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Cricket Awards $5K Grand Prize In Community Giving Contest

Congrats to all the finalists.

Interactive One Acquires GlobalGrind

Global Grind was founded by Russell Simmons.

Latest From The Sony Hack: Denzel Won’t Make As Much Money Overseas Because Of His Skin Color

It’s because “non-Americans” are ignorant, says the exec.

Twitter Says They Don’t Want U.S. Brands Going To Cuba & Ruining It

Many brands probably won’t be rushing to the island nation anytime soon.

NFL Introduces More Strict Conduct Policy

What do you think of the new policy?

Would You Subscribe To A Movie Theater? AMC To Offer A Flat Fee To Moviegoers

A drop in young moviegoers has AMC Theaters rethinking their strategy.

That Teen Who Said He Made Millions Trading Stocks At Lunch? He Now Says He Lied.

He says his parents are angry and he’s very sorry.

Stephanie Moseley Memorial Fund Launches On Crowdfunding Site

The money will help Moseley’s family.

Disqualified ‘ANTM” Contestant Sues Tyra Banks For $3M

She says the reason she was booted from the show is not what you think.

CURLS Founder Mahisha Dellinger’s New Memoir ‘Against All Odds’ Recounts Her Rough Early Days

Today, she’s the head of a multimillion dollar enterprise. But there were dark days.