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No One Is Safe: 13 Celebs Who Fired Their Parents

clearly anybody can get it — it being a pink slip.

Fitsperation! 14 Celebrity Fitness Fanatics

These women hit up the gym like it’s their job.

Who Are You Again? Celebs Who Are Unrecognizable These Days

Can you believe these transformations?

Diva Alert! Celebrities Who Are Notoriously Hard To Work With

Casting directors beware!

Move, Get Out The Way! Celebrities With The Worst Driving Records

These celebs might want to use their drivers a bit more.

Fame 101: Celebrities With College Courses On Them

Which courses would you take?

Happy Birthday Kerry Washington! How Kerry’s Look — And Career — Have Changed Over The Years

Miss Washington’s come a long way from her “Save the Last Dance” days.

Happy 60th Birthday Oprah! Oprah’s 15 Best Quotes About Life

If anyone is winning at life right now, it’s definitely Oprah.

Bigger Isn’t Always Better: Celebrities Who’ve Had Breast Reductions

Most women who go under the knife for breast augmentation opt for larger breasts, not smaller ones. But for these 13 famous women, bigger definitely wasn’t better. Check out our list of 13 celebrities who’ve had breast reductions.

Young Celebrities Who Are Already Aging Badly

Don’t shoot the messenger.

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