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Is This Petty? He Called Me A “Friend” In Front Of His Ex-Girlfriend

Is he not as into her as she thought?

Powerball Winner Marie Holmes Appearing On Iyanla: Fix My Life To Help Her Save Her Winnings

We will definitely be watching.

#RelationshipGoals: Modern Lovers Coloring Book Lets You Color Your Fave Celeb Couples

Wine, colored pencils and Bey and Jay? Yes, please.

Tyler Perry Responds To Those Upset Over His “Show Full Of White Folks”

Black or White, the story lines are still the same: over the top.

Serena Williams’s New Nike Sneakers Are An Iridescent Dream Come True

You may not be able to get her abs, but you can get her kicks!

Teen Who Attacked Amy Joyner-Francis Won’t Be Tried As Adult In Her Death; Faces Community Supervision, Not Jail

A light punishment for a very serious offense.

Night Sweats Been Interrupting Your Sleep? Here’s What Could Be Causing Them.

Make slight adjustments to the way you sleep, and what you do before you call it a night, to help with night sweats.

#HU2020: Nick Cannon Starts School At Howard University, Says “Education Over Everything”

He’s hoping to join a long list of celebrity HU alumni.

Why Hillary Clinton Using Colin Powell As Her Email Server Fall Guy Plays Into “Dishonest” Narrative

Her decision to use him as the “fall guy” plays into the unfortunate “dishonest Hillary” narrative.

9 Things Black Women Did To Close Out The Olympics That Made Us Proud

We pretty much ran (literally and figuratively) the Olympics.