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14 Signs Your Little Girl is Growing Up Too Fast

Is your daughter acting older than her age? You might want to do a check-in. Read MommyNoire’s 14 signs your little girl is growing up way too fast.

Ellen Pompeo Recognizes the Importance of Representation for Her Bi-Racial Daughters

“For me that’s super important.”

Ice Cube Gets His Game Show On As Producer of Hip-Hop Squares

Will you be watching?

Former NFL Player Antonio Armstrong and Wife Killed By Their Teenage Son


“What The Hell Is Going On?” Judge Apologizes After Jail Refuses To Give Inmate Pants For 3 Days

This is unacceptable.

Constance Wu Reads “Great Wall” Film to Filth for Whitewashing

“It’s not about blame, it’s about AWARENESS.”

Orly Just Made A Way for Muslim Women to Wear Nail Polish

Would you compromise your beliefs for beauty?

T.I. Creates Opportunities for Teens Through Money Talk Initiative

T.I. is doing his part to keep teens off the streets.

Pastor Jamal Bryant Introduces Singer Tweet as His “Last Lady”

His first, his last, his everything.

Too Many Cooks In the Kitchen? Sweetie Pie’s Miss Robbie Is Suing Son Tim

Looks like it’s getting too hot in the kitchen.