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Father Leaves Twin Daughters In Car To Have Sex Behind A Building


Hey Madame: When We Meet He Only Asks For Sex, Does He Love Me?

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#TheScore: Man Sends Wife Excel Sheet Of Every Time She Denied Him Sex

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Woman Sues A$AP Rocky For $75K, After Rapper Slapped Her At Concert

He laid hands on her, so she laid hands on his pockets!

[VIDEO] Keke Palmer: “A Lot Of My Career Has Been Seizing The Moment”

Keke Palmer has been in show business since she was a child. But she’s made quite the splash this last year. We talk about how she built her career.

Would You Try “Dating Naked” To Find Your Soulmate?

From TheGrio VH1’s new dating reality series is far from conservative, but eye-opening in more ways than one. When Dating Naked was brought to my attention, I couldn’t help but sigh deeply, shake my head and think, ‘Okay, VH1. You’re keeping it a little too real.’ At the same time, I found myself wondering, ‘Are these people really […]

The 10 Top Traits Of Happy Couples

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“I Told My Mother That I Wanted To Get Married” 9-Year-Old School Boy Marries 62-Year-Old Woman

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Yeezus Teaches Our Men How To Dress Like Gods And Grow Up In August Issue Of ‘GQ’

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Ladies, It’s Time To Elevate Your Palate With An Eau De Vie

It’s time.