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20 Things You Should Do Before Becoming A Mother

Drink lots and lots of wine.

The Reason Why Women Cheat But Never Want A Divorce

They say lack of attention is at the root of this.

Ask A Very Smart Brotha: I Have A 1-Year-Old Should I Stay Out Of The Dating Game?

This new mother is wondering if it’s too early for her to get out in the dating game.

Member Dismissed From University Of Alabama Sorority For Using The N-Word In Snap Chat Message

Be careful what you send!

Michael Brown Memorial Service Set For Monday

Protests and vigils held across the country in tribute to Brown have sparked a wider conversation about police brutality and racial profiling in America.

Colorism In Casting: Is Skin Complexion Important To You When It Comes To Casting For Biopics?

Do you think that it’s important to give roles to people who actually look like the person they’re hoping to portray when it comes to skin complexion?

Experts Say Your Fears May Be Keeping You Single

When you search for love with fear of being alone, you get more of being alone.

R. Kelly Sued By Ex-Manager For $1 Million For Ending Business Relationship

He better pay up before his secrets are out…

“I Was 13, Got Drunk On Like Two Beers” Women Share How They Lost Their Virginity

Do you remember?

Michael Brown’s Autopsy Revealed, Shot At Least Six Times

Bullets don’t appear to have been shot from very close range.