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9 Of Toni Braxton’s Most Side-Eye Worthy Moments

Remember when she said these things?

She Ain’t Never Lied: Draya Michele Says, “I Don’t Want The Somebody Else Is Pregnant Ring”

Shame you have to make these qualifications these days.

Put A Lid On It: 9 Men Who Look Better In Hats

Do you agree with our list?

9 Signs Your New Boo Is Just Cuffing You

Is it as serious as you think it is?

Laid, Luxurious & Limp Moments of Katt Williams’ Hair Journey

He’s gone through a lot of changes.

“What Was I Listening To?!” Music That Just Didn’t Hold Up Over The Years

It’s not that we don’t like these songs, they just don’t sound as good as they did back in the day.

Fried, Dyed & Laid To The Side: Al Sharpton’s Hair Over The Years

As long as Sharpton’s been on the public scene, we’ve been talking about his permed do.

Cousin Terio And 13 Of The Most Hilarious Vine Videos

Have you seen these?

So Disrespectful: Celebrities Who Have Called Their Kids Everything But A Child Of God

No one is a perfect parent; so if you’ve had less than stellar moments, know that with celebrities like these, you’re not doing all that bad.

Haters Gon Hate: 10 Celebs Whose Hating Ways Caught Us By Surprise

Were you surprised to see these people talking trash?

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