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Did Y’all See? Mathew Knowles, Lolo Jones, Daniele Watts & Discipline vs. Child Abuse

Plenty of juicy news this week.

It’s “The Cosby Show’s” 30th Anniversary

What’s your favorite Cosby moment?

“I Was Bruised But I Wasn’t Broken” Sheryl Underwood Reveals How Fellow Black Comediennes Dogged Her Out

Sheryl preached a full sermon with this one.

Florida Teenagers Found Dead, Tied Together On The Side Of The Road

Their families are begging for anyone with information, to step forward.

Fix That Flipper: Dr. Heavenly Replaces Momma Dee’s Missing Tooth

Nice to see women come together to do something nice for each other.

Even Ancient Egyptians Wore Hair Extensions

Archeologists found several remains with the extensions still intact.

Patti LaBelle’s Bodyguard On Trial For Beating Cadet, Causes Alleged Brain Injury

Two sides to every story. Read and tell us who you believe.

First Look: Alexandra Shipp As Aaliyah + The Biopic Air Date

What do you think?

“He Proved Me And Everybody Else Wrong” Remy Ma And Papoose Share Their Love Story

Remy Ma said that he was there for her in ways she couldn’t imagine.

Racism Is Real: Three Black Women Mistaken For Prostitutes At The Standard Hotel

Crazy stuff going on out here.