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Wobble, Wobble, Shake It, Shake It: Famous Dance Crazes We Bet You Almost Forgot About

Which was your favorite?

15 Celebrity Feuds That Have Gotten Way Out Of Hand

Celebrity feuds are an every day part of celebrity life. But these famous people have taken their beef to the next level. From public fist fights to making fun of disabilities, these celebs have taken their feuds a few steps too far. Chris Brown v. Whoever Tried to Shoot Him As the dust around the […]

Janay Is Not Alone: 15 Celebrity Victims Of Domestic Violence

Thankfully these women got out.

#WhyIStayed: The Domestic Violence Tweets You Have To See

Do you get it now?

There Won’t Be A Second One: 15 Terrible First Date Deal Breakers

They say a woman knows within the first few hours of meeting someone whether or not it’s going to work. Unfortunately, that can land you in he middle of the world’s worst first date. Better hope your friend comes trough with the emergency exit call or you’re going to have to grab your purse and […]

You Should Be Ashamed of Yourself: The Most Ridiculous Celebrity Paternity Suits

Mmm. Mmm. Mmm.

15 Super Simple Ways To Earn More Money

We could all use more of that.

15 Terrible Reasons To Break Up

Wondering if you should stay or if you should go?

Ridiculously Adorable: 15 Celebrities in Commercials When They Were Just Kids


We Can’t Believe We Thought You Were Cool: 15 Celebrities Who Turned Out To Be Sort Of Shady

Guess who’s not on our favorites list anymore.