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8 Notoriously Dangerous Criminal Couples

  Some couples bond over a common interest like the outdoors, volunteer work, art, crime…wait, what? Yup, these famous criminal couples kept their deranged spark alive by committing sometimes crimes which were sometimes violent in nature.

Proud To Be An American? Interesting Dating Rituals From Around The World

Men: before you complain about the cost of eHarmony, or the fact that you’re expected to pay for the Uber, just consider these interesting dating rituals from around the world. You’ll see you have it pretty easy then!

15 Hilarious Misunderstandings Some Men Have About Feminine Products And Issues

We women hide a lot of details from men about our upkeep. For the most part, it’s to keep the mystery alive (and to spare them some gory details). But from what I’ve learned from different men, by keeping the mystery alive we’ve also created some myths, legends and misunderstandings. Here are some hilarious misunderstandings […]

Famous People Who Lead Double Lives

You never know who someone really is.

Dear Men: Know When To Challenge Your Woman And When To Comfort Her

Men, you’ve probably experienced this scenario plenty of times: your partner is extremely stressed out about something, and you come up with (what you think) is the greatest advice you could possibly give her, and when you do, she looks at you like she’d be fine if you dropped dead right about now. That’s because […]

What To Do When You Hate Your Friend’s Boyfriend

Whatever you do, don’t tell her to breakup with him. She won’t listen.

Celebrity Mother-Daughter Pairs You Didn’t Know About

Who surprised you most?

All The Ways You Didn’t Know Sexually Transmitted Diseases Can Spread

Know the facts.

The Differences Between How Men And Women Schedule Love

So you can stop getting mad at your boo…

Awkward Things You Do Around Your Man’s Friends

It’s OK we all do it.