Author Archives: Kendra Koger

Learning To Be Your Own Cheerleader

Do you ride for yourself the way you ride for these celebrities?

Why Are We Always To Blame: Women And The Burden Of Responsibility

Have you noticed it’s usually the woman’s fault.

14 Signs Your Ego Is Out of Control

Do you see yourself on this list?

Wait, I Gotta Cook Too? A Mother’s Struggle

Did you have to lean how to cook once you ha children?

Don’t Burn Out: 14 Ways to Re-Center Yourself

Have you found yourself overwhelmed recently?

Where Are They Now? The Cast of “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper”

Find out what happened to the cast.

Loving The Old To Get To A New Me

We should always accept ourselves, even as we’re striving to be better.

It Wasn’t Me: 14 Reality Stars Who Avoid Blame

It’s always the editing right.

“Perm It Up, Perm It Up Watch It All Fall Out” 14 Of Our Favorite Parody Videos

Are you familiar with these parodies?

The Science Of Infidelity: 14 Reasons People Cheat

Not that the science makes it acceptable…

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