Author Archives: Prudence

Be A Man: How The Mask Of Masculinity Hurts Us All

Is the way we’re raising our sons actually harming them?

Respect My No: Dealing With A Man Who’s Too Pushy

Have you ever dated someone who didn’t seem to take your feelings seriously.

Serious Question: Could You Be Happy If You Never Married And Had Children?

What do you think?

The “Meantime” Relationships: It Doesn’t Always Have To Be Serious

Ever knowingly dated someone and knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that it wasn’t going anywhere?

It’s Not Right, But Is It Ok? Finding Love in F**ked Up Circumstances

Does “what he did to her, he’ll do to you” always apply?

Don’t Ever Talk To A Guy Who Says He Just Has A Friend

Have you ever met a man who lied about his relationship?

Holiday Lessons Learned: I’m Fake…And I’m OK With That

Have you ever avoided speaking to your childhood friends?

Looking For Crazy, Giving Up Power & Other Reasons Why I Was Running From A Relationship

Have you ever been scared of getting involved?

Is It Important That He Call You Beautiful?

Is it absolutely necessary?

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