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Sources Say $500M Obama Presidential Library Will Be In Chicago

The official announcement is coming in the next couple of weeks.

Socioeconomic Problems Come To The Forefront After Riots In Baltimore

Poverty and joblessness plague the city.

3 Reasons Why Jay Z’s Twitter Defense Of Tidal Fell Flat

Jay took to Twitter to get a few things off his chest.

The US Postal Service Has Slowed Mail Delivery

Have you noticed?

Corinthian Colleges Shut Down Overnight, Leaving Thousands Without Class

Students will have to be placed elsewhere to complete their education.

This Week On Café Mocha: Dr. Steve Perry Talks About Educational Testing & Bad Teachers

And on “Did Y’all See,” we talk about Sherri Shepherd’s latest legal news.

Tickets For The Mayweather-Pacquiao Fight Sold Out In One Minute

Literally. Even the pricey tickets.

Loretta Lynch Has Been Confirmed As Attorney General

She is the first African-American woman to occupy the spot.

Larry Wilmore’s ‘The Nightly Show’ Is Down Almost 40% From Colbert In The Ratings

Wilmore is good, but there are other aspects of the show that could be improved.

Add Touré & Joy-Ann Reid To The List Of MSNBC Journos With Tax Issues

This is getting out of hand.