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Season 4 of “The Boondocks”: It’s Your Fault Chris Brown Is Still On the Air

Did you catch the season premiere?

15 Things Married Women Shouldn’t Do (At Least According To The Internet)

Once he puts a ring on it, do you have to cut certain behaviors off?

Friendly, But Not Friends? Shady Moves Real Girlfriends Never Pull

Need a little help distinguishing between the two? Let us help.

White People Vine Like This, But Black People Vine Like This

We don’t know when Vines became about white people vs. black people, but this new meme is everywhere…

How Far Would You Go To Be Famous?

Would you leak a sex tape? Sell out your friends and family? You may say no but these celebrities found themselves doing that and more for some time in the lime.

Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To Walmart Like This

Good friends we should say.

It’s So Hard To Say Goodbye: 15 Series Finales We’ll Never Forget

Which one made you tear up?

What Your Dog Says About You

Do you like them timid and small or big and ferocious?

15 Ways We All Freak Out When It’s Our Birthday

After 21 birthdays just aren’t the same…

15 Things About Nick Cannon We Just Can’t Understand

Nick is on another level ya’ll…

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