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Twitter Flames ‘SNL’s’ Michael Che For Insensitive Street Harassment Comments

Comedian Michael Che’s job as a “Saturday Night Live” Weekend Update co-host is to poke fun at popular culture. But there isn’t anything funny about street harassment.

Nate Parker Directs And Releases Short-Film: #AmeriCAN

With the influx of violence against black males in America over the past few years, the piece strives to offer a unique perspective in examining the value of lives of the country’s citizens.

The Real Look You Need To Rock This Halloween

This is how grown women do Halloween.

6 Places Every Black Woman Must See In Ghana’s Capitol, Accra

A visit to Accra is a must for every visitor to Ghana.

“Love Is A Concept Invented By Poor People”: What It’s Like To Enter The World Of “Sugar Daddies” And “Sugar Babies”

I’ve had these type of men approach me, but whenever it came down to it, my pride, self-respect and dignity wouldn’t allow me to succumb to being an object or playing a role for someone’s ego.

Ask A Very Smart Brotha: He Doesn’t Take Care Of Our Daughter, Should We Divorce?

Read her story and tell us what you think?

Crime Or Art Form? An In-Depth Look At The Lives Of NYC Subway Dance Performers

Lately, the city has made it harder for talented young people from neighborhoods like Tremont to profit from doing what they like.

MN Bosses: “Beauty” Category, Mikki Taylor, Essence Magazine, Editor-At-Large

She’s been showing the world just how beautiful Black women are for more than three decades.

Hey Madame: How Do I Tell My Man I Need More Sexually?

This reader is thinking about cheating if her man doesn’t step it up.

Indiana Man Shoots 13 Year Old For Laughing At Him

Kobe Jones was laughing at his neighbor, whose home was burglarized earlier that day. Unfortunately his neighbor didn’t think his laughter was funny.

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