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The Quarter-Life Crisis And Why The Success Of Your Peers Doesn’t Make You A Failure

Stop worrying so much about what your friends are doing and make your own dreams come true.

Burn The Bodycon: The Struggle To Dress Your Age And Not Your Shoe Size

Growing up means a lot of things, with one of those things being that you have to dress like you’re a grown up.

What Do You Do When You Love Your Man, But Kinda Hate His Family?

You and your partner’s family may not like each other, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t learn to get along,

Black or Latina: Afro-Latinas Are Often Asked to Make a Choice in Hollywood

Zoe Saldana, Lauren Velez, Tatyana Ali, Melissa de Sousa and Gina Torres are the names of some of the most successful dark-toned Latinas making key appearances on the big and small screen. Women such as Judy Reyes, Dania Ramirez and the aforementioned actresses have helped to update the image of what it means to be […]

A Guide To Last Minute Christmas Gift Shopping For Your Significant Other

So you waited until the last minute, huh? It’s not too late to give him a gift he’ll appreciate that won’t end up as a door stop…

No Romance? Evoking The Romantic In Your Boyfriend

So your man doesn’t have a real romantic bone in his body. Here are a few ways to make that heat you’re looking for happen.

Thanksgiving Blues: How to Cope with Spending the Holidays Away From Home

Are you spending your first Thanksgiving away from your loved ones? So is this author. See how she plans to cope with Thanksgiving without her family.

Now What? How I Coped With Being Unemployed And Out Of Work

You might be unemployed, but that doesn’t mean you have to be unproductive.

The Stars Have Fallen: Celebrities Who Went From Being Everywhere to Elsewhere

Some stars have been with you since puberty or earlier. You might’ve heard one of their well-crafted verses when you experienced your first kiss , or nodded along sadly to one of their well-sung ballads after your first break up. Or, perhaps, you watched a certain film that uplifted you every single time, and you […]

Should We Move in Together?

Have you moved in with a partner? How did you know it was time?

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