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L’Oreal USA Purchases Carol’s Daughter To Reach The Multicultural Market

L’Oreal see the purchase as a “growth opportunity.”

Ebola Screenings Start Rolling Out At 5 US Airports This Weekend

Experts are advising that we continue the effort to stop the outbreak in West Africa.

Descendants Of “Aunt Jemima” Are Suing For $2 Billion

The company says Aunt Jemima wasn’t a real person.

JPMorgan Government Filing Reveals 76 Million People Impacted By Data Breach

All our business is out in the streets.

Ferguson Adds More Than 3,000 Voters Following Michael Brown Shooting

Now it’s a matter of getting people to the polls.

The Unemployment Rate Is Down To 5.9%, But Black Unemployment Is Nearly Twice That

However, the jobless rate for Blacks remains nearly twice as high as the national average.

RHONJ’s Teresa Giudice Sentenced To 15 Months In Jail

Reports say she was “hysterical.”

Heat Free Hair Founder Ngozi Opara Offers Tips For Partnering With A Charitable Organization

You want to strike the balance of giving a meaningful gift without losing money.

Secret Service Head Resigns Amid Reports That Obama Receives More Death Threats Than Bush

Reports say President Obama received four times the number of threats.

Small Business Hiring Experienced A Bump In September

The number of Black female entrepreneurs grew 258 percent between 1997 and 2013.