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Judge Rules Tomi Rae Hynie As James Brown’s Wife, Ruling Will Affect Brown’s Estate Battle

The New York Times reveals If the ruling stands, Mrs. Brown could be entitled to a share of the Brown estate, which the estimated value is $100 million.

Single Mother Goes On Strike After Daughter Keys Car

The North Carolina mother said she will “walk until my knees hurt, then I sit down.”

Women Of Color Shut Down The SAG Red Carpet

Check out what Lupita Nyong’o, Paula Patton, Viola Davis, Rashida Jones and more rocked on the carpet.

“The Film Was Not Overlooked:” Octavia Spencer Doesn’t Think “Selma” Was Snubbed By Oscars

Despite the uproar over “Selma” supposedly being snubbed by the Academy for this year’s Oscars, Octavia Spencer believes differently.

Tichina Arnold Joins Café Mocha To Chat About “Survivor’s Remorse” & Sisterly Love

Check out what’s going on on Café Mocha this weekend!

“I Don’t Really Consider My Hair To Be Controversial” Meteorologist Fired Because Of Her Natural Hair

Rhonda Lee had long been told that she needed to make her natural hair “more pleasing to a wider audience,” but she never expected her hair style to actually compromise her job.

Would You Get Married At Starbucks?

Welcome to the new American trend!

Ask A Very Smart Brotha: We’re Getting Married But His Brother Is Racist

This woman wants to know if she should bring it up to her fiancé.

CURLS Founder Mahisha Dellinger Defines “The Wealth Mindset”

She talks about her own wealth creation story in her new book!

What Did The First Lady Wear To The SOTU?

While admittedly the President gets center stage at the 2015 State of the Union, we’re eager, as always, to see what the first lady is wearing.