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The Questionable Behavior Of Male Celebrities And Female Fans’ Tradition Of Forgiveness

So, how do we, as fans, cope with the disgusting behaviors of those in the media who we are fans of and/or glorify? And when do we transition from cheek-turning consumer to apologist?

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How I Explained To My Religious Family That My Boyfriend And I Are Shacking Up…

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Within a long and healthy life, your 21st birthday should be far from your best.

Could You End A Relationship With A Man You Really Care About Over Your Faith?

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Hair Help: Tips For Dealing With Short Hair When You’ve Run Out Of Styles

Here a few things that will help you tame and add shine to your short mane, whether you’re natural or rocking a relaxer.

As If! 15 Things That Everyone Who Grew Up In The 90s Knows About

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Turn Off The Lights: 15 Of Our Favorite Baby Makin’ Slow Jams

Accurately known as “baby makin’” music, the following songs are a few of our favorite panty dropping jams.