Author Archives: Toya Sharee

How To Deal With Bitter Women and Bad Advice

Sometimes even the worst advice is given with the best of intentions.

11 Rappers Who Are Too Old For Their Bars and Their Behavior

These “grown men” seem a little stuck in their glory days.

Can We Get Our Own Classics? Why I Am Over Black Remakes

Who sets the standard for storytelling in Hollywood?

11 Ways Marriage Changes Your Life Legally and Financially

The law doesn’t care about your level of commitment.

Is It Rude To Tell People How To Raise Their Kids?

Should we just mind our business?

It’s Not Always About You: Dealing With Competitive Friends

Have you ever had to deal with a “one-upper”?

Don’t Get Too Comfortable: 9 Best Friend Bad Habits

Do you take your friends for granted?

Crew Love: Maintaining Boundaries With Your Man’s Friends

Your boyfriend’s friends are not your friends.

Bury Yourself: 12 Ways You Create Your Own Problems

Is your unhappiness your own fault?

New Study Reveals Playing House Before Marriage Does Not Determine Divorce

“Living in sin” has less to go with divorce than experts thought.

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