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“I Didn’t Mean To Disrespect You”: August Alsina Says He Worked Things Out With Keshia Chante After 106 & Park Incident

May 9th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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August Alsina

Back in early April, August Alsina’s name was everywhere, but not because of his new album. While promoting his CD, Testimony, he stopped by 106 & Park for an interview with Bow Wow and Keshia Chante. He had spoken in the past about his issues with Trey Songz (a topic he brought up in the media), and despite his claims that he told everyone at the show that he didn’t want to talk about Trey during his interview, Chante asked him about it anyway. As you already know, he ended up cursing, saying, “I told ya’ll not to ask me about that s**t…” It was a very intense exchange, one which saw Chante eventually walk off stage minutes after being embarrassed by his response.

Alsina says that he has since returned to BET. According to a new interview he did with HOT 97, he says that while he doesn’t take back anything he said, he did tell Chante that it wasn’t his intention to make her look the fool on TV:

Ebro: “I saw you spaz on the pretty girl on BET. You was mean to that girl.”

August Alsina: “I wasn’t mean. Here’s the thing. People get honesty and mean mixed up nowadays.”

Ebro: “But you didn’t have to curse at her.”

Alsina: “You can say that now, but if you put me in a position, that’s how I felt. I went back to BET yesterday and that’s exactly what I said. She was like, ‘I didn’t mean to disrespect you’ and I was like, ‘Well it wasn’t my intention to disrespect you.’ Before this conversation, I felt how I felt and I spoke on how I felt and I don’t take back nothing that I said.”

Laura Stylez: “Did you have a conversation with her where you specifically told her not to speak on that?”

“My whole squad. But you know what though? I think that sometimes people can be set up. And people, like you said, are ‘doing their job.’”

Alsina also acknowledged that the situation was partly his fault because he was telling the world about his problems with Trey Songz instead of keeping that bit of information to himself.

Ebro: “It’s your fault though, you know this is all your fault? Because you’re the one who went public with your friction with Trey Songz.” 

Alsina: “…Honest. Nobody would have never known. But it’s all a part of me growing. I speak from my heart, I got a big f**king mouth. It just is what it is, I don’t know how to change that but in all reality what I said was never to try to belittle the next n****a or try to cause a problem with the next n***a, it’s like this is how I feel. I’m the idiot because I said what I said thinking ‘maybe if I say this, these n***as wont ask me about this no more’. But in return it’s like, oh everybody beefing and I never said that, and with these interviews, they put up what they want to put up and not show everything that was said.”

Check out Alsina’s chat with Ebro, Peter Rosenberg and Laura Stylez below and share your thoughts. 


“I Just Told Y’all Not To Ask Me That Sh*t”: August Alsina Curses At 106 & Park Host, Rocsi Diaz Comes To Her Defense

April 16th, 2014 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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On 106 & Park last night, singer August Alsina (whom we just had an interesting interview with) was the guest, promoting his new album, Testimony. While doing so, he was asked about his issues with Trey Songz, something we also asked him, but I guess at that point he was sick and tired of talking about it. Alsina claimed that he told the hosts at 106 & Park not to ask him about his issues with Trey before the interview, but when co-host Keshia Chante did anyway, he calmly cursed at her:

Chante: “Is there any chance that two talented brothers will bury the hatchet?”

Alsina: “So you just go against the grain, and go against everything that I just…I just told y’all not to ask me that s**t when I got up in here.”

Things got tense after that.

Chante: “Fair enough. I think the girls wanna know. And you’ve spoken to–

Alsina: “Testimony coming out, baby. Album in stores.”

Chante: “You’ve spoken on radio stations and blogs and you’re on the show and fans want to know. So I’m just asking you what fans want to know. That’s it. If you don’t want to answer that’s fine.”

Alsina: “I won’t.”

Chante: “All right, we move on.”

After that, Chante was quite peeved by being cursed at on live television, as anyone would be. So by the time he introduced his new video a minute or two later, she walked off the stage.

So who was in the wrong in this situation? The feedback has been mixed. But former 106 & Park co-host Rocsi Diaz, who now works for Entertainment Tonight, has spoken out, defending Chante and saying Alsina’s behavior was unnecessary on Twitter. Forgive the grammar issues, Twitter does only provide you with 140 characters…

“Let me go on record and say Keshia Chante did her job as a journalist. Any other Radio or TV personality or blogger would have asked to.”

“2 even applaud how she was responded 2 is what’s wrong with our generation 2day. Also that language on @106andpark its not even necessary”

“She Be applauded for asking the hard question not being shut down”

And when someone tried to say that she used to get cursed out by celebrities on the show too, Rosci shut that down, saying:

“SWEET HEART NEVER ON MY WATCH AND @TerrenceJ wouldn’t let it happen”

What’s your excuse Bow Wow? Just kidding…but not really.

I think Alsina has every right not to answer questions he’s not comfortable with (more celebrities need to do it actually), but to curse at the young woman? Not a good look in my opinion, especially as a new artist, and especially when you consider the fact that Alsina was the one who brought his issues with Trey Songz to light in the media. Once you bring it up, people are going to want to talk about it. In response, just say, “no comment,” and better yet, have your publicist send a memo in advance so things like this don’t happen. I agree that this new generation of young people can be too comfortable talking to people any kind of way these days, and it’s quite ridiculous, especially when you’re talking crazy on live television.

But what do you think? Check out the awkward clip below and share your thoughts.

Love Connection?! Mychal Kendricks Declares Rihanna His #WCW

January 30th, 2014 - By Veronica Wells
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mychal kendricks declares rihanna his #wcw

Source: BET

The other day, we told you about Rihannas #MCM (Man Crush Monday), Mychal Kendricks. We have to give it to ole Rih Rih, if nothing else, the woman has great taste in men. Just like all of her other love interests, Mychal, of the Philadelphia Eagles, is a fione as hell.

And it looks like, based on his appearance on BET’s “106 & Park” yesterday that the feeling might just be mutual…maybe. When he appeared on the show Bow Wow and his co-host, Keshia Chanté, asked Kendricks who was his #WCW (Woman Crush Wednesday) and he said he had to go with Rihanna. In fact he said it like this: “Cat Daddy. You already know Rih Rih.”

It wasn’t long before Bow and Keshia pounced, asking what was the status of their “relationship.”

“We haven’t even been in contact. I got a couple of followers.” (i.e. After she called him her #MCM, the ladies and gay dudes flocked to his page.)

So they asked if they were going to try to make anything happen. He said:

“I’m in New York. It’s Super Bowl Sunday, is she here?” 

So they asked him to send a little shout out to Rihanna just in case she happened to be watching. The 23 year old seemed a little nervous as he stepped up to the camera and said:

“Hi Rih. New York.” 

Bahhaaa. I guess that was an invite for her to get at him first?! Perhaps this is how these young boys do it these days.

Then Bow Wow stepped in, “Look Rih, the homie here all weekend. It’s Super Bowl weekend, if you see him out, make sure ya’ll mingle. Say something, exchange information. There it is, I just went ahead and put you on dog.”

Do you think Mychal was a bit nervous or does he just want to exchange a few #mcms and #wcws and call it a wrap?

You can check out the video of the interview below.

Michelle Obama Talks Applying And Getting Accepted To Princeton, Despite Being Discouraged By Naysayers

November 19th, 2013 - By Jazmine Denise Rogers
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michelle obama

Source: BET

Is Michelle Obama the coolest First Lady ever or what? The Harvard Law School graduate recently paid a visit to BET’s popular music variety show, 106 & Park, to offer great advice about education and discuss her latest initiative. Check out a few highlights from her interview.

 On the advice she would give her daughters about education:

“The same thing that my parents told me. You know, they have to put 120% in your education. And one of the things that I’m hoping to develop is their passion for learning. So many young people just get into the grades and checking the boxes—just doing what they think they’re supposed to do. But there’s also a value in learning how to love to learn, because you’re gonna have to be doing that forever. The way jobs are going now, nothing is set in stone. It’s not like people are working at the same job forever and in the end, getting that gold watch. People are needing to retrain and be able to re-educate themselves so that they stay on top of the jobs of the future. I want my girls to be life-long learners. But I also don’t want them to take anything for granted. They don’t have any excuse not to be outstanding students.

On wanting Sasha and Malia to have the college experience:

“I’ve been talking to my kids about college and getting them to think about how much fun that’s going to be, and getting excited about the possibility of living on a campus with other young people. You know, being able to explore and making it something that they are desperate to get at, you know? I don’t want them staying at home up under me!”

On what she’d tell her younger self:

“You know, that girl was always afraid. You know, I was thinking, maybe I’m not smart enough. Maybe I’m not bright enough. Maybe there are kids that are working harder than me. I was always worrying about disappointing someone or failing. And the thing that I would tell that girl is, ‘Don’t worry about failure because failure is the key to success and you are smart enough to sit at any table and compete and have your voice heard.’ Fortunately, I’ve come to know that.”

On applying and getting accepted to Princeton despite being discouraged by counselors:

“I was breathing a sigh of relief because by then [senior prom], I had gotten into Princeton. Even though there were counselors and people told me that I shouldn’t reach that high—that I didn’t have what it takes to get into a school like Princeton. But I ignored that naysayers, I got myself together, I focused on my application and I sent my forms in. It turned out that my parents could provide some support. I got grants and scholarships. I was flying high because I’d achieved one of my most important goals—after all of the worry and the hard work.”

She’s such a class act!

 Catch the FLOTUS on 106 & Park Tuesday, November 19th at 6 pm E/T.

Jazmine Denise is an entertainment and celebrity news blogger. Follow her on Twitter @jazminedenise.

Time To Pull The Plug! TV Shows That Fell Off

November 5th, 2013 - By Iva Anthony
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These shows started off with a bang — and great ratings — but over time they fizzled out and for some reason, unbeknownst to us, remained on the air.

"Basketball Wives promo pf"

“Basketball Wives”

Former basketball wife Shaunie O’Neal had a hit on her hands when she introduced the world to Jennifer Williams, Evelyn Lozado, Royce Reed and Gloria Govan, better known collectively as the “Basketball Wives.” While some of the men in the NBA were upset the women in their lives were given a show, fans tuned in each week to see how the rich, yet slightly ratchet, lived. The show was so successful, it spawned a spinoff version in Los Angeles. But as the cast members changed each season, the show’s fights became more insane. By the time Evelyn jumped over a table barefoot to go after her former friend and fellow cast mate Jennifer, there was a public outcry against the show and a petition was started to end the violence. While the fights have now died down, so did everyone’s interest in the show.

The Two Bows Meet: Dee Pimpin And Keyonnah From “Catfish” Hit “106 & Park”

October 18th, 2013 - By Veronica Wells
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Source: BET

Source: BET

Last week’s episode of Catfish had the internets going nuts. If you recall, Keyonnah thought she was in a relationship with rapper Bow Wow. After the episode aired on MTV, Bow Wow issued a very arrogant, unsympathetic response. In the midst of fawning over himself, he did manage to invite Keyonnah and Dee Pimpin, the woman who was pretending to be Bow Wow, to “106 & Park.”

They had that meeting yesterday on the show. And it was quite entertaining.

From the moment she hit the stage, Bow Wow presented her with flowers and a hug that Keyonnah let linger. After being embarrassed on national television, she was not shy.

“We flew you in, we did the hair up. We got your makeup right. That’s how a real fella is supposed to treat a lady.”

Keyonnah explained why she’s been such a Bow Wow fan since she was 9 years old. It was almost too hard to watch as she listed all the things that contribute to Bow Wow’s appeal. His eyes, his hair when he had. She said she likes that he is “out here and ’bout it.” And Bow soaked up every last bit of it.

“You really thought that was your boy?”

She said she was skeptical at first but then when Dee Pimpin started sending money, she assumed he was the one.

And then… Dee Pimpin’ came out boppin’ like she was accepting an award that day. After Bow Wow told her not to scam any women in New York, he asked Dee why she decided to imitate him.

Bow Wow: “It was so many celebrities that you could have been. It’s a lot of other guys in the game who have strong, female fan bases as well. You could have been Trey, you could have been Drizzy Drake, you could have been Chris Brown. But you picked Bow Weezy.

Dee: Bow Wizzle!

Bow Wow: What made you say that I’m gon’ be Bow Wow?

Dee: A lot of kids they called me you, when I was younger. Cuz I had the afro and I was doing music at a younger age. So I kinda fell into your path and tried to walk your steps.

Then they played this cute little trivia game where Dee Pimpin’ answered questions about Bow. Check out the videos on the next page and then the video of Dee and Keyonnah answered questions from Instagram followers.

Terrence J Delivers In New Memoir, ‘The Wealth Of My Mother’s Wisdom’

October 8th, 2013 - By Madame Noire
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Source: WENN

Source: WENN



From Hello Beautiful

Terrence J’s memoir, The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom: The Lessons That Made My Life Rich recently debuted and it proves itself to be a record of trained mastery. Terrence J delivers a good book and a solid reminder of what happens to those of us who try to be our best—you inherit a pretty good life. We can all learn from Terrence J is the art of the debut.

In an era that seems to be defined by chronic unemployment, abundant talent and creative dreams that remain without their own GPS tools, The Wealth of My Mother’s Wisdom is a soothing read that honors the idea that success comes to those who endure and endure…and endure. It is definitely a book that every parent should share with a child in high school or college, it is also a nice reminder to those who are Terrence J’s peers about what success is all about.

Observing Terrence’ steady gaze into the camera every weeknight on E! News, as he rattles off the latest notes on pop culture, makes you wonder what it is like to be so lucky. To his right is the powerhouseGiuliana Rancic, and very frequently, he is exchanging off-camera quips with media mogul Ryan Seacrest. And yet the young host does not miss a beat, does not break a sweat. Since the moment he debuted on the network, it seems as though he’s always been with E! News. He is effortlessly in-step with the culture of red carpet fashion rewinds, famous party fails and the greater guilty pleasure of figuring out whether or not celebrities are, in fact, just like us.

Just a year ago, Terrence J co-hosted BET’s 106 & Park (along with Rocsi Diaz), the music countdown show that beat slayed the competition during his time there. As a young veteran, Terrence J’s style has not shifted. The same command that drew in thousands of Hip-Hop fans

now captures the evening regimen of regular viewers of what is very much the House of Kardashian. There are subtle differences in his demeanor now, his swag and trademark smile remaining intact. When watching him, there are times when it is clear he that is still pinching himself, appearing at times bashful, yet deferential to the company he now keeps. Terrence J is a man whose star is rising, and if you are at all into astrology, it is clear that his constellation is just beginning to cast its design.

The Terrence J how-to guide is worth consideration. BET has produced a roster of incredible hosts whose futures after their shows have not always held fast to the national spotlight. Al Shearer, host of the iconic show, Hits from the Streets, appeared in Punk’d and has pursued acting with appearances in movies, including Glory Road, but never ended up with his golden parachute exit.

Terrence’s predecessors on 106 & Park continue to work as hosts: AJ Calloway as a correspondent with Extra, and Free working as an on-air radio personality. Terrence’s former co-host Rosci is a correspondent with Entertainment Tonight. And of course, the brightest star to break from BET is Ananda Lewis, host of Teen Summit, who went on to be a MTV VJ and correspondent with The Insider, who at one point hosted her own daytime talk show.

Read more at 

Fantasia And Missy Elliott Slay The “106 & Park” Stage While Performing “Without Me”

August 15th, 2013 - By Victoria Uwumarogie
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YAAAAAASSSS to this! That baby can “sang!”

Fantasia enlisted the help of her girl Missy to perform the popular single “Without Me” on 106 & Park last night. As my “YAAAAAASSSS” implies, the two women definitely killed it when they opened the show with the hit. Fanny’s vocals were on point, as were her background singers’ voices as they took over Kelly Rowland’s verse since she wasn’t available. And what can you say about Missy? Energy is always on 10.

Dressed in black leather with her background singers, and showing off her edgy haircut (the half-shaven haircut that can’t seem to bow out gracefully), Fantasia growled and danced and just had a gool ‘ol time on the main stage. When talking about the song’s inspiration later while being interviewed by Bow Wow and Angela Simmons, she said she was “feeling some type of way” about a certain somebody when she made it:

“When I recorded ‘Without Me,’ I was feeling some type of way that day. I got a little phone call and I remember going back into the studio like, ‘Yo, I need a record that’s gonna give me some club feel. I want to go a little hood, I want to get a little ratchet.’ You know what I’m talking about.”

She definitely had more fun on this track than any of the songs I’ve heard her put out recently, and it has been a huge club banger. Check out Fanny and Missy’s performance above and let us know if you were grooving as much as we were around these parts!

A.J. Calloway And Wife Dionne Welcome Baby Girl, Amy Belle

August 12th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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AJ Calloway Dionne W PF

So much baby news to report today, and that’s always a positive and beautiful thing, right?

While George Lucas and Mellody Hobson are the new parents to daughter Everest, Extra correspondent and former 106 & Park host A.J. Calloway and wife Dionne Walker are the proud new parents of their own baby girl–Amy Belle Calloway. Nothing too left, nothing too hoodnificent, just short and sweet Amy Belle. She was born today and according to Extra, both mom and newborn are doing very well. When asked what he thinks about being a new father, Calloway made it clear that he’s feeling something major that he’s never felt before:

“We are so thrilled, I am still coming down from the moon… I now know what it feels like to have heaven in my arms.”

Calloway and Dionne Walker actually just wed last month after he proposed to her on-air on Extra in March. This is the first child for both beautiful people.

Baby fever, ya’ll! Congrats to the happy couple on their growing family!


Serious Question: Can We Go Ahead And Cancel “106 & Park” Already?

July 5th, 2013 - By Clarke Gail Baines
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John Ricard / BET

John Ricard / BET

No, really. The once dominant video countdown show that people once went out of their way to watch, or stood in lines forever to make an appearance on, is now a boring shell of its once colorful self.

In high school, I used to be thirsty to stay over at a friend’s house after school to see which one of my favorite musicians was going to hit the couch and chat with AJ and Free. I used to be very intrigued by their chemistry. Were they dating? Weren’t they? Did he just buy her a fur coat!? No matter what they were doing or how corny AJ sometimes appeared, they were great hosts, and they got all up in everybody’s business when they came on the show (including Bey and Jay during their early dating years).

When they left, things definitely went downhill, but the show still managed to dominate ratings, becoming the number one video countdown show over the now defunct Total Request Live on MTV. Julissa Bermudez and Big Tigger were interesting enough for the short time they held their position as hosts (Tigger’s voice alone keeps you hype), and when Rocsi Diaz and Terrence J finally turned up, they were a change some weren’t feeling, but had enough chemistry and talent to get fans and folks on their side (plus, it helps that Terrence is fine–even in person).

After the departure of Rocsi and Terence J, it would have been the perfect opportunity for 106 & Park to make an exit on a high note.

But no.

Instead, they’ve been beating a dead horse. They hired four new hosts (and two was already enough) in job needy Bow Wow, Miss Mykie, Paigion, and Shorty da Prince . And while they were a bit cheesy as a team, they were honestly doing their best on a show that was and is running out of steam. In the end, less than a year after giving these folks their jobs, BET fired everyone BUT Bow Wow so they could try and force sparks to fly between him and his ex-Angela Simmons. She’s cute, but that baby struggles to show real personality and enthusiasm, and she’s only appeared for the last few weeks. Here’s the new news that came out about the future of the show’s 15 hosts:

106 & PARK” is undergoing exciting changes.  Angela Simmons will continue to guest host until the end of the summer.  Bow Wow aka “Mr. 106 & Park” will continue as the lead host; Miss. Mykie, Paigion and Shorty Da Prince will no longer remain on the show.  BET Networks is happy to have worked with these bright, young stars and will continue to support them and their upcoming endeavors.

When I found out that they were going to try and revamp things with Bow Wow and Simmons (they must have realized that Bow Wow and his ex-girlfriends bring a lot of attention to the show, i.e., his uncomfortable interview with Ciara not too long ago), I had to roll my eyes.

Please BET, let this show go already. While the network has made positive strides in its programming as of recent, anytime I flip past 106 & Park they’re showing videos by artists no one has ever heard about over the age of 12, as teenagers sit behind the hosts looking bored and tired. And that’s the way the audience feels at home. There’s no connection to the hosts. While I think Angela Simmons and Bow Wow are interesting people separately, I’m personally tired of seeing famous faces get jobs over more qualified people just because they supposedly have a following. Really, what grown woman is still crushing on Bow Wow!?

And if we can keep it really real, the era for the music video countdown show is dead. Especially when the same video you want folks to spend their high text message rates on to vote for can be viewed for free.99 on YouTube. It was a good idea at a time when you could watch artists make their videos on the network, and back when world premieres took place mainly on the show, but in the hours that one would wait to watch 106 & Park now, you could watch the video and many more on your phone. Plus, the Z-list celebrities they get to come on the show aren’t enough to get anybody to watch.

While 106 & Park might have at one time beaten MTV’s TRL during its heyday, and jump started some thriving careers (except for Free…girl, where are you!?), they need to make like TRL and all the other video countdown predecessors and be done already. It was fun while it lasted, but now it’s just a waste of good re-run and original programming space. Just saying.