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Cute Kid Alert: Monica Shares Adorable Video Of Daughter Laiyah Taking Some Of Her First Steps [Watch]

How cute is she!?

“3 Seconds Of Anger Cost Me A Lifetimes Worth Of Work”: Chad Johnson Says Ugly Fight With Evelyn Lozada Ruined His Career

So, does anyone else think it’s odd that all of Evelyn’s exes are talking about her in the same week!?

[Watch] Rihanna Yells At Overly Eager Fan Asking For A Photo: “Give Me A Minute! Jesus Christ!”

Hey, celebrities are human…

“iCan Finalize The Dargan’ism”: Did Lil Mo’s Boxing Boyfriend Karl Dargan Put A Ring On It?

That’s what it looks like: “Love always, Karl and Cynthia Dargan.”

“SMILE! You Too Pretty Not To”: 10 Creepy Dudes You Run Into On The Street In The Summertime…


Julissa Bermudez Shades Kim K, Celebrates BFF Adrienne Bailon For “NOT Laying On Your Back For the World To See”

Don’t start none…won’t be none.

“She Reaped A Lot Of Benefits Of My Wealth”: Antoine Walker Calls Out Evelyn Lozada For Leaving Him After He Went Broke

Clearly, he still feels some type of way about her moving on without him…

Nelly Is Still Defending “Tip Drill”; Says That It Was “Artistic” And Some People Just Took It The Wrong Way…

Oh Cornell…

“#LetItGooooo”: Kim And Khloe Kardashian Go In On Adrienne Bailon For Comments About Past Relationship With Rob

See, this is what happens when folks start dating rappers and think they’re trill…

Surprise! We’re Related! 10 More Famous Folks We Didn’t Know Were Family

Who knew!?