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Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Thinks The Supreme Court Should Do More To Address Racial Issues

Do you agree with the Justice’s thoughts?

A New iPhone Is Coming? Apple Confirms September 9 Event

The new iPhone is expected to be a little bigger, like the Android phones.

The Emmy Awards Win The Ratings For The Night, But The Number Of Viewers Dropped

Maybe we needed more Bryan Cranston? #WalterWhite4eva

Southwest Didn’t Realize That An Elderly Passenger Was Sitting In Newark Airport For Hours

Southwest gave her vouchers for the future flight she says she’s never going to take.

Are These Our Next Civil Rights Leaders?

Who are your choices?

Even With Beyonce’s Help, Viewership For The MTV VMAs Is Down 18%

We’re waiting for the Emmy ratings, but even the host, Seth Meyers, isn’t optimistic.

MIA & The NFL Have Settled Middle Finger-Gate

If you take a look at the punishments doled out for other offenses, you see an inconsistency in the NFL’s procedures.

A Little Vindication For Don Lemon? Ferguson Officer Who Pushed Him Taken Off Duty

And was he really so wrong during his on-camera confrontation with Talib Kweli?

Bank Of America’s $17 Billion Settlement Won’t Help As Many Homeowners As It Should

Many homeowners still struggle to hang on to their homes even as the banks pay these fines to wash their hands of any guilt.

Share Prices For Taser, Digital Ally Increase On Speculation That Cops Will Have To Wear Cameras

A study shows that police officers and the public behave better when cops wear cameras.