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When You Don’t Get The Closure You Expected

So, you finally decide that you’ve had enough of this.  You’re going to go and address the person/people who have hurt you and pour your feelings out.They say that the best way to gain your victory is to envision it first, so as you approach them you mentally rehearse what you’re going to say.  You […]

How I Had To Jedi-Mind Trick My Way To Weight Loss

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Why We Should Be Easier On Our Parents

Did you realize how much your parents sacrificed for you?

Being The Bigger Person And Respecting Disrespectful People

It’s hard, but it’s the right thing to do.

When Did Milk And I Become Enemies?

Are any of you living this lactose intolerant life?

Ways To Stay Proactive

It’s easy to lose focus.

Ways People Come Off As Judgmental

Do you see yourself on this list?

9 Times Excuses Are Not An Option

Sometimes you just have to take responsibility.

Why Are Peaceful Protests in Ferguson Being Ignored?

Same story they were trying to spin last year.

Things I Wish I Knew Before My IUD

Kendra shares her experience with the device as she contemplates getting another one.