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My Mentor Wanted Me to Sleep With Him In Order Get A Job, So Here’s What I Did

Everyone suggested she get a mentor. She did and then the relationship turned personal.

Canadians Deliver Water To Detroit Residents Who’ve Been Cut Off For Nonpayment

The city is trying to collect millions in past due water bills. But cutting off water to residents isn’t the answer.

Man Trying To Rob A Pizzeria Sues Over Injuries He Suffered While Being Subdued

Should he be allowed to sue?

Christian Louboutin For Your Hands: High-End Shoe Label Introduces $50 Nail Polish

Are you buying it?

Last Week, The Number Of People Seeking Unemployment Benefits Was At An Eight-Year Low

Further evidence that the economy is in recovery mode.

Twitter Releases Diversity Report, Tells Same Story As Other Tech Companies

Twitter says it is taking steps to improve diversity in its ranks.

Neither The Rock Or Will Smith Could Top This Celeb On The ‘Forbes’ List

One character can make you millions and millions upon millions for years.

“Holler If Ya Hear Me” Star Saul Williams On The Many Factors That Led To The Musical’s Closure

Money, culture, even the people selling the tickets were a problem.

NY Knicks’ Carmelo Anthony Launches Venture Capital Firm

Are you a digital company in need of funding?

Minimum Wage Debate Continues: Three Congresspeople Taking The “Live The Wage” Challenge

After housing costs and taxes, that means living on $77.