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Take Notes: Real-Life Boyfriends Reveal What Makes A Good Boyfriend

“It’s putting somebody else’s life ahead of yours because you want to, not because you have to.”

Relationship 101: Why Friends Don’t Need To Know Your Personal Business

When we think about it everyone else is ruining everything we have inside our relationship. We’re all trying to respond to what everyone else wants us to do.

“Cursed Be Thou With Cancer, HIV, Syphilis” Harlem’s ATLAH Missionary Church Curses LGBTQ Supporters


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Timbaland On Missy’s New Album: “It’s Something You Ain’t Never Heard Missy Do.”

We are here for this!!!

Hey Madame: Do Relationship Titles Matter If You Have Everything Else?

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4 Toxic Dating Rules You Should Not Follow

No, you won’t “just know” when you meet the right guy.

T-Boz Plans To Create New Girl Group That Will Sell Albums Not Sex

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“Do Not Substitute For KFC, We Know The Difference” Kandi Burruss Demands Only Popeye’s Chicken On Tour

She’ll take a side of KFC coleslaw though…

The Real Reason You Need Boundaries In Your Relationship

Setting proper boundaries is essential to making a relationship work.