress told Meredith Vieira that despite their horrible breakup, Jackson was “the love of her life,” adding that she “loved him very, very much and I always will.” Less than one month later, Jackson responded to her comments, and despite failing to reciprocate those feelings, he seemed to handle the situation as delicately as one could expect him to.

“I saw that after. I was like WOW, that she would even say that at this point. It was a lot of confusion. At that point, I was real green. We at 2003, the release of Get Rich or Die Tryin’, largest debuting hip-hop album, and I’m sitting there like, ‘huh?’ We went out once before the [MTV Video Music] award show. I didn’t know the award show was going to publicly marry us,” he told Angie Martinez in March. “She knew better than I did what was going to happen, so when the train is taking off without you, you kind of feel really uncomfortable, and you don’t get to that point where you get to feel the way that the public is perceiving it. But women are more advanced than men emotionally.”

No harm, no foul, right? However, it appears that something may have gone down between these famous exes behind the scenes because Auntie Viv boldly insinuated that her ex might be into men during Sunday evening’s taping of “Watch What Happens Live.”

As you can see, she clearly meant for the gay comments to be some kind of jab at Jackson. It’s unclear why she chose to go this route, but what is clear is that it was a terrible idea. For one, trash talking your exes is almost always more reflective of you (and where your head is at) than it is them. Simply put, feeling the need to dog your ex 12 years after the fact makes it look like you’re not over it. It just gives them way too much power and confirms that they’re still living rent free in your mind. Just no, sis. Secondly, 50 is the ultimate troll and well, I don’t really know anyone in their right minds who would want to go at it with him. I imagine that getting into a feud of this nature with Jackson would get tiresome rather quickly because he knows no limits. Just, why?

As you probably guessed, Jackson wasted no time going after Fox and the slander against the actress will likely carry on well into the week.

Viv has since responded to 50’s post, telling followers that she found them to be funny. However, it appears that we can expect her to make some posts of her own in the future, as she insists that she has “some stories in my vault” as well.

Tea was definitely spilt last night 😩 #50Cent #VivicaFox #ClapBackSeason

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