Author Archives: Meg Butler

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Walmart Like This

Good friends we should say.

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye: 15 Series Finales We’ll Never Forget

Which one made you tear up?

What Your Dog Says About You

Do you like them timid and small or big and ferocious?

15 Ways We All Freak Out When It’s Our Birthday

After 21 birthdays just aren’t the same…

15 Things About Nick Cannon We Just Can’t Understand

Nick is on another level ya’ll…

15 Ways To Take The High Road

Ever find yourself going HAM in inappropriate places and regretting it later?

Y’all Ain’t Serious: 15 Of The Worst Magazine Covers In History

They had to be playing right?

You Mad? Signs You Might Be A Hater

It’s OK, we all sip a little haterade from time to time…

We’re All Grown Here: Times It’s OK To Make A Sex Tape

Putting it on film doesn’t always have to be wrong.

Paula Patton Is A Horrible Actress? #UnpopularOpinions People Aren’t Afraid To Say On Twitter

Do you agree with any of these?

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