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Philly Congressman Indicted For Political Corruption

It happened after a failed run for Philadelphia mayor.

600 Sign Open Letter Asking Science Organization To Stop Reinforcing Stereotypes

It’s incredible that a group of smart people thought this was OK.

President Obama On The Media: “Some Get On My Nerves More Than Others”

He didn’t say specifically who’s getting on his nerves.

Uber’s NYC Campaign Relies Heavily On Minorities. Is That Suspect?

Can a company that doesn’t have any Black leaders make big claims about how it helps minorities?

Democratic Candidates Get Pressed On Racial Issues At Netroots Nation Event

Bernie Sanders, the progressive Democratic presidential candidate who’s trying to give Hillary Clinton a run for her money, got an earful from Black Twitter over the weekend when he made an appearance at the Netroots Nation conference in Phoenix. The Netroots Foundation aims to inject progressive voices into the national conversation, so Sanders should’ve been right […]

Diverse Students Are Graduating With Tech Degrees At A Much Higher Rate Than They’re Being Hired

Diverse students are getting the necessary degrees, but they’re still not getting the jobs.

3 Google Employees Suffer Whiplash After Collision Involving Self-Driving Car

The driver of the car that hit the Google vehicle never even it the brakes.

Rape Kits Go Untested Despite Federal Funding

An investigation shows that, ultimately, the buck stops with the Justice Department.

Lester Holt Is Winning In The Ratings, Scores Big Interview For NBC

He’s also winning with a key demographic group.

Black Chef Summer Series Launches In Harlem To Benefit The Food Bank For NYC

It’s a chance to get acquainted with notable Black chefs and give to a worthy cause.