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Don Lemon Apologizes For Telling Bill Cosby’s Alleged Victim How Not To Be Raped

Oh Don…

This Weekend On Café Mocha: What Is A Black Man’s Life Worth? And Did Y’All See

One of the stars of OWN’s “For Better Or For Worse” also drops by.

Woman Diagnosed With Advanced HIV After Sharing Manicure Nail Equipment

Take precautions the next time you go get a manicure at a salon, because a 22-year-old woman was diagnosed with advanced HIV after using shared manicure equipment.

Ask A Very Smart Brotha: Why Won’t He Forgive Me After One Mistake?

We got some really interesting questions for “Ask A Very Smart Brotha” today. See what Damon had to say in response. 

Missouri Woman Sentenced To 78 Years For Water Boarding Her Children

For her actions, Lakechia Stanley faces 34 felony counts and was sentenced to 78 years in prison.

Enter Now! Win With Hyundai Smarter

Rethink, redefine and reassess what drives you.

Ray J Earns $50K Due To Kim Kardashian West’s Paper Magazine Cover

Kim broke the internet and stuffed Ray J’s pocket at the same time!

Porsha Williams Says Wendy Williams’ Talk Show Tears Other Women Down

Porsha has expressed how Wendy doesn’t uplift other black women.

Tune In This Weekend To Café Mocha For Luenelle, Key & Peele, & “Did Y’all See”

Learn more about the movie “Beyond the Lights” and chime in on that crazy NYC subway slapfest.

Ask A Very Smart Brotha: My Friend Only Dates Online But Has Sex In Real Life

What do you think about this, is it weird?